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M \L'\<, TIN, M.A., 



This Dictionary is intended mainly for students in Burma. 
As I have aimed at confining the maximum of matter in 
the minimum of space, I have not made any reference to 
Sanskrit forms. And the arrangement of words has been 
guided less by philological connections than by practical 
considerations, and^the abbreviation signs have enabled me 
to save space by grouping together under one heading 
many words which might otherwise have required separate 

I have derived much benefit from Childers's Dictionary, 
the list of Pali .Words beginning with S and H in the 
Journals of the Pali Text Society for 1907 and 1909, 
Andersen's Glossary to his Pali Reader, Ledi Pandita's 
Pali-Burmese Dictionary. 


August IQ20. ) 


adj. = adjective. 
adv. = adverb. 
caus.=: causative, 
con/. = con junction . 
dat. = dative. 
denotn. = denominative. 
/. = feminine 


inter ;. = interjection , 
w. masculine, 
n. = neuter, 
num. numeral. 
part,=i particle. 
pass. passive. 

. future passive par- 

ger, = gerund. 
imper. = imperative. 
indecl. = indeclinable. 
inf. infinitive. 


garahati, ha = garahati, garaha. 
cira,*kala = cira, cirakala. 

/>/>/>. = per feet passive par- 

pref. = prefix. 
suf. = suffix. 

. = vocative. 


a, negative prefix an, before a vowel. 

amsamsa, m. (Jas) a portion of a part. 

aihsa, mn. (Jam) the shoulder. 

amsa, m. (Jas) a part, portion, share; a period of time. 

. \mscna, in st. in part, 
arhsaka, m. a relative, heir; n. day. 
amsa-kuta, m. tlie shoulder-blade, the hump of an ox- 
arhsa-bhaga, m. (^bhaj) a share, portion, inheritance, 
amsala, adj. strong, durable, 
amsa-hara, harl, mfn. (Jhar) a share-holder, 
arhsu, mn. a thread, ray, sunbeam, filament., 
arhsuka, n. a leaf, cloth, 
amsu-jala, n. a net-work of rays. 
arhsu-dhara, m. the sun. 
amsu-pati, m. the sun- 
arhsumaphala, /. the plantain, 
amsu-mala, / a garland of rays, 
aiiisu-mall, m. the sun. 
amsula, adj. radiant. 

amsu-vana, the sun. , 

amsu-hattha, m. the sun. 
amhati, tl, /. a present, disease, abandonment, 
aka, m. one who walks crookedly, an evil action, 
akaca, tu. a banner, 
a-kanna, adj. deaf, lit. earless. 

a-katannii, adj. ( Jkar), ungrateful, lit. not kowing what has 
been done. 

akata-nnii, adj. (s/na) knowing nibbana (/;/. the unmade). 

akattana, mfn. a dwarf. 

a-kaniulia, adj. greatest, highest, an epithet of spirits in- 
habiting the sixteenth or highest of the material brah- 
ma worlds. 

a-karani, m. failure, deficiency. 

a-kala, m. (Jkal) unseasonable time, wrong time. 

akala-jaladodaya, m. mist, fog. 

akala-saha, adj. (Jsah) hasty, urgent. 

a-kincana, n. freedom from cares. 

a-kuppa, adj. (^kup) immovable; n. gold and silver. 

a-kulina, adj. (Jkul) of low family. 

^ a-kusala 

a-kusala, adj. (*Jkus) immoral, unskilful; -HZ. immorality. 

akiipara, m. the sea, ocean ; a tortoise ; a rock, stone. 

akota, w. the betel tree. 

akka, m. the sun; the plant swallow-wort; copper; sunday. 

ukka, / the mother. 

akkosa, m. "ana, n. (Jkus) abused 

akkha, m. (Jakkh) the axle of a wheel; a die; a snake; a 
law-suit; the plant tcrminalia bcllcrica; the tical 
weight ; a born-blind ; the width of the earth ; n. a con- 
trolling faculty; the salt of the sea; vitriol. 

akkhaka, w. the collar-bone. 

akkhakanna, n. astronomy. 

akkhana, /. lightning. 

akkhata, n. fried grain ; a enuch. 

akkhata-yoni, /. a virgin. 

akkha-dassa, aka, m. (Jdas) a judge. 

akkha-devi, m. (J div) a dicer, gambler. 

akkha-dhutta, m. iJ(dhur) a dicer, glambler. 

akkha-dhuttila, m. a beast of burden. 

akkha-pata, m. a law-court; boxing, wrestling. 

akkha-pataka, "tika, m. a judge. 

akkha-mala, /. a rosary. 

a-kkhara, n. the imperishable, nibbana; austerity; the 
sky ; water. 

akkhara-janani, - lekhanl, /. a pen-holder, pencil. 

akkhara-mukha, m. a school-boy. 

akkhara-samaya, m. letters, reading and writing. 

akkha-sutta, n. a rosary. 

akkhagga, n. a carriage-front. 

akkhara-lavana, n. the sea-salt; a morning meal. 

akkhi, n. (Jakkh) the eye. 

akkhi-kutaka, n. the eye-ball. 

akkhi-ga, n. the eye-lashes. 

akkhi-gata, -mfn. that which comes into the field of vision; 
an enemy. 

akkhi-gola, m. the eye-ball. 

akkhi-tara, /. the pupil of the eye. 

akkhi-dala, -patala, n. the eyelid. 

akkhiva, n. the sea-salt. 

akkhi-vikusita, n. a side-glance- 

akkhota, m. the walnut. 

akkhobhini, /. a complete army; a high numeral, i follow- 
ed by forty-two ciphers- 

aggibha 3 

a-khanclana, n. time; promise; entirety. 

a-khanciaphulla, adj. intact, unbroken. 

akhanditutu, adj. fertile in crops. 

a-khata, inn. (Jkhan) a natural pond. 

a-khila, adj. all, entire. 

aga, m. the sun; a tree; mountain, snake. 

a-gaccha, m. (Jgam) a tree. 

a-gati, /. (Jgam) wrong course, misfortune. 

a-gada, m. medicine; adj. healthy. 

agadari-kara, m. (Jkar) a physician. 

a-gama, m. (Jgam) a tree, mountain. 

again, inn. aloe wood. 

a-gadha, n. a hole, chasm; adj. deep, bottomless. 

agadha-yoni, /. a \voman lusting for sensuality. 

agara, n. a house. 

agina, w. the sun. 

agira, 772. the sun, fire, evil spirif. 

aguru, mn. aloe wood, teak tree. 

aguta-gandha, n. (Jgandh) asafoetida. 

agga, adj. first, chief, pre-eminent; n. top, summit ; height ; 

goal ; sprout or bud of a plant; firstfruits. Aggato, 

adv. prep, in front of. 
agga-kara, m. th6 right hand, 
agga-ja, m. (Jja) the eldest brother; a brahmin, 
agga-jana, - jati, m. (Jja) a brahmin, 
agganna, adj. noble, principal, 
aggamahesi, /. the chief queen, 
agga-mamsa, n. the heart-flesh. 

agga-hara, 7??. (Jhar) arable field, or cultivated land, 
aggala, 7/7. a door, wave, tusk, outer layer, 
aggi, m. fire, the god of lire, gold, 
aggi-kattha, n. aloe wood, fire-wood, 
aggi-kona. m. the east, 
aggi-gabbha, m. crystal, pepper, 
aggi-jala, n. (>7jal) the flame of fire, 
aggi-jhapana, n. (Jjha) cremation, 
aggittha, H. a pot, pan. 
aggi-niyyasa, 7??. gold, 
aggini, m. tire. 

aggi-patthara, 7)2. a lucifer match, 
aggi-bahu, m. smoke, 
aggi-bija, >i. gold, 
aggibha, adj. (Jbha) radiant like fire; m. gold. 

4 aggibhu 

aggibhu, n. water. 

aggi-mukha, m. a brahmin. 

aggi-raja, m. (Jraj) ink, soot. 

aggi-ratha, m. a railway train. 

aggi -vallabha, m, the wind. 

aggi-vana, m, a rocket. 

aggi-vaha, m. (Jvah) smoke. 

aggi-visappa, m. a boil. 

aggi-sakha, m. the wind. 

aggi-sahaya, m. a pigeon, the wind. 

aggi-sala, /. a fire-place, kitchen. 

aggi-sikha, m. a lamp, lantern, arrow, rocket, balloon. 

aggha, 11. (Jaggh) price, value, cost, offering of rice, etc. 

agghati, v. (Jaggh) to cost, be worth. 

agghapaniya, m. ( Jaggh) an appraiser, valuer. 

agghiya, mfn. an oblation. 

agyagara, m. a fire-place. 

agha, n. evil. 

a-ghamma-dama, m. the moon. 

arika, m. (Jac) a mark, the flank or side, hip, place. 

arika-palika, /. a nurse. 

anka-vijja, /. (iJvid) arithmetic. 

aiiki, /. a long cask. 

ankuta, m. a key. 

aiikura, m. (Jac) a sprout, shoot. 

aiikuraka, m. a bird's nest. 

aiikusa, mn. (Jac) a hook to guide an elephant with. 

arikusa-ggaha, m. (Jgah) an elephant-driver, mahout. 

arikola, m. name of a plant. 

anga, n. (Jang) a limb, member, body, division, quality, 


anga-ggaha, m. (Jgah) disease. 

ariga-ja, n. (Jja) blood, love, hair, disease, offspring, 
aiiga-jata, n. (Jja) membrum virile- 
arigana, n. (Jang) a court-yard, house-floor, sin. 
arigati, m. brahma, fire. 

angada, n. a dress with close fitting sleeves, 
angana, /. a woman, 
anganappiya, m. the amherstia tree- 
aiigapaccariga, n. limbs big and small, 
aiiga-pali, m. embrace- 
anga-m-anga, n. limbs big and small, 
ariga-madda, m. (Jmad) a shampooer. 


ariga-rakkhini, /. (Jrakkh) a coal of mail, robe. 

ariga-raga, m. (Jraj) besmearing tlie body with unguents. 

auga-ruha, n. (-s'ruh) the hairs ot the body. 

arigalota, m. green ginger. 

arigava, m. a dried fruit. 

ariga-vikati, /. U'kar) a swoon, stupefaction, apoplexy. 

anga-sariga, in. ( N/safij) sexual intercourse. 

anga-hara, m. (Jhar) deportment of the body. 

arigarigi, n. boxing. 

augadhipa, m. (-s/pa) a king. 

arigara, mn. live coal, charcoal. 

arigara-dhanika, /. a stove. 

arigara-puppha, in. (Jphus) the plant cannu indica. 

ahgara-maujarl, - vallarT, /. a kind of tree. 

arigarika, /. sugarcane, a butea flower. 

aiigarini, /. a small stove. 

angika, /. a shirt, bodice, shorts. 

angikarana. n. a promise, mutual consent, contract. 

angirasa, in. name of a buddha or a sage. 

ariguttha, m. 'he thumb. 

ahgula, mn. a finger, finger's breadth, inch. 

ahgulitta, "tana, . gloves. 

ahguli-pabba, n. a finger-joint. 

anguli-motana, n. the cracking of finger-joints. 

aiigulika, Tya, inn. a finger-ring. 

anguli-sambhuta, m. the finger-nails. 

arigulyabharana, n. a finger-ring. 

angfisa, m. an arrow, elephant-goad. 

a-canda, /. a tame cow, gentle lady. 

a-cala, adj. (Jcal) immovable; m. a mountain, pin. 

a-cira, adj. short, brief. Acircnn, inst. adv. before long, 


acira-ppabha, /. (s'bha) lightning, 
a-o-'tanfia, n. (Jcit) forgetfulness. 
a-celaka, adj. unclothed; m. a naked ascetic, 
accana, /. offering, worship. 

accanta, adj. exceeding, extreme. am, adv. very, exceed- 

accaya, in. (ati >j\ + a) lapse, death, offence, sin. 
acci, m/u. a ray of light, sunbeam, flame, 
acci-ma, m. fire. 

n-ivuti, /. (N'CU), the deathless, nibbana. 
accha, ddj. clear, transparent; >n. a bear, crystal. 

6 ajjhapatti 

acchara, /. a celestial nymph, the snapping of a finger. 

acchariya, adj. wonderful. 

acchadana, n. (Jehad) a covering, lid, clothes. 

acchadeti, v. (a Jehad) to wear (clothes), dress, cover, hide. 

ppp> Acchanna. 
acchi, /. the eye. 
acchindati, v. (a Jchid) to take away, rob, plunder, daka, 

m. a robber. 

aja, m. (Jaj) a goal, ram. 
aja-kanna, m. a goat's ear, chilli leaf, 
ajaga, m. fire. 

ajagara, w. a boa constrictor, 
aja-jlvaka, 7??. (Jjiv) a goat-herd, 
ajanna, n. an evil omen; adj. socially unbefitting, 
ajatakasa, m. the open space, 
a-janani, /. (Jjan) a step-mother, 
ajapa, m. (Jpa) a goat-herd, 
ajapala, m. the goat-herds' banyan tree, 
ajamoda, /. the radish plant, 
ajambha, m. a frog, 
ajaya, m. (s/ji) defeat, fire; adj. unconquerable; /. the flax 


ajara, /. (Jjar, jlr) a spirit, the aloe plant, 
ajalambana, n. antimony, 
ajajl, /. cummin seeds or plant, 
ajina, n. the hide of the black antelope, 
ajinapatta, /. a bat. 

ajinayoni, m. a wild goat, large kind of deer, 
ajimhaga, m. (Jgam) an arrow, 
ajira, n. a court-yard, frog, wind, 
a-jivha, m. a frog. 

a-jiva, adj. (Jjiv) lifeless; m. a corpse. 
ajja, adv. today. 

ajjatagge, adv. from today, henceforward, 
ajjatana, adj. of today, contemporary, modern. nl, f. ;he 

aorist tense, 
ajjuka, /. a courtezan. 

ajjhakkha, m. a village head-man, superintendent, 
ajjhatta, "tika, n. subjective, personal, internal, 
ajjhacarati, v. (adhi+a Jcar) to practise, enjoin. cara, m- 

an offence. 

ajjhapeti, v. (adhi +a + apaji) to teach, instruct, 
ajjhapatti, /. (Jpad) an offence, transgression. 


ajjhaya, m. the chapter of a book. 

ajjharopeti, cans. (Jrtih) to raise, transfer, apply ; "riilha, 

ajjhavasati, v. (Jvas) to chvell, inhabit. 

ajjhavasatha, in. ( Jvas) a covered place, house, dwelling. 

ajjhavahanika, n. (-Jvah) a dowry. 

ajjhasaya, (adhi + a Jsi) intention, inclination, wish, vote. 

ajjhaseti, v. (Jsi) to lie or rest upon. 

ajjhena, n. vedic learning. 

ajjhesati, r. (Jis) to request, invite. 

ajjhokasa, m. (Jkas) the open sky, space. 

ajjhogalha, ppp. (Jgah) plunged, sunk, immersed. 

ajjhottharati, v. (s/thar) to strew about, scatter; thata, 

ajjhosita, ppp- (Jsi) bent upon; sana, n. being bent upon, 

ajjhoharati, v. (Jhar) to swallow, eat; hata, PPP- 

ancati, y. (Jane), to honour. 

ancala, m . the fringe of a garment. 

anjati, v. (Janj) to anoint, smear. 

anjana, m. a tuktoo ; /. a chameleon; n. a collyrium, night. 

anjanika, /. a white-bellied mouse. 

anjali, m. the hollow of the joined hands, a respectful salu- 
ation performed by raising the joined hands to the fore- 
head. Afijalini karoti, pagganhdti or patydmcti, to 
salute respectfully so. 

anjasa, n. a road. 

anjittha, m. the sun. 

anjira, n. the fig tree or fruit. 

aniia, adj. other, another, a second; *tara, adj. a certain, 
some, one; attha, adv. elsewhere; *d-atthu, adv. sure- 
ly, certainly; *da, adv. at another time; *m-anria, adv. 
each other, mutually, reciprocally. 

aiiha, /. (Jna) knowledge, fruition of arahantship. 

a-nnana, n. (is/na) ignorance. 

annadisa, adj. different. 

aiinoniia, adj. mutual- 

atata, n. a very high numeral. 

a^ati, v. (Jat) to roam. 

atani, /. the frame of a bedstead, the notch of a bow to 
catch the bow-string. 

atavi, /. (Jat) a forest. 

atta. m. ( Jar) a lawsuit ; (".'at) a watch-tower, un upper 
storey of a house; adj. suffering; *yoga, m. (Jyuj) 

attahasa, in. (Jhas) violent laughter. 

atlahasaka, m. the wild jasmine. 

attala, m. (Jat) a watch tower; lika, /. a palace- 

attiyati, r. to loathe. 

attha, num. eight; aka, n. an octacl, set of eight. 

atthakatha, /. ( Jkath) a commentary. 

atthagadha, m. a spider. 

atthapada, m. a spider. 

atthaml, /. the eighth day of a lunar half month. 

a-tthana, n. (>Jtha) wrong place, wrong occasion. Atthane, 
adv. loc. out of place, unseasonably. 

atthapada, mn. a picture-frame, a chequered board for dice 
etc., spider, worm, safety pin, gold. 

attarasa, num. eighteen. 

atthi, n. a bone, kernel of a fruit; *ka, a skeleton, seed. 

atthikarikala, m. a heap of bones. 

atthija, *nna, *sara, m. a mirror, glass. 

atthi-tunda, m. a bird. 

atthitoda, in. (Jtud) bone-disease, disease of the bones. 

atthi-thtina, m. the body. 

atthi-mala, / a rosary of bones. 

atthi-minja-meda, /n. marrow. 

atthi-sarhharaka, m. the adjutant bird. 

atthi-sancaya, m. (Jci) a heap of bones, ashes obtained 
from a cremated body. 

atthi-sosa, m. (Jsus) a disease causing the bones to dry up. 

atthuppatti, /. (Jpat) the circumstances of an occurrence. 

addha, adj. half, wealthy. 

addha-tiya, adj. to and a half ; -teyyasata, adj. two hundred 
and fifty; - teyyasahassa, adj. two thousand and fifty. 

addha-porisa, n. two cubits and one span. 

addha-ratta, n. midnight. 

addhudclha, adj. three and a half; *sata, adj. three hundred 
and fifty. 

ani, m. the edge of a weapon, extremity, limit of a field or 

anum-thula, adj. small and great. 

arm, in. an atom; adj. minute, subtle, small. 

anda, n. an egg, a testicle; *kosa, m. an egg-shell, bound- 
ary of a province. 

ati-ratha 9 

anda-ja, m. (*/ja) a bird. 

andalu, w. a fish. 

andlra, m. a man. 

andupaka, n. a roll of cloth to serve as a si and for a vessel 
carried on the head. 

anna, m. (Jar) water, a message. 

annava, m. the sea. 

an nob ha va, m. a bomb, shell. 

atata, m. a mountain-precipice. 

atati, v. (is/at) to go. 

atala, n. a hell below the earth. 

atalamphassa, adj. bottomless. 

atasa, in. the wind, body, a weapon. 

atasT, /. flax. 

ati, prcf. (with verbs) over, beyond; (with no it ns) excessive, 
surpassing; (with adverbs) very exceedingly. 

ati-katha, /. (Jkath) meaningless words. 

ati-kkamati, v. (Jkam) to step or pass beyond, cross, sur- 
pass, transgress; ppP- atikkanta. 

ati-kkama, m, ana, n. (Jkam) passing away, transgression, 
a fault, offence. 

ati-ga, adj. (Jgam) going beyond, escaping from. 

ati-gacchati, v. (Jgam) to overcome. 

ati-gandha, adj. strong smelling ; m. lemon-grass, champak, 

ati-carati, v. (Jcar) to transgress, commit adultery. 

ati-cariya, /. - caia, ??i. (Jcar) transgression, adultery. 

uticchatha, v. (imper. 2nd. pi.) this is the word for civilly 
refusing alms to a monk; ' go and beg further on.' 

atichatta, m. a mushroom; /. the anise plant. 

atithi, m. a guest, visitor. *kriya, /. hospitality, duty to- 
wards guests. 

ati-dassana, adj. (Jdas) beyond ken, invisible. 

ati-ppage, adv. loo early. 

ntibharaga, ni. a donkey, mule, camel. 

ati-matta, adj. (Jma) exceeding, excessive, "am, adv. ex- 

ati-mariyada, adj. exceeding the limit. 

ati-mdnusaka, adj. superhuman. 

atimuita, m. the soap acacia creeper; 'aka, m. the pcrsimon 

nti-moda. /. the jasmine plant; excessive joy- 

ati-ratha, >n. a chariot-army. 


10 ati-ntta 

ati-ritta, aka, adj. (s'rir) superfluous, extra, in excess. 

atireka, adj. ( Jric) excessive, exceeding. 

ati-rocati, v. (J rue) to outshine. 

ati-romasa, adj. very hairy; m. a wild goat. 

ati-vattati, v. (Jvat) to go beyond, pass, overcome, trans- 

ati-vasa, adj. subject to, submissive. 

ati-vakya, n. (Jvac) bad language, abuse- 

ati-viya, adv. very, exceedingly. 

ati-visa, adj. able to counteract poison ; /. garlic, dried 

ati-vela, ndj. unseasonable, late- 

ati-sajjana, n. (Jsajj) a present. 

ati-saya,. excess, excellence. Atisayena, instr. exceedingly. 

atisara, m. dysentery. 

atlta, adj. (*li) past; n. a story of the past. Atllc, adv. for- 

ativa, adv. very, exceedingly. 

a-tula, adj. (Jtul) incomparable. 

ato, adv. hence, now, accordingly. 

atta-ggaha, m. (iJgah) belief in the self, soul-theory . 

atta-ghosa, m. (Jghus) blowing one's own trumpet. 

atta-ja, adj. (Jja) self-produced; m. a son; /. a daughter. 

atta-jaya, m. (s/ji) self-conquest. 

atta-d-attha, 111. one's own good. 

atta-dassa, m. (Jdas) a looking-glass. 

atta-ditthi, /. (^/dis) heresy of the self, soul-theon-. 

atta-dutlya, adj. alone, lit. 'with self as a second com- 

atta-niya, adj. belonging to the self. 

atta-bandhu, m. (Jbandh) one's relative; nephew. 

atta-bhava, m. (Jbhu) individuality, personality. 

atta-vada, m. doctrine of the self, soul-theory. 

atla-samapanidhi, m. (Jdha) self-determination. 

atta-hacca, /. (*/han) suicide. 

atta-hita, in. one's o\\n advantage. 

attanopada, ;i. the intransitive, reflexive (grammatical). 

attamana, adj. (^da) delighted, joyful. 

attavlra, m. a brother-in-law, clown. 

atta, in. self, individuality, soul; /. mother, elder sister; 
*dhina, adj. independent, relating to one's self; m. a 
brother-in-law, son. 

attukkamsana, n. (Jkariis) self-praise- 

atha 1 1 

attupanayika, adj. (JnO making self the example, consi- 

niiovada, m. (Jvad) selt'-insLrurtion. 
all ha , ad-', here. 
aUlia, adj. rich, skilled. 

altha, w. (Jar) need, matter, aim, purpose, reason, welfare, 
meaning. Attham, ace.; attliaya, dat. for the purpose 
of. A ttli en a, instr. by reason of, on account of. 
atthak-ara, adj. (Jkar)' m. beneficial. 
itthakusala, adj. clever in one's welfare, 
aithakkhavi, m. (Jkha) a friend who instructs one for good, 
anhacariya, /. (Jcar) wise conduci . 
aitliapati, in. a king. 
atthappayoga, w. (Jyuj) usury. 
aliliabhata, adj. (Jbhar) drawing a large salarv. 
atthabheda, m. (Jbhid) destruction of one's welfare, classi- 
fication of meaning in grammar, 
atthalesa, adj. similar in meaning. 
atthavada, m. benediction, 
atthasanthana, /?. treasury, bank. 
atthasattlia, n. ethics. 

attha, n. (Jas) disappearance, destruction, 
atthangacchati, v. (Jgam) to disappear, to set (of the sun); 

gama, m. disappearance, destruction. 
attiiana, /. (Jar) a request, 
altham-eti, r. ( Ji) to set (of the sun). 
aLiharana, n. (Jthar) a covering, carpet, 
attharati, r.JJthar) to spread, lay out, cover; ppp. atthata. 
atthadhikara, w. a treasurer, accountant. 
atthantara, n. another meaning, opposite meaning. 
atthi, v. (Jas) lo be, exist, 
atthibhava, m. (Jbhu) existence, 
atthika, adj. (Jar) desirous of; m. a pauper, 
atthita, /. "tin, n. (Jas) existence, 
atthi, mfn. (Jar) a beggar, plaintiff, 
attheti, v. (Jar) to request. 
atyappa, adj. ver\- few. 
aira, ad-r. here. 

airicclia, adj. (Jis) covetous, greedy. 
atha, ad-r. and, but, then, now. 
atha kiiii, adv. how so? why? 
atha kho, udv. indeed, then, 
atha va, conj. or, 

12 athahbana 

athabbana, m. the atharvn veda. 
atho, adv. and, also, then, 
adatta, /. a virgin, unmarried lady, 
aditi, /. the mother of Gods, the earth. 
adinnadana, n. theft, lit. ' taking what is not given.' 
adu, adj. such and such. 

adukkha-m-asukha, /. neither painful or pleasurable feel- 
ing, neutral feeling, 
a-dutiya, adj. without a second, alone, 
adda, adj. wet. 
addaka, n. ginger, 
adda, /. name of a planet, 
addi, m. a mountain, 
addipavaka, m. a volcano, 
addita, adj. oppressed, afflicted, 
addha, adj. half, 
addhanisa, /. midnight. 

addhaga, gu, m. (Jgam) a traveller. 

addha, m. a road, distance, time. 

addha, adv. truly, certainly. 

addhi, / a long journey. 

addhika, mfn. a far traveller. 

adhama, adj. lowest, meanest. 

adhamangn, n. the foot. 

adhara, adj. lower, inferior ; m. the lower lip. 

adharlka, adj. opposing. 

adhi, prep, above, superior to. 

adhika, adj. exceeding, more than, excelling. 

adhikarana, n. (Jkar) reference, locative case in grammar, 
circumstance, special cause. 

adhikarani, /. a smith's anvil. 

adhikara, m. (Jkar) office, authority, function, chapter. 

adhikottaria, n. (Jkutt) a chopping block. 

adhigacchati, v. '(Jgain) to reach, attain. 

adhitthati, "thati, "thahati, v. (Jtha) to establish, resolve, un- 
dertake, appoint. 

adhitthayaka, m. superintendent, director. 

aclhipa, ati, m. lord, chief, ruler. 

adhippaya, m. intention, wish, meaning. 

adhibhavana, n. subjection. 

adhibhasati, v. (is/bhas) to address, speak. 

adhibhu, m. lord, master, king. 

adhimatta, adj. excessive. 

an-avasesa 13 

adhimuccati, i'. (Jmuc) to he inclined to, intent upon, 

adhirohani, /. a ladder. 

adhivacana, n. a synonym. 

adhivasati, ?'. (Jvas) to dwell, 

adhivaseti, 7'. ( Jvas) to consent, comply with, accept, ap- 

adhivinna, /. chief wife. 

adhiveclana, n, taking a lesser wife. 

ad hi say a, m. place. 

adhisayam, /. fire-place, bellows. 

adhiseti, v. (N/SI) to lie down, rest, sleep. 

adhlte, adhiyate, v. ( Ji) to read, study. 

adhlna, adj. subject, dependent. 

adhuna, adv. now. 

adho, adv. underneath, below. 

adhojivhika, /. the uvula. 

adhopatthara, m. (Jthar) a bed cloth. 

adhobhaga, m. (Jbhaj) the lower portion. 

adhobhuvana, n. the lower region, hell. 

adhomukha, adj. face downwards. 

adhovirecana, n. (*Jric) a purgative. 

ana, n. a cart. 

an-agariya, /. asceticism, the homeless life of a monk. 

an-aggha, adj. (Jaggh) priceless, invaluable. 

an-anna, adj. without another, alone; *pubba, /. a pure 

an-aniiata, adj. (Jria) unkown. 

anaduha, m. a bull. 

anati, r. (Jan) to breathe, 

an-atta, m. selflessness, soullessness- 

an-attha, m. disadvantage, misfortune. 

an-anta, adj. endless, infinite; *sisa, /. Visnu's wife. 

an-anlara, adj. without an interval, immediately following, 

an-amatagga, adj. (Jmar or Jman) revolving (in samsara), 
endless, whose end is not known, without end or be- 
ginning (used of samsara). 

anaya, m. bad luck, calamity, sin, misfortune. 

anayabyasana, n. destruction. 

anala, m. fire. 

an-avaya, adj. non-destruction. 

an-avasesa, adj. (Jsis) without a remainder, the whole. 

14 an-asana 

an -a Sana, n. (o/as) fasting. 

an-assava, adj. (N'SU) disobedient. 

an-akula, adj. untroubled, unmixed. 

an-agata, adj. (Jgam) the future. 

an-atapa, m. shadow, coolness. 

a-natha, /. a widow. 

a-nama, m. bamboo; Vnika, /. the ring-finger. 

an-ayata, adj. short. 

an-arata, adj. (Jram) continual. 

anavaha, m. a cart-bullock. 

an-ahata, ??. (Jhan) new cloth, that has not been washed 


anikkhu, m. a reed, 
a-nicca, adj. impermanent. 

a-nimisa, adj. not winking the eyes; m. a god, spirit, 
aniruddha-patha, m. the sky. 
anila, m. wind ; "anjasa, n. the sky. 
anilapariyaya, m. swelling of the eye-lids, 
anilasakha, m. fire, lit. 'friend of the wind/ 
aniiamaya, m. distending of the stomach, 
anilasayana, n. the sky. 
anika, tnn. an army, battle, 
anikatthn, m. body-guard, a musical band, 
anikadassana, n. a review of soldiers, parade, 
ami, orfv. prep, after, under, along, in consequence of. 
anuka, adj. greed} 7 , lustful. 
anukaddhana, n. (Jkaddh) referring back, 
anukatha, /. agreeable speech, words of compliance, 
anukantati, v. (Jkant) to cut. 
anukappa, m. a substitute. 
anukampati, v. (Jkamp) to pity. 
anukarana, n. imitation, 
anukassana, n. (Jkass) persuasion, 
anukamarii, adv. at will, 
anukula, adj. suitable, agreeable. 
anukkama, ?n. (Jkam) series, 
anu-ga, m. a follower, servant, 
anugacchati, v. to follow. 

anuganhati, v. (Jgah) to favour; c ggaha, m. favour. 
anugiddha, adj. greedy, 
anucara, m. an attendant, companion, 
anuccavaca, ad]', middling, neither too high nor too low, 
anucchavika, adj. suitable, fit, 

anumodati 15 

anuja, mf. a younger brother or sister. 

anujanati, ;'. (Jja) to grant, permit. 

anujivl, w. a servant, retainer. 

anuju, adj. crooked, wicked. 

anuniia, /. (is/ja) permission, sanction. 

anuithubha, /. a kind of metre- 

aftutakketi,yy. (i/takk) to consider. 

anutappatijfv. (Jtapp) to suffer, be anguished. 

anutara, n. freight. 

anutthunati, r. (Jthun) to bewail. 

anuthula, adj. small and big. 

anuthera, n. succession of elders. 

anudaya, /. compassion. 

anudinarii, arfv. daily. 

anudisa, /. an intermediate point of the compass. 

anudiita, in . a travelling companion. 

anuddhamseti, v. (Jdharhs) to vex, harass. 

anudhamma, w. minor doctrine. 

anudhavati, v. (Jdhav) to run. 

a nu nay a, tn. compliance. 

anunada, m. a continuous sound, echo. 

anunayaka, m. (Jnl) sub-chief, vice-president. 

anunasika, adj. nasal. 

anupa, adj. watery. 

anupatati, v. (s/pat) to follow, meet, fly up. 

anupadarh, adv. after, behind. 

anupabbajati, v. ( Jvaj) to give up the world in imitation of 


anupariyati, v. ( Jya) to walk round and round, watch over, 
anupavisati, (Jvis) to enter upon, occupy. 
anupassaii, i. (Jp'^) to contemplate, 
anupubba, adj. regular, successive; "bena, adv. regularly, 

one by one. 

anuppadajjali, -r. (is/da) to give in return, 
unubandha, tn. succession, consequence;/, hiccough. 
anubandhati, i'. (Jbandh) to pursue, wait upon. 
.'intibhavati, v. (Jbhu) to enjoy, experience, partake of. 
anubruheti, v. to develop, devote oneself to. 
anumati, /. (Lilian) to consent, 
.'timmatta, adj. small, least, 
anumasati, r. to touch, 
anumfuia, n. inference, doubt, unceitaintv. 
anumodati, -v. (mud) to approve, express gratitude, thank- 

i6 anuyunjati 

anuyunjati, v. ( Jyuj)lio r practise, exert oneself, be zealous- 
anuyoga, m. a question, zeal, application, 
anurakkhati, v. (Jrakkh) to guard, preserve, 
anurafijana, n. (Jraj) attachment, affection, 
anurava, m. (Jru) a continuous sound, reverberation, echo, 
anuradha, /. name of a constellation, 
anurujjhati, v. (Jruclh) to approve- 
anurupa, adj. suitable, conformable, proper, 
anurodha, m. compliance- 
anulapa, w. (iJlap) repetition, tautology, 
anuiomam, adv. in direct order, 
anulometi, v. to be in accordance with. 

anuvattati, V. (Jvatt) to follow, conform, attend upon, as- 
sociate with. 

anuvadati, v. to blame, censure- 
anuvasati, v. to inhabit, 
anuvassarh, adv. yearly. 

anuvatam, adv. in the direction of the wind- 
anusandhi, m. connection, application, 
anusaya, m. repentance, latent bias, 
anusahagata, adj. subtle, refined, 
anusasati, v. (Jsas) to teach, instruct, admonish; *aka, m. 

a teacher; ppp. anusittha. 

anusara, m. conformity. Anusdrena, in sir. according to. 
anusitthi, /. admonition, command, 
anusocati, v. (Jsuc) to bewail. 

anussati, /. (Jsar) recollection. 

anussarati, v. (Jsar) to recollect, remember, call to mind. 

anussava, m. (Jsu) report, tradition. 

anussaveti, caus. (Jsu) to proclaim, announce. 

an-una, adj. entire, complete, without deficiency. 

anupaja, n. green ginger. 

an-eka, adj. several, many, manifold, various. Anekaso, 
adv. in many ways. 

anekaja, m. a bird. 

unekapa, mf. an elephant. 

an-eja, adj. free from desire. 

anesana, /. (Jis) impropriety. 

aneha, in. time. 

an'Oka, n. the houseless .state. 

fiilotatta, M. name of a lake* 

anonia, adj. lofty, illustrious. 

anclhabala 17 

anta, mn. end, limit, boundary, side, death, interior; n. an 

intestine, bowels; aka, m. death, the evil one. 
antaguna, n. the mesentery, 
antamaso, adv. even. 

antara, adv. prep, within, between, among, in. 
antara, n. interior, included space, interval, opportunity, 

difference, peculiarity, a hole, inner garment, the 

heart or mind, 
antaradhayati, v. (Jdha) to disappear, vanish; ana, n. 

disappearance, covering; ppp- antarahita. 
antarantara, adv. from time to time, at intervals. 
antarabhogika,w. a village headman, border chief, 
antaravasaka, m. an under-garment. 
antara, adv. prep, between, on the way. 
antaraparinibbayi, m. one who dies and attains nibbana 

before half the age he should have lived in a Brahma 

world is expired. 

antaraya, m. an obstacle, prevention, accident, end. 
antararati, denom. v. to run into danger, 
antarala, n. an interval, 
antarita, ppp. (Ji) hidden, 
antaripa, n. an island, 
antanya, n. an under-garment. 
antare, prep, between, among, during, within, 
antarena, prep, between, except, 
antalikkha, n. the sky, air. 
antavanna, m. one of the working class, 
ami, /. an elder sister. 

antika, /. an elder sister, hearth; n. vicinity, 
antima, aka, adj. final, last, 
antepura, n. royal citadel, inner chamber for royal ladies, 


antevastka, si, m. a pupil, 
anto, adv. prep, within, inside, during. 
antogadha, adj. contained in, being among, 
antojata, in. the child of a slave, 
antonivesana, n. (*/vis) an inner room. 
antobhaga, m. (Jbhaj) interior, 
antobhava, in. ( Jbha) inclusion, 
andu, m. a chain, 
andha, adj. blind, 
andhakara, m. darkness, 
andhabala, adj. silly, stupid, doting. 


i8 andhabuta 

andhabhuta, adj. blind, unenlightened. 

andhika, /. night, mustard, a woman. 

andhu, m. a well. 

anna, n. (Jad) food, boiled rice. 

annakottha, n. a meatsafe, granary. 

anna, /. a mother. 

anvattha, adj. according to the meaning. 

anvaddhamasa, ran. a fortnight. 

anvaya, m. connection, race, lineage, succession. 

anvacaya, adj. adding an object of secondary import. 

anvadheya, n. a wedding present given by the bridegroom's 


anvaya, ger. (tJi) following upon, in consequence of. 
anvassavati, v (anu + aJsu) to flow from, result from, 
anveti, v. (Ji) to follow; ppp. anvita. 
anvesati, v. ("/is) to seek, search, 
apa, adv. prep, away, from, 
apakaddhati, T. (Jkacldh) to remove, put away, 
apakarana, m. a bad performance. 

apakkamati, v. (Jkam) to depart. 

apagacchati, v. (Jgam) to go away, depart from. 

apaga, /. a river. 

apaghana, ra. a limb of the body. 

apaiiga, m. the corner of the eye. 

apacaya, ra. (Jci) loss, decay ; honour, worship. 

apacayati, v. to honour. 

apaciti, /. (Jci) offering, worship; loss, decay. 

apacca, n. offspring. 

apaccada, / a midwife. 

apaccasattu, m. a lobster, crab. 

apajita, ppp. (Jji) defeated. 

apatl, /. a screen, door-curtain, 

apanna ka, adj. certain, absolute; true. 

apadana, n. a heroic action, tale, legend, the I3th book of 

apadisati, v. (Jdis) to tell of, show. 

apadevata, /. an evil spirit. 

apadesa, ra. statement, pretext, deception, stratagem, cause. 

apadharana, n. covering. 

apanidheti, v. (Jdha) to hide, conceal. 

apaneti, v> (Jnl) to remove, put away. 

apanhana, n* bathing a dead body. 

apamara, m. epilepsy- 

apaya 19 

apayana, n. departure. 

apararh, adv. moreover, further. 

apara, adj. other, subsequent, western. 

aparagoyana, n. name of one of the four great continents. 

aparajju, adv. the next day. 

aparajjhati, v. (Jradh) to offend against, sin. 

aparanna, n- beans, vegetables. 

aparanha, n. the cool of the evening. 

aparanta, m. the future. 

aparabhage, adv. afterwards, subsequently. 

aparava, m. emulation, discord. 

aparadha, m. (Jradh) an offence, sin, crime, guilt. 

aparaparam, adv. on and on, successively, backwards and 


aparinita, /. an unmarried woman, 
apala, n. a pin, peg, stake, 
a-palapa, m. (Jlap) secrecy, silence. 
apalasika, /. thirstiness. 

apaloketi, v. (Jlok) to give notice of, obtain consent, 
apavagga, m. completion, renunciation, deliverance, 
apavajjana, n. a present, sacrificing, 
apavana, n. a grove, garden, 
apavaraka, n. a sleeping room, 
apavahati, v. to carry away, 
apavada, m. (Jvad) blame, abuse, 
apaviddha, ppp. (Jvidh) thrown away, discarded, 
apasakkati, v. to depart, 
apasaggana, n. stopping, hesitation, 
apasavya, adj. right (not left), 
apasadeti, cans. v. (Jsad) to upbraid, 
apasmara, m. epilepsy, 
apassaya, m. a pillow to lean on. 
apassena, n. basis, charity. 

apahattha, n. shifting from one hand to another, pilfering, 
apahara, m. (Jhar) taking away, 
apakasaka, n. green ginger. 

apaci, / the south; *na, adj. southern, contrary, 
a-padaka, m. a snake, lit. ' without legs.' 
apadana, n. taking away, the ablative case, 
apana, n. respiration, breathing out. 
apamagga, m. a kind of plant, 
apaya, m. departure, disappearance, loss, misfortune, ruin, 

place of suffering or punishment. 

20 apayika 

apayika, m. one suffering in a place of suffering. 

aparuta, /. crooked iron. 

apalamba, m. basis, a pillow to lean on. 

api, part, also, even, though, merely; expresses interroga- 
tion ; *ca kho pana, however, nevertheless ; *nu kho, 
expresses emphatic interrogation ; *nama, perhaps. 

apidhana, n. (Jdha) concealment, a cover, lid. 

apupa, m. a cake. 

apekkhati, v. (Jikkh) to regard, mind, expect, 

apekkha, /. regard, care, affection, longing. 

apeti, v. (Ji) to go away ; ppp. apeta, free from, deprived of 

apoha, m. giving up, shifting, excuse. 

appa, aka, adj. little, slight, few. 

appacura, adj. little, few. 

appana, /. initial application of mind. 

appabodhati, v. (Jbudh) to despise. 

appamannati, v. (Jman) to despise, underrate. 

appamanna, /. the Buddhist beatitudes. 

appa-matta, adj. little, slight. 

a-ppamada, m. vigilance, earnestness, zeal, non-negli- 

appamarisa, m. a kind of plant. 

a-ppameyya, adj. (ijma) immeasurable, boundless. 

appahonaka, adj. insufficient. 

appabadha, m. good health. 

appekada, adv. sometime or other. 

appeti, v. to fit, fasten, deliver, assign ; ppp. appita. 

appesakkha, adj. of little power. 

apposukka, adj. free from care. 

appotheti, v, to clap the elbows in token of delight. 

apphota, /. a kind of jasmine. 

a-phala, adj. barren, fruitless, unprofitable. 

aphena, n. opium. 

abaddha-mukha, adj. foul-mouthed, scurrilous. 

ababa, num. i followed by seventy-seven ciphers. 

abala, adj. weak; /. a woman. 

abbati, v. ( Jabb) to go. 

abbahati, v. (Jvah) to take away, remove; ppp. abbujha. 

abbuta, adj. undisciplined. 

abbuda, n. a high numeral, canker, sore. 

abbha, mn. a cloud, sky. 

abbhaka, n. a tale. 

abbhakkhana, . (Jkha) accusation, slander, calumny. 

abhijappana 21 

abbhanjana, n. (abhi Janj) anointing. 

abbhattha, n. setting, declining. 

abbhanumodana, n. (abhi+amWmud) rejoicing, thanks- 

abbhantara, w. (abhi-f antara) interval, interior. Abbhantarc, 
loc. within. 

abbhagamana, n. (abhi + a is/gam) approaching, visiting. 

abbhacikkhati, r. (abhi 4- a Jcikkh) to accuse, slander, ca- 

abbhana, n. rehabilitation of a monk. 

abbhasa, m. repetition, reduplication. 

abbhuggacchati, v. (abhi + ud Jgam) to ascend, approach, 

abbhujjalana, 77. (abhi + ud Jjal) spitting fire. 

abbhunha, adj. warm, fresh. 

a-bbhuta, adj. marvellous, mysterious ; n. a wonder, marvel. 

abbhokasa, m. (abhi-f okasa) the open sky. 

abbhokkirana, n. (abhi4-o /kir) spreading out, bedecking. 

abbheti, v. (abhi Ji) to restore a monk. 

abyata, /. the wild rambontan. 

abyathi, m. a horse. 

abyathisa, m. the ocean, sun ; /. the earth, midnight. 

abyaya, n. an indeclinable word, particle. 

abyayena, adv. without loss, safely. 

abyaseka, adj. charming, fascinating. 

abhabba, adj. unable, improbable. 

abhikirati, v. ( Jkir) to overwhelm. 

abhikami, adj. desirous. 

abhi-kkamati, v. (Jkam) to go forward, advance, ap- 
proach ; ppp. "kanta. 

abhikkanta, adj. (Jkam) handsome, desirable; (Jklam) 
withered, exhausted. 

abhikkhanaiii, adv. repeatedly. 

abhikhya, /. name, beauty, splendour; *ta, adj. renowned. 

abhi-gacchati, v. to go to, approach. 

abhighata, m. striking, concussion. 

abhighara, m. butter. 

abhicara, m. a servant. 

abhicara,m. fascination by means of certain magical influ- 

abhiccha, /. (Jis) desire, longing. 

abhijana, m. race, tribe. 

abhijappana, n. muttering spells, incantation. 

22 abhijata 

abhijata, ppp. (^ja) well-born. 

abhijati, /. origin, race, birth. 

abhijanati, v. to know, ascertain, perceive, admit. 

abhijjha, /. covetousness ; *lu, adj. covetous. 

abhinna, /. higher knowledge, super-knowledge. 

abhiniiana, n. a sign, token. 

abhinharh, adv. repeatedly. 

abhitatta, adj. scorched. 

abhitappeti, v. to satisfy thoroughly. 

abhito, adv. near, in the presence of, on both sides. 

abhitoseti, r. (Jtus) to gratify, reward. 

abhittharati, v. (Jthar) to make haste. 

abhitthavati, v. (*ythu) to praise; ppp. "thuta. 

abhidosa, m. evening. 

abhidhamma, m. higher doctrine, Rurldhist philosophy, 

abhidha, /. a name. 

abhidhana, n. name, appellation, noun, 
abhidhryati, pass. (Jdha) to be declared, 
abhidheyya, n. (Jdha) a name, appellation, 
abhinadati, v. (Jnad) to roar, 
abhinandati, v. (Jnand) to be pleased with, approve of, 


abhinaya, m. a dramatic representation, 
abhinava, adj. quite new. 
abhinikkhamati, v. (Jkam) to go out, depart, 
abhininnameti, v. (Jnam) to turn, direct, 
abhinipajjati, v. (iVpad) to lie down, 
abhinipphatti, /. (Jpad) accomplishment, success, 
abhinipphadeti, v. (7pad) to accomplish, effect, succeed, 
abhinibbattati, v. (Jvatt) to be re-born, 
abhinibbatti, /. (Jvatt) rebirth, 
abhinimanteti, v. (Jmant) to invite, present, 
abhinimminati, "mati, v. (Jma) to create, 
abhiniliyati, v. (Jli) to lie hid, hide onself. 
abhinivisati, v. ( Jvis) to settle down, devote oneself to. P/>/>. 


abhinivesa, m. inclination, laying to heart, 
abhinisidati, v. to sit down, 
abhinlla, adj. deep blue, 
abhiniharati, v. (Jhar) to turn, direct, 
abhinlhara, m. earnest wish or aspiration, 
abhipattheti, v. (*/atth) to pray for, wish for. 

abhividhi ^ 

abhipijita, ppp. (Jpi!) oppressed, afflicted. 

abhipujeti, v. (Jpuj) to offer, present. 

abhihavati, v. (Jbhii) to overcome, master, surpass. Ppp- 


abhibhava, m. defeat, 
abhbihayatana, n. a position of mastery, 
abhibhasati, v. (Jbhas) to speak, address, 
abhibhu, adj. surpassing, mastering, vanquishing, 
abhimaiigala, n. high festival, solemnity, 
abhimatthati, v. (Jmatth) to grind, crush, 
abhimaddita, ppp. (Jmad) crushed, trampled, overthrown, 
abhimana, m. pride, haughtiness. 

abhimukha, adj. facing towards, opposite, in the direction of. 
abhimuda, /. sympathetic joy. 
abhiyacati, v. (Jyac) to entreat, request, 
abhiyati, v. (Jya) to approach, attack, 
abhiyoga, m. (Jyuj) charge, accusation, 
abhirati, /. (Jram) delight. 

abhiramati, -u. (Jram) to delight in. Ppp- "rata. 
abhiramma, "rama, adj. delightful, 
abhiraja, m. a supreme king, 
abhiradheti, v. (Jradh) to content, satisfy, 
abhirucita, ppp. (Jruc) pleasing, agreeable, liked, 
abhiruta, n. a sound, 
abhiruhati, "ruhati, "rohati, v. (Jruh) to ascend, mount. 

Ppp. ru!ha. 

abhirupa, adj. handsome, beautiful. 
abhilakkhita, ppp. (Jlakkh) marked, distinguished, 
abhilabhati, v. (Jlabh) to obtain, receive, get. 
abhilapa, m. talking, conversation, 
abhilava, m. (Jlu) reaping, 
abhilasa, m. desire. 

abhilitta, ppp. (Jlip) smeared, stained, polluted, 
abhilepana, n. (*/lip) pollution, smearing, 
abhivad^hati, v. (Jvaddh) to grow, increase, multiply, 
abhivadati, v. (Jvad) to say, declare, 
abhivandati, v. (Jvand) to salute, greet respectfully, 
abhivakya, n. humiliating speech, mean words, 
abhivadaka, adj. humiliating, rude, 
abhivadana, /. respectful salutation, greeting, 
abhivadeti, v. (Jvad) to salute, greet respectfully, 
abhivijayati, jeti, v. (Jji) to conquer, overcome, 
abhividhi, m. arrangement, procedure. 

24 abhivinaya 

abhivinaya, m? higher discipline. 

abhivuddhi, /. growth, prosperity, increase. 

abhisajjati, v. (Jsajj) to be angry, scold. 

abhisarikharoti, v- ( jkar) to prepare, effect. Ppp. "khata. 

abhisankhara, m. effecting, accumulation, idea, conception. 

abhisaiiga, m. curse, imprecation. 

abhisaddahati, v. (Jdha) to confide, believe firmly. 

abhisandeti. v. (Jsand) to drench, wet, saturate. Ppp- nna. 

abhisandhi, m. intention. 

abhisamaya, m. penetration, intuition, understanding. 

abhisamacarika, n. minor duties. 

abhisameti, v. (Ji) to comprehend, penetrate- Ger. "ecca. 

abhisamparaya, m. future state. 

abhisambujjhati, r. (Jbudh) to be perfectly enlightened, 


abhisambodhi, /. (Jbudh) perfect knowledge, omniscience, 
abhisambhunati, noti, v. (.Jbhu) to attain, get. 
abhisammata, ppp- (Jman) approved, honoured, 
abhisavana, n. (Jsu) oozing, trickling, 
abhisapana, n. taking the oath at a law court, 
abhisarika, /. a woman who carries on an intrigue, 
abhisincati, v. (Jsic) to besprinkle, anoint. Caus. "seceti. 

Ppp' "cita, sitta. 

abhisunoti, v. (Jsu) to hear, harken. 
abhisuta, n. vinegar. 

abhiseka, m. sprinkling, anointing, inauguration, 
abhissariga, m. attachment, 
abhihanti, v. (Jhan) to assail, strike, 
abhiharati, v. (Jhar) to bring, acquire ; hata, ppp ; hara, m. 


abhihita, pf)p. (Jdha) called, said, named, 
abhlka, m. a husband, 
abhira, m. a cowherd. 

abhlsu, m. colour, bridle, affection; /. a finger, 
abhuta, adj. false. Abhutena, instr. falsely, 
abhyagata, m. a guest, visitor, 
'abhyasa, m. repetition, practice; adj. near, 
abhyupagama, m. agreement, promise, 
ama, n. a water-snake, 
amaiigala, adj. inauspicious, 
amacca, m. a minister, councillor, 
amajjha, /. uncleanliness. 

ambukirata 25 

amata, n. deathlessness, nihhana, ambrosia, nectar; adj. 

deathless, undying, eternal. 
amatatarangini, /. a ray of the moon. 
amatadldhiti, ni. tlie moon. 

atnatapa, w. a spirit, lit. ' one u<h<> drinks nectar." 
amata, / emblic myrobalan. 
amati, v. (N/am) to go. 
a-inati, adj. foolish, unintelligent, 
amatta, n. a pitcher, vessel. 

a-matta-nnu, adj. (Jna) immoderate, intemperate. 
amani, /. a road, path, way. 
a-manussa, m. a demon, ogre, 
amantla, m. a tree. 

amara, m. a spirit, quicksilver; /. a house-pillar, womb. 
amaravaU, /. name of Sakra's city, 
amaravikkhepa, m. eei-wriggling, changeable view, 
aniala, adj. taintless, pure; n. talc, 
amasa, m. lime, disease, 
ama, adv. near, with, 
am.iivasi, /. the day of the new moon, 
a-mitta, ni. an enemy, foe. 
amilata, m. the plant Globe Amaranth, 
amisa, n. indulgence in sensual pleasures; honest}', 
amu, *ka, adj. this, such, 
a-mukhya, adj. secondary, not principal, 
a-mutta, adj. (Jmuc) not shot; n. a non-missile weapon, 
amutra, adv. in that place, there, another world, hereafter, 
a-mula, adj. without payment, unpaid, 
a-moha, m: (Jmuh) non-delusicn, intelligence, 
amba, m. the mango tree, 
ambaka, n. the eye, red copper, 
ambattha, /. a kind of plant, 
ambati, v. (s/amb) to go- 
ambantara, n?. a kind of mango, 
ambara, m. the sky, cloth, cotton, mica, 
amba, /. a mother, 
ambataka, t)i. the hog-plum, 
ambika,, /. a mother, 
ambila, adj. sour, arid, 
ambilakn, i thr t.-imarind tree- 
ambu, n. water, 
ambukana, /. a water-spray, 
ambukirata, m. a crocodile. 

4 - 

26 ambukisa 

ambukisa, w. a porpoise. 

ambucamara, n. water-weeds. 

ambucarl, m. a fish. 

ambuja, m. a fish; n. a lotus plant. 

ambujakara, m. a pond. 

ambujini, /. a lotus-pond. 

ambuda, m. a cloud. 

ambudhara, m. a cloud. 

ambudhi, m. the ocean. 

ambunidhi, m. the ocean, sea. 

ambupaddhati, /. a current of water. 

ambura, m. the threshold of a door. 

ambusappinl, /. a water-leech. 

ambha, m. a stone, pebble. 

ambho, inter j. Oh ! I say ! 

ambhoja, n. a lotus flower; m. the moon, a crane. 

ambhojajani, m. brahma. 

amma, voc. mother ! lady ! madam ! 

ammana, n. a canoe, a measure of capacity. 

amma, /. a mother. 

amha-maya, adj. made of stone. 

amhadisa, adj. like us. 

ay a, mn. iron. 

ayati. fc. (Ji) to go; "ana, n. a road. , 

a-yacitaka, adj. owned by oneself, unborrowed. 

ayanaya, m. a country. 

ayokara, m. a blacksmith. 

ayoghana, m. a sledge-hammer. 

ayya, m. a lord, master; voc. sir! my lord ! /. madam ! my 


ayyakaj m. a grandfather, ancestor; /. a grandmother, 
ara, . a wheel, 
ararti, adi>. speedily, presently, 
araka, m. moss, 
araghatta, m. a water-pump, 
aranjara, m. a large pot, jar, 
aranha, n. a forest, 
arannanl, /. a large forest; 
arani, mf. wood for kindling fire by friction, 
aratatapa, m. a dog. 
arati, /. dislike, discontent, 
arama, adj. inferior, 
gttira, Mfn. a gate, door, cover, lid. 

alattaka 27 

araru, w. an enemy. 

aravinda, n, a lotus, red copper; "dim, /. a lotus-bunch. 

araha, adj. worthy, deserving, venerable. 

arahati, v. (Jarh) to deserve, be worthy of, fit ; arahita, ppp. 

arahatta, n- state of being an arahant or saint; *phala, n. 

fruition of arahantship ; *magga, m, the path of ara- 


arahanta, ha, m. an arahant or saint, 
arati, m. an enemy, 
ari, m. an enemy', 
arittha, m. a heron, the nimba tree; n. buttermilk, harem, 

aritta, n. a rudder. 

arindama, adj. (Jdam) foe-vanquishing, victorious.: 
ariya, adj. noble, venerable, elect, holy, 
ariya-dhana, n. noble treasure, the cheek, 
ariya-phala, n. the noble fruition, viz., arahantship. 
ariya-magga, the noble path, 
ariya-sacca, n. the noble truth or fact, 
ariva-savaka, m. a holy disciple, 
arisa, n. hemorrhoids, 
aru, n. a wound. 

aruna, adj. light red; m. the dawn, 
aruna-kamala, n. the red lotus, 
aruna-locana, m. a pigeon, lit. ' the red-eyed.' 
arunuggama, n. the dawn, sunrise, 
aruriopala, m. a ruby. 

arupa-bhava, m. formless existence, immaterial world, 
arupavacara, adj. (Jcar) experienced in the formless or 

immaterial realm, 
are, interj. here ! I say ! sirrah ! 
alarh, adv. hold ! enough ! adequate, sufficient, 
ala, n. scorpion-poison, 
alaka, mn. a roll, fold, bundle, 
alaka, /. Kuvera's city, 
alagada, m. a snake, 
alaghupala, m. a rock, 
alankaroti, f. to decorate, adorn, embellish; kara, m. an 

ornament, decoration, rhetoric, 
a-lajji, adj. shameless, 
alanjara, m. a large pot, jar. 
alattaka, m> lac. 

28 alambusa 

alambusa, m. the palm of the hand; sickness; /. a kind of 


alavala, n. a pond at the foot of a tree, 
alasa, adj. idle, lazy, slothful, 
alata,, n. a firebrand, 
alapu, H. a gourd, pumpkin, 
alabu, /. a gourd, pumpkin, 
alara, m. a gate, door, 
ali, ?n. a bee. 

alika, n. the forehead, falsehood; adj. false, untrue, 
aligaddha, m. a cobra. 

alipaka, m. the carpenter bee, scorpion, dog. 
alimaka, m. a cuckoo, frog. 

alika, w. the forehead, falsehood; adj. false, untrue, 
a-lina, adj. free from desire, 
alu, /. a small water-pot. 

alia, adj. wet, moist; /. a mother, 
avamsira, adj. head downwards, head foremost, 
ava, prep, away, off, down, 
avakarhsa, m. inferiority, 
avakaddhati, ?>. (Jkaddh) to drag down, 
avakara, m. dust, rubbish- 

avakasa, m. place, room, space, opportunity, leave, leisure, 
avakujja, adj. upsidedown. 
avakkanti, /. (Jkam) introduction, descent, 
avahara, m. a thief, 
avapurana, n. a key. 
avarapara, m. the sea. 
avaraparika, /. the coriander seed, 
avavata, m. a son of a lesser husband, 
avi, m. a ram, sheep, day, mountain, master, mouse, wind, 
avika, n. a diamond. 
avikata, m. a flock of sheep. 

a-vikkhepa, m. (Jkhip) non-distraction, balance of mind, 
aviggaha, m. the god of love, 
a-vijja, /. ignorance, 
a-viddasu, adj. ignorant, 
avidusa, n. sheep's milk, 
avipata, m. a coat made of sheepskin, 
avila, /. a female sheep, 
avi ha, /. one of the brahma worlds, 
a-vihimsa, "hesa, /. mercy; lit. 'non-cruelty.' 
avici, m. one of the eight hells. 


avekkliati, r. (Jikkli) to look clown upon, consider, con- 

aveccu, gcr. (*Ji) thoroughly, clearly, penetratively. 

avhaya, m. a name, invocation. 

avha, /. a name, appellation. 

asakirh, adv. more than once, repeatedly, continuously. 

aSaiinasatta, m. inhabitant of one of the brahma worlds. 

asattha, m. the tree of wisdom. 

asana, mfn. an arrow, food. 

asani, mf, the thunderbolt. 

a-santa, adj. unreal, false, wicked, bad. 

a-sayha, adj. (Jsah) invincible, unconquerable. 

asi, m. a sword. 

asita, run. a sickle; adj. black. 

asipatta, m. the sugar-cane plant. 

asiputtl, /. a knife. 

asilesa, /. name of a constellation. 

aslti, num. eighty. 

asu, m. breath, life. 

asu, pron. this, that. 

asuka, adj. such and such. 

asura, m. a fallen god. 

asekha, m. on arahant, one who is no more a student. 

aserana, adj. charming, captivating. 

asesa, adj. all, without remainder. Ascsato, adv. entirely, 

asoppa, /. a fairy, spirit. 

asmagabbha, m. emerald. 

asmapuppha, n. benzoin. 

asma, m. a stone. 

assa, tu. a horse, corner. 

assakanna, m. one of the seven circles of rock that sur- 
* round Meru. 

assatara, ni. a mule. 

assattharana, n. a saddle- 

assama, mn. a hermitage. 

assamedha, m. horse-sacrifice. 

assay u ja, m. name of a constellation. 

assava, adj. (Jsu) obedient; m. pus, matter. 

assasati, v. (Jsas) to inhale air, inspire, breathe; assattha, 
ppp. Cans, assaseti, to comfort, encourage. 

assada, m. "ana, . tasting, enjoyment. 


assasa, m. (Jsas) inhalation, comfort, consolation, respira- 
tion; *passasa, m. inhalation and exhalation. 

assu, n. a tear. Assumukhai with tearful face. 

aharhkara, m. arrogance, haughtiness. 

aham-aham-ika-, /. conceit, egoism. 

aha, n. a day. 

ahata, n. ( -Jhan) a new cloth before it is washed. 

ahaha, n. a high numeral. 

ahaha, inter j. alas! oh ! 

a-hirhsa, /. mercy; lit. * non-cruelity.' 

ahi, m. a snake. 

avaganeti, v. (^gan) to neglect, disregard. 

avagata, ppp. (is/gam) known, understood. 

avajahati, v. (Jlia) to abandon, forsake. 

avajata, ppp. (Jja) low-born. 

avajanati, v. (*/ja) to despise; avanfiata, ppp. 

avajiyyati, "jlyati, pass. (Jji) to be conquered. 

avajja, n. blame; adj. not to be avoided, harmless. 

avajjhayati, v. to waste away, perish- 

avaima, / disrespect, contempt. 

avannita, adj. despised. 

avata, m. a hole, hollow, well, astrologer. 

avatarika, m. market-place. 

avatu, /. the neck, well. 

avatthiti, /. (Jtha) steadiness. 

avanna, m. dispraise, reproach. Avcuinam b hdsati, to speak 
ill of. 

avatarhsa, m. a crest, earring. 

avatarati, v. to descend, disembark; "tinna, ppp. 

avatara, mn. a landing-place. 

avati, v. (Jav) to protect. 

avattabbata, /. ineffability. 

a-vattha, adj. naked ; m. a naked ascetic. 

avattharati, v. (Jthar) to spread, cover, scatter, pervade; 
"thata, ppp. 

avattha, /. state, condition, time, period. 

avatthana, n. standing-place, state. 

avatthapana, n. fixing, settling. 

avadata, adj. white, pure. 

avndarana, n. a spade. 

avadoha, m. sweetened milk. 

avadhana, n. (Jdha) attention. 

ahiptiena 3 l 

avaclhareti, cans. (Jdha) to ascertain ; "rana, n. ascertain- 
ment; "rita, ppp. 

avadhi, m. limit. 

avana, n. wish, grace, entrance. 

avani, /. the earth. 

avani-pati, m. a king. 

avani-ruha, m. a tree. 

avanejana, n. washing. 

avapida, m. a snuff. 

avabodha, m. (Jbudh) understanding; "ana, n. instruction. 

avamangala, adj. inauspicious. 

avamana, n. disrespect. 

avamaneti, cans. (Jman) to despise. 

avaya, m. loss, decay. 

avayava, m. a limb, member, part. 

avaratta, n. the whole night. 

avalambana, n. hanging, depending. 

avalekhana, n. a small piece of whittled bamboo or wood 
used in the bath-'oom. 

avalepa, m. (Jlip) anointing, pride. 

avaloketi, v. to look, behold, survey. 

avasa, adj. unsubdued, independent, powerless, true. 

avasanna, ppp- languid, depressed. 

avasaya, m. leave, rain-fall, year. 

avasara, m. opportunity, turn. 

avasarati, v. (/sar) to go. 

avasana, n y end, conclusion. 

avasittha, ppp. (Jsis) remaining, left. 

avasita, ppp. (Jsl) finished, ascertained. 

avasissana, n. (Jsis) remainder. 

avaslna, mfn. a scorpion. 

avaseseti, v. (Jsis) to leave, spare. 

avassarh, adv. certainly, undoubtedly; *bhavi, adj. cne\ it- 

avassagga, m. relinquishment, abandonment. 

avassaya, m. support, help, refuge, protection. 

avassuta, ppp. (Jsu) lustful. 

avaharati, v. (Jhar) to take away, steal, draw down. 

ahi*kaflcuka, tn. the slough cast off by a snake. 

ahi-gunthika) wt a snake charmer. 

ahichattaka^ n. & mushroom. 

ahi^-turtclikaj to. a snake charrrter. 

ahiphcija, n. opium, snake's poison. 

32 ahimariisu 

ahimarhsu, m. the sun. 

ahivata, m. the plague- 

ahlrani, m. a two-headed snake. 

aho, inter], oh ! ah ! alas ! *vata, indeed, Oh what ! 

ahomani, m. the sun. 

ahomukha, n. the morning. 

ahoratta, m. a day and night. 

ahosesa, n. the evening. 

a}a, m. a crab's finger. 

ajakka, m. a mad dog. 


a, prep, until, as far as. 

akarikhati, v. (Jkankh) to wish, desire, long for. 

akarikha, /. desire, longing. 

akaddhati, v. (Jkaddh) to draw towards, drag along. 

akappa, m. appearance, embellishment, disguise, disease. 

akara, m. a multitude, mine. 

akassa, m. dragging, a magnet. 

akara, m. appearance, countenance, form, sign, way, means, 

cause, purpose, factor, constituent part, 
akasa, m. ( N 'kas) the sky, air, space, 
akasa-mandala, n. the open sky. 
akasa-yana, n. an aeroplane, 
akasa-valli, /. the orchid plant, 
akasa-salila, n. rain, 

akasanancayatana, n. sphere of infinity of space, 
akincannayatana, n. sphere of nothingness, 
akirati, v. (Jkir) to scatter, sprinkle; Ppp- akinna, mixed, 


akuiicita, ppp. (Jkunc) bent, curved, 
akula, adj. crowded, confused, perplexed, troubled, 
akuli, / a kind of plant, 
akha, m. a spade- 

akhanika, m. a thief, rat, pig, spade, 
akhu, m. a rat, mouse, 
akhughata, m. the fourth caste, 
akhubhufija, m. a cat- 
akhetika, m. a hound, hunter, 
akhota, m. the walnut tree, 
akhya, /. a name, 
akhyata, ppp. said, announced j ti a finite verb. 

anapeti 33 

akhyayika, /. a tale, story, legend. 

agacchati, v. (Jgam) to come, arrive, return ; agamma, ger. 

agantu, *ka, adj. coming, occasional, adventitious, foreign ; 
m. a guest, visitor. 

agantukavatta, n. hospitality, duty towards guests. 

agama, m. advent, arrival, income, knowledge, Buddhist 

agameti, cans. (Jgam) to cause to come, communicate, im- 
part, wait. 

agaml, adj. coming, future- 

agara, n. a house, building; "rika, m. a householder. 

agilayati, v. (Jgla) to be tired, ache. 

agu, n. sin, guilt, crime; *carl, mfn. a sinner. 

aghattana, n. (Jghatt) impact, touching. 

aghata, m. ill-will, malice, hatred. 

aghatana, n. slaughter-house, place of execution. 

acaka, m- a kind of plant. 

acamana, n. ( Jcam) rinsing the mouth, washing. 

acaya, in. (Jci) accumulation. 

acarati, v. (sfcar) to act, perform, treat, practise; acinna, 

acariya, m. a teacher, professor. 

acariya-mutthi, m/. a teacher's favourite or secret theme; 

lit. ' teacher's closed fist.' 
acariya-vatta, n. a duty towards a teacher, 
acama, rn. scum of boiling rice, 
acara, m. (Jcar) conduct, practice, 
acikkhati, v. (Jcikkh) to tell, announce, 
acinati, v. (Jci) to heap, accumulate; acita, ppp. 
aja, n. butter, 
ajaka, n. a flock of goats. 

ajanna, ajaniya, ajaneyya, adj. (Jja) of good race or breed, 
aji, /. battle, strife. 

ajlva, m. (Jjiv) livelihood, occupation, profession, 
ata, m. a heron, duck, 
atavika, m. a forester. 

adambara, m. trumpeting of an elephant, a war-drum, 
anaka, adj. inferior, 
anatti, /. command, authority, 
ana, /. an order, command, ordinance, 
ana-desana, /. a discourse of authority, the Vinaya Pitaka. 
anapeti, cans, to order, command; anatta, ppp. 



ani, /. the pin of a wheel, linch-pin, peg, the edge of a 

atarika, m. sickness, affliction. 

atata, n. a drum covered with leather on one side. 

atata-vitata, n. a drum covered with leather on both sides. 

atatayi, m. a highwayman, criminal. 

atapa, m. (Jtap) sunlight, zeal. 

atapatta, m. a parasol. 

atapabhava, m. a shade. 

atappa, n. zeal, ardour, exertion. 

atara, atara, m. freight. 

atapa, m. heat, burning, zeal. 

atapl, adj. (Jtap) ardent, zealous, active; m. a kite, also 

atitheyya, n. (jt. atithi) hospitality ; adj. hospitable- 

atu, m. a raft. 

atuma, m- the body ; another form of atta. 

atura, adj. ill, diseased, afflicted. 

atojja, n. (Jtud) a musical instrument. 

athabbana, m. the fourth Veda. 

adara, m. esteem, regard, affection. 

adaranlya, adj. estimable. 

adati, adadati, n. (Jda) to take, receive, seize; adaya, ger.; 
adinna, ppp. ; adata, m. one who takes; adana, n. tak- 
ing, attachment, clinging. 

adasa, m. a mirror. 

adi, m. beginning, starting-point; suf. et cetera, and so 
forth. Adito, adv. from the beginning. 

adika, adj. first, beginning with, initial. 

adikammika, adj. a beginner, novice. 

adikara, m. brahma. 

adicca, m. the sun. 

fidicca-patha, tn. the sky, the heavens. 

adippati, v. (>/dIp) to blaze, burn; aditta, ppp. 

adi-bhuta, -ma, adj. first, initial. 

adiyati, pass. (Jda) to take, receive, take to heart. 

adinava, m. disadvantage, evil, tribulation. 

adeti, t. to take, receive, obtain. 

adevaka, mfn. a merry-maker. 

fidevita, n. violent crying. 

adesa, w. (Jdis) information, direction, injunction, a sub- 
stitute in grammar. 

adesi, m. an informant, director. 

abadhika 35 

adyanta, mn. beginning and end. 

adhana, n. keeping, placing, pawn, pledge. 

adhara, m. a support, stand, receptacle, water-basin round 

the foot of a tree, the locative relation in grammar, 
adhipacca, n. overlordship. 
adhuta, ppp. (is/dhu) shaken, 
adhunika, adj. new, first to arise, 
adheyya, mfn. a pledge, pawn, 
adhorana, TO. an elephant-driver, mahout, 
ana, n. (Jan) inhaled air, inhalation, 
ananca, n. infinity. 

anaddha, adj. (Jnah) constipated; n. a drum, decoration, 
anana, n. the mouth. 

ananda, m. joy, delight, a sea-monster, whale, 
ananda-pata, n. a wedding garment, 
anandi, m. joy, delight. 

anapana, n. inhalation and exhalation, .respiration, 
anaya, m. a fish-net, 
anaha, m. constipation, strangury, 
anisariisa, m. advantage, reward, good result, 
apa, m. water, 
apaga, /. a river, 
apajjati, -j. (Jpad) to enter, fall into, undergo; apanna, 

ppp; apajja, ger. 

apana, m. a market, bazaar, shop, 
apanika, m. a tradesman, shop-seller, 
apatika, m. a hawk, 
apatti, /. offence, guilt, sin. 
Spada, /. misfortune, necessity, 
apana, n. mustard. - 
apanika, m. a ruby, wild man. 
apannasatta, /. a pregnant woman, 
apaka, m. a baking stove, 
apana, n. a drinking shop, tavern, 
apucchati, v. (Jpucch) to ask leave, take leave, bid adieu ; 

cha, /. a request, 
apupika, mfn. a cake-seller, 
apiirati, v. (Jpur) to be filled, increase, 
apusa, n. tin. 
abajjhati, pass. '(Jbadh) to be bound, fastened; abaddha, 


abadha, m. illness, disease, 
abadhika, adj. ill, sick. 

36 abharana 

abharana, n. an ornament, decoration. 

abhassara, adj. radiant, shining. 

abha, /. splendour, radiance, light; *kara, m. the sun. 

abhati, v. (Jbha) to shine. 

abhasa, m. light, introduction, preface. 

abhasana, n. greeting. 

abhidha, /. a sound. 

abhimukhya, /. front, direction towards. 

abhlra, m/. a cowherd. 

abhujati, v. (Jbhuj) to bend, turn into. Pallankam abhuja- 
ti, to sit cross-legged. 

abhuji, /. a kind of plant. 

abhoga, m. reflection, fulness, plenty. 

ama, interj. yes, indeed; adj. raw, uncooked. 

amaka,-ad;. raw, uncooked. 

amaka-susana,. n. a cemetery where dead bodies are thrown. 

ama-gandha, m. the^ foul-smelling corruptions- 

arnajata, m. a son of a sl'ave. 

amanda, m. the castor-oil plant. 

amanta, interj. yes, certainly. 

amanteti/T. (Jmant) to address, speak, call, consult. 

amaya, w. sickness, ill-health. 

amalaka, m/n. emblic myrobalan. 

amasana, n. (Jmas) handling, touching, contemplating. 

amatisara, m. dysentery. 

amalaka, mn. the foot of a hill, open ground. 

amisa, mn. flesh, meat, food, object of enjoyment, tempta- 
tion, lust. 

amisa-dayada, m/n. a donor of fleshly needs. 

amisappiya, m. a heron. 

amutta, ppp. (Jmuc) dressed, accoutred. 

amupa, m. the thorny bamboo. 

amendita, n. repetition. 

amoda, m. (Jmud) joy, fragrance. 

amodana, /. (Jmud) rejoicing. 

aya, m. gain, revenue, entrance. 

ayatacchada, /. the plantain tree. 

ayatana, n. abode, receptacle, mine, origin, cause, meeting- 

ayatanetta, m. a prawn. 

ayati, /. the future, length, majesty. Ayatim, adv. in future. 

ayatika, adj. future. 

ayattata, /. dependence. 

arati 37 

ayamati, v. (s/yam) to draw, stretch, extend; ayata, ppp. 

ayasa, adj. made of iron. 

ayasma, adj. venerable, reverend. 

ayacati, v. (s/yac) to ask, request; "ana, n. a request. 

ayati, v. (/ya) to go, approach, return. 

ayama, m. length. Ayamato, adv. at length. 

ayasa, m. trouble, suffering. 

ayu, n. life. 

ayuka, ad}, living. 

ayukappa, m. the life-term. 

ayuta, ppp- (n/yu) endowed, furnished with. 

ayutta, *ka, m. a secretary, agent, manager, trustee. 

ayu-dabba, n. medicine. 

ayudha, n. a weapon. 

ayudhika, m. a soldier. 

ayu-beda, m. the science of medicine. 

ayu-vaddhana, adj. life-prolonging. 

ayusa, n. duration of life- Ayusa, abl. as long as life lasts. 

ayu-saiikhara, m. maintenance of life. 

ayuhana, n. striving, exerting. 

ayogo, m. (Jyuj) occupation. 

ayodhana, n. (Jyudh) battle. 

ara, n. a corner, end, brass. 

araka, adv. prep, far off, from afar. 

arakuta, ran. brass. 

arakkhati, v. (Jrakkh) to guard, protect. 

ararinaka, adj. belonging to the forest, situated in the forest. 

arannikariga, n. the pure practice of a monk dwelling in the 

arani, m. a whirlpool. 

arati, /. avoidance, abstinence. 

araddha, ppp. (Jrabh) striving, earnest, accomplished. 

araddha-viriya, adj. strenuous, making an effort. 

aranala, n. sour gruel- 

arabhati, v. (Jrabh) to begin, undertake, attempt, exert 
oneself ; arabbha, ger. beginning with, from, concern- 
ing, with reference to. 

arambha, m. *na, n. commencement, effort, injury, mischief. 

arammana, n. an object of sense, support, basis, ground, 

araj'adi). far off; /. an awl ; aragga, n. the point of an awl. 

arati, m. an enemy. 

38 aradheti 

aradheti, V. (Jradh) to propitiate, make favour with, win, 
accomplish ; dhana, n. propitiation, accomplishment; 
"dhita, Ppp- 

arama, m. a garden, park, monastery, temple. 

aramika, m. a temple servant, gardener. 

aralika, m/. a cook. 

arava, m. .(-s/ru) a sound, noise. 

arissa, m. the state of a sage. 

aru, ?n. a crab, pig, kettle. 

aruppa, ad;', incorporeal, formless, immaterial. 

aruhati, v. (Jruh) to ascend, mount; arujha, ppp; aruyha, 

aru, m. the red or yellow colour. 

arogya, n. health- 

aroceti, v. (Jruc) to tell, announce, declare. 

aropeti, v. (Jruh) to lift, establish, put, raise, introduce. 

aroha, m- length, ascent ; /. an elegant woman. 

arohaka, m. a rider. 

arohana, n. ascent, ladder, stairs. 

aroha-paiinaha, m. length and breadth. 

ala, adj. large, wide. 

alaka, /. Kuvera's city. 

alapati, TJ. (^lap) to speak to, address. 

alambati, v. (Jlamb) to lean upon, take hold of; ana, n. a 
support, object of sense. 

alambara, m. a drum, pride, arrogance. 

alavalaka, n. a basin round a tree to retain water. 

alaya, m. a house, dwelling, abode, longing, desire, attach- 

alasiya, sya, ssa, n- idleness, sloth. 

alata, n. a firebrand. 

alana, n. a state or post to which an elephant is tied. 

alapa, m. (Jlap) speech. 

alapa-sallapa, m. conversation. 

ali, m. a scorpion ;/. a woman's female friend, "line, em- 

alikhati, v. (Jlikh) to draw, delineate- 

alinga, m. a small drum. 

aliiigati, v. (s/ling) to embrace, enfold. 

alimpati, v. (lip) to besmear, anoint. . 

alinda, m. a terrace or verandah. 

alinaka, n. tin. 

alu, mfn. a kettle; mn. a potato. 

avisati 39 

alulati, v. (*Jlu\) to agitate, disturb, confuse; alolita, ppp. 

alekha, m. (Jlikh) a drawing, painting, picture. 

alekhani, /. a paint-brush, pencil. 

alepa, m. (s/lip) besmearing. 

aloka, m. light, sight, look. 

aloka-sandhi, m. a window. 

alopa, m. a fragment, morsel, plundering. 

alojeti, caws, to mix. stir, jumble, confuse; lita, ppp. 

avajja, adj. low, inferior. 

avajjati, v. (*/vajj) to reflect, consider; ana, n. meditation. 

avajjeti, caus. (/vajj) to bend, incline, upset. 

avatta, m. a whirlpool, circuit, circumference. Avatbato, 

adv. in circumference, 
avattani, /. a woman, flat cupel- 
avapana, n. a cup, sowing, weaving, 
avarana, n. covering, obstruction, prohibition, 
avala, n. the trumpet-flower plant, 
avail, /. a row or range, 
avasati, v. (Jvas) to dwell, inhabit, 
avasatha, m. dwelling-place, abode, house, 
avasagara, n. a rest-house- 
avasita, adj. stored up, ripe, mature, 
avahati, v. (Jvah) to bring, 
avata, m. a hole, pit. 
avadha, mfn. pain, anxiety. 

avapa, m. a pond at the foot of a tree, sowing, cup, wristlet, 
avapana, mfn. a weaving loom, 
avari, m. a shop. 

avasa, m. (Jvas) a house, dwelling-placet 
avaha, m. marriage, 
avahana, n. invitation, marrying, 
avi, adv. manifestly, evidently, plainly, 
avika, adj. woollen ; m. flannel, 
avi-karoti, v. to make manifest, explain, 
avijjhati, v. to draw, drag, 
avittha, ppp. possessed by a devil, 
avita, adj. guarded, protected, 
aviddha, ppp. thrown. 

avidha, m. a bore or drill. 

avi-bhavati, to become manifest, appear- 
avibhava, m. appearance, manifestation, 
avila, adj. turbid, stained, 
avisati, v. (Jvis) to approach, enter. 

40 avi 

avl, /. pains of childbirth, 
avikarana, n. manifesting, 
avunati, noti, v. to cover, inclose, string; ppp. avata, 


avudha, n. a weapon, 
avusa, indecl friend! sir ! brother ! 
avenika, adj. detached, independent. 
, avesana, n. a workshop, dwelling, fury, entrance, 
avesika, m. a guest ; adj. entering, adventitious, 
avela, /. a garland worn on the crown of the head, a kind 

of flower. 

avhaya, m; avha, /. a name, appellation, 
asamsana, n. hoping, wishing, publishing, 
asamsa, /. a wish, 
asa, m. eating, 
asaiiga, m. attachment, 
asajja, adj. attainable, 
asankati, v. (Jsank) to suspect, doubt, 
asanka, /. suspicion, 
asanki, adj. anxious, apprehensive, 
asatta, ppp. (Jsajj) attached, intent, 
asatti, /. (Jsajj) attachment, desire, 
asada, m. approaching, 
asana, n. a seat, the withers of an elephant, 
asandi, /. a long or easy chair, 
asanna, ppp- (Jsad) near, 
asabha, adj. taurine, eminent. 

asaya, in. meaning, inclination, support, abode, haunt, 
asala, m. the white anise plant, 
asava, m. spirituous drink, intoxicant, passion, drug, 

poison-drug ; *kkhaya, m. extinction of passion, 
asavati, v. (Jsu) to trickle, flow, 
asa, /. desire, longing, 
asatika, /. a fly's egg, nit. 
asara, m. a heavy shower, current, 
asajha, mf. name of a month, 
asirhsa, /. (ijsas) wish, hope, benediction, 
asi, /. blessing. 

asincati, v. (Jsic) to sprinkle, moisten, anoint; ppp. asitta. 
asittha, ppp. ( Jsas) wished for. 
asita, n. a seat, town, 
asivada, m. blessing, 
asi, /. fang of a snake. 

aslvisa, w. 5 snake. 

asisa, /. wishing. 

asu, adv. quickly. 

aseka, m. (Jsic) sprinkling, anointing. 

asevati, v. (Jsev) to practise. 

asevi, adj. addicted to. 

ahaka, m. disease of the nose. 

ahacca, adj. (Jhar) adduceable, removable. 

ahaccapada, m. a bed or chair with removable legs. 

ahanati, v. (Jhan) to strike, beat, reach; ahacca, ger ; 
ahata, />/>/>. 

aharati, v. (Jhar) to bring, fetch, plunder, relate; ahata, 
ppp. Atltarfi aharati , to tell a story. 

ahava, m. war, battle. 

ahavaniya, fpp. ( Jhu) sacrificial. 

ahara, m. food, nourishment, nutriment, cause. 

ahava, m. a trough. 

ahindati, v. (Jhind) to roam, wander. 

ahitundika, m. a juggler, snake-charmer. 

ahuneyya, adj. sacrificial, worshipful, worthy of offerings. 

ajara, adj. wide, expansive. 

ajarika, tn. a cook. 

alahana, n. a cemetery, graveyard. 

ali, mfn. a crab, scorpion. 

alinda, m. a portico. 

ajhaka, m. a post to which an elephant is tied ; mn. a mea- 
sure of capacity. 


ikka, m. a bear. 

ikkata, m. a kind of reed. 

ikkhana, w. (Jikkh) sight. 

ikkhanika, wt. a fortune-teller. 

ikkhati, t>. (n/ikkh) to look, see. 

ikkhu, m. sugar-cane. 

inga, m. a gesture, sign. 

iiigati, 7. (Jirtg) to move. Iftgita, n, p'pp. gesture. 

h'lgudl, /. a kind of plant. 

ingha, inter j. come ! pray ! prithee ! 

icchati, v. (Jis) to wish, desire, seek. 

iccha, /. desire, wish, lust. 

icchacara, m. desire, covetousness, ambition* 

incaka, m. a, pra^wn. 


42 injati 

injati, v. (Jinj) to move, budge. Iftjita, n, ppp, movement, 


ittHam, adv. at will, as one wishes, 
ittha, ppp. (Jis) desirable, 
itthaka, /. a brick. 

itthaka-vaddhakl, m. a bricklayer, mason, 
itthakanyasa, m. laying a brick foundation, 
itthagandha, adj. fragrant, 
ina, n. debt, 
iiiayika, m. a debtor, 
itara, adj. other, different, 
itaratha, adv. in another way. 

itaritara, adj. one and another, any whatever, this and that, 
hi, ti, and before a vowel ice, adv. thus, used as a mark of 

indirect narration, 
itikatha, /, idle speech. 

itivuttaka, n. the fourth book of Khuddakanikaya. 
itiha, /. oral tradition, 
itihasa, rn. legendary lore, tradition, 
ittara, adj. low, mean, poor, 
ittharh, adv. thus; *bhuta, adj. such, 
itthatta, n. the present condition, 
iuhannarrta, adj. so and so, such and such, 
itthagara, n. women's apartment, harem, 
itthi, itthi, /. a woman, female, 
itthindriya, n. feminiety. 
idarh, n. this; adv. here, even, 
idani, adv* now. 
idha, adv. here, hither, 
iddhi, /. prosperity, power, magical potency, 
iddhika, ima, adj. possessed of magical powers, 
iddhi-pada, m. basis of magical powers, 
ina, m. the sun, lord, master, 
ina-sabha, /. a government office. 
Ittda, in. chiefj king, 
iftdakaj ft. an assembly halh 
indakhila, in. a city-gate pillar, threshold. 
Indagopaka, in. a sort of insect, 
indajalika, m. a juggler, magician. 
Indadhanu, . the rainbow, 
indanlla, m. a sapphire, 
indabhesajja, ft. dried ginger. 
jndayava s m A ^ kind of fruit. 

issara' 43 

indalutta, mw. shaving the head. 

indavarunl, /. a species of gourd. 

indasala, m. a kind of plant. 

indanika, w. a salt-water muscle. 

indayudha, n. the rainbow. 

indindira, m. a large bee. 

indiravara, indivara, n. the blue water-lily. 

indu, m. the moon, camphor. 

indukamala, n. the white lily. 

indukalika, /. the screw-pine. 

indujanaka, w. the ocean. 

indumati, /. the full-moon day. 

in dura, m. a rat. 

induratana, n. pearl. 

indulohaka, n. silver. 

indriya, n. a controlling faculty. 

indhana, n. firewood, fuel. 

ibbaru, ibbalu, mf. cucumber. 

ibbha, adj. wealthy. 

ibha, m. an elephant. 

ibhamacala, m. a lion. 

irana, mfn. a desert. 

ira, /. the earth, water, word. 

iracara, m. hail. 

iriyapatha, m. movement, posture, deportment. 

iru, /. the Rigveda. 

ilagola, /. the earth. 

ilatala, n. the surface of the earth. 

ilika, /. the earth. 

illala, m. a bird. 

ill!, /. a dagger. 

iva, va, part, like, as. 

isa, issa, m. a bear. 

isi, m. a sage, anchorite. 

isina, /. an elephant's eye, paint-brush. 

isigili, m. a mountain in Magadha. 

isipatana, n. a place near Benares. 

isipabbajja, /. the life of an anchorite. 

isira, m. fire. 

isu, mf. an arrow. 

isudhi, m/. a quiver. 

issayati, v. to envy, be jealous, 

issara, m. lord, 

44 issariya 

issariya, issera, n. dominion, supremacy, 

issa, /. envy, jealousy. 

issasa, t. a bow. 

issukl, adj. envious, jealous, 

ilia, adv. here. 

iholokika, adj. belonging to this world. 


Tti, /. danger, turbulence. 

Idisa, adj. like this, such. 

Ireti, v. (Jlr) to utter, shake; ppp. Irita. 

isa, m. lord, master. 

Isakam, adv. a little. 

Isakkara, adj. easy to do. 

Isajjala, n. shallow water. 

Isaddassana, n. a smile. 

Isadhara, m. one of the concentric mountains surrounding 


Isappurisa, m. a useless man. 
isa, /. the pole of a plough, axle. 
Isadanta, m. the tusk of an elephant, 
fsana, n. radiance. 

Isika, /. an elephant's eye, paint-brush, sprout, 
isitta, n. government. 
Isi, /. a queen. 
Tha, /. exertion, endeavour. 
Ihamiga, m. a wolf, leopard, 


u, ud, prep, only used as the first part of a compound, with 
the meaning of ' upwards,' ' above - or ' away.' 

ukanaha, m. a horse of a bay colour. 

uka, /. a louse. 

ukuna, m. a bug. 

ukkarhsa, m. excess. 

ukkamseti, cans. (Jkams) to exalt; ppp. ukkattha, exceed- 
ing, excellent. 

ukkaddhati, v. (Jkaddh) to cast out. 

ukkanthati, v. (Jkanth) to regret, pine, be discontented. 

ukkamana^ n. (?/kam) stepping aside, passing. 

uggh&tita*fii1u 4$ 

ukkamapeti, cans. (Jkam) to cause to step aside. 

ukkalapa, uklapa, w. sweepings, rubbish. 

ukka, / a torch, firebrand; *pata, m. a meteor; *mukha, n. 

the mouth of a furnace, 
ukkara, m. dung, excrement, 
ukkasati, v. (Jkas) to hem, clear the throat, 
ukkujjeti, v. to set up again what has been overturned, 
tikkutika, adj. sitting on the hams, squatting, crouching; 

Ukkntikam nis'idati, to sit on the hams, squat, 
ukkutthi, /. (kus) shouting, crying out. Ukku\thim karoti t 

to shout. 

ukkusa, m. an osprey. 
ukkoca, m, a bribe. 

ukkoteti, caus. to disturb what is settled, 
ukkha, adj. clean, washed, 
ukkhatara, m. a big bull, 
ukkhali, /. a rice boiling pot. 
ukkhipati, i>. (Jkhip) to throw upwards, lift, eject ; ukkhitta, 


ukkhittaka, m. a monk who has been excommunicated, 
ukkhepa, m, lifting, raising; aka, m- one who excommu- 
nicates ; ana, . excommunication ; "aniyakamma, n. 

excommunication of a monk for a grave offence, 
uklapa, see ukkalapa. 
u gga, adj. violent, severe, cruel, 
ugga-gandha, adj. strong-smelling; m. onions; n. asafoe- 


uggacchati, v. (Jgacch) to rise, ascend; uggata, ppp. 
ugganhati, v. (Jgah) to acquire, learn, lift, pick up, 
g& a Ohapeti, caus. to teach, 
uggati, /. ascent, appearance, 
uggatthana, n. a garland of pearls, 
uggama, m; "ana, n. rising, ascent, 
uggaha, m; "ana, n. learning, acquisition, 
uggatha, /. a stanza with a wrong metre, 
uggara, m. hiccough, vomiting, 
uggtrana, n. vomiting, 
uggilati, v. to vomit, 
uggharati, i). (Jghar) to oo/e. 
ugghatana, n. the rope and bucket of a well, 
ugghateti, caus. to open, unfasten, reveal, 
ugghatita-ftnu, adj. understanding quickly. 

46 ugghoseti 

ugghoseti, cans. (Jghus) to shout out, proclaim; ft sa, TO. 

unkuna, m. a bug. 
ucita, adj. suitable, convenient, 
ucca, adj. high. Uccato, adv. in height, 
uccata, /. pride, 
uccaya, m. ( Jci) accumulation, 
uccara, m. excrement, 
uccarana, n. utterance, pronunciation, 
uccareti, cans, to raise aloft, lift up. 
uccalinga, w. a caterpillar, 
uccavaca, adj. irregular, various, 
uccinati, v. (Jci) to choose, select, 
uccula, m. a flag of victory, 
ucchanga, m. the hip, flank, 
ucchadana, n. rubbing the body with perfumes, 
ucchittha, ppp. left, rejected, impure; *modana, n. bee's 


ucchita, ppp. lofty, exalted, 
ucchindati, v. ( Jchid) to cut off, extirpate, destroy ; ucchijja, 

ger; ucchinna, ppp. 

ucchu, m. sugar-cane; *gu|ha, m. sugar, molasses, 
ucchuna, adj. swollen, exalted, fat. 
uccheda, m. extirpation, annihilation ; *ditthi, /. heresy of 

uju, ujju, adj. straight, upright, honest. Ujuth karoti, to 

straighten, correct, 
ujjalati, v. (7jal) to flash up, shine; ana, n. lighting, 


ujjota, m. (Jjut) light, lustre, 
ujjotana, n. illumination, 
ujjhaggika, /. loud laughter, 
ujjhati, v. to abandon, throw. Ppp. ujjhita. 
ujjhana, n. taking offence, 
ujjhayati, v. to be offended, 
unchati, v. to seek, beg for food, 
uta, m. thatch; *ja, m. a hut or monastery roofed with 


uttancja, n. treasury, 
utthahati, utthati, v. (Jtha) to rise, stand up, rouae oneself, 

be active; ger. utthaya; ppp. utthita. 
uUhahana, utthana, n. rising, origin, exertion, 
utthubhati, v. to spit out. 

tittiinga 4? 

liana, fn. 'wool, hair between the eyebrows. , 

unnata, n. a forehead ornament or flower. 

unnanabhi, w. a spider. 

unha, adj. hot. Unhdkdram dasseti, to grow hot. 

unha-rarhsi, m. the sun. 

unhika, /. rice-gruel, porridge. 

unhisa, ran. a crest, diadem, turban, frontlet, staircase. 

utu, mfn. season, time; m. the menses; *nl, /. a menstrua- 
ting woman. 

uttarhsa, m. a chaplet, earring. 

utta, adj. wet, damp. 

uttata, n. dried flesh. 

uttama, adj. best, highest, eminent. 

uttamanga, n. the head; *ruha, m. hair of the head. 

uttamanna, mfn. a creditor. 

uttamattha, m. the highest object, arahantship. 

uttara, adj. higher, superior, northern, subsequent. 

uttarana, n. {Jtar) crossing over, passing across. 

uttarati, v. (Jtar) to cross over, escape from; cans* uttareti, 
to save; />/>/>. uttinna. 

uttarappacchada, m. a cover, lid. 

uttaravatti, /. a small syringe, pump. 

uttarasakkhl, m. a defendant's witness. 

uttarasanga, m. the upper robe of a monk. 

uttarasadhaka, mfn. friendship, help. 

uttaradhlkarl, mfn. an heir. 

uttari, adj. excessive, superior. 

uttaritara, adj. exceeding, better. 

uttarirh, adv. beyond, further, more. 

uttariya, n. an outer garment, cloak. 

uttarottha, m. the upper lip. 

uttarottara, adv. more and more, further and further; n. a 

Uttasati, v. ( Jtas) to be alarmed. 

uttana, adj. supine, lying on the back, open, evident, easy ; 
*mukha, m. an open face, sweet expression. 

Uttapcti, caus. (Vtap) to heat. 

uttara^ m. vomiting, ejection. 

uttala, adj. swift, high ; m. a monkey. 

Uttavikamrna, n. manifestation, making clean 

uttasa, m. terror* 

utti, /. speech) utterance* 

uttuhga, adj. high. 

uttua, m- fried grain. 

uda, indecL or, on the other hand- 

uda, udaka, n. water. 

udaka-niddhamana, n. a sluice, runnel. 

udaka-manika, /. a large warter-pot. 

udaka-saka, n. water-vegetables. 

udakadhara, m. a well, pond, tub. 

uda-kumbha, m. a water jar. 

udakodara, n. the dropsy. 

udagga, adj. high, delighted, elated. 

udadhi, m. the sea. 

udadhikkama, m. a sea-voyage. 

udadhimekhala, /. the earth. 

udanta, w. news. 

udapatta, n. a water-cup, finger-bowl. 

udapana, inn. a well. 

udabindu, m. a drop of water. 

udaya, m. (ud *Ji + a) rise, beginning, appearance- 

udayabbaya, n. rise and fall, birth and death. 

udara, n. the stomach, belly. 

udarattana, n. a coat of mail, a waist-ornament. 

udaramaya, m. dysentery. 

udaravatta, m. the navel. 

udaravettha, m. a crooked iron, crooked stick. 

udariya, n. the stomach. 

udavasita, n. a house. 

uda-haraka, m. a rain-cloud. 

udana, n. aspiration, ecstatic utterance, a book of the 

Khuddakanikaya. Udanain udaneti, to breathe forth 

an ecstatic utterance, 
udasina, adj. indifferent, neutral, 
udaharana, n. an example, instance, 
udaharati, v. (Jhar) to utter, recite; udahata, ppp. 
udahu, indecl. or. 

udikkhati, t\ (Jikkh) to look at, survey, 
udita, />/>/>. (*/i) high, risen. 
udlcT, /. the north, 
udirana, n. utterance, 
udlreti, v. (Jir) to speak, utter, 
udukkhala, n. a mortar, 
udumbara, m. the fig tree, 
udositu, m. a shelf, 
uddamsa, m. a bug. 

upakarana 49 

udda omi, m. a woollen coverlet with a fringe at each end. 

uddana, n. binding, politeness, fireplace. 

uddapa, m. foundation of a house. 

uddama, adj. freed from bondage, wild. 

uddala, m. the tree cassia fistula. 

uddina, n. noon. 

uddisati, v. (Jdis) to point out, declare, appoint; uddittha, 


uddlpa, m. lighting. 

uddesa, m. ordinance, period, occasion, recitation, 
uddesika, adj. pointing to, illustrative of. 
uddehika, /. a white ant. 
uddharh, adv. up, above, after, 
uddhampada, adj. heels upwards, 
uddharhbhagiya, adj. belonging to the upper part, 
udclhan'ivirocana, n. sneezing. 

uddharhsota, m. one who goes up the stream (of life), 
uddhaka, m. a kind of drum, 
uddhacca, n. distraction of mind, 
uddhana, n. an oven, 
uddhamma, rn. wrong dhamma. 
uddahrali, v. (Jhar) to draw out, lift up, raise; uddhata, 


uddhara, m. pulling out, debt. 

uddhumayati, v. to be bloated, swollen ; uddhumata, ppp. 
uddhuyati, v. to be driven away, 
undura, m. a rat. 
unna, ppp. wet. 
unnata, ppp. raised, 
unnati, /. haughtiness, 
unnadati, v. (Jnad) to shout, roar, 
unnama, m. elevation, height. 

unnamati, v. (Jnam) to rise up, ascend; ppp. unnata. 
unnala, adj. proud, insolent, 
unnahana, /. binding talk, 
unnada, n. a shout, echo, 
unnaha, n. vinegar, 
upa, prep, below, less. 
upakattha, ppp. near, approaching, 
upakaddhati, v. (Jkacldh) to drag down, 
upakappana, -rt. preparation, 
upakappati, n. to serve, profit, 
upakarana, n. help, service, instrument, furniture. 


50 tipakilra 

upakara, m. help, service; a benefactor. 

upakula, n. vicinity of a river bank. 

upakkama, w. putting forth effort, beginning. 

upakkamati, v. (Jkani) to approach, begin ; ppp. upakka-nta. 

upakkilittha, ppp. stained, corrupted, depraved. 

upakkilesa, m. depravity, corruption, sin. 

upakkuttha, ppp. blamed, reproached. 

upakkosa, m. blame. 

upakkhata, ppp. got ready, prepared. 

upakkhara, w. the thill or shaft of a cart. 

upaga, adj. going to, entering, undergoing. 

upagacchati, -y. to approach, visit, undergo, undertake, 

upaga, m. approaching, entering upon. 

upagayati, v. to sing. 

upagulha, ppp. embraced. 

upaguhana, n. embracing, an embrace. 

upaggaha, m. capturing, helping. 

upaghattita, ppp. knocked against. 

upaghata, w. injury. 

upacaya, m. (Jci) accumulation, increase. 

upacara, m. approach, entrance; a present, offering, prac- 
tice, civility. 

upacika, /. a white ant. 

upacinati, v. to heap up, accumulate; ppp. upacita. 

upaccaka, /. land at the foot of a mountain. 

upaccaya, m. passing away, transmigration. 

upacchindati, v. (Jchid) to cut off, interrupt. 

upaccheda. m. cutting off, interruption. 

upajaneti, v. (Jjan) to produce. 

upajapa, m. danger, sowing dissension. 

upajivha, /. the uvula. 

upajivati, v. to subsist by, maintain life- 

upajjhaya, m. a spiritual teacher, preceptor. 

upaniiasa, m. an exordium, hint. 

upattha, adj. near, close to; m. the hip. 

upatthaka, m. a servitor, personal attendant. 

upatthati, upatthahati, v. (Jtha) to serve, wait on, support. 

tipatthana, upatthahana, n. attendance, service. 

tipaddha, adj. half, partial. 

Upatapa, m. vexation, disease. 

upatapeti, v. (n/tap) to vex, torment. 

upatthambha, m. support, prop. 

upayama 51 

upatthambhati, v. to support, help, prop. 

upaclassaka, m. a guide, gate-keeper. 

upada, /. a present. 

upadisati, v. (Jdis) to command, advise, direct. 

upadi, /. a creeper. 

upadesa, m. instruction, direction. 

upadeha, m. a medical ointment. 

upaddava, m. accident, misfortune, distress. 

upadduta, ppp. distressed, oppressed, annoyed. 

upadhana, n. a pillow, cushion. 

upadhareti, v. to consider, reflect, ascertain, investigate. 

upadhavati, v. (Jdhav) to run after. 

upadhi, m. a wheel, element of being. 

upanaya, m. bringing near, initiation. 

upanayhati, v. (Jnah) to tie, wrap up. 

upanameti, cans. (Jnam) to offer, present. 

upanayika, adj. referring or belonging to. 

upanaha, m. enmity. 

upanikkhipati, v. (Jkhip) to deposit, lay up. 

upanikkhepa, m. a deposit, pledge. 

upanighathsati, v. to rub up against. 

upanijjhana, n. meditation. 

upanidhi, m. a deposit, pledge. 

upanibandhati, v. (Jbandh) to tie, fasten. 

upanisidati, v. to sit beside. 

upanissaya, m. a basis, sufficing condition, faculty, tendency . 

upanissaya, ger. near, close to. 

upanti, adv. before, in the presence of. 

upantika, adj. close to, adjoining; n. vicinity. 

upapajjati, v. (Jpad) to come to, attain, be reborn. 

upapati, m. a paramour. 

upapatti, /. birth, rebirth. 

upaparikkhatt, v. (w'ikkh) to investigate, ascertain. 

upaparikkha, /. investigation. 

upapataka, n. a crimin-il offence. 

upaparami, /. minor perfection or virtue. 

upapijaka, adj. oppressive. 

upappadana, n. giving of bribe. 

upabhoga, m. enjoyment. 

upama, /. comparison, illustration, aprable- 

upamata, /. a wet-nurse. 

upamana, n. resemblance. 

upayama, m. marriage. 

52 upayati 

upayati, v. (Jya) to approach. 

upayoga, m. employment, use. 

uparati, /. cessation. 

uparamati, v. to cease. 

uparava, m. noise, clamour. 

uparaga, m. eclipse of sun or moon. 

uparaja, m. a viceroy. 

upari, adv. above, upon, over, beyond, further. 

uparitana, adj. upper. 

uparima, adj. uppermost, overhead. 

uparujjhati, v. (Jrudh) to cease, be stopped. 

uparupari, adv. higer and higher. 

uparodha, m. obstacle, detriment. 

upala, w. a stone, rock. 

upalakkhana, n. synecdoche. 

upalakkheti, v. (Jlakkh) to regard, note, look at. 

upaladdhi, /. acquisition, knowledge. 

upalasika, /. thirst, oppression. 

upalimpati, v. (sflip) to smear, defile; lepana, n. 

upavanneti, v. (is/vann) to describe fully. 

upavadati, v. (Jvad) to blame; "vadana, /; "vada, m. 

upavana, n. a park. 

upavasatha, m. a village. 

upavahati, v. (Jvah) to bring about. 

upavisati, v. to sit down ; "vesana, n. 

upavina, m. the neck of a lute, vellum. 

upasarhharati, v. (Jhar) to bring together. 

upasariihita, ppp. (Jdha) accompanied by, furnished with. 

upasagga, m. trouble, misfortune, preposition. 

upasarikamati, v. (Jkam) to approach; ana, n. 

upasappati, v. to approach. 

upasampajjati, v. ( Jpad) to attain, reach, enter upon ; pan- 
na, ppp. 

upasampada, /. acquiring, full ordination of a monk. 

upasammati, v. (Jsam) to be calm, cease; sama, m. 

upesiiighati, v. to kiss. 

upasussati, v. (N/SUS) to dry up. 

upasevati, v. (Jsev) to serve, honour, practise; va, / 

upasobheti, cans. (Jsubh) to adorn, beautify. 

uppassattha, ppp. oppressed, beset. 

upassaya, m. a dwelling-place, asylum. 

upassuti, /. listening to, eaves-dropping. 

uppada 53 

upahanti, v. (Jhan) to hurt, injure, vex; ger. upahacca; 

ppp. upahala ; nana, n. 

upahara, m. a present, offering, sacrifice, oblation, 
upagacchati, v. to come to, arrive at, reach, 
upanta, adj. adjoining. 

upadana, n. firewood, grasping, attachment, 
upadaniya, adj. connected with grasping or attachment, 
upadiyati, v. to take hold of, cling to, grasp ; upadaya, ger. 
upadisesa, adj. having the elements of existence remaining 

(used of nibbana). 
upaya, m. means, expedient, way, stratagem. Upayena, by 

stratagem . 

upayana, n. a present, 
upiiyasa, m. despair. 

uparambha, m. hate, grudge, resentment, 
upasaka, m. a lay devotee, 
upasaiiga, m. a quiver. 

upasati, v. (Jas) to attend, wait upon, serve; sita, ppp. 
upasana, n. archery, attendance, 
upahana, /. a shoe, sandal, 
upahara, m. bringing forward, adding, 
upitthi, /. a concubine, lesser, wife, 
upekkhati, v. (Jikkh) to be indifferent, neutral, 
upekkha, upekha, /. indifference, equanimity, neutrality, 
upeti, i). (Ji) to approach, enter, incur, undergo; upecca, 


upogghata, m. an example, 
upodika, /. a vegetable, 
uposatha, m. the fast-day, lent, 
uppajjati, v. (udJpad) to arise, originate, appear, be born ; 

uppajja, ger; uppanna, ppf- 
uppatipati, /. disorder, irregularity, 
uppandeti, v. to ridicule. 

uppatati, v. (is/pat) to rise up, spring up, jump; "ana, n. 
uppatti, /. arising, birth, production, 
uppatha, 777. wrong path, error, mistake, 
uppabbajati, i>. to leave the priesthood, turn layman, 
upparikkhati, v. to investigate, 
uppala, n. a lotus, water-lily, 
uppalini, /. an assemblage of lotuses, 
uppateti, cans, to root out, tear out. 
uppata, m. a portent, omen, 
uppada, .m. appearance, birth, omen. 

54 uppilavann 

uppilavana, n. frivolousness, levity. 

uppljeti, v. to press together. 

ubbattana, n. shampooing the body. 

ubbahati, v. (Jvah) to raise, remove, drive away; ubbay 

ha, ger ; ubbajha, ppp- 

ubbigga, adj. terrifying, fearful, frightened, 
ubbijjati, v. to be afraid, 
ubbinaya, m. wrong or false vinaya. 
ubbillapita, ppp. puffed up, elated, 
ubbl, /. the earth, 
ubbldhara, w. a mountain, 
ubbejanlya, adj. causing alarm, terrifying, 
ubbega, m. excitement, agitation, 
ubbedha, m. height, 
ubbhata, ppp. thrown up. 
ubbhava, m. birth, origination, 
ubbhida, n. kitchen salt, 
ubha, ubhaya, adj. both, 
ubhato, adv. on both sides, in both ways. 
ubhatobyanjanaka, adj. of both sexes, 
ubhayattha, adv. in both places, 
ubho, pron. both. 
u manga, m. wisdom, a cave, 
uma, /. radiance. 

ummagga, m. an underground passage, 
ummajjana, n. shampooing the body, 
ummatta, ummattaka, adj. mad. 
umma, /. flax, 
ummada, m. madness, 
ummadeti, v. to madden, 
ummara, m. a threshold, 
ummlleti, v. to open the eyes, 
urnmuka, n. a firebrand, 
ummukha, adj. expecting, 
timmugga, adj. emerging, 
ummujiati, v. to emerge, rise out of. 
ummuleti, v. to root up. 
umhita, adj. smiling. 
uyyati, v. (Jya) to go forth, 
uyyana, n. a garden, 
uyyama, m. exertion. 

uyyunjati, v. (Jytij) to exert oneself; ppp, uyyutta- 
w. departure, decay. 

ussada 55 


uyyojana, n. instigation. 

uyyodhika. n. a fight, warfare, combat. 

ura, mn. the breast, chest. 

uraga, m. a snake. 

uragari, m. a garula bird. 

uracakka, n. a razor-wheel. 

uracchada, ra. a mail armour, breast-ornament. 

urana, ra. a ram. 

uratthala, n. the breast. 

urasiloma, adj.' hairy-breasted. 

uru, adj. large, eminent; /. sand. 

uruvuka, /. the castor-oil plant. 

urokkhata, n. consumption. 

uroghata, ra. asthma. 

ulati, v. to wander. 

ulupi, m. a porpoise. 

ulumpa, mn. a raft. 

uluka, ra. an owl. 

ullanghati, v. to leap up. 

ullapati, v. to lay claim to. 

ullasita, ppp. shining. 

ullitta, ppp. smeared. 

ulluficana, n. shaving. 

ullekhana, n. writing, peeling off. 

ulloketi, v. (Jlok) to .look up. 

ulloca, mn. a canopy, awning. , 

ullola, m. a wave, surge. 

ullolita, ppp. disturbed, stirred up. 

usa, m. early morning, salt ground. 

usana, n. mustard. 

usabha, m. a bull ; hence eminent, best ; n. a measure. 

usabhaiiga, n. the hump of a bull. 

usa, /. a cow, heat, night. 

usakala, m. a cock. 

uslra, mn. a kind of root. 

usu, mf. an arrow. 

usuma, m. heat. 

usuyyati, usuyali, v. to be envious, jealous. 

usma, m. heat. 

usmabha, m. the sun. 

ussariga, m. the hip, companionship. 

ussahkita, adj. anxious, distrustful. 

ussada, m. name of a hell. 

56 ussarina 


ussanna, ppp. extensive, prevalent, rife. 

ussava, m. a festival, holiday. 

ussahati, r. (Jsah) to be able, endeavour. 

ussapeti, v. to lift up, exalt, raise. 

ussava, w. dew, hoar-frost. 

ussaha, ra. strength, effort, endeavour. 

ussincati, v. (iVsic) to bale out. 

usslsaka, n. a pillow, the head of a bed. 

ussuka, adj. zealous, eager, active. 

ussukka, n. zeal, eagerness, energy. 

ussussati, v. (Jsus) to be dried up. 

ussiiraseyya, /. sleeping till after the sun has risen 

ussojhi, /. exertion. 

uhunkara, n. an owl. 

ulara, /. great, lofty, eminent, gross. 

u]u, /. a lunar mansion. 

ulurika, m. a ladle. 

Oka, mf. a louse. 

uti, /. stitching, storing up. 

una, unaka, adj. deficient, less. 

Qnudara, adj. empty-stomached. 

umi, mf. a wave. 

umika, /. a linger-ring, wave, buzzing of bees. 

uru, m. the thigh. 

urutthambha, m. stupefaction; /. the plantain tree. 

uhata, ppp. destroyed. 

uhadeti, v. to befoul with excrement. 

Ghana, n. arrangement, synthesis. 

uhani, /. a broom. 

uha, /. life, thought, midnight. 

ekamsa, mn. absolute, true. Ekamscna, verily, undoubtedly. 

ekariisa, n. on one shoulder (said of a robe). 

ekamsika, adj. certain. 

eka, adj. one. single, alone, a certain, same. Ekaso, abl*. 

one by one. 

ekaka, adj. alone, solitary, 
ekakkhattum, adv. once. 

etihya 57 

ekagga, adj. calm, tranquil, bent on one subject. 

ekaggata, /. tranquillity, ' one-pointedness of mind.' 

ekagharia, adj. of one density, solid. 

ekacara, adj. solitary; m. a rhinoceros. 

ekacca, adj. one, a certain. 

ekajjharh, adv. in the same place, together. 

ekatama, adj. one out of many. 

ekatara, adj. one out of two. 

ekato, adv. together, on one side, apart. 

ekatta, n. unity. 

ekada, adv. once, one day. 

ekadesa, m. a part, portion. Ekadesena, partly. 

ekaninnada, m. a simultaneous shout or reverberation. 

ekanta, mn. one end, one side. 

ekapadl, /. a path. 

ekappaharena, instr. in unison, simultaneously. 

ekamano, adj. unanimous. 

ekamanta, n. on one side, apart. 

ekatnula, /. the flax plant. 

ekameka, adj. each. 

ekarajja, n. sole kingship. 

ekavacana, n- the singular number. 

ekavira, m. an army's general. 

ekasapha, m. a horse- 

ekaseyya, /. a couch for a single person. 

ekakl, adj. alone, solitary. 

ekatapatta, n. one dominion. 

ekadasa, num. eleven ; sT, /. the eleventh day of the half 


ekabaddha, adj. continuous, contiguous, 
ekayana, mn. the only wayr 
ekarasa, num. eleven. 

ekasanikariga, n. ascetic practice of eating at one sitting, 
ekika, adj. alone, solitary. , 

ekuna, adj. (eka+iina) less by one. 
ekeka,'a(i/. one by one, each, 
eja, /. desire, lust, 
na, m ; em, /. a kind of antelope, 
etadagga, n. pre-eminence, the chief, 
etarahi, adv. now. 
etadisa, etarisa, adj. such, 
eti, v. (Ji) to come, go, attain, 
etihya, n. oral tradition. 


58 ctia 

etta, *ka, adj. so much, so many, 
ettavata, adv. so far, to that extent, thereabouts, 
etto, adv. hence, 
ettha, adv. here, now. 
edi, *kkha, *sa, adj. such, 
edha, ra. firewood. 

edhati, v. (Jidh) to prosper, increase, 
eranda, ra. the castor-oil plant, 
eravata, m. the orange tree, 
eravatl, /. lightning, the Irrawaddy river, 
ela, /. cardamons; n. fault, sin. 
evarh, adv. thus. 
* eva, adv. just, quite, even, only. 

evamadi, adj. beginning thus, such and the like. 

evameva, *m, adv. even thus. 

evarupa, adj. such, of this sort. 

esaka, m. an arrow. 

esanika, /. goldsmith's scales. 

esati, 13. (Jis) to seek, search; esana, /. 

esika, /. a pillar. 

eso, esa, pron. this, that. 

ehipassika, adj. inviting. 

elaka, m. a ram, threshold. 

el.amuga, adj. deaf and dumb. 

eta|u, n. cucumber. 


oka, mn. a house, water. 

okana, m. a bug. 

oknppanlya, adj. suitable, proper. 

okara, m. vileness. 

okasa, tn. place, room, occasion, opportunity, leave, per- 

okirati, -v. (Jkir) to sprinkle; raria, n; okinna, ppp. 

okula, in. bread. 

okkacara, mf. a decoy cock. 

okkattha, ppp- (iJkaddh) lowered, low. 

okkanti, /. descent, conception. 

okkamati, v. (Jkam) to descend, disembark, fall into; 
"ana, n. 

okkassa, ger. (Jkaddh) having dragged away or abducted. 

okkhitta, ppp. (Jkhip) cast down, lowered. 

ogadha, adj. belonging to, connected with. 

opapatika 59 

ogahati, ogaheti, t. (Jgah) to dive, plunge into, enter; 

ogc'ijha, ppp; ogayha, ger ; ogaha, m. ; "ana, n. 
ogilati, v. (ijgla) lo swallow, 
ogunthita, />/>/- covered, veiled, wrapped up. 
ogha, m. a flood, torrent, overflow, multitude, quantity, 
ocikkhati, v. (Jcikkh) to point out, draw attention to. 
ocitya, fn. suitableness, 
ocinati, v. (Jci) to gather, pick; ana, n. 
oja, mf. sap of life, vitality, juice, strength, vigour, 
ojadfpa, m. Ceylon, 
ojahnti, r. (Jha) to leave, forsake, abandon, renounce; 

ohaya, ger ; ohlyati, pass. 
onata, ppp. (*/ja) low-born, 
ottha, m. the lip, camel; /. an earthen pot. 
ottha-sakuna, m. an ostrich, 
oddeti, v. (*Jcla) to set (a snare or trap), 
otata, ppp. (Jtan) covered, overgrown, 
otarati, v. (Jtar) to descend, dsiembark, depart, enter; 

"arana, n; otinna, ppp- 

olara, m. descent, entrance, landing-place, defect, fault.- 
otu, tn. a cat. 
ottappa. . fear of blame, 
ottharaii, v. (Jthar) to spread, scatter, pervade; otthata, 


odaka, adj. watery; n. water, 
odakantika, m. a deep pit in the earth reaching to the waters 


odagya, n. elation. 

odana, nin. boiled rice; "nika, m. a cook. 
odahati, v. (Jdah, dha) to put in, deposit, apply; ana, n; 

ohita, ppp. So tarn odahati, to give ear, listen, 
odata, adi. white, 
odissa, ger. (Jdis) expressly. 
oddalaka, . honey. 

odhi, m. limit, district, division; *so, adv. ultimately, 
onandhati, v. (Jnah) to cover, bind; onaddha, ppp; onnn- 

dhana, /;. 

onamati, v. (Jnam) to bow, stoop; onata, ppp. 
onlta, ppp. (Jni) removed, 
opakriya, /. a hut, pavilion, 
opadheya, n. a cart-wheel, 
opanayika, adj. conducive, leading to. 
opapatika, adj. apparitional, phenomenal, accidental, 

60 o pa mm a 

opamma, n. a simile, comparison, metaphor, analogy, illus- 

opavayha, adj. intended for riding on. 

opana, n. a well, pond. 

opayika, adj.. proper, fit. 

opunjati, r. (Jpurij) to heap together. 

opunati, v. (Jpu) to winnow, sift. 

opuppha, n. a flower that hangs down. 

obhagga, ppp. broken. 

obhasati, v. (Jbhas) to shine, speak, address. 

obhasa, m light, lustre, radiance, hint, appearance. 

omaka, adj. low, vile, inferior. 

omasati, v. (N/mas) to revile, reproach. 

omasavada, m. reproachful speech. 

omana, m. irreverence, sauciness. 

omuncati, v. (Jmuc) to take off, remove. 

omutteti, v. to make water upon. 

orarh, n. the hither bank. 

ora, adj. below, later, hither. 

orato, adv. on this side- 

oraparam, n. the hither and the thither bank. 

orabbhika, m. a butcher. 

oramattaka, adj. belonging to the present life, mundane. 

orammati, v. to abstain. 

orasa, adj. own, legitimate. 

oraso, adv. on this side. 

orima, adj. hither. 

oruhati, v. (*}ruh) to descend, disembark. 

orodha, m. harem, seraglio. 

oropeti, cans. (Jruh) to cause to descend, put down; oro- 
pana, n. 

orohati, v. (Jruh) to descend, disembark; "ana, n. 

olagita, ppp. hanging down. 

olambati, v. (Jlamb) to hang down; beti, cans- to sus- 
pend; ba, m. an appendage; baka, adj. hanging. 

oligalla, m. a dirty pool. 

olokati, oloketi, v. (Jlok) to look, see, watch, consider; 
"ana, n. 

ovattha, ppp. wet with rain. 

ovadati, v. (Jvad) to admonish, exhort, instruct, advise; 
ovajja, fpp. 

ovaraka, m. an inner room, store room. 

ovada, m. ( Jvad) admonition, exhortation- 

kakkasa 61 

ovijjhati, v. (Jvidh) to pierce, annoy. 

osa, ra. a ray, beam. 

osakkali, r. to draw back, retreat, refuse. 

csadha, n. a herb, drug, herb used as medicine. 

csadhl, /. a heib, plant, annual; the morning star. 

osadhlsa, m. the moon. 

osarati, v. (is/sar) to go to, resort, approach; "ana, n. resort, 

osadeti, v. (Jsad) to cause to sink, depress. 

osana, n. end, conclusion. 

osapeti, cans, to finish, complete. 

osarana, m/. restoration of a monk after temporary seclu- 

osincati, -y. (Jsic) 10 sprinkle; "ana, n. 

osldati, v. (Jsad) to settle down, sink; "ana, n. 

osumika, adj. relating to heat. 

ossajjati, ossajati, v. (Jsaj) to give up, relinquish; ossujja, 
ger; ossattha, ppp. 

ohareti, cans- (Jhar) to remove; oharana, n. 

ohari, adj. dragging down. 

ohlna, adj. left over. 

olapuppha, n. the shoe-flower. 

ojarika, adj. large, gross, coarse. 

olumpika, m. a raft-man. 


karhsa, m. metal, bronze, a gong, bowl. 

kaihsakiita, n. counterfeit metal. 

ka, m. brahma, fire, wind, mind; n. head, water, hair. 

kakaca, m. a saw. 

kakantaka, m. a chameleon. 

kaku, m. the hump of a bull. 

kakuta, m. a pigeon, dove. 

kakuda, mn. the hump of a bull, a symbol of royalty. 

kakundara, n. a lion's den. 

kakeruka, m. a worm. 

kakka, m. paste, soap, sediment ; adj. white. 

kakkata, m. a crab. 

kakkatT, /. a kind of cucumber, snake, pot. 

kakkara, adj. hard, strong ; m. a mirror. 

kakkarl, /. a kettle. 

kakkasa, adj. rough, cruel, hard. 

62 kakkari 

kakkari, /. red cucumber. 

kakkareti, v. (Jkar) to express disgust. 

kakkotaka, m. the bael tree, sugar-cane. 

kakkha, m. the armpit', dried grass, buffalo; /. a woman's 


kakkhata, adj. harsh, cruel; /. white chalk. 
kakkhala, adj. harsh, cruel, 
kanka, m. a heron, 
kaiikata, m. a coat of mail, 
karikana, n. a bracelet, 
karikanl, /. a small bell with a tongue, 
karikata, m. a tree, 
karikamukha, m. fire tongs, 
kanka, /. the scent of lotus, 
kariku, m. a kind of paddy, 
karikoli, m. the amherstia tree, 
kaiikha, m. the fruit pigeon; /. doubt, 
kankhati, v. (Jkarikh) to doubt, 
katigu, / a kind of paddy, 
kariguli, m. the hand. 

kaca, m. the hair, cloud; /. a she-elephant, beauty, 
kacangana, n. a market free from tax. 
kacamala, m. smoke, 
kacavara, m. sweepings, rubbish, 
kaccati, v. (Jkac) to shine, 
kaccara, adj. dirty, old. 
kacci, part, perhaps, surely (used in interrogation); *nu 

kho, particles for interrogation, 
kaccha, m. the armpit,*a creeper, swamp; /. a girdle. Kac- 

cham bandhati, to gird up the loins, 
kacchaka, m. aloes wood, 
kacchantara, n. a private room, private parts, 
kacchapa, m, a tortoise. 

kacchapl, /. a female tortoise, pimple, wart, 
kacchabu, /. swampy ground, 
kacdiu, /. the scab, 
kaja, adj. watery; n. a lotus, 
kajjala, m. a cloud ; n. collyrium. 
kancana, n. gold, 
kancika, n. vinegar, 
kancuka, m. the slough of a snake, a jacket, sheath, 

kancukita, adj. having the hairs bristling with joy. 

. akna\a 03 

kancuki, /. an attendant on the women's apartments, snake, 

a kind of bean. 

kanculika, /. a short jacket, bodice, 
kanjara, m. the sun, stomach, elephant, 
kanjiya, n. vinegar, 
kannakacchala, n. kidnapping of girls, 
kannasa, m. a younger brother; /. the small finger, 
karma, /. a girl, maid, virgin, the orchid plant, 
kannaggahana, n. marriage- 

kannata, w.. the middle room of a house, ladies' room, 
kahnapati, m. a son-in-law. 

kata, n. victory, female organs, a mat, season, grave, 
kataka, inn. a bracelet, mountain-side, 
kata-kata, onomatopoetic. 
kataki, /. a m ountain. 
katakola, m. aspittoon. 
katakhadaka, m. a glass, crow, jackal, 
katacchu, m. a spoon, ladle, 
katana, n. thatch. 

katambhara, /. black hellebore, she-elephant, 
kalasaraka, /. a rush mat. 
katasi, /. a grave, 
kataha, n. a jar, vase, flower-pot, 
kati, /. the small of the back, hip, waist, 
katu, /. black hellebore; adj. harsh, severe, 
katuka, adj. harsh, severe, pungent, acrid; m. camphor; 

/. black hellebore, 
katukita, m. a mosquito, 
katura, /. buttermilk, 
katurava, m. a frog, 
katola, m. an outcast. 

katthissa, n. a silk coverlet embroidered with gems, 
kattha, adj. miserable, bad ; n. a piece of wood, stick, 


kathika, /. white chalk, 
kathina, adj. hard, solid, severe, difficult, 
kaoldhati, v. (ijkaddh) to draw, drag; ana, n. dragging, 

kana, m. the fine red powder between -the grain of rice and 

the husk, particle, bit, atom; adj. little, small, 
kanajira, n. the cummin seed, 
kanati, v. (Jkan) to sound, 
kanaya, m. a fork. 

54 kanika 

kanika, /. a kind of plant, ear-ornament. 

kanikara, m. the bauhinia tree. 

kanittha, adj. smallest, younger. 

kanera, /. a harlot. 

kaneru, m/. an elephant. 

kantaka, m. a thorn, enemy, horripilation, obstacle, pest. 

kantakagara, m. the porcupine. 

kantakaphala, m. the jack fruit, doorian. 

kantha, m. the neck, throat. 

kanthaja, adj. guttural (letters). 

kanthabhusa, /. a necklace. 

kanthamani, m. the crop or craw of a bird, a jewel necklace. 

kanthapasaka, m. the bridle-reins. 

kanthalata, /. a coat-collar, bridle. 

kanda, mn. a stalk, arrow, section of a book, portion, 


kandara, /. a Wood-vessel, 
kanou, /. the itch. 

kanduti, /; kanduvana, n; kanijuya, /. itching, 
kanduvati, i>. to scratch, 
kandola, m. a basket, store-room, 
karma, m. the ear, rudder, corner, 
kannajapa, m. a tale-bearer, 
kannajaluka, /. a centipede, 
kannadhara, m. a steersman, pilot, 
kannapura, m. the black lily, 
kannabhusa, /. an ear-ring, 
kannasukha, adj. pleasant to the ear. 
kannasula, n. ear-ache, 
kannika, m. a steersman; /. an ear-ornament, the pericarp 

of the lotus, the peak of a hut. 
kannikara, m. the pericarp. 

kanha, adj. black, dark, evil ; m. Visnu, the evil one ; n. sin. 
kanhagotamaka, m. a cobra, 
kanhajina, n. the skin of a black leopard, 
kanhavattani, m. fire, 
kataka, m, the nut plant; adj. artificial, 
katafijali, adj. saluting respectfully. 
katannu, adj. grateful; uuta, /. gratitude, 
katanta, m. the king of death, 
katama, adj. what ? which ? 
katamala, m. a kind of tree, 
katara, adj. what ? which ? 

kappati 65 

katakata, adj. done and not done. 

kati, interr. pron. how many ? 

katika, ra. the kusa grass. 

katipaya, adj. a few, some, several. 

katipaharh, adv. a few days. 

katu, m. a sacrifice, oblation. 

kattara, m. a weak or old man; *yatthi, /. the walking 
stick of a mendicant. 

kattarika, /. scissors, a sailor. 

katlariya, n. scissors. 

kattareti, -y. to be loose, weak. 

kattika, /. name of a constellation. 

kattu, in. an agent, doer, nominative case, minister. 

kattha, adv. where? whither? *ci, adv. anywhere, some- 

katthati, v. to praise, boast; ana, /. 

katharh, adv. how ? 

katharhkatha, /. doubt. 

kathanci, adv. scarcely, with difficulty. 

katha, /. speech, discourse, conversation, story, account, 

kathana, n. a high numeral.. 

katharambha, m. a preface, introductory discourse. 

katha vatthu, n. a subject of discourse, one of the abhi- 
dhamma books. 

kathika, / talk, parley, agreement. 

kathina, adj. hard, solid, severe, difficult. 

katheti, r. (Jkath) to speak, say, relate, converse; katha- 
na, n. 

kathojja, n. quarrelling in words. 

kada, m. a rain-cloud. 

kadaki, /. a rain-protector, water-proof. 

kad-anna, n. bad food. 

kadamba, m. the coffee-wort, mustard. 

kadara, m. the white mimosa, a saw. 

kadariya, adj. stingy, miserly. 

kadall, /. the plantain or banana tree, a flag, antelope. 

kada, adv. when? at what time? 

kadacana, kadaci, adv. sometimes, perhaps. 

kaddama, r. mud. 

kanaka, n. gold; *tthali, /. a gold itiinc. 

kanakarasa, m. yellow orpiment. 

kanakkhara, m. borax. 

Kanavira, m. the periwinkle tree- 


66 kaniltha 

kanittha, adj. smallest, youngest. 

kanl, /. a young maiden. 

kanlnika, /. the small finger, the pupil of the eye. 

kanta, ppp. (Jkam) charming, delightful; m. a husband; 

/. a wife. 

kantati, V. to cut, spin; ana, n ; kantita, ppp' 
kantara, m. a forest, wilderness; *khinna, adj. travel- worn, 
kanti, /. beauty, wish, the bastard sandal tree, 
kanda, m. a bulb, 
kandata, n. the white lily. 
kandati, v. (tjkaiid) to cry, wail, weep, 
kandamula, n. the radish plant, 
kandara, m. a cave, grotto, 
kandarakara, m. a mountain, 
kandarala, *ka, tit. the walnut, 
kandala, mjn. the temple, the inside of the cheek, an evil 

omen : m- gold, warfare, 
kandali, /. see kadali. 
kandallkusuma, n. the mushroom, 
kandu, mjn. a large pan. 
kanduka, m. a spinning top. 
kandota, m. the white liiy. 
kandhara, mf. the neck, rain-cloud, 
kandha, m. the sea, neck, 
kapata,, inn. fraud, deception, 
kapana, adj. miserable, poor: nl, m. a pauper. 
kapata, m/n. the leaf of a door, 
kapala, m/n. the skull, a potsherd, 
kapi, m. a monkey, 
kapikacchu, /. a kind of plant, 
kapikanduka, n. the skull, 
kapittha, m. a kind of tree. 

kapila, adj. reddish; m. a dog; /. the prickly-pear, a leech. 
kapilavatthu, -y. the birth-place of Gotama Buddha, 
kapiloha, n. brass, 

kapisa, /. mixed black and yellow colours. 
kapisi, *ka, /. spirituous drink, 
kapisisa, in. the door-post, 
kapitana, m. the betel tree. 
kaponi, m. the elboxy. 
kapota, m. a pigeon, dove, 
kapotaka, n. antimony, 
karjotari, vi. a hawk. 

kambi 67 

kapoia, m. the cheek. 

kappa, adj. fit, suitable, worthy, resembling, like; m. time, 

period, rule, usage, permission, chapter of a book, 


kappaka, m. a barber, 
kappata, m. torn cloth, rags. 

kappati, v. to be fitting, permissible, right, proper, 
kappana, m. the trappings of an elephant; /. preparing, 

thought ; n. cutting, caparisoning an elephant or horse. 
kappabindu, m. a black spot attached to a monk's new 

robe to disfigure it. 
kappara, m. the skull, the elbow, 
kapparukkha, m. a wish-yielding tree. 
kappasa, mn ; "si, f. cotton. 
kappiya, //>/>. right, suitable, appropriate, 
kappiira, mn. camphor. 

kappeti, cans. (Jkapp) to arrange, make, think, cut. 
kapha, m. phlegm, 
kaphani, mf. the elbow, 
kaphari, m. ginger, 
kabandha, mn. a headless body, 
kaba-ra, adj. variegated, mixed ; *mani, mn. the masaragalla 


kabala, m. a mouthful, morsel, 
kabajikara, adj. made into balls or mouthfuls. 
kabya, n. poetry; *kara, m. a poet, 
karh, n. water, the head, 
knma, m. order, succession, method. Kamena, instr. adv. 

by degrees, in due course. Kamato, abl. adv. respec- 

kamattha, m. a tortoise, porcupine, bamboo, 
kamandalu, mn. a waterpot used by ascetics, 
kamandha, m. water, 
kamala, n. a lotus. 

kamalacchada, m. a heron, lotus-leaf, 
kamalakara, m. a pond, 
kamalasana, m. brahma. 
kamaiottara, n. the safflower. 
kamuka, m. the betel tree, 
kampati, r. to shake, tremble; a, m; ann, n. 
kampaka, m. wind, 
kambala, mn. a blanket, 
kambi, /. a spoon, bamboo shoot. 

68 kanibu 

kambu, m. gold, conch, elephant, neck, vein. 

kambugiva, /. a neck marked with three lines like a shell. 

kamma, n. action, labour, business, deed, merit, karma. 

kammakara, in. a workman, servant. 

kammaja, adj. produced from karma. 

kammanna, n. adaptability, wieldiness, workableness. 

kammatthana, n. basis of action, station of religious exer- 

kammanta, m. business, work, occupation, profession. 

kammapatha, m. a course of action. 

kammavaca, /, an ecclesiastical vote or resolution. 

kammavipaka, m. the result of action or karma. 

kammasa, m. dirt, stain. 

kammassaka, adj. owned by karma, having karma as one's 

kammayatana, n. handicraft. 

kammara, m. a blacksmith. 

kammaruddhana, n. a smithy. 

kammasa, adj. variegated, spotted. 

kaya, m. purchase; *vikkaya, m. purchase and sale, barter, 

kayirati, pass, (is/kar) to be made. 

kara, m. the hand, an elephant's trunk, tax, a ray of light. 

karaka, m. a kettle, the pomegranate tree; /. hail. 

karakandaka, karaja, m. the finger-nail. 

karakaraka, m. revenue secretary. 

karaggaha, m. marriage. 

karanga, m. the head, human bone. 

karangana, n. a market. 

karacchada, m. the teak tree. 

karajala, n. a ray of light. 

karaiija, m. a kind of tree. 

karana, n. action, instrument, the body, an organ of sense. 

karanisuta, /. an adopted daughter. 

karanda, ran. a box, casket. 

karantakiphala, m. the jack tree. 

karatala, n. a cymbal. 

karapatta, n. a saw. 

karapalika, /. a wooden sword. 

karaputa, m. the cavity formed by joining the bent palms 
of the hands. 

karabha, ra. a camel, the hand from the wrist to the root 
of the fingers. 

kalapaka 69 

karabhatta, in. the betel tree. 

karabhira, w. a lion. 

karabhiisana, n. a bracelet or bangle. 

karamadda, m. a kind of plant. 

karamara, m. a prisoner. 

karamala, w. smoke. 

karavika, m. the cuckoo. 

karavlra, in. oleander, graveyard. 

karasakha, /. a finger. 

karahaci, adv. sometimes. 

karahata, n. a bulbous root. 

kari, m. an elephant, jar. 

karlsa, n. excrement. 

karisangasa, /. a storm. 

karuna, /. mercy. 

karenu, mf. an elephant. 

karota, mf. the skull. 

karoti, v. (Jkar) to act, do, cause, make, perform; kayira, 
opt; katurii, inf ; katva, kariya, ger ; kayyati, kayirati, 
pass; kattabba, kicca, kayira, kariya, kayya, ipp ; kata, 

kala, adj. soft, indistinct. 

kalakanda, m. a dove, pigeon, swan. 

kalakujika, /. a courtezan, harlot. 

kalarika, m. a spot, mark, blemish, rust, defamation. 

kalankura, m. a whirpool, reflex current. 

kalanja, /. tobacco. 

kalatta, n. the hip, a wife. 

kaladhuta, n. gold and silver, a soft sound. 

kalandaka, m. a squirrel. 

kalandara, m. a person of mixed birth. 

kalabha, mfn. a young elephant. 

kalama, m. a penholder, thief, a kind of paddy. 

kalambaka, m. a kind of potherb. 

kalambi, /. the back of the neck. 

kalala, ran. the embryo immediately after conception, mud. 

kalavirika, ra. a sparrow. 

kalasa, /?; "si, /. a waterpot. 

kalaha, mn. quarrel, strife, battle. 

kalahala, in. clamour. 

kala, /. a part, fraction, division of time, art. 

kalapa, m. a bundle, bunch, peacock's tail, tuft, quiver. 

kalapaka, m. a string or row. 

70 knlap! 

kalapl, m. a peacock. 

kalara, adj. tawny. 

kalalapa, in. a bee. 

kalaya, m. a chick pea. 

kali, m. sin, demerit, defeat, a die; *yuga, m. an age of 

the world. 

kalika, /. a flower bud. 
kaliriga, m. the fork-tailed shrike, 
kalifigara, m. chaff, 
kalinja, m. a rush mat. 
kallra, m. the shoot of a plant, 
kalukka, m. a cymbal; /. a restaurant, 
kalusa, adj, polluted, impure; n. sin, impurity, 
kalevara, n. a body, corpse. 

kalyana, adj. auspicious, fortunate, beautiful, good. 
kalla, adj. skilful, possible, ready, healthy; n. dawn, 
kallati, v. to sound indistinctly, 
kallahara, n. the white water-lily, 
kalli, ad-v. tomorrow, 
kallola, m'. a billow; mfn. an enemy, 
kavaca, mn. a coat of mail, charm, 
kavandha, mn. a headless trunk, 
kavata, mn. a door, trap-door, window, 
kavi, adj. wise; m. a wise man, poet, monkey, 
kasaka, m. a ploughshare, 
kasata, adj. sour, acid, insipid, tasteless, 
kasati, v. (Jkas) to plough, till the ground; kattha, kasita, 


kasambu, n. sweepings, rubbish, 
kasa, / a whip, 
kasaya, kasava, adj. astringent; mn. astringent taste, the 

yellow colour, stain, impurity, sin. 
kasi, /. ploughing, agriculture. 

kasina, adj. all, entire; mn. a meditation-device or artifice. 
kasipu, ni. food, dress, 
kasima, m. a husbandman, cultivator, 
kasira, adj. painful, grievous; n. trouble, distress. Kasirena, 

instr. adv. with difficulty, 
kaseru, mn. the rain tree, 
kasmlra, m. Cashmere, 
kasmlraja, n. saffron, 
knssaka, m. a husbandman, cultivator, farmer. 

kamana 71 

kassapa, m. one ot" the 24 Bucklhis, a famous disciple of 

the Buddha. 

kaham, adv. where? whither? 
kahapana, inn. a coin, 
kaka, m. a crow. 

kakacchada, tn. the magpie robin, 
kakanika, /. a farthing, 
kakataliya, adj. accidental, 
kakatittha, /. the ganja plant, 
kakatinduka, m. a sort of ebony. 

kakapakkha, m. a tuft of hair left on the shaved head, 
kakapeyya, /. a river full with water so that a crow -may 

drink from the bank, 
kakapuccha, puttha, m. the cuckoo, 
kakabhiru, in. the owl. 
kakamaggu, m. water-fowl, 
kakala, n. a necklace; /. a bird's song, 
kakali, /. a soft sound in music. 

kakavaiijha, /. a woman giving birth to an only child, 
kakasiira, m. lit. "a crow-hero," a shameless fellow, 
kakodumbarika, /. the opposite-leaved fig tree. 
kakola, 7;;. a raven. 

kakolukika, /. enemies like the crow and the owl. 
kaca, m. soap, soda, glass, ophthalmia; n. wax. 
kacana, n. a fence, enclosure, 
kacakupl, /. a bottle, 
kaja, kaca, m. a ' pingo ' or carrying pole, a pole placed 

over one shoulder with a rope fastened to each end. 
karhina, m. the date tree. 

kana, adj. blind of one eye. 

kadamba, r,i. the large horned owl. 
kadambara, n. cream of milk ; /. wine, 
kadambini, /. a cloud in the form of a flag, 
kanana, n. a forest, grove. 

kanina, m/. illegitimate offspring, 
kamarh, adv. at pleasure, voluntarily, indeed, 
kama, m. wish, desire, the god of love, sensual pleasure, 
kama-keli, m. indulgence in sensual pleasure, 
kama-guna, m. an object or constituent of sensual pleasure, 
kania-cchanda, m. sensual desire, 
kamajala, m. the. cuckoo, 
kamattha, m. n tortoise, 
kainana, adj. lustful- 

72 kamabhava 

kamabhava, m. existence in a world of sense. 

kamayaU, v. (Wkam) to desire, love; ppp- kanta. 

kamaloka, m. a world or realm of sense, sensuous realm. 

kamasakha, m. the winter. 

kamavacara, adj. frequenting a sensuous realm. 

kami, adj. desirous; m. the moon, a sweetheart, sparrow. 

kamuka, adj. desirous; m. a husband. 

kaya, m. the body, multitude, group, house, city. 

kayakamma, n. an act of the body, deed. 

kayapasada, m. the sensitive body', the skin. 

kayabandhana, n. a waist -band, girdle. 

kayavinnatti, /. intimation "by means of the body. 

kayavinneyya, n. the tangible body. 

kara, m. action, a prison, song of praise, revenue. 

karaka, . a grammatical case. 

karana, n. a cause, destruction ; /. agony. 

karana, adv. on account of, for the sake of. 

karanika, adj. investigating, judging; m. a guardian of hell. 

karandava, in. a sort of duck. 

karamihika, /. camphor. 

karavella, m. the momordica plant. 

karagara, mfn. a prison. 

karika, /. work, a memorial verse, metrical explanation. 

kaieti, cans. (*/kar) to make, perform. Raj jam kareti, to 

reign . 

karu, *ka, m. an artisan, 
karuja, m. machinery, an ant-hill, 
karunna, n. compassion, 
karundi, /. a water leech. 

kala, m. time, season, death. Kalam karoti, to die. 
kalaka, m. a water-snake, 
kalakaiida, m. a water-fowl, sparrow, peacock, 
kalakanni, /. misfortune, ill-luck, 
kalakiriya, /. death, 
kalaklla, w.'an uproar. 

kalakuta, m. one of the Himalayan peaks, a kind of poison, 
kalakhanda, "anjana, n. the liver. 
kalakkhandha, m. the Chinese persimon* 
kalakkhepa, m. wasting time, 
kalacakka, m. a clock- 
kalafina, m. an astrologer, cock, 
kalanemi, in. an evil spirit, 
kalapakkha, m. I he dark half of a month. 

kincikkha 73 

kaiasutta, m. one of the eight hells. 

kalaguru, kalaguru, w. aloes wood. 

kalatipatti, /. the conditional tense. 

kalanukalarh, adv. from time to time- 

kalapa, ra. the hood of a snake. 

kalindaka, n. the water-melon. 

kalusiya, n. pollution. 

kaveyya, n. poetry. 

kaven, mf. the Cauvery river, a courtezan. 

kasa, m. cough. 

kasati, v. to shine. 

kasamadda, m. a kind of plant. 

kasaya, ra. a pond. 

kasaya, ava, n. the yellow robe. 

kasi, m. the Kasi kingdom. 

kaslsa, n. vitriol. 

kasu, /- a hole, pit, multitude. 

kalasiha, m. a bear. 

kalahamsa, m. the large horned owl. 

kala, /. the scammony plant. 

kalanusan, m. the black sandal wood. 

kalayasa, n. iron. 

kajavaka, m. a kind of elephant. 

kirn, adv. why? what? 

kirn pana, adv. pray ! 

kirh-purisa, m. a harpy. 

kirh-vadanti, /. report, rumour. 

kirh va, adv. or else. 

kimsaru, m. paddy-ear, an arrow. 

kirn su, adv. how? 

kimsuka, m. the butea tree. 

kiki, /; *diva, m. the blue jay. 

kiki, /. the pheasant, the Burmese lapwing. 

kiiikara, kinkara, m. a servant. 

kinkarana, adv. why? on account of what? 

kinkinika, mn; ni, /. a small bell. 

kicca, n. fpp. work, duty, service, need. 

kicci, adv. how so? 

kiccha, adj. difficult, laborious, painful. 

kii'icana, . anxiety, attachment; adv. anything, something. 

kincapi, adv. however much, although. 

kind, adv. a little, rather. 

kincikkha, n. a trifle. 


74 kinjakkha 

kinjakkha, m. a filament, especially of the lotus. 

kittha, n. growing corn. 

kita, m. a primary derivative. 

kitava, m. a gambler, rogue. 

kittaka, adj. how much? how many? 

kittana, n. mention, report. 

kittavata, adv. how far? to what extent? 

kitti, /. fame, report. 

kittima, adj. artificial, false. 

Mtteti, v. to proclaim, celebrate, publish, announce. 

kintanu, ra. a small insect. 

kin ti, adv. how ? pray ! 

kinnara, ra/. a harpy, nymph. 

kin nu, adv. how? what ! 

kibbisa, n. fault, sin. 

kimanga, adv. far more. 

kimattham, adv. for what purpose? 

kimi, ra. a worm, insect. . 

kimija, adj. silken. 

kim iva, adv. the reason being, because. 

kimu, *ta, adv. like this and like that; how much more? 

kimpaka, adj. childish. 

kira, adv. it is said, they say. 

kirana, ra. a ray of light. 

kirata, m. a wild hillman, aborigine. 

kiri-kiri, onomatopoetic, the chirping of birds. 

kirita, mn. a diadem, medal. 

kiriya, fit. action, performance, work. 

kila, another form of kira. 

kilanja, m. a mat. 

kilanta, ppp. (klam) wearied, exhausted. 

kilamati, v. (Jkiam) to be tired, exhausted, worried ; ana, n . 

kilamatha, m. fatigue. 

kilasa, m. ring-worm. 

kili^tha, ppp. (Jklis) afflicted, depraved, corrupted, soiled, 


kilinna, adj. wet. 

kilissati, v. (Jklis) to be afflicted, corrupted, depraved, 
kilesa, *. corruption, depravity, sin, lust, 
kilomaka, n. a membranaceous tissue. 
kisa, adj. thin, emaciated, poor, mean, 
kisalaya, n. a sprout, shoot, 
kisora, adj. young; m. a colt, child. 

k'imn 7 

klcaka, m. a reed, bamboo. 

kfta, >n- an insect, worm; *ja, n. sirk. 

kldisn, klrisa, adj. like what? of what Sort? 

klra, m. a parrot. 

kila, m. a pin, stake. 

kilita, ppp' bound. 

klva, adv. how ? ho\\ much ? 

kilati, v. (Jki!) to play, sport; "ana, n; kila, /. 

ku, a prefix meaning bad, inferior, wicked; /. the earth. 

kukutthaka, m- the crow pheasant. 

kukola, n. the jujube tree. 

kukku, n. a cubit. 

kukkucca, n. worry, remorse; Vayati, \. to be worried- 

kukkuta, w. a cock. 

kukkura, m. a dog. 

kukkula, i. hot ashes, embers. 

kukkuha, m. an osprey. 

kuiikuma, n. saffron. 

kuca, m. the female breast, the pomegranate. 

kuccha, /. blame, contempt; n. the white lotus. 

kucchi, ml. the belly, womb, cavity, interior. 

kucchittha, m. wind in the stomach. 

kucchita, adj. contemptible. 

kuja, m. a tree. 

kujjhati, v. (Jkudh) to be angry; ppp. kuddha. 

kuficanada, m. the trumpeting of an elephant. 

kuncika, /. a key; *vivara, n. a keyhole. 

kuiicita, ppp. bent, crooked. 

kufija, mn. a place overgrown with creeping plants, moun- 
tain bend, elephant's tusk, 
kunjara, m. an elephant. 

kuta, mn. a waterpot; *dharika, /, a maid-servant, 
kutaru, n. a canvas-tent, 
kutala, n. a roof, 
kutika, /. a hut. 
kutikara, m. a carpenter, 
kutila, adj. crooked, deceitful, 
kutilika, /. a smithy, 
kuti, /. a house, hut, tent, shed, 
kutira, n. a box, kennel. 
kutunkaka, m. a bush, 
kutumba, n. family, property, estates, 
kutta, n. a wall* fence, enclosure. 

76 kuttana 

kuttana, n. grinding, thrashing. 

kuttima, mn. a mine of precious stones. 

kuttira, m. a mountain. 

kutth a > n. leprosy. 

kutthaku, m. a woodpecker- 

kuduba, m. a measure of capacity. 

kudumala, m. an opening bud. 

kudda, n. a wall. 

kunapa, mn. a corpse. 

kunala, m. a cuckoo. 

kuni, adj. crooked in a limb. 

kuntha, adj. slow, lazy. 

kunda, m. an iguana ; n. a waterpot, well. 

kundaka, m. the red powder between the grain of rice and 

the husk. 

kundala, n. a ring, earring, 
kundika, /. the waterpot of an ascetic, 
kutuhala, n. tumult, vehemence. 

kuto, adv. whence? how? much less; *ci, from any place, 
kutta, m. behaviour, conduct, 
kuttaka, n. a large carpet, 
kuttima, adj. artificial, 
kuttha, adv. where? 
kutha, mn. a woollen blanket, howdah. 
kuda, adv. when; *canam, adv. ever, sometimes, 
kudara, m. a bad wife. 
kudari, mfn. an axe, hatchet, 
kuddala, mn. a spade, 
kudrusa, m. a sort of grain, 
kunati, /. red tourmaline, the coriander seed, 
kunabhi, m. a whirl-wind, 
kunta, mf. a lance, insect, 
kuntani, /. a curlew, 
kuntala, m. hair, a waterpot. 
kuntha, m. a sort of ant. 
kunda, n. the many-flowered jasmine, 
kunnadl, /. a very small stream, 
kupini, /. a fish-net, snare, 
kuppa, n. any metal except gold or silver, 
kuppati, v. (Wkup) to be angry, disturbed, ruffled; ana, n; 

kupita, ppp. 

kumara, m. a child, youth, the god of war; adj. young, 
kumarabhacca, /. midwifery, nursing. 

kussumbhn 77 

kumasa, m. barley bread. 

kumina, n. a funnel-shaped basket fish-net. 

kumuda, . the white water-lily, a high numeral. 

kumudabandhava, m. the moon. 

kumbha, m. a waterpot, elephant's forehead, a measure of 


kumbhaka, n. the mast of a ship. 
kumbhanda, i. a class of demons, water-melon, 
kumbhathuna, n. a kettle-drum, 
kumbhi, /. a pot. 

kumbhila, m. a crocodile, alligator, 
kumma, ra. a tortoise; * kapala, mn. a tortoise-shell, 
kummala, ra. a bud. 
kurandaka, ra. a sort of amaranth, 
kurara, m. an eagle, 
kuravika, ra. the Indian cuckoo, 
kuruiiga, m. an antelope, 
kuruvinda, m. a ruby. 
kurQra, ad/, cruel, severe, formidable, 
kula, n. a flock, herd, family, species, house, lineage, 
kulata, /. an unchaste woman, 
kulabhacca, /. a mid-wife, nurse- 
kulala, m. a kite, falcon, 
kulala, m. a potter, jungle-fowl, 
kulavaka, n. a nest. 
kulahaka, m. a chameleon, 
kuliya, m. a flying squirrel, 
kulisa, ran. Indra's thunderbolt, 
kulina, adj. of good family, 
kulira, ra. a crab, prawn, 
kulupaka, m. a family friend, 
kulla, ran. a winnowing basket, raft, 
kuvarh, adv. where ? 
kuvalaya, n. the water-lily, 
kuvenl, /. a funnel-shaped basket fish-net, 
kuvera, m. Vessavana. 

kusa, m. a blade of grass, sacrificial grass; /. a rope, 
kusala, adj. skilful, happy, meritorious, good, 
kusi, n. one of the four cross seams of a Buddhist robe.. 
kusinara, /. a town in India; where the Buddha died, 
kusida, Ita, adj. lazy, slothful, 
kusuma, n. a flower, 
kusumbha, n. safflower. 

?S kusula 

kusiila, m. a granary. 

kussubbha, n. a small pond, puddle. 

kuharii, adv. when? whither? 

kuhaka, kuhana, adj. deceitful ; kuhana, / deceit, hypocrisy. 

kuhara, kuhira, n. a hole, cavity. 

kuhirh, adv. where? whither? 

kuhificana, ci, adv. anywhere, somewhere. 

kuheti, i'. to deceive. 

kuhelika, /. fumigation. 

kujana, n. the singing of birds. 

kuta, mn. top, peak, mass, sledge-hammer, trap, deception, 
fraud; adj. deceitful, false, having a peak. 

kiitatta, m. a false law-suit. 

kiitagara, n. a gabled house, attic. 

kiipa, *ka, m. a well, pit, mast of a ship. 

kiira, n. boiled rice. 

kiila, n. a bank, slope. 

kuvara, adj. beautiful, charming. 

keka, m. the chaste tree. 

kekara, adj. squinting. 

keka, /. the cry of the peacock. 

keki, m. a peacock. 

keja, n. a water-lily. 

ketubha, n. the art of prosody. 

ketaka, in ;ki, /. the screw-pine. 

ketana, n. a sign on a flag, banner, house. 

ketava, n. gambling, fraud. 

ketu, m. a banner. 

ketumala, /. a halo, ray of glory. 

kedara, m. a field, mountain. 

kenipata, m. a rudder. 

key ura, . a bracelet or bangle for the arm. 

kerava, n. the white water-lily. 

keratika, adj. miserly. 

kelayana, n. play, sport. 

kelasa, adj. white; m. name of a mountain. 

keli, / amusement, sport. 

kelika, 'adj. sporting; /. a lute, violin. 

kelikuncika, /. a sister-in-law. 

kevatta, m. a fisherman. 

kevala, adj. only, mere, alone, all, entire, whole; n. adv. 

kevalakappa, adj. all, whole, entire. 

kevali, m. a saint who has mastered all, all-accomplished. 

kesa, m. hair. 

kesamajjaka, m. a comb. 

kesara, m. the filament of a lotus or other plant, the inane 

of a lion or horse ; n. asafoetida. 
kesarl, m. a maned lion, horse, 
kesava, m. Vishnu, 
koka, m. a wolf, frog, lizard, 
kokadeva, tn a pigeon. 

kokanada, n. the red lotus; *bandhu, m. the sun. 
kokasaka, m. the red lotus, 
kokila, m. the Indian cuckoo, 
koci, pron. any, some, 
koccha, n. a comb, grand couch, 
kojava, m. a coverlet made of goat's hair, 
konca, m. a heron, crane, 
kota, m. a fort, strong-hold, 
kotara, mn. the hollow of a tree, 
koti, /. point, tip, summit, ten millions; *ppakoti, /. a high 


kotiya, m. a mongoose, 
kotilla, n. crookedness, deceitfulness. 
kottima, mn. a pavement made of pounded stone, 
kotteti, -y. (Jkutt) to strike, break, pound, cut ; kottaka, ddj ; 

kottana, n. 

kottha, mn. a granary, room, 
kotthaka, m. a store-room, 
kotthagara, n. a store-room, treasury, 
kotthasa, m. a portion, lot, destiny, 
kotthu, m. a jackal, 
kona, m. a corner, angle, bow for a musical instrument, the 

blade of a sword. 

kotuka, n. a wonder, wedding-ring, 
kotuhala, .. clamour, noisy confusion, 
kodanda, . a bow. 
kodha, m. (Jkudh) anger, wrath, 
kodhana, adj. angry, passionate, 
kontika, m. a lancer, 
kopa, m. (Jkup) anger, ill-temper, 
kopina, n the private parts, 
komala, adj. soft, 
kotnudl, /. rnoonlight* 

So koraka 

koraka, mn. a flower bud. 

kola, mn. the jujube fruit, a pig, raft. 

kolaka, n. pepper. 

kolamba, ra. a pot. 

kolavalll, /. a sort of pepper. 

kolahala, mn. uproar, tumult 

kolitthij /. a married woman. 

koll, /. the jujube tre^- 

koleyya, adj. of noble family ; m. a house-dog. 

kovida, adj. skilled, wise. 

kovilara, m. a sort of ebony. 

kosa, mn. a sheath, bud, treasure, testicle, shout, call, a 

measure of 500 bow-lengths, 
kosajja, n. laziness, sloth, 
kosaphala, n. bdellium, 
kosambi, /. capital of Kosamba. 
kosala, adj. belonging to Kosala. 
kosalla, n. skill, proficiency, knowledge, 
kosataki, m. a merchant; /. a sort of vegetable plant, 
kosi, /. the sheath of a sword, 
kosika, m. the chebula tree, bdellium, 
kosiya, m. Indra, an owl; adj. silken, 
kosi, m. the mango tree; mfii. a shoe, 
koseyya, adj. silken ; n. silk, 
kriya, /. action, the verb, 
kva, adv. where ? 
kvaci, adv. sometimes, in some cases. 


kha, n. the air, sky, zero. 

khaga, m. a bird, arrow, sun, wind. 

khagga, m. a sword, rhinoceros. 

khacara, m. cloud, wind, sun, bird. 

khacita, ppp. inlaid. 

khaja, m. a spoon, ladle- 

khajapa, n. butter. 

khajala, >//. hoar-frost, rain-water. 

khajja, n. fpp. (is/khad) eatable, food. 

khajju, /. itching. 

khajjura, n; rl, /. silver, the date palm. 

khajjopanaka, m. a fire-fly. 

khanja, adj. lame. 

khalita S 

khanjakhota, khanjana, khanjarita, m. the wagtail, robin, 
khataka, m. the fist. 

khatakhadaka, m. a glass tumbler, jackal, crow. 

khatika, /. white chalk. 

khattana, adj. short in height. 

khattasa, mf. the spotted civet. 

khana, m. a moment, leisure, opportunity. 

khanati, v. (Jkhan) to dig; ana, n. 

khanika, adj. momentary. 

khanda, adj. broken, fragmentary; mn. a fragment, lump, 

khandakanna, m. sweet potato root. 

k handed, v. to break, divide; "ana, n. 

khatamala, m. smoke, cloud. 

khatta, mn. a prince, nobleman. 

kliatta, m. a door-keeper, charioteer. 

khattiya, m. a prince, nobleman. 

khadira, in. the cutch tree, moon. 

khadhupa, m. a rocket. 

khanati, v. (Jkhan) to dig; khata, ppp. 

khanti, /. patience, forbearance, endurance. 

khandha, m. the shoulder, trunk of a tree, multitude, ag- 
gregate of being. 

khandhavara, m. a stockade, fortified camp, 
khappa, m. the tear. 

khama, ad], patient, enduring, forgiving, favourable, tit- 
ting; /. the earth, 
khamati, v. (Jkham) to endure, have patience, forgive; 

khanta, ppp ; ana, adj. and n. 

khaya, m. a dwelling, loss, diminution, end, destruction, 
khayakasa, m. consumption. 

khara, adj. solid, sharp, hoarse; m. an ass, saw. 
kharakhanda, n. a water-lily, 
kharati, v. to flow, 
kharattaca, m. the pine-apple, 
kharadala, /. the prickly-pear, 
kharu, m. a horse, tooth; adj. white. 
khaU, adj. mischievous, vile; mn. a threshing-floor, oil- 

cake, paste. 

khalati, r. to stumble, fall, 
khalapu, mf. a sweeper, 
khalamutti, in. mercury, 
khalita, n. stumbling, fall, error, fault, failing. 


8i khaiind 

khalina, inn. the bit of a bridle. 

khalu, adv. Ineed, truly. 

khaluiika, w. a rough horse. 

khalopi, /. a pot. 

khalla, m. a runnel, dress made of skin ; adj. cracked, 


khallata, adj. bald, 
khallika, /. a frying-pan, 
khavassa, ra. hoar-frost, 
khavari, wn. rain-water, 
khati, /. a scar, coffin, 
khanu, khanu, ntn. the stump of a tree, 
khata, n. (Jkhan) a pond, 
khattahu, n. a moat, canal, 
khadati, v. (Jkhad) to eat, chew; "aniya, n. fpp. eatable, 

ana, n; aka, m. eater, 
khara, adj. salty, alkaline, 
kharaka, ra. potash, soda, a bud. 
khari /. a measure of about three bushels, 
khijjati, i;. to be afflicted, distressed; khinna, pfip. 
khidda, /. play, sport ; *dasaka, m. ten years of age char- 

acterized by play. 
khita> ppp- exhausted, 
khidira, m. the moon, a penitent. 

khipati, v. (Jkhip) to throw, shoot; ana, n; khitta, ppp. 
khippa, adj. quick, speedy; arh, adv. quickly, 
khila, mfn. waste land, obstinacy, sulkiness. 
khma, ppp- (Jkhi) come to an end, ceased, 
khinasava, m. one in whom the poison-drugs have been 

purged, saint. 

khira, n. milk; *dhari, m. the breast; *sara, m. butter, 
khlrika, /. a kind of date tree, 
khumsana, n. abuse, 
khujja, adj. hump-backed, crooked, 
khudda, adj. small, vile, miserable ; n. bee's wax ; /. a harlot, 


khuddajantu, m. an insect, worm, 
khuddanukhuddaka, adj. small and trifling, minor and 


khudha, /. hunger, 
khuppipasa, /. hunger and thirst, 
khura, m, a razor, sharp blade, hoof, 
khurakkhepa, m. the kick of a horse or such animal. 

kanaka 83 

khuragga, n. a shaving room for monks. 

Uhurati, v. to cut, scratch. 

khuranasa, adj. snub-nosed. 

khurappa, m. an arrow with a horse-shoe head. 

khuramaddl, mjn. a barber. 

khulla, adj. small, vile. 

khullatata, m. an uncle. 

khullama, m- a road. 

kheta, m; *ka, n. a shield. 

khetitala, m. a wandering musician. 

khetta, n. a fie'd, region, wife, body. 

khettajiva, ra. a cultivator, farmer, husbandman. 

kheda, m; "ana, n. affliction, suffering. 

khepeti, cans. (Jkhip) to throw, spend, pass; pa, m. throw 

ing, abuse, blame; pana, n; paka, m. an archer, 
khema, adj. safe, secure, prosperous; n. safety, 
khe.ja, m. saliva, phlegm, 
khelamallaka, m. a spittoon, 
kho, adv. indeed; *pana, adv. verily, 
khonda, adj. lame. 

khobheti, cans. (Jkhubh) to stir, agitate, shake; "bha, m. 
khoma, adj. flaxen, 
khora, khola, adj. lame, 
kholaka, m. an helmet, tray, ant-hill, 
khyata, ppp. (Jkha) known, famous. 

gagana, n. the sky. 

gaggara, onomatopoetic, a gurgling sound. 

gaggarl, /. a churn, bellows. 

gangeyya. adj. relating to the Ganges; m. a sort of ele- 

gaccha, m. a shrub, plant. 

gacchati, 7'. (Jgam) to go, depart, proceed; ganta, ppp. 

gaja, m. an elephant; *ta, / a herd of elephants. 

gajamacala, gajari, gajamotana, m. a lion. 

gajjati, i). to roar, thunder ; ana, n; jita, m. a must ele- 
phant, n. thunder. 

ganja, mjn. a mine of precious stones. 

gana, m, a multitude, number, herd, troop, chapter of 

ganaka, m. (.Jgan) an accountant, treasurer, astrologer, 

84 ganann 

ganana, fn. counting, arithmetic. 

gam, adj. having a number of disciples; m. a wiicl cattle. 

ganeti, v. (Jgan) to count, reckon, value, regard. 

ganeru, /. a harlot, she-elephant. 

ganthi, m. a joint, knot, tie, bond; *paya, m. a snare. 

ganda, m. the cheek, elephant's temples, boil. 

gandaka, m. a rhinoceros, sort of fish. 

gandakupa, m. a dimple- 

gandagatta, n. the custard apple. 

gandi, m. the swelling of the neck, the stalk of a tree. 

gandu, m. a pillow. 

gandula, adj. humpbacked. 

gandu, /. a knot, joint. 

gandupada, ;ganduppada, m. an earth worm. 

gati. /. going, journey, course, refuge, issue, destiny, pru- 

gatta, n. the body, limb. 

gada, m. disease. 

gadati, v. to speak. 

gada, /. a club. 

gaddabhanda, m. a species of banyan tree. 

gaddha, m. a vulture. 

gadrabha, m. an ass, donkey. 

gadhita, adj. clinging, desiring. 

gantha, m. a bond, tie, literary composition, book ; *kara, 
m. a writer, author. 

ganthati, gantheti, v. to tie, bind, connect, compose. 

gandha, m. smell, odour, perfume, fragance. 

gandhakattha, n. the sandal wood, aloes wood. 

gandhakuti, /. the fragrant chamber occupied by the Bud- 

gandhanna, /. the nose. 

gandhapasana, m. brimstone, sulphur. 

gandhabba, m. a celestial musician. 

gandhamadana, m. name of a mountain, a beetle. 

gandhalolupa, /. a fly. 

gandhavaha, m. wind; /. the nose. 

gandhasoma, n. the white land lily. 

gabba, m. pride; bita, adj. proud. 

gabbha, m. the womb, interior, embryo, sprout, bedroom, 
calyx of a flower; bhinl, /. a pregnant woman. Gab- 
bharii gayhdti, to conceive, become pregnant. 

gabbhaparissava, in. the secundines. 

gamaniya 85 

gabbhara, n. a cavern. 

gabbhilika, w. a round pillow. 

gabbhuppalti, /. conception, pregnancy. 

gama, m. journey, inarch; adj. going. 

gamatha, m. a way, road. 

gamaniya, adj. transient, fleeting. 

gamika, mfn. a traveller. 

gambttira, gabhlra, adj. deep, profound, abstruse, weighty. 

gayhupaga, adj. useful, serviceable. 

gara, mn. poison, antidote against poison. 

garala, n. the venom of a snake. 

garahati, v. to blame, disparage; ha, /; ana, n. 

garu, adj. heavy, weighty, important, venerable; m. a 

parent, teacher, religious preceptor, a bird's wing. 

Garukaroti, to respect, revere, 
garuka, adj. heavy, severe, important, 
garu | a, m. a fabulous bird, 
gala, m. the throat, debt, rope, 
galacinita, n. throttling. 

galati, v. to swallow, vanish, flow away; "ana, n. 
galantatthi, n. the collar-bone, 
galla, m. the inside of the cheek, 
gavakkha, m. a round window, air-hole, bull's eye. 
gavaja, gavaya, m. a species of ox, gayal. 
gavampati, m. owner of cattle, the bull of the herd, 
gavala, m. wild buffalo, 
gavi, m. butter. 

gavesati, v. to seek, search ; aka, adj ; "ana, /; si, adj. 
gavya, adj. bovine, 
gaha, mn. a house, taking, holding, 
gahattha, m. a householder, layman, 
gahana, n. holding, grasping, learning, desire, clinging, 


gahani, /. the belly, internal fire promoting digestion, 
gahati, gaheti, v. to dive, enter, wade. 

gahana, adj. impenetrable, impervious; n. a jungle, forest. 
gahapati, m. a householder, master of a house, layman, 
gatha, /. a verse, stanza, 
gadha, adj. fairly deep, fathomable, 
gadhati, v. to stand fast, to take a firm footing, 
gama, m. a village, multitude. 

gamanl, adj. chief; m. a village headman ; /; a harlot* 
gamaniya, m. an elephant or horse trainer. 

86 gamata 

gamata, /. a collection of villages. 
gamamukha, m. a bazaar, market. 
gayati, v. (-Jga) to sing: ,ika, m. a singer;ana, n; gita, 

gayatti, /. name of a met r e, the cutch tree. 

garayha, adj. contemptible, base, blameworthy. 

garava, m. respect, reverence, authority, importance. 

gavuta, . a league distance. 

gaha, m. taking, seizure, a demon, crocodile, idea, attach- 


gal ha, adj. tight, firm. 
gijjha, m. a vulture. 
gijjhati, -y. (Jgidh) to be greedy. 
ginjaka, /. a brick, tile. 
giddha, adj. greedy. 
gini, m. fire. 

gimha, m; gimhana, n. the hot season, summer. 
gira, /. voice, speech. 
.giri, m. a mountain. 
girikaridaka, m. a thunder-bolt. 
girikannika, /. the earth 
giridhhatu, ra. red earth, sandstone. 
gila, m. devouring, citron. 
gilati, i). (Jgla) to swallow, devour; "ana, n. 
gilana, adj. sick, ill; n. illness; m. a sick person. 
gilanasala, /. a hospital. 
gihl, m. a householder, layman. 
gita, n. a song, hymn. 

giva, /. the neck, throat, debt ; "vatthi, n. the collar-bone. 
guggulu, n. bdellium. 
guccha, m. a bunch, tuft. 

guiija, m. a branch with flowers; /. a seed used as the 
smallest jeweller's weight. 

guna, m. a string, bow-string, quality, characteristic, pro- 
perty, virtue. 

gunita, ppp- multiplied. 

guntheti, v. to ensnare, cover. 

gutta,'ppp. (Jgup) protected, hidden, preserved; /. a prison. 

gutti, /. keeping, guarding. 

guda, n. the anus ; *kila, m. the piles. 

gunda, /. a kind of creeper. 

gumba, m. a bush, thicket, multitude, troop. 

guyha, w. a secret, pudendum ; "anga, m. a tortoise. 

guyhapurisa, ra. a spy. 

guyhamethuna, ra. a crow. 

guru, adj. heavy; ra. a teacher; n. topaz. 

guruvara, ra. Thursday. 

gurusara, /. orchid. 

gula, /. a pimple, pock. 

guha, /. a cave, the heart. 

gulaka, m. a ball. 

guheti, v. to hide, conceal ; gulha, ppp. ra. a secret. 

gendu, *ka, ra. a ball, spinning-top. 

gedha, ra. greed, desire. 

geyya, n. mixed prose and verse, one of the 9 divisions of 

the three Pitakas. 
gerika, n. red chalk, 
gel anna, n. sickness, illness, 
geha, mn. a house, 
gehamani, ra. a lantern. 

go, ra. a bull ; /. cow, the earth, speech. 

gokantaka, ra. the hoof of an ox, a kind of bramble. 

gokanna, m. the elk, span, snake. 

gokila, ra. a plough, pestle. 

gokula, n. a cattle-shed. 

gocara, ra. pasture, sphere, resort, prey, object of sense. 

gocariya, adj. brown, reddish. 

gocchaka, ra. a bunch, cluster. 

gottha, n. a cattle-shed. 

gona, rn. a bullock, ox. 

gonaka, ra. a woollen coverlet with a long fleece. 

goni, /. rags, house-corner. 

gotta, n. family, lineage. 

gotrabhu, ra. one who is fit to be ' adopted ' as a saint. 

godha, / an iguana. 

godhuma, ra. wheat, gram. 

gonangula, m. the black-faced monkey. 

gonasa, m. a kind of venomous snake, buffalo. 

gopa, m. a cowherd, herdsman. 

gopati, m. a bull. 

gopati, gopeti, gopayati, gopayati, v. ( Jgup) to guard, pro- 
tect ; aka, tw; ana, n; gutta, gopita, ppp. 

gopartasi, /. the rafters of a roof. 

gopura, a. a town gate, watch-tower, battlements. 

gopphaka, ra. the ankle. 

gorriayaj ?nu. cowdung; *cchatta > >. mushroom. 

88 gomiku 

gomika, m. a cattle owner, 
gora, adj. white, 
gorakkha, m. a cowherd. 

gorasa, m. produce of the cow, as milk, curds, ghee, butter- 
milk, butter. 

golomi, /. name oi a plant; a luuiol. 
govinda, m. a cattle owner. 
gosagga. in. dawn, ; time for releasing cattle), 
gosala, /. a cow-stable. 

gosiriga, m. the champak tree; n. cow's horn, 
gosisa, n. yellow sandal wood, 
gohira, n. the heel, 
gol.a, *ka, m. a ball or lump, 
gojika, adj. prepared with molasses; . a sugar seller. 


ghamsati, < y. to rub, grind. 

ghafina, n. destruction. 

ghata, m. a jar, bowl ; /. multitude, troopr. 

ghatati, v. to striVe, join, adopt ; "ana, n. 

ghati, /. a jar, clock. 

ghatteti, v. to touch, shake, annoy, join; tana, fn. 

ghanta, m. a bee; /. a bell, clock. 

ghantika, m. a ballad singer. 

ghata, n. butter. 

ghatakumari, /. the aloe plant. 

ghatasana, m. fire. 

ghana, adj. dense, solid, firm; m. cloud, body ; n. a musical 

ghanakapa, m. hail, 
ghanajala, /. lightning, 
ghananabhi, tn. smoke, 
ghanapadavi, /. the sky. 
ghanapallava, fn. the drum-Stick tree, 
ghanapasanda, m. a peacock, 
ghanarasa, m. camphor ; mn. water. 
ghanaSara, m. camphor, 
ghanaruna, adj. deep red. 

ghanoparuddha, adj. dusky, overcast wilh clouds, 
ghanopala, m. hail, 
ghamma, m. heat, sweat, 
ghammati, v. to go. 

cakkhu 89 

ghammajjuti, m. the sun. 

ghara, tnn. a house. 

gharagolika, /. a house lizard. 

gharam. /. a wife. 

gharavasa, m. the houseliolder or layman's life. 

ghasati, v . to eat. 

ghasi, m. food. 

ghasmara, adj. gluttonous. 

ghala, ghati, ghatika, m. the back of the neck. 

ghateti, caus. ( Jhan) to kill ; ghata, m. slaughter jghatana, n. 

ghatipakkhi, m. a hawk. 

ghatuka, adj. destructive. 

ghana, n. (he nose. 

ghayati, r. (Jgha) to smell ; ana, n. 

ghasa, m. food, fodder. 

ghuna, in. wood- in sect. 

ghuka, vi. a kind of owl. 

ghotaka, w. a vicious horse. 

ghona, /. the nose. 

ghonl, m. a pig. 

ghora, adj. dreadful, terrible; m. the white colour; /. the 

night ; n. poison, 
ghoradassana, m. the owl. 
ghola, n. buttermilk, 
ghoseti, v. (is/ghus) to proclaim, shout; sana, /; sana, 

sava, adj ; sa, m; ghosita, ghuttha, ppp. 

ca, cotij. and, but, even. 

cakora, m. the curlew. 

cakka, n. a wheel, circle, disc, army, multitude, region, 


cakkapani, m. Vishnu, 
cakkapada, m. a cart, carriage, elephant, 
cakkamukha, m. a pig. 
cakkavatti, m. a universal monarch, 
rakkavaka, m. the ruddy goose, 
cakkavata, m. limit, boundary, lamp-stand, 
cakkavata, m. the whirl-wind, 
cakkavaja, tnn. a world, Sphere, 
cakkavha, m. the ruddy goose. 
cakkhu, 77. the eye, insight, perception. 


9O cakkhupatha 

cakkhupatha, m. range of vision. 

cakkhupasada, ra. the sensitive organism of the eye. 

cakkhumohana, n. (Jmuh) jugglery. 

caiikamati, v. (Jkam) to walk up and down; "a, m; "ana, 

n, a covered walk, cloister, arcade, portico, 
carikura, n. a cart, carriage, tree, 
cariga, adj. beautiful, clever, healthy, 
carigotaka, m. a casket. 

caccara, n. a square, courtyard, house-flooring, 
cajati, v. (*/caj) to abandon, resign, sacrifice, give away; 

catta, ppp. 

cancan, /. (Jcar) a bee. 

cancala, adj. (Jcal) unsteady, shaky, frivolous, 
cancalati, v. (iJcal) to move to and fro, dance, wander, 
cancu, mfn. the beak of a bird, 
cataka, m. a sparrow, 
canaka, m. a chick-pea. 

canda, adj. passionate, harsh, cruel, savage, 
candala, m. a man of the lowest caste, 
candila, m. a barber, 
catu, num. four. 

catukka, n. a square, place where four roads meet, 
catuttha, adj. fourth, 
catura, adi. skilful, clever, 
catta, ppp. (Jcaj) relinquished, sacrificed, 
cadira, m. an elephant, moon, camphor, snake, 
canda, m. the moon. 

candaka, ra. an eye in a peacock's tail; adj. pleasing, 
candakanta, mn. sandal wood, the white water-lily ; /. night, 
candakapuppha, n. the clove flower, 
candaggaha, m. (Jgah) eclipse of the moon, 
candana, mn. the sandal wood, 
candanika, /. a dirty pool, 
candaloha, n. silver, 
candika, /. moonlight, 
capala, adj. fickle, unsteady, 
camara, m. the yak. 
cammu, m. a kind of deer. 

camu, /. an army ; *pati., m. a general, commander-in-chief . 
campaka, m. the champac tree, 
campa, /. the modern Bhagulpore. 
camma, n. leather, skin; *kara, mfn. a tanner, 
cammapatta, /. a bat. 

cittaku 91 

caya, w. (Jci) a heap, bundle, quantity. 

rara, adj. (is/car) moving, going; m. a spy. 

carat a, m. the wagtail, magpie robin. 

carana, n. (Jcar) the foot, conduct, practice. 

caranayudha, m. a cock. 

carati, v. (Jcar) to walk, wander, act, behave; ppp. cinna. 

caracara, adj. (Jcar) movable. 

Carita, n. (Jcar) action, conduct, life. 

carima, adj. last, subsequent. 

cariya, /. ( Jcar) walking, observance, conduct. 

calati, v. (Jcal) to'move, shake; a, adj ; ana, n. 

calani, /. a flying antelope. 

calu, m. water in the hollow of the hand. 

cavati, v. (Jcu) to disappear, vanish, pass away, die; cuta, 
ppp : ana, n. 

casaka, mn. a drinking vessel. 

caga, tn. (*Jcaj) self-sacrifice, liberality. 

can, /. an earthenware vessel, jar, waterpot. 

catuka, /. praising, flattering. 

caiupatu, m. a clown. 

cataka, m. the kingfisher. 

catummahabhutika, adj. consisting of the four elements. 

catura, adj. artful, clever. 

capa, mn. a bow. 

capika, m. an archer. 

camara, n. a yak's tail fan. 

camarapuppha, m. the betel tree. 

camikara, n. gold. 

cara, adj. (Jcar) walking, roaming; m. a spy. 

carana, m. (Jcar) a traveller, actor. 

carika, /. (Jcar) moving, wandering. 

caritta, n. (Jcar) practice, observance, conduct. 

caru, adj. agreeable, charming; *locana, m. an antelope. 

cikka, /. the wliite-bellied mouse. 

cikkhalla, n. swamp, mud. 

ciiigata, mf. a prawn. 

ciccitayati, v. to splash, hiss, bubble; a ta, n. 

cinca, /. the tamarind tree. 

citaka, mf. (Jci) a funeral pile. 

citta, n. (Jcit) the mind, heart, thought, will, intention; 

adj. veriegated, marvellous. 

cittaka, m. (Jcit) a painter, artist, animal; /. a woollen 
counterpane ; it. a sectarial mark on the forehead. 

92 cittakantha 

cittakantha, cittaglva, n. a pigeon- 

cittakamma, n. painting. 

cittakaya, m. a tiger, leopard. 

cittakola, m. a lizard. 

cittakkhepa, m. distraction, madness. 

cittadandaka, m. the cotton tree. 

cittapll.a, /. swooning. 

cittalekha, /. a picture. 

cittagara, n. a picture gallery. 

cittabhoga, m. sensitiveness, awareness, reflection. 

citteti, v. to paint, variegate, diversify. 

cinta, /. (Jcint, cit) thought. 

cinteti, v. (Jcint) to think, devise, regard, mind; cintita, 

ppp. n. a thought, 
cimi, m. a parrot. 

cira, adj. long, lasting; *kala, n. a long period, 
cirakriya, adj. dilatory, 
cela, n. cloth, a garment, 
cirantana, adj. old, ancient, 
cirappabhuti, adv. long since, 
cirarattarh, cirassarh, adv. for a long time, 
cirayati, v. to tarry. 

cirarodha, m. a mound of earth thrown up for defence, 
cilamilika, /. a necklace, fire-fly, lightning, 
cillabha, m. a pick-pocket, 
civi, civu, m. the chin, 
cihana, n. a mark, sign, 
cinapittha, n. red lead, 
cinarattha, n. China, 
cira, n. bark, fibre, 
ciri, /. a cricket, 
civara, n. a monk's robe, 
cukkara, m. a lion's roar, 
cuci, m. the female breast, 
cucuka, cucuka, cucuka, cucukka, in. a nipple, 
cucu, ctftccu, /. a radish, 
cunna, m. dust, powder, lime, cement; n. aromatic toilet 


cunneti, v. (Jcunn) to grind, crush, pulverize, 
cuti, /. (Jcu) disappearance, death, 
cuddasa, num. fourteen, 
cundakara, m. a turner, 
cubuka, m. the chin, lower lip. 

chatta 93 

cumbaka, m. a magnet, load-stone. 

cumbata, n. a pillow, roll of cloth used as a stand for a 

vessel carried on the head, 
cumbati, v. (Jcumb) to kiss; ana, n. 
culla, cula, cu!a, adj. small, 
cullaki, /. a porpoise, waterpot, thither bank, 
culli, /. a fire-place, 
cuta, m. the mango tree, 
cuja, /. a top-knot, crest, diadem; *mani, m. a jewel worn 

in a crest. 

ciiiika, /. root of an elephant's ear. 
ce, adv. even, if. 
ceta, m. a slave ; cell, /. 
ceta, mfn. (Jcit) the mind, heart. 

cetaka, adj. (Jcit) scheming, thinking; m. a decoy bird, 
cetana, /. (Jcit) will, intention, volition, 
cetasika, adj. (Jcit) mental, 
cetlya, n. a sacred object, shrine, temple, tomb, 
celala, m. cucumber, 
celika, /. a bodice. 

cokkha, adj. clean, clever, delightful, 
coca, n. the bark of a tree, skin, plantain tree, 
coti, /. a Burmese petticoat, 
coddasa, adj. fourteenth. 

codeti. v. (Jcud) to urge, rouse, exhort, remind ; dana, /. 
cora, m. (Jcur) a thief, robber, bandit, 
cola, m. cloth. 

colaka, m. a breast-ornament, 
colaki, m. a bamboo sprout. 


cha, num. six. 
chaka, n. dung, excrement, 
chakana, n. the dung of animals., 
chakala, m. a goat. 

chagana, mn. dried cow-dung. 

chagala, mf. a goat. 

chajja, mn. a sound like the cry of a peacock. 

chata, /. radiance, heap, line. 

chatilphala, m. the palmyra tree. 

chattha, *ma, adj.. sixth. 

94 chaddeti 

chaddeti, v. (Jchadcl) to throw away, abandon, cast off, 

vomit ; "ana, n. 
chana, m. festival, 
chatta, n. a parasol, umbrella, sovereignty, corpse, body ; 

/. mushroom. 

chattaka, m. a kingfisher, mushroom. 
chattirhsa,.ra/n. thirty-six, 
chada, m. (Jehad) a cover, leaf, wing, 
chadi, n. (Jehad) a covering, roof, 
chadda, n. a roof. 

chaddanta, m. an elephant with six tusks or six-rayed tusks 
chanda, m. wish, desire, intention, consent; mn. the Vedas, 


chandasa, adj. knowing the Vedas, a brahmin, 
channa, m. an ordinance; Ppp- (Jehad) concealed, private, 


chappada, m. a bee. 
chappannasa, /. num. fifty-six, 
chamanda, m. a fatherless son. 
chama, /. the earth. 

chambbati, v. (Jchambh) to tiemble, be alarmed, 
chala, n. fraud, pretext, 
challi, /. the skin, bark of a tree, 
chava, in. a corpse; adj. vile, 
chavi, /. the skin. 

chaga, m. a goat; *bhojT, m. a wolf, 
chata, adj. hungry, famished, 
chadeti, v. (Jehad) to cover, conceal ; channa, chadita, ppp ; 

dana, n. 

chapa, m. the young of an animal, child, 
chaya, /. shade, shadow, reflection, pretext ; *kara, m. an 


chayadassana, n. a cinema show, bioscope, 
charika, /. ashes, 
chikka, chikkana, n. sneezing, 
chiggala, n. a hole, 
chidaka, n. adamant, 
chidi, /. an axe, hatchet, 
chidira, m. fire, sword, 
chidura, m. a swindler, enemey. 
chidda, n. a hole, gap, defect, 
chindati, v. (Jchid, chind) to cut, stop, destroy; chinna 

ppp; chijja, fpp ; chijjati, pass; chijjitva, ger. 

Janata 95 

chuddha, adj. contemptible, vile. 

chupa, m. a bush, wind, fighting. 

chupati, i. (Jchup) to touch; "ana, n. 

chura, /. lime. 

churika, /. a knife. 

cheka, adj. skilful, clever, expert. 

cheda, m ; "ana, n. cutting, loss, destruction, waste. 

cheppa, m. the lower end of the backbone. 

chemanda, m. a fatherless son. 

chotika, /. the snapping of the fingers. 

choti, /. a fisherman. 

chorana, n. abandonment. 

cholariga, m. citron, lemon fruit. 


jakutu, n. the cocoanutjree- 

jakkhana, n. eating. 

jagati, /. the earth. 

jagatipparia, m. the wind; //'/. f the hreath of the earth.' 

jaganu, m. fire, a being. 

jagara, m. a coat of mail. 

jaggati, v. (Jjagar) to watch, keep. 

jaggahana, n. laughing. 

jaghana, n. the buttocks, waist. 

jarigamati, v. (Jgam) to go about, move about; a, adj. 

jaiigala, m. a jungle, thicket. 

jarigala, m. a ridge of earth, boundary, bank. 

jarigula, n. poison. 

jaiigha, / the leg; *vihara, m. walking for exercise. 

jarighala, adj. quick; m. a deer. 

jaccandha, adj. born blind. 

jata, /. matted hair, tangled branches, lust. 

jatajala, m. a lamp. 

jatadhara, jatila, m. an ascetic with matted hair. 

jathara, m. the belly. 

jatu, v. lac. 

jatuka, /. a bat. 

jattu, n. the; back of the neck, collar-bone. 

jana, m. (Jja, jan) a man, being, the world; *kaya, m. ihe 

multitude of people, 
janaka, adj. producing; m. a father. 
Janata, /. (Jja, jan) mandkind. 

96 janatta 

janatta, /. a parasol, umbrella. 

janam, /. a mother. 

janantika, n. secret whispering. 

janapada, in. a province, district. 

janappiya, m. the coriander seed. 

janalaya, m. a pavilion. 

janika, /. (Jja, jan) a mother. 

janeti, cans. (Jja) to beget, produce, cause; "nana, adj. 

janettl, /. (Jja, jan) a mother. 

jantaghara, n. a fire-hut, room where a fire is kept. 

jantu, m. a creature, animal, man. 

jantuka, mfn. lac. 

jantunasana, n-asafoetida. 

jannu, janu, ??. the knee- 

japa, m. (Jjap) incantation of charms; /. the China rose. 

japati, v. (Jjap) to whisper, mutter; ana, n. 

japamala, /. a rosary. 

jappati, v. (*/japp) to speak, whisper, mutter; ana, n; a, 

m. speech, 
jamana, n. food. 

jambava, n. the rose-apple fruit, 
jambala, m. mud. 
jambira, m. the lemon tree, 
jambu, / the rose-apple tree, 
jambuka, m. a jackal, 
jambu nada, n. gold. 

jambha, m. a tooth, lemon fruit, food, heap, 
jambhl, mfn. citron, lemon, 
jamma, adj. base, worthless, reckless; n. birth, 
jayati, v. (s/ji) to conquer, win, excel; ppp. jita; fpp. jeyya, 

jetabba ; jaya, m. 

jayampatl, m. pi. husband and wife, 
jara, m. fever; /. old age, decay, 
jarantapa, m. an old man, buffalo, 
jarayu, m. the womb, 
jala, n. water, 
jalaka, n. a bivalve shell- 
jalakantaka, m. a crocodile, 
jalakapi, m. a porpoise, 
jalacara, m. a fish. 
jalaja, adj. water-born, 
jalajantuka, /. a water-leech, 
jalajivha, m. a crocodile. 

janipati 97 

jalati, v. to burn, blaze, glow. 

jalada, m. a rain-cloud. 

jaladhara, jaladhi, m. the ocean. 

jaladhiga, /. a river. 

jalanakula,, m. an otter. 

jalanidhi, m. the ocean. 

jalabandhaka, m. a dam, embankment. 

jalamaggu, m. a king-fisher. 

jalamuttika, /. hail. 

jalarasa, m. salt. 

jalalata, /. a billow. 

jalasutti, /. a bivalve shell. 

jalakhu, m. an otter. 

jalatana, m. a heron; /. water-leech. 

jaladhara, m. a pond, reservoir. 

jalabu, n. the womb. 

jalavhaya, n. the water-lily. 

jaluka, /. a leech. 

jalogi, m. toddy. 

jalodara, n. the dropsy. 

Java, m. speed. Javena, inst. adv. speedily. 

javati, v. to hasten, hurry. 

javana, adj. quick; m. a racer; n. apperception. 

javanika, /. a curtain. 

jahati, v. (Jha) to forsake, leave; jaha, adj. 

jala, adj. dull, stupid. 

jagarati, v. (Jjagar) to wake, watch; riya, /; a, m. vigil. 

jataka, n. (Jja) birth, birth-story. 

jatarupa, n. gold. 

jataveda, m. fire. 

jatassara, m. a natural pond, lake. 

jatapacca, /. a woman about to bring forth a child. 

jati, /. (Jja) birth, sort, family. 

jatikosa, m. nutmeg. 

jatiphala, n. nutmeg. 

jatisumana, /. the jasmine. 

jatissara, adj. remembering former existences. 

jatu, adv. surely, certainly. 

jatuka, n. asafoetida. 

janati, v. (Jna) to know, recognize; nana, n; nata, ppp 

neyya, fpp. 
jani, /. loss, decay, 
janipati, m. husband and wife, 


9 japa 

japa, m. incantation. 

jamata, ra. a son-in-law. 

jaml, /. a sister. 

jameyya, m. a sister's son, nephew. 

jayati, v. (s/ja) to be born, grow, arise; jata, ppp. 

jaya, /. a wife. 

jayajiva, m. an actor. 

jayapatl, m. pi. husband and wife. 

jara, m. a paramour. 

jala, /. a flame; n. a net, web, window, accumulation. 

jalaka, n. a bud, net. 

jalakara, m. a spider. 

jalapada, m. a duck, goose. 

jalika, m. a fisherman, fowler; /. a coat of mail. 

jalini, /. desire, lust. 

jigirhsati, v. to wish, take. 

jigucchati, v. (Jgup) to loathe, dislike, despise; "ana, n; 
cha, /. 

jighacchati, v. (Jghas) to be hungry; cha, /. 

jighafina, adj. lowest, inferior. 

jinna, ppp. (JjTr) old, aged, decayed. 

jiti, /. (Jji) victory. 

jina, adj. (Jji) victorious; m. a conqueror, Buddha. 

jim ha, adj. crooked; *ga, m. a snake. 

jiya, /. a bow-string. 

jivajiva, m. the edible-nest maker. 

jivha, / the tongue; *muliya, m. the uvula. 

jimuta, m. a cloud; *vahT, m. smoke. 

jira, m. cummin seed. 

jirati, jiyati, jiyyati, v. (Jjir) to grow old, decay ; "ana, n. 

jiva, adj. (Jjiv) living; ran. a being, creature, life. 

jfvaka, m. (Jjlv) a kind of medicinal herb. 

jivati, v. (Jjlv) to live, subsist; "ana, n. 

jivana, m. (Jjiv) a son; /. the orchid flower; n. life, sub- 

jivamandira, m. the body. 

jivasadhana, n. food, paddy. 

jlvasumana, n. the china rose. * 

jivika, /. (Vjtv) life, livelihood, means of subsistence, 
Jlvikarh kappeti, to earn a living. 

jivita, n. (Jjiv) life. 

jivitindriya, u,. controlling faculty of life, vitality. 

junha, /. moonlight, moonlit night. 

jhoja 99 

juti, /. (s/jut) spendour, ray; *kara, adj. splendid, radiant. 

jutindhara, m. light-giver. 

juhuvana, w. fire, tree. 

juhoti, v. (Jhu) to sacrifice; huta, ppp ; hotabba, fpp ; 

hana, n. 

jiita, mn. gambling, dicing. 
je, inter j. man I woman ! 
jeguccha, adj. contemptible, loathesome. 
jettha, adj. eldest, chief; /. one of the lunar mansions. 
jetthasassu, /. a wife's elder sister. 
jeyya, adj. better, elder. 
jotati, v. (Jjut) to shine, be bright; "ana, aka, adj ; ana, 

n; "ayati, teti, talati, cans, to illumine, glorify. 
joti, mn. (Jjut) light, star. 
jotipatha, m. the sky. 
jotirasa, m. a wish-yielding jewel. 
jotisattha, n. astronomy. 

jharikara, m. a sound like the buzzing of a bee. 

jhajjhan, /. of a plant. 

jajjha, /. a rain-storm. 

jhati, m. a bush. 

jhatiti, adv. quickly, at once. 

jhampaka, m. a monkey. 

jhampasi, m. a kingfisher. 

jhari, /. a fountain of water, river. 

jliala, /. a daughter, the sun's ray. 

jhali, /. the betel nut. 

jhallaka, m. a cymbal. 

jhallakantha, m. a pigeon. 

jhallika, /. a cricket. 

jhasa, m. a fish. 

jhasati, v. (Jjhas) to hurt. 

jhata, m. an evergreen shrub. 

jhatatthaka, m. the water-melon. 

jahana, n. Mjha) mystic meditation, trance, ecstasy. 

jhapeti, cans. (Jjha) to consume; pana, n. 

jhayati, v. (*yjha) (i) to burn, consume; jharna, ppp; (2) to 

meditate, contemplate. 
jharl, jhiruka, /. a dragon-fly. 
jhoja, m. the betel tree. 

ioo fiatti 


natti, /. announcement, declaration. 

nana, n. knowledge ; nl, adj. 

napeti, cans. (Jna) to make known, declare, inform, pro 

claim; paka, adj ; pana, n ; fiatta, ppp. 
naya, m. method, manner, means. 

tagara, adj. squinting; m. borax. 

tarika, mn. borax, spade, knife, chisel. 

tarikaka, m. coined money. 

tatani, / a house lizard. 

taddarl, /. jesting, kettle-drum. 

tara, rn,. a horse. 

tika, /. a Pali commentary on an Atthakatha, gloss. 


thakkura, m. an image of the Buddha. 

thaga, adj. shameless, crafty. 

thagi, /. a betel box. 

thana, n. (ijtha) stopping, place, situation, station, appoint- 
ment, subject, basis. 

thanantara, n. an appointment, office. 

thanaso, adv. (s/tha) causally, suddenly. 

thanlya, adj. (Jtha) based upon; n. a town. 

thiti, /. (jtha) stability, durability, existence; *ka, adj 

thivana, n. spitting. 


darhsa, m. a gad-fly. 

damsati, v. (Jdams) to bite; "ana, n. 

damaya, mf. confusion, revolting. 

daka, mn. a vegetable, potherb. 

dalima, m. the pomegranate tree. 

dahati, v. (Jdah) to burn, consume by fire, torment ; daddha, 


daha, m. (Jdah) burning, conflagration, 
dahuka, m. a water-fowl. 

tanhakkhava 101 

dikkan, /. a young maiden. 

dirigara, m. a servant, bad man. 

dindiramodaka, ??. garlic. 

dimba, m. a sound of terror, heap. 

dimbika, /. a bubble while rising in water. 

dundula, ra. the owl. 

dunduka, m. water-fowl. 

duli, /. a young tortoise. 

deti, v. (Jdl) to fly. 

clemana, m. a! bird. 


dhamara, /. a duck,;goose. 

uhala, n. a shield. 

dhunthana, n. investigation, enquiry. 

dhola, m. a big drum. 

takka, m. (Jtakk) thought, reason, date fruit; kika, m. a 


takkala, m. a thief, 
takkasila, /. Taxila. 

takkalarh, adv. at that time, immediately, 
takkola, n. bdellium, sort of perfume, 
takkhaka, m. a carpenter, 
tagara, mn. a kind of shrub, lobster, 
taggha, adv. certainly, verily, 
tankhanarh, adv. at that moment, instantly, 
taca, m. skin, bark, rind, 
tacasara, m . a bamboo, 
taccha, n. truth, reality, 
tacchati, v. (Jtacch) to hew, chop, cut ; aka, m. a carpenter ; 

ani, /. a hatchet, 
tajja, adj. corresponding, suitable. 
tajjanT, /. lit. l the finger of scorn,' forefinger, 
tajjari, /. a measure of weight, 
tajjeti, v. (Jtajj) to revile, scorn, scold, threaten, 
tata, mn; tall, /. a bank, shore, 
tatinl, /. a river, 
tandula, m. rice, 
tanhakkhaya, in. extinction of craving, nibbana. 

IO2 tanha 

tanha, /. (Jtas) lust, desire, craving. 

tatapatti, /. the plantain tree. 

tatiya, adj. third. 

tato, adv. thence, therefrom, thereafter, further, moreover. 

tattaka, adj. as many, as great. 

tattha, tatra, adv. there, thither, in that case. 

iatva, n. essence, reality. Tatvato, adv. accurately. 

tatha, adv. so, thus also; *pi, notwithstanding. 

tathagata, m. a Budhda, his Law or Order. 

tadariga, adj. partial, by parts. 

tadantare, adv. meanwhile. 

tadahu, he, adv. on that day. 

tada, adv. then, at that time. 

tad-arammana, n. lit. ' that object, ' registered object. 

tadupiya, adj. suitable, corresponding. 

taddhita, m. secondary derivative (grammar). 

tanaya, m. (Jtan) a son. 

tanu, adj. thin, slender, delicate, small ; /. the body, skin. 

tanuja, m. a son. 

tanuttana, n. a coat of mail. 

tanoti, v. (Jtan) to stretch. 

tanta, n. a thread, treatise, literary work; *vaya, m. a 

weaver, spider. 

tanti, /. a string, line, cord, text, passage of a text, 
tantu, m. a-thread; *klta, m. a silk-worm, 
tandi, /. drowsiness, sloth; dita, adj. lazy, slothful, 
tapa, run. (Jtap) religious austerity, glow, self-mortifica- 
tion, piety, 
tapati, v. (Jtap) to burn, blaze, shine, torment; tatta, ppp 

tapana, tn. (Jtap) the sun. 

tapamya, n. gold. 

tapanettha, n. copper. 

tapassi, in. (Jtap) a mendicant, hermit. 

tappati, pass, to be tormented, suffer ; "ana, n. 

tappara, adj. diligent, subsequent. 

tappeti, cans. (Jtapp) to satisfy, refresh ; "pana, n. 

tama, mn. darkness, gloom. 

tamala, m. a kind of tree. 

tamonuda, adj. dispelling darkness. 

tamomani, m. a fire-fly, glow-worm. 

tamba, adj. coppery, red; m. a sort of elephant; n. copper, 

tamba-cula, -sikhi, m. a cock. 

tambaloha, n. copper. 

tayati m.j 

tambula, n. the betel nut; 1T, /. a betel garden, 
tayo, num. m. three; tissa, /. 
tara, m. (Jtar) a raft, 
taraiiga, m . a wave ; *ginl, /. a river, 
taraccha, m. a leopard, panther, hyena, 
tarani, /. a boat. 

taranda, mfn. a boat; mn. a raft, float, oar.- 
tarati, v. (Jtar) (i) to cross, traverse, escape; tin na, ppp; 
tared, cans, to save; (2) to tremble, be hurried; turita, 


tarambuja, n. a water-melon. 

tarala, adj. trembling, unsteady; n. rice gruel. 

larahi, adv. then. 

tari, /. a boat ; *ka, m. a ferry-man. 

taritaka, n. a bark garment worn by ascetics. 

tarisa, m. the ocean, sky, raft. 

taru, m. a tree. 

taruna, adj. young, fresh, new. 

tarululika, /. a flying squirrel. 

tarunakha, m. a thorn. 

tarumiga, m. a monkey. 

taruraja, m. a palmyra tree. 

taruruha, /. an orchid plant. 

tarusanda, m. a grove of trees. 

tarusara, m. camphor. 

tala, n. surface, level, plane. 

talaci, /. a mat made of reeds. 

talla, m. a pond, lake; n. a pit, hole; /. a maiden, boat. 

tallika, /. a key. 

tasati, v. (Jtas) to tremble, be afraid of. 

tasara, m.-a shuttle. 

tasina, see tanha. 

tassana, n. (*/tas) thirst. 

tahirii, adv. there. 

tajaka, m. a pool, pond, lake. 

taiuna, adj. tender, delicate. 

tana, n. defence, shelter, refuge, nibbana. 

tata, adj. beloved, dear; m. father, term of endearment. 

tadikkha, tadisa. adj t such. 

tapa, m. (Jtap) heart-burning; ana, n. self-mortification. 

tapasa, m. (Jtap) a hermit, ascetic. 

tapiiicha, m. a kind of plant. 

tayati, v. (Jta) to protect, preserve, save. 


tara, adj. shrill, high (of a musical sound); /. a star, pupil 

.of the eye. 

taraka, /. a star, pupil of the eye. 
taradhipati, m. the moon, 
tarapatha, m. the sky. 
tala, m. the palmyra plant, measure of the short span, gong, 

cymbal ; *kl, /. toddy, 
talavanta, m. a fan. 
talisa, num. forty, 
tali, /. a kind of tree, striking a musical instrument, musical 


talu, n. the palate; *ja, adj. palatal (letters), 
telujivha, ra. the uvula, crocodile, 
talura, m. a whirlpool. 

tava, adv. at once, just, now, indeed, yet, still, 
tavataka, adj. so much, so many, 
lavata, adv. so far, to that extent, 
tavatimsa, m. pi. the thirty-three spirits of whom Sakka is 

the first. 

tavara, n. a bow-string, 
tala, m. a key. 

tal.eti, v. (Jtal) to beat, strike; jana, n. 
tal.aveli, /. the main village road, 
ti, pref. three, 
timsa, num. thirty, 
tika, n. a triplet, triad, 
tikicchati, v. (n/kit) to cure, treat medically; aka, m. 


tikiccha, /. medicine. 

tikhina, tikkha, tinha, adj. sharp, pungent, acute, clever, 
titthati, thati, v. (7tha) to stand, remain, stay, stop, abide, 

live; thatva, ger; thaturii ; in/; thita, ppp. 
tii.ia, n. grass, herb, weed, 
tinaketu, m. a bamboo tree, 
tinagodha, /. a chameleon, 
tinava, m. a sort of drum, 
tinukka, /. a torch of hay. 
tinha, see tikhina, 

titikkha, /. (Jtij) patience, forbearance", long-suffering, 
tittaka, adj. bitter, 
tittasara, m. the cutch tree, 
titti, /. satiety, fulness, 
tittira, m. a partidge. 

tuttha 105 

tittha, n. a landing-place, harbour, ford, religious belief, 
tilthakaru, m. a sect-founder, 
titha, m. fire, time, love, 
tithi, mf. a lunar day. 
tidasa, m. a deva, spirit. 

tidiva, w. the deva world, heaven. 

tinisa, m. a kind of tree, 
tinta, ppp. (Jtim) wet. 

tintina, n. reproach, scorn. 

tintinl, /. the tamarind tree. 

tinduka, w. the Chinese date. 

tipu, n. tin, lead. 

tiputa, /. the scammony plant. 

tibba, adj. sharp, keen, acute, intense, severe. 

timandala, n. the three circles, vis., the navel and the two 

timi, *nda, *ngala, m. a fish of enormous size. 
. timira, n. darkness ; "rayitatta, n. gloominess. 

timisa, n. darkness; sika, /. a dark night. 

timbaru, m. the Chinese date. 

tiracchana, m. an animal, beast. 

tiriyaih, adv. across. 

tirltaka, n. a bark garment worn by ascetics. 

tiro, adv. across, beyond, on the other side. 

tirokaranl, /. a curtain, screen. 

lirokkara, m. disrespect, blame, abuse. 

tirodhana, n. a cover, veil, lid. 

tila, m. the sesamum plant. 

tilaka, m. a mole, freckle, sectarial mark on the forehead. 

tilakalaka, m. a mole, freckle. 

tiliccha, m. a sort of snake, buffalo. 

tivuta, /. the scammony plant. 

tisarana, n. the three refuges, vis., the Buddha, the law, 
the order. 

tira, n. a shore, bank. 

tireti, v. (Jlir) to finish, decide, accomplish; rana, n. 

tlvara, m. the ocean, hunter, fisherman. 

lu, particle, never used at the beginning of a sentence and 
sometimes meaning ' now,' ' but,' ' indeed ' and some- 
times with no meaning. 

tunga, adj. high, prominent. 

tuccha, adj. empty, vain; *dhannaka, n. straw. 

tuttha, ppp. (*/tus) delighted, glad. 


lo6 Urn hi 

tutthi, /. (Jtus) delight, joy. 

tunda, n. a beak, snout. 

tundila, adj. harsh in speech, having a beak. 

tunna, adj. quick; adv. n. quickly. 

tunhl, adv. silently; *bhava, m. silence. 

tutta, w. an elephant-goad. 

tudampati, m. husband and wife. 

tunda, n. the belly; /. the navel. 

tunnavaya, m. a tailor. 

tumula, mn, an affray, clamour. 

tumba, m. a kettle, a measure of grain. 

tumburl, /. the coriander seed. 

tura, adj. quick, fast; *ga, a horse, courser, mind. 

turi, /. a paint-brush. 

turita, ppp. (Jtar) swift, hurried, eager; *ih, adv. quickly, 


turiya, n. a musical instrument, 
turukkha, m. Indian incense, 
tula, /. (Jtul) a balance, pair of scales, equality, rafter oj 

beam, measure or weight ; *dhata, m. an oar. 
tulika, /. a paint-brush or pencil, 
tuliya, m. a flying fox. 

tuleti, v. (iJtul) to weigh, measure, consider, 
tulya, adj. (Jtul) equal, similar, 
tuvatarh, adv. quickly, 
tuvattati, v. to lie down, 
tuvi, /. the gourd, 
tusa, m. substance, wealth, 
tusara, m. hoar-frost, cold, snow, 
tusita, m. pi. devas of the fourth celestial mansion, 
tusodaka, n. vinegar, 
tussati, v. (Jtus)to be pleased, satisfied; toseti, caus; tuttha 


tuhina, n. dew, frost. 
tuna, tini, tunlia, m. a quiver, 
tula, mn. cotton ; "lini, /. the cotton plant, 
tulika, /. a mattress. 

tuvara, m. a hornless ox, beardless man. 
tekiccha, adj. curable, 
teja, mn. flarrte, fire, light, splendour, majesty, influence 

power; *ssi, adj. 
tejana, n t an arrow, shaft. 
tejala > m. a partridge. 

thighosa 107 

tejeti, v. to sharpen. 

temeti, cans. (Jtim) to wet, moisten; c mana, n. 

tela, . oil; "lika, m. an oil manufacturer. 

telacorika. mtn. a cockroach. 

telancana, n. lampblack. 

tela pan nika, n. sandal wood. 

lelati, /. a wasp. 

tomara, mn. a lance, spike. 

toya, n. water; ppasadana, n. soap acacia. 

toyasuttika, /. mother-of-pearl. 

torana, n. an arch, gateway. 

tosa, m. ( Jtus) satisfaction, joy. 


thaketi, v. to cover, conceal; kana, n. 

thanna, n. mother's milk. 

thaddha, ppp. (Jthambh) firm, hard, solid, stubborn. 

thana, m. the female breast ; *pa, mfn. a suckling child. 

thanita, fidj. thundering; n. thunder. 

thapati, m. a carpenter. 

thabaka, m . a bunch of flowers. 

thabha, m. goat, sheep. 

thamba, m. a bush, thicket. 

thambakari, m. pacldy. 

thambha, m. pillar, column, stupor. 

thara, m. a layei, house-site. 

tharima, m. a bed, couch. 

tharu, m. the hill of a sword. 

thala, mn. land, dry ground. 

thava, m. (Jthu) praise. 

thavaka, m. a bunch, cluster. 

thavika, /. a purse. 

thavira, adj. firm, strong, elderly. 

thama, m. strength. 

thala, n. a metal bowl, plate, basin, dish. 

thali, /. a cooking pot, kettle, boiler. 

ihavara, adj. stationary, stable, firm. 

tliira, adj. firm, hard, solid, permanent; m. a mountain, 

tree; /. the earth, 
thi, /. a woman, 
thighosa, m. the dawn. 

io8 thuti 

thuti, /. (Jthu) praise, thanks. 

thulla, thula, adj. thick, coarse, stupid; *kumari, /. an old 


thusa, m. husk of grain, 
thuna, m/. a pillar, column, post, 
thupa, m. a memorial mound, tope, pagoda; pika, n. the 

summit of a pagoda or tope, 
thiilanasika, m. a hog. 
thulapada, m. an elephant, 
theneti, v. to steal ; na, m. a thief, 
theyya, n. theft. 

thera, m. an elder, senior monk, 
theva, m. a drop of water. 
thoka, adj. small, slight; *rh, adv. a little while, a shor 

thometi, v. (Jthu) to praise; ma, m; "mafia, n. 


daka, n. water; *ja, n. the water-lily. 

dakkha, adj. clever, skilful. 

dakkhina, adj. right, southern, dexterous; /. a gift, offering 

dakkhinapatha, m. the southern country, Deccan. 

dakkhineyya, adj. worthy of offerings. 

danda, m. a staff, stick, handle, stalk, stem, punishment 

penalty. Dandarii pafreti, to inflict punishment, 
dandadipika, mfn. a torch, 
dandaniti, /. the penal code, 
dandapala, m. a gate-keeper, 
dandi, m. a mendicant, 
dancjeti, v. (Jdand) to punish, 
datti, /. ( Jda) offering, 
dattu, adj. stupid, 
dadati, deti, dajjati, it. (da) to give, grant, allow; dinna 


daddari, m. a sort of drum, 
daddallati, v. to blaze, shine, 
daddu, m. ring-worm, 
daddura, m. a frog. 

dadhati, dahati, v. (Jdha) to put, hold, bear; hita, ppp. 
dadhi, n. milk curds, 
danu, /. mother of the asuras. 
danta, m, a tooth, tusk, ivory. 

dasa 109 

danta-kattha, ; -pona, m. a tooth-stick, tooth-brush. 

dantakara, m. a dentist. 

dantamarhsa, n. the gum. 

dantasatha,. m. the lime, lemon. 

dantahasaka, m. a sour fruit. 

dantavarana, n. the lip. 

danti, m. an elephant. 

dantura, adj. having uneven teeth. 

dappa, m. pride. 

dappana, m. a mirror. 

dabba, u.. object, thing, substance, material, wealth, pro- 

dabbimukhadija, m. a pelican. 

dabbi, /. a spoon. 

dabbha, m. kusa grass. 

dania, m. (is/dam) self-subjugation, self-control. 

damaka, m. (Jdam) one practising self-mortification by 
living on remnants of food. 

damatha, m. (Jdam) self-control, subjugation. 

damila, m. a Tamil, Dravidian. 

darned, cans. (Jdam) to tame, subdue, overcome, convince. 

dampati, m. husband and wife. 

dambha, m. pride, boasting. 

dammati, r. (Jdam) to be tamed, subdued; danta, ppp. 

dayati, v. (Jday) to give, allot, protect. 

daya, /. mercy, compassion. 

dayapanna, "apara, alu, adj. merciful, compassionate. 

dayita. ppp. (Jday) beloved; /. a woman, wife. 

dara, m. pain, suffering. 

dari, /. a cavern, chasm. 

dala, mn. a leaf. 

dali, ml. a clod of earth. 

drilidda, adj. poor, needy. 

dava. m. quick motion, sport, amusement, inflammation, 

davathu, m; davana, n. burning, heat. 

davata, adj. very far. 

davikarana, n. melting. 

dasa, num. ten. 

dasana, m. a tooth. 

dasabala, m. the Buddha possessed of the ten kinds of 

dasa, /. the skirt or border of a garment, period, age. 

no dassati 

dassati, future of dadati. 

dassana, n. (J class) seeing, perception, insight. 

dassaniya, "neyya, adj. beautiful. 

dasseti, caus, to show, point out. 

da ha, m. a lake. 

dahana, n. burning. 

dahara, adj. young. 

dajha, adj. firm, hard; n. adv. firmly, strongly. 

dajhayati, v. ( N 'dah) to make firm, confirm. 

dalhikarana, n. making firm, stiengthening, confirmation. 

datha, /. a canine tooth, tusk, fang. 

data, ppp. (Jda) cut. 

datta, n. a sickle. 

datyuha, m. a gallinule, water-fowl. 

dana, n. (Jda) giving, gift, charity, almsgiving, cutting, 

purification (Jdai). 
danava, m. an asura. 

danasonda, adj. profusely liberal, munificent, 
dani, adv. now. 

dama, n. a rope, string, wreath. 

clayati, v. (>Jda> to give ; aka, m. giver, benefactor, donor, 
dayajja, m. dowry, inheritance, 
dayada, m. a kinsman, heir, 
dara, mf. a wife; *kamma, n. marriage, 
daraka, m. an infant, child, boy; rika, /. a girl, 
darita, ppp.'(*ldar) torn, divided, split, 
claru, *ka, n. wood, 
daruna, adj. severe, terrible, dreadful, 
daruhalidda, /. name of a plant, 
dalima, m. the pomegranate tree, 
dava, m. a forest. 

dasa; m. a slave, servant; *vya, n. slavery, servitude, 
daha, m. (Jdah) burning, torment, 
dahajjara, m. the plague, 
dikka, m. a young elephant, 
dikkha, /. worship, sacrifice, 
digambara, m. a naked iiscetic. 
digu, m. the numeral compound in grammar, 
dinka, m. a nit. 

dicchati, desid. (Jda) to wish to give; v. (Jdis) to see. 
dittha, adj. hostile, hateful; m. an enemy, 
ditthadhamma, m. the present conditions, the present state 

of things. 

du 111 

diithanta, m. example, illustration. 

ditthi, /. ( Jdis) sight, view, the eye, doctrine, opinion. 

ditta, adj. proud, arrogant, blazing, radiant. 

dittalocana, m. a cat. 

ditti, /. (Jdip) splendour, light. 

diddha, ppp. smeared; m. a poisoned arrow. 

didhisu, m. a second husband. 

dina, n. day ; *kara, m. the sun. Dine dine, daily. 

dinarambha, m. morning: avasana, n. evening. 

dindibha, m. a pheasant. 

dibba, adj. (Jdiv) celestial, heavenly, divine. 

dibbati, v. (Jdiv) to play, sport. 

diyaddha, num. one and a half. 

dilira, m. mushroom. 

diva, m. (is/div)-the sky, heaven. 

divasa, mn. a day. 

diva, adv. by day; *kara, m. the sun. 

divabhita, m. an owl, thief, lit. ' day-frightened.' 

clivi, m. a jay. 

divoka, m. a deva. 

disa, m. an enemy ; /. a country, region, point of the 


disampati, m. a king, 
disapamokkha, adj. world-famous, 
dfgha, adj. long. 

dighanikaya, m. the long discourses of the Sutta Pitaka. 
dighapitthika, m. a snake, 
dighavanta, m. the Indian trumpet flower, 
dighasutta, adj. slow, dilatory, 
dighayuka, adj. long-lived, 
dighika, /. a moat, 
dldhiti, /. a ray, light, 
dina, adj. poor, wretched. 

dipa, m. a lamp; mn. island, shelter, nibbana. 
dipaka, m. an island; adj. expounding, illustrating, 
dipakitta, n. lampblack, soot, 
dipakhorl, /. a wick, 
dipali, /. a lights festival, 
dipika, /. a lamp, torch, 
dipl, m. a panther, 
dipeti, caus. (s/dip) to illuminate, illustrate, expound, show, 

declare, publish; pana, adj. and n. 
du, pref. meaning 'bad,' 'difficult.' 

112 duka 

duka, n. a pair, couplet. 

dukula, n. fine cloth. 

dukkata, dukkata, n. (Jkar) an offencej sin. 

dukkara, adj. (Jkar) difficult to perform. 

dukkha, adj. miserable, painful, unpleasant, difficult; n 

pain, suffering; *ta, /. 

dukkhapeti, v. to cause to suffer, afflict; "khita, ppp. 
du-gga, adj. (Jgam) difficult to pass; n. a strong-hold, bai 

du-ggata, adj. (Jgam) distressed, wretched, poor; ti, / 

. distress, 
du-ccarita, adj. (o/car) misbehaved, ill-conducted; n. mis 


dujjana, m. a bad man. 

duttha, ppp. (Jdus) corrupt, wicked, depraved, angry, 
dutthu, adv. ill, badly, 
dutthulla, adj. wicked, lewd, 
dutiya, adj. second. 

du-ddittha, adj. (Jdis) misguided, foolish, 
duddina, n. a cloudy day. 
duddha, n. (*/duh) milk, 
dundubhi, m. a kettle-drum, 
dunnamaka, n. hemorrhoids, 
dubbaca, adj. (Jvac) abusive, obstinate, 
dubbanna, adj. (is/vann) ugly, 
dubbala, adj. weak, 
dubba, /. the earliest grass, 
dubbinlta, adj. (Jni) uncultured, wild, 
dubbutthi, /. (Jvas) drought, 
dubbhaga, adj. (bhaj) unfortunate, 
dubbhikkha, n. famine, 
duma, m. a tree. 

dumuppala, m. the bauhinia plant, 
dumbarika, /. the opposite-leaved fig tree, 
dummati, adj. (Jman) unintelligent, foolish, 
dummana, adj. sad. 

dummukha, adj. foul-mouthed, scurrilous, 
dummedha, adj. foolish, 
durita, n. (Ji) sin. 

durutta, adj. (Jvac) ill-spoken, abusive, 
dussa, n. cloth. 

dussati, v. (Jdus) to offend, wrong; duttha, ppp. 
dussaha, adj. (Jsah) insupportable, violent. 

dovacassa 113 

dussila, adj. immoral, wicked. 

duhita, /. a daughter. 

duta, m. a messenger. 

dura, adj. far, distant, remote. 

duradassana, n. a telescope. 

dtiseti, caus. (Jdus) to pollute, spoil, ruin; saka, adj ; 

sana, n. 

decjdubna, m. a water-snake, 
dendima, m. a kind of drum, 
deti, v. (J da) to give. 

deva, m. a spirit, celestial being, angel, sky^king, death, 
devakaddama, n. fragrant ointment, 
devakamma, n. spirit-worship, 
devakunjara, m. Sakra. 

devakula, n. a non-Buddhist temple, royal family, 
devakusuma, n. cloves. 

devakhata, n. ( Jkhan) a natural pond, lit. ' dug by devas.' 
devatthana, n. (Jtha) a holy place, shrine- 
devata, /. a deva, deity, angel, spirit, 
devatada, asa, m. a Cape jasmine, 
devadatta, m. the cousin of the Buddha, 
devadundubhi, m. ' devas drum, 1 i.e. thunder, 
devaduta, m. a celestial messenger, messenger from death, 
devana, n. (Jdiv) sport, custom, praise, 
devara, rn. a husband's brother, brother-in-law, 
nevasikarh, adv. daily, 
devayudha, n. the rain-bow, 
devalaya, m. a Hindu temple, 
desa, m. a place, region, country, part, side- 
desana, /. (Jdis) instruction, discourse, sermon, 
deseti, caus. (Jdis) to instruct, teach, show, preach; "saka, 

adj ; "sika, m. a preacher, teacher, guide, 
dessa, m. an enemy. 

deha, mn. the body; hT, m. a creature, animal, 
dehada, m. mercury, 
dehadharaka, n. (Jdha) the bone, 
dehadhi, m. a wing, 
dehani, dehali, /. a threshold, 
dona, mn. a measure of capacity, 
doni, /. a trough, tub, coffin, 
domanassa, n. grief, sadness, 
dola, /. a swing, palanquin, 
dovacassa, n; *ta, /. (from dubbaca) obstinacy. 

ii4- clovarika 

dovarika, m. a gale-keeper, porter. 

dosa, m. (Jdus) offence, crime, defect, injury, damage, 

hate, anger. 

dosannu, adj. (Jfia) expert, wise, physician, 
dosina, adj- moonlit, 
dohati, v. (Jduh) to milk; a, m. milk ; duddha, ppp ; duyhati, 


dohala, m. longing, desire; "Jini, /. a pregnant woman, 
drava, m. liquid, 
dravaja, m. molasses, 
dravarasa, / lac. 
dvanda, n. a couple; m. a copulative compound; *can, m. 

the ruddy goose. 

dvaya, adj. of two kinds ; n. a pair, couple, 
dvapara, n. one of the yugas or great periods. 

dvara, n. a door, gate, entrance, avenue. 

dvarakotthaka, m. gate-towers- 

dvarabandhana, n. the terrace before a house, house-front. 

dvarabaha, /. door-post. 

dvi, pref. two. 

dvikakuda, m. a camel. 

dvija, adj. twice-born; m. a brahmin, bird, tooth. 

dvijivha, adj. double-tongued, treacherous ; m. a snake. 

dviduggama, m. a four-legged creature. 

dvidhapatha, m. a road-junction, misgiving, doubt. 

dvipa, dvirada, m. an elephant. 

dvirutta, adj. (Jvac) stammering, stuttering. 

dva, duve, num. two. 

dvejjha, n. duplicity. 

dvelhaka, n. doubt. 

dharhseti, v. (Jdhams) to fell, destroy; "saka, si, adj. des- 

dhahka, m. a crow. 

dhaja, m. a flag, mark, symbol ; jini, /. an army ; jalu, adj. 
adorned with flags. 

dhaji, m. a signaller, peacock, brahmin, chariot. 

dhanfia, M. grain, corn; adj. fortunate, lucky; *masa, m. 
measure of a grain. 

dhannambila, n. sour rice-gruel. 

dhana, n. wealth, property, treasure. 

dhanagama, m. revenue. 

dhanika, m. a lender, creditor. 

dhani, m; *ta, n. a sound, noise- 

dhaiuratha 115 

dhanlvaka, >?. the coriander seed. 

dhanu, n. a bow, a measure of four cubits; *ggaha, m. an 


dhanumagga, m. a crooked road, 
dhanvantari, m. the sun. 
dhamaka, m. a blacksmith. 

dhamati, i'. (^dham) to blow (a musical instrument, etc.) 
dhamana, m. a reed, 
dhamani, /. a vein, nerve, 
dhamma, mn. (N-'dhari nature, quality, phenomenon, object, 

thing, doctrine, law, virtue, justice, religion, the scrip- 

dhammakarana, n. ;i water-filter, 
dhammakkhandha, m- branch or unit of doctrine. 
dhammacakka, n. wheel or dominion of the law, kingdom of 


dhammacakkhu, n. the eye of the law. 
dhammacariya, /. religious life, piety, 
dhammattha, adj. (Jtha) just, righteous; m. a judge, 
dhammata, / nature, custom, habit, 
dhammani, m. a rat-snake, 
dhammapatani, /. the first wife, faithful wife, 
dammadhikara, m. a court of justice, parliament; ri, m. a 


dhammasana, n. a pulpit- 
dhammilla, m. braided hair, 
dharana, m. the sun, world, rice; n. bearing, a weight 


dharani, /. the earth, 
dharati, v. (Jdhar) to live, 
dharadhara, m. a mountain, 
dhava, m. a husband, man. 
dhavala, adj. white, glistening, 
dhati, /. a nurse, woman servant, 
dhatu, mf. primary substance, element, property of an 

element, remains of the body after cremation, sacred 

relic, metal. 

dhatugabbha, m. a relic-chamber, reliquary, 
dhatughata, n. vinegar. 
dhatuppadipa, m. electric light, 
dhatumarini, m/n. borax, 
dhatuyana, m. a motor car. 
dhatu ratha, m. an electric tram-car. 

Ii6 dhatuveri 

dhatuverl, m. brimstone, sulphur. 

dhatusekhara, m. green vitriol. 

dhana, /. fried barley. 

dhani, /. the coriander plant, granary, abode. 

dhama, n. the body, horse, house. 

dharaka, m. a water-pot. 

dhara, /. a torrent, stream, shower, edge of a sharp instru- 

dharadhara, m. a cloud, sword. 

dhavati, v. (Jdhav) to run; ana, n. 

dhikkara, m. disrespect, reviling. 

dhiti, /. wisdom, fortitude, courage. 

dhi, /. knowledge, intellect ; inter j. fie ! shame ! 

dhmt, /. a daughter. 

dhinia, adj. wise. 

dhira, adj. wise, resolute, brave. 

dhirakkhanda, m. a buffalo. 

dhlvara, m. a fisherman. 

dhuta, ppp. (iJdhu) shaken off, removed; anga, n. an 
ascetic practice. 

dhutta, adj. fraudulent ; m. a gamester. 

dhunati, v. (Jdhu) to shake off, remove. 

dhura, mn. a yoke, burden, trust, chief, front, head ; /. a 
load, burden. 

dhurandhara, m. a beast of burden, office-bearer. 

dhuva, adj. firm, stable, permanent, certain ; adv. n. firmly. 

dhuta, m. the wind, swindler. 

dhupa, m. incense. 

dhiipati, dhupayati, v. (Jdhup) to fumigate, spit smoke; 
pita, Ppp. suffering pain, heated. 

dhupanga, m. turpentine, pitch. 

dhupika, /. hoar-frost. 

dhuma, m. smoke, cremation of a dead body; *ketu, m. fire, 

dhumika, /. dew, frost. 

dhumyata, m. the fork-tailed shrike. 

dhulaka, /. poison. 

dhuli, /. dust. 

dhulikuttima, n. a mound of earth, dam. 

dhuliddhaja, m. the wind. 

dhusara, adj. grey. 

dhenu, /. a milch cow. 

dheyya, n. (i7dha) realm, region. 

namassati 117 

dhevata, m. one of the Hindu musical notes. 

dhorani, /. a traditional saying. 

dhorayha, m. a beast of burden; *sila, mfn. patience, 

dhovati, v. ( Jdhav) to wash, cleanse ; "ana, n ; dhota, ppp. 


na, neg. not. 

nakuta, n. the nostril. 

nakula, m. a mungoose. 

nakka, m. a crocodile. 

nakkhatta, n. a star, constellation. 

nakha, mn. a nail of the finger or toe. 

nakhadarana, m. a hawk. 

nakhayudha, m. a tiger, lion. 

naga, m. a mountain, tree. 

nagara, n. a town, city; *sobhinl, n. a harlot. 

nagga, adj. naked; *cariya, /. going naked. 

narigala, n. a plough. 

nanguttha, n. the tail of an animal. 

naccati, v. (Jnat) to dance; a, n; aka, adj. 

nata, *ka, m. a dancer, acrobat. 

natapattika, /. the brinjal. 

natta, n. dancing (s/nat); *ka, m. a dancer, acrobat. 

nattha, ppp. (Jnas) lost, destroyed, ruined. 

natta, m. a grandson, descendant. 

natthu, /. the nose. 

nadati, v. (Jnad) to sound, shout, roar. 

nadl, /. a river. 

naddha, ppp. (Jnah) bound, fastened. 

nananda, /. a husband's sister. 

nanu, a particle used in asking questions expecting an 

affirmative answer. 

nandati, T. (Jnancl) to be pleased, rejoice; r 'ana, n. 
nandi, /. (Jnand) joy. 
nandl, /. a leather thong or strap, 
napurhsaka, adj. of no sex, of neuter gender, 
nabha, mn. the sky, the air; *cara, m. a bird, cloud, 
nabhi, m. a cart. 

namakkara, m. veneration, worship. 

namati, -y. (Jnam) to bow, be inclined; Wti, cans, to bend, 
namassati, v. to honour, worship, revere; sita, ppp; sa, /. 

ii8 namuci 

namuci, m. name of Mara. 

namo, w. honour, reverence, salutation. 

nammada, /. the river Xerbudda. 

nava, m. (Jni) guidance, conduct, policy, method, infer- 
ence; nayato, adv. by implication. 

nayati,' neti, (Jni) to lead, guide, conduct, infer; "ana, n 
the eye; nita, ppp. 

nara, m. a man ; *siha, ra. lion among men, greatest of men 

naraka, m. hell. 

naranga, in. a pimple. 

naramalinl, /. a woman growing a beard. 

nala, nal.a, m. a reed, cane, rush ; *kara, m. basket maker. 

nalada, /. honey. 

nalamina, m. a prawn. 

nalata, n. the forehead. 

nalina, n. a lotus flower; nl, /. a lotus pond. 

nava, num. nine: adj. new, fresh. 

navanlta, n. butter. 

navamalika, /. the Arabian jasmine. 

navina, adj. new, fresh. 

navuti, num. ninety. 

nassati, v. (Jnas) to perish, disappear; nattha, ppp. 

nahataka, m. (Jnha) 'bathed i.e., one whose sins are washec 
away, who has finished his course of spiritual training 

nahayati, v.(^nha) to bathe; nahata, Ppp. 

nahuta, n. a vast number. 

naka, m. heaven. 

naga, tn.a serpent, snake, dragon, elephant, iron-wood tree 

nagajivana, m. tin. 

nagara, m. a townsman, citizen. 

nagalata, nagavalli, /. the betel virie. 

nataka, m. (Jnat) a dancer. 

natika, /. time, hour. 

natya, n. (Jnat) scenic art, drama. 

natha, m. a protector, saviour, lord, master. 

nada, m. (Jnad) a sound, cry, shout. 

nanata, /; nanatta, n. variety, diversity. 

nana, indecl. various, diverse, different; *kara, m. differ 

nanarupa, adj. different, various, diverse. 

nabhi, /. the navel, nave of a wheel, centre. 

nama, ad r c. namely, indeed; 11 . a name, noun. 

nikkliipaii 1 19 

niiniadheyya, 11. name, appellation. 

niiyaka, m. (Jm) a chief, lord. 

naraka, m. a hell-being, one suffering in hell. 

naranga, m. an orange tree. 

naraca, tn. an iron weapon. 

naradha, m. a pointed iron ; /. a small pair of scales. 

nan, /. a woman. 

nala, n. the stalk of a water-lily, tube. 

nali, mili, /. a stalk, tube, pipe, a measure of capacity. 

nfdindhama, m. a goldsmith. 

niilipatta, m. a covering for the head, cap. 

nava, /. a ship, boat; *pakkha, m. a sail. 

navika, w. a sailor, pilot. 

nasa, m. ( Jnas) loss, ruin. 

nasanariga, n. a sin involving expulsion from the Order. 

nasa, nasika,/. the nose. 

nalikera, m. the cocoanut tree. 

ni, and before a vowel nir, prcf. with a negative or pri- 
vative force. 

nikata, adj. near. 

nikatthe, adv. loc. near, shortly, soon. 

nikata, />/>. (Jkar) base, ignoble, stingy; ti, /. baseness, 

nikanti, /. (is/kam) desire, wish. 

nikara, m. a multitude, quantity. 

nikasa, m. a touchstone, whetstone. 

nikameti, v. (iJkam) to long for, care for, desire; ma, m. 
desire; marii, adv. voluntarily, willingly.. 

nikaya, m. a multitude, collection, group, house. 

nikasa, adv. resembling. 

nikittha, adj. vile, base, low. 

nikujjita, ad;, overturned, upside down. 

nikufija, mn. a thicket, bower. 

niketa, m ; *na, n. a house, dwelling. 

nikkackjhati, v. (Jkaddh) to expel, dismiss, cast out. 

nikkasava, adj. free from sin. 

nikkesa, adj. bald. 

nikkha, mn. gold, gold ornament. 

nikhanati, v. (^khan) to dig, bury; ppp. nikhata. 

nikkhamati. v. ( Jkam) to go out, set out, depart ; nikkhanta, 
ppp ; a, m ; ana, n. 

nikkhipati, i). (Jkhip) to put down, throw aside, keep, 
deposit; ana, n; nikkhepa, w. deposit; nikkhitta, ppp. 

120 nikhila 

nikhila, adj. entire, all. 

nigacchati, v. (Jgam) to enter, undergo. 

nigantha, m. a naked ascetic. 

nigadati, v. (Jgad) to tell, declare, explain; a, m. speech. 

nigama, m. a iu\vn, the Veda. 

nigala, m. a chain, fetter. 

niguhita, ppp. (*Jguh) covered, concealed. 

nigganhati, if. (iJg-ih) to subdue, coerce, rebuke, punish; 

hana, n; niggaha, m. coercion, punishment ; niggahita, 

PPP; niggayha, ger. 

niggata, ppp. (Jgam) departed, gone out. 
niggundl, /. name of a shrub, 
nigghosa, m. noise, uproar, 
nigrodha, m. the banyan tree, 
nigha, m. a tree. 

nighandu, m. a vocabulary, lexicon, dictionary, 
nighateti, T. to kill, destroy, 
nirika, m. a sort of deer, sheep, 
nicaya, m. (Jci) a heap, accumulation, 
nicita, ppp. (Wei) piled up. 
nicula, m. a kind of evergreen tree, 
nicca, adj. perpetual, lasting. 
niccala, adj. firm, steady, immovable, 
nicchaya, m. (*Jci) decision, conviction, ascertainment, 
niccharati, v. (Jcar) to proceed, go out. Vdcarh *,to utter 

nicchinati, v. (Jci) to ascertain, decide, resolve, inquire; 

a ita, ppp* 
nija, adj. own. 

nijigirhsati, v. to wish to take, covet ; "sana, /; "sita, adj. 
nijjata, adj. disentangled, 
nijjara, adj. not growing old ; m. a deva. 
nijjivha, m. a water-fowl, 
nijjhara, m. a cascade, 
nijjhana, n. insight, perception, 
nittha, /. (Jtha) completion, end, disappearance. Nitlhath 

gacchati, to come to a conclusion. 

nitthati, v. (Jtha)to finish, terminate; nitthita, ppp; ana, n. 
nitthubhati, v. to spit out. 
nitthura, adj. harsh, hard, 
niddha, n. a nest. 

ninnaya, m. decision, inquiry, consultation, 
nitamba, m. the buttocks, slope of a hill or bank* 


nitararh, adv. everytime. 

nittala, adj. ' not flat,' spherical. 

nittharati, V. to get across, escape; ana, n; nitthinna, 

nitthunati, v. (Jthun) to bewail* 

nida, m. poison. 

nidasseti, i>. (Jdis) to point out, show, indicate, advise; 

sana, n. 

nidahati, nidadhati, nidheti, V. (.Jdah, dha) to deposit, en- 
shrine, hide; nihita, ppp; nidhaya, ger. 
nidagha, m. the hot season, drought, heat, 
nidana, n. origin, source, introduction, 
nididdhika, /. a sort of the egg-plant, 
niddaya, adj. merciless, 
niddara, adj. painless, 
nidda, /. sleep, slumber, sloth, 
niddayati, v. to sleep ; ana, n. 
niddalu, asili, adj. sleepy, slothful, 
niddisati, v. (Jdis) to point out, mention, describe, explain ; 

"ittha, ppp; niddesa, m. 
niddhana, adj. poor. 

niddhamati, v. to remove, get rid of; niddhanta, ppp. 
niddharana, n. singling out, specifying, 
niddhunaka, n. throwing about the hands in eating, 
niddhota, ppp. (Jdhav) washed, clean, 
niddhana, mn. death, 
nidhana, n. depositing, treasure, receptacle, store j *va, adj. 


nidhi, m. (Jdha) a receptacle, treasure, 
nidhura, m. a bracelet, 
ninada, m. (Jnad) noise, 
nindati, v. (Jnind) to blame, despise, 
ninda, /. blame, abuse, reproach, 
nindu, /. mother of a still-born child. 

ninna, adj. lowlying ; n. depth, low ground; *ga, /. a river. 
ninnaya, m. certainty, 
ninnahuta, n. a high numeral, 
ninnada, m. (Jnad) echo, 
ninnejaka, m. a washerman. 
nipa mn. a waterpot. 

nipaka, adj. experienced, prudent, mature, 
nipaccati, pass. (Jpac) to be settled, laid down, 
nipaccakara, m. subjection, servitude, 
nipatha, nipa{ha, m. (Jpajh) reading, studying, reader. 


122 nipatati 

nipatati, v. (Jpat) to fall down, descend, rush about. 

nipanna, ppp. (Jpad) lying down. 

nipata, m. ( jpat) descending, a particle or indeclinable. 

nipuna, adj. subtle, clever, abstruse. 

nippakka, adj. (Jpac) boiled, infused. 

nippajjati, i>.(*/pad)tobe accomplished, succeed; nipphanna, 


nippava, m. winnowing, clearing, 
nipplleti, V. (Jpil) to vex, oppress; iana, n. 
nippesika, m. a slanderer, 
nipphala, adj. fruitless, useless, 
nipphadeti, cans. (Jpad) to accomplish, perform; dana, n; 

dita, ppp- 

nibaddharh, adv. continually, constantly, always, 
nibandhati, v. (Jbandh) to bind, continue; a, m; ana, n. 
nibba, n. the eaves of a roof, 
nibbattati, v. (Jvatt) to spring up, arise, be born; a, ppp; 

"ana, n; nibbatti, /. birth. 

nibbana, *tha, nibbana, adj. free from the corruptions, sins, 
nibbandhati, v. (Jbandh) to press hard, keep a firm hold on. 
nibbati, nibbayati, v. (Jva) to be extinguished or calm, cease ; 

nibbuta, ppp. 
nibbana, v. (*/va) arhantship, sanctity, cessation of human 


nibbikara, adj. unchanged, free from emotion, 
nibbikkheparh, adv. without confusion, 
nibbijjati, v. (Jvid) to be disgusted, wearied of the world, 
nibbijjhati, v. (iJvidh) to pierce, transfix, wound; nibbiddha, 

nibbida, /. (^vid) disgust or weariness of the world, 
nibbindati, v. (Jvid) to be disgusted, wearied of the world; 

nibbinna, ppp. 
nibbuddha, n. wrestling, 
nibbuti, /. peace; tranquillity, calm. 

nibbe^heti, v. (Jveth) to untwist, unravel, deny; "thana, n. 
nibbedheti, cans. (Jvidh) to pierce, penetrate; dha, m; 

dhaka, adj. 

nibbematika, adj. unanimous, 
nibbesa, m. wages, salary, 
nibbhararii, adv. excessively, ardently, 
nibha, adj. like, resembling, 
nima, m. a short stake driven in the ground to mark the site 

of a building or to catch something stretched out. 

nirakula 123 

nimanteti, v. (Jmant) to invite, offer; nimantana, n. 

nimi, ra. the circumference of a circle. 

nimitta, n. a sign, mark, token, reason. 

nimisa, ra. the closing of the eyes, a moment. 

nimlleti, v. to close the eyes. 

nimba, w. the nimb tree. 

nimbuka, in. the orange tree. 

nimmathita, ppp. (Jmath) stirred, agitated. 

nimmaddeti, v. (Jmad) to crush, subdue; dana, n. 

nimmanthya, adj. to be stirred or rubbed. 

nimmala, adj. stainless. 

nimmata, m. ( Jma) a creator. 

nimminati, nimmayati, v. (Jma) to create, fashion, make; 

nimmita, ppp. 

nimmujjati, v. to sink, plunge, dive ; nimmugga, ppp. 
nimmoka, m. the slough or cast-off skin of a snake, 
niya, adj. own. 

niyata, ppp. (Jyam) fixed, certain, temperate, assured, 
niyati, /. destiny, fate, 
niyanta, m. a guide, steersman. 

niyameti, v. ( Jyam) to fix, ordain, restran ; ma, m; mana,w. 
niyama, m. way, manner, fixed order; *ka, m. a sailor, 


niyutta, ppp- attached, joined, 
niyura, m. a bracelet. 

niyoga, m % (^yuj) injunction, order, appointment, 
niyojeti, cans. (Jyuj) to appoint, enjoin, ordain, decree; 

jana, n. 

niyyati, v. (Jya) to go out, depart, 
niyyadeti, cans, to restore, give back, 
niyy^na, n. (Jya) setting out, departure, 
niyyanika, adj. leading out to salvation, 
niyyasa, m. gum, resin, juice, 
niyyuha, m. a crest, clothes-peg, gum, sap, door, 
niraggala, adj. unobstructed, 
nirata, />/>/>. (Jram) pleased, delighted, 
nirattha, *ka, adj. useless, vain, 
nirantararh, adv. without interval, continuously, 
niraya, m. hell. 

niravasesa, adj. without a reminder, all. 
nirasana, n. rejection ; adj. fasting, 
nirakati, /. rejection, contradiction, 
nirakula, adj. undisturbed, tranquil. 

124 niratanka 

niratarika, adj. free from disquiet, safe. 

niratapa, /. night. 

niramaya, adj. healthy. 

niramisa, adj. free from the fleshy needs of the world, 


nirujjhati, v. (.Jrudh) to cease, perish ; niruddha, ppp. 
nirutti, /. glossology, derivation of words, 
nirupakara, adj. useless, 
niroja, adj. tasteless, 
nirodha, ra. ( Jrudh) cessation, nibbana. 
nilaya, m. a dwelling, abode, nest. 

niliyati, v. (Jli) to settle down, alight, hide; nilina, ppp. 
nillajja, adj. shameless, 
nillehaka, m. (Jleh) licking, 
nillopa, m. (Jlup) plundering, 
nivattati, v. (.Jvatt) to turn back, return, depart, halt, cease; 

ana, n; nivatta, ppp ; nivatti, /. 
nivattha, ppp. (Jvas) dressed, 
nivara, /. a virgin. 

nivasati, v. (ijvas) to dwell, live; nivuttha, ppp. 
nivaha, m. a multitude, quantity, 
nivata, m. lowliness, meekness, 
nivapa, m. spirit-offering, charity, provision, food, 
nivara, m. prevention. 

nivareti, v. to keep ofT, prevent, hinder, ; rana, n. 
nivasa, m; *na, n. residence, abode. 

nivaseti, v. to put on, dress; caus. (Jvas) to cause to dwell, 
nivisati, v. (Jvis) to Settle, encamp; nivittha, ppp. 
nivuta, ppp. hindered, surrounded, 
nivuttha, ppp. (N/vas) inhabited, 
nivedeti, caus. ("Jvid) to inform, announce, relate; dana, 

n; di, adj. 
niveseti, caus. (Jvis) to introduce, place, establish, build; 

sana, n. residence, 
nisagga, m. natural state, nature, 
nisajja, /. (Jsad) sitting, session, 
nisada, mf. a grindstonee. 
nisanti, /. careful attention, observation, 
nisanda, m. result, consequence, 
nisammakari, adj. careful, cercumspect. 
nisa, /. night; *kara, m. the moon ; *cara, m. a ghost, thief, 
nisajala, n. frost, dew. 
nisada, m. a musical note, sound. 

nfgha 125 

nisadassl, m. a cat, tiger, owl. 

nisadi, /. evening. 

nisameti, cans, to attend, listen to, mind, observe; mana, n. 

nisaratana, m. the moon. 

nisita, ppp. sharpened, whetted. 

nisinna, ppp. (Jsid) seated, settled. 

nisltha, m. midnight. 

nisidati, v. (Jsid) to sit down, settle, alight; ana, n. 

nisudana, n. destroying, slaughter. 

nisedheti, v. to prevent, prohibit, dissuade; nisedha, m; 

"dhana, n. 

nisevati, v. (Jsev) to serve, follow, practise, resort to. 
nissarhsaya, adj. undoubted, certain, 
nissakka, m. the ablative case, 
nissakkana, n. going out. 
nissagga, m. (Jsaj) giving up, abandonment, 
nissajjati, v. ( Jsaj) to give up, abandon, surrender; ana, n. 
nissatta, adj. unsubstantial, powerless, 
nissana, m. a sound, noise, 
nissanda, m. consequence, result, 
nissaya, m. shelter, help, protection, requisite, gloss, 
nissayati, v. (Jsi) to depend on, belong to. 
nissarati, v. (^sar) to depart, escape; "ana, n. departure, 

outcome, result, salvation. 

nissaya, ger. (Jsi) dependent upon, near, on account of. 
nissara, adj. sapless, 
nissarana, n. expulsion, 
nissava, m. the scum of boiled rice. 
nissasa, m. (Jsas) breath, 
nissita, ppp. (Jsi) dependent on, connected with, devoted 

to; *ka, m. a pupil, adherent, 
nissirika, adj. inglorious, unfortunate, ill-fated, 
nisslma, adj. outside the boundary, 
nissila, adj. irreligious, 
nisseni, /. a ladder, stairs, 
nissesa, adj. (Jsis) without a remainder, all, entire ; *to, adv. 

hihanti, v. (^han) to. destroy, put an end to, settle; nihata, 

ppp. (Jhan). 

nihita, ppp. (Jdha)laid down, treasured up. 
nihina, ppp. (Jha) low, vile, mean, 
nihiyati, pass. (Jha) to deteriorate, decay, 
nlgha, m. grief, suffering, woe. 


nica, adj. low (not high), inferior. 

mcabhojja, m. onion. 

nlta, ppp. (Jni) led, inferred; attha, natural meaning. 

nfti, /. (Jni) guidance, behaviour, pratice, polity ; *sattha, n. 


nipa, m. a species of asoka tree, 
nlra, n. water. 

nlla, adj. dark blue, blue-green, 
nilagiva, m. a peacock, 
nilabha, m. the moon, beetle, 
nilaloha, n. steel, 
nllasappa, m. a whip-snake, 
nilika, /. moss, indigo, 
nilini, mil, /. the indigo plant, 
nivarana, n. (Jvar) hindrance, obstacle, 
nivara, m. wild paddy, 
nisara, m. a blanket, curtain, 
nlharati, v. (Jhar) to draw out, remove, release; ana, n; 

nlhata, ppp. 

nihara, m. way, manner, fog, frost, 
nu, indecl. now, pray ! I wonder. 

nudati, v. (Jnud) to dispel, remove, put away ; riutta, nurina, 
ppp ; "ana, n; a, aka, adj. 

nuta, PPp. praised. 

nuti, /. praise. 

nutana, adj. new, fresh. 

numi, /.the prickly-pear. 

nuna, adv. surely, I suppose. 

nupura, m. an anklet. 

neka, *ka, adj. several, many. 

nekatika, adj. fallacious, dishonest. 

nekayika, adj. versed in the Nikayas. 

nekkhamma, n. (Jkam) forsaking, renouncing the world, 
entering the monkhood. 

negama, m. a townsman, trader, produce. 

neta, m. (Jni)a guide, leader. 

neti, see nayati. 

netta, n. the eye; *tara, /. the pupil of the eye. 

nettika, m. one who makes conduits for irrigating rice-fields. 

nettimsa, adj. merciless; m. a sword. 

nepakka, n. prudence, discrimination. 

nepaccha, n. adornment of the person, costume. 

riepunna, n. cleverness. 

pakkamati 127 

nenii, /. the circumference of a wheel. 

nemittaka, m. a fortune-teller. 

neyyayika, m. a student of the Nyaya philosophy, dailec- 

nerayika, m. a hell-being, one suffering in hell. 

neru, m. Meru. 

neruttika, m. an etymologist, philologist. 

nevasaflnanasanna, /. neither consciousness nor non-con- 

hevasika, adj. (Jvas) inhabiting. 

nesajjika, . practice of the sitting posture. 

nesada, m. a hunter, fisherman. 

nela, adj. innocent, blameless. 

no, indecL no, not; p?on. a substitute for the oblique cases 
plural of the first person pronoun. 

no ce, adv. if not. 

nonlta, n. see navanita. 

nyasa, m. a deposit, pledge, mortgage, multitude. 

nharu, mn. a vein, artery. 

pariisu, m. dust, dirt; *kulika, m. one who wears clothes 

made of rags taken from a dust heap, 
pa, pref. meaning ' forth', ' away/ 
pakattha, adj. excellent, eminent, prominent, 
pakanda, m. the trunk of a tree. 

pakati, /. origin, natural state, the crude stem of a word, 
pakampita, PPP> (Jkamp) shaken, 
pakarana, .. dissertation, thesis, literary composition, 
pakaroti, v. (Jkar) to make, perform, 
pakara, m. sort, kind, manner, 
pakasati, v. (Jkas) to become clear,. visible; seti, cans, to 

explain, declare ; "sana, n; "saka, adj. 
pakinnaka, adj. particular, miscellaneous, 
pakitteti, v. ( Jkitt) to proclaim, 
pakujjhati, v. (Jkudh) to be angry, 
pakuppati, v. ( Jkup) to be angry, 
pakottha, m.. the fore-arm, 
pakoti, /. a high numeral. - - 

pakopa, m. ( Jkup) anger, fury, ebullition, effervescence, 
pakka, ppp* (Jpac) cooked, mature, ripe, 
pakkamati, v. (Jkam) to depart, start, set out; ma tj m. 

128 pakkosati 

pakkosati, v. (Jkus) to call, summon, send for; ana, /. 

pakkha, ra. a cripple, wing, side, faction, fortnight. 

pakkhantara, adj. of the opposite party, changeable. 

pakkhandati,fl.(Jkhand) to.spfing forth ; nta, ppp ; ana, n. 

pakkhandika, /. diarrhoea, dysentery. 

pakkhandl, adj. bold, braggart. 

pakkhapata, m. paralytic attack. 

pakkhapasa, m. the kyestone of a roof, duck's feather. 

pakkhabilala, m. a flying fox. 

pakkhalati, v. (Jkhal) to trip, stumble, stagger. 

pakkhaleti, v. to wash, cleanse. 

pakkhika, adj. belonging to a party; m. a fowler. 

pakkhipati, -u. ( Jkhip) to throw, insert; interpolate; itta 


pakkhf, m. a bird. 

pakkhepa, m\ *na, n. insertion, interpolation, 
pakhuma, n. an eyelash, 
pagabbha, adj. impudent, forward, bold, 
pagamana, n. (*J gam) moving off, going away, 
paguna, adj. straight, familiar, known by heart ; am karoti, 

to learn by heart, 
pagumba, m. forest, jungle. 
page, adv. in the morning, early, 
pageva, adv. much more, 
pagganhati, v. (Jgah) to hold out, exert, grasp, favour, 

uphold, support; paggahita, ppp. 

paggaha, m. (Jgah) energy, striving, favour, patronage, 
paggharati, v. (Jghar) to ooze, trickle; "ana, n. 
paghana, m. a covered terrace before a house, 
pahka, mn. mud, sin; *ja, n. a lotus; *danta, m. a hermit, 
paiikeruha, n. a lotus, 
pahgu, *la, adj. lame, crippled, 
pacanc^ati, v. (Jcand) to be furious, 
pacati, v. (Jpac) to cook, dress, food; paccati, pass, to be 

tormented; "ana, n; pakka, pacita, ppp. 
pacaya, m. ( Jci) a heap, accumulation, 
pacara, m. (Jcar) wandering, a road, 
pacala, adj. ( Jcal) shaking, trembling, 
pacalayika, /. nodding, dozing, 
paca, /. (Jpac) ripeness, maturity, 
pacita, m. (.Jpac) a cook. 

pacinati, v. (s/ci) to gather, pick, collect; pacessati, jut. 
pacura, adj. much, many, frequent. 

paccupatthan.i 12C) 

paccakkosati, v. (Jkus) to revile in return, recriminate; 

ana, n. 

paccakkha, adj. visible, evident, present, 
paccakkhati, v. (Jkha) to refuse, deny, repudiate; ana, n. 
paccaggha, adj. new. 
paccariga, n. minor limb, minor requisite, 
paccatta, adv. singly, individually, 
paccattharana, n. (Jthar) a carpet, cushion, mat. 
paccatthika, adj. hostile, adverse ; m. an enemy, 
paccanlka, adj. hostile, adverse, 
paccambhoti, v. (Jbhu) to enjoy one by one. 
paccanta, adj. bordering on, adjacent; arh, adv. finally, 
paccantima, adj. bordering on, adjacent, 
paccaya, m. cause, requisite, motive, conviction, trust, gram- 

matical affix. 

paccayakara, m. causal chain, chain of causation, 
paccayika, adj. trusting, trusworthy. 
paccarl, /. a raft, 
paccavekkhati, v. (Jikkh) to reflect, contemplate, look at; 


ana, n. 

paccagacchati, v. (Jgam) lo return; "gamana, n. 
paccacikkhati, v. (Jcikkh) to repudiate, reject, 
paccajayati, v. (/ja) to be reborn, 
paccadana, n. (*Jda) taking back. 
pacCadesa, m. (Jdis) refusal, rejection, 
paccamitta, m. an enemy, adversary, 
paccaya, m. revenue, tax. 
paccavattana, n. (Jvatt) retreating, receding, 
paccaroceti, v. (Jruc) to say in return, 
paccasanna, adj. near, 
paccasa, /. hope, expectation. 

paccasimsati, v. (Jsaiiis) to desire, expect, look for. 
paccaharh, adv. daily, 
paccaharati, v. (^har) to bring back, take back; hara, m. 

paccuggacchati, v. (Jgam) to go out to meet, set out; 

gamana, n. 
paccutthati, v. (^tha) to rise (in token of respect), reappear; 

ana, n. 

paccuttara, n. reply. 

paccudavattati, ?>. (pati + ud + a Jvatt) to retreat. 
paccupakara, m. (pati-f-upa Jkar) service in return, requital, 
paccupatthana, n, manifestation, visible appearance. 


130 paccupatthapeti 

paccupatthapeti, v. (pati + upaJtha) to provide, obtain; 

"thita, PPp. imminent, approaching. 

paccuppanna, ppp. (pati + udWpad) existing, ready, present, 
paccusa, m. morning, dawn, 
paccuha, m. an obstacle. 

pacceka, adj. (pati + eka) single, each one, individual, 
pacceti, v. (patiji) to return, come back; patita, ppp. 
paccoruhati, v. (pati + ON/ruh) to come down again, 
paccosakkati, v. to retreat, 
pacchada, m. (Jehad) cover, awning. 

paccha, pacchato, adv. behind, back, afterwards, westwards, 
pacchatapa, m; pacchanutapana, n. (Jtap) repentance, 


pacchanipati, adj. retiring to bed after another, 
pacchanubandha, m. (Jbandh) closely following, 
pacchabandha, m. rudder-box, 
pacchabhattarh, adv. after meal, in the afternoon, 
pacchabhattika, m. one who eats a late meal, 
pacchabhaga, m. (Jbhaj) the hind quarters, 
pacchamukha, adj. looking westward, 
pacchaya, fn. a dense shade, 
pacchasamana, m. an attendant novice, 
pacchi, /. a basket. 

pacchijjati, pass. (Jchid) to be cut off, to cease ; inna, ppp. 
pacchima, 'adj. last, western, 
pajappa, m. (Jjapp) muttering, jabbering, 
pajahati, v. (Jha) to forsake, give up, escape; pahlna, ppp. 
paja, /. progeny, race, mankind, 
pajana, n. (Jna) knowledge, 
pajanati, v. (Jna) to know, understand, discern; pafinata, 

ppp; pannayati, pass. 
pajapati, m. Brahman, Mara ; /. a wife, 
pajja, m. dress, road; n. a verse, water for the feet, 
pajjalati, v. ( Jjal) to burn, blaze, 
pajjunna, m. a cloud, 
pajjotati, v. (J jut) to shine; 'a, m. light, lamp, lustre; 

aka, adj. 

paftca, num. five, 
paficagutta, m. a tortoise, 
pancasikha, m. name of a heavenly musician, 
pancassa, m, a lion, 
pancapa, m/n. the Punjab, 
panjara, mn. a cage, frarne. 

patirrhnda 131 

pafijalika, adj. raising the joined hands to the forehead in 

pannatti, /.declaration, enactment, ordinance, precept, regu- 

panna, /. (Jna) knowledge, wisdom, understanding. 

pannana, n. a mark, sign, knowledge. 

pannapeti, (cans, pajandti) to make known, declare, appoint ; 
pannatta, ppp- 

pannayati, (pass, pajdndti) to be known, to appear, exist. 

pannasa, num. fifty. 

panha, m. a question. 

pata, mn. cloth, garment. 

patanga, m. a moth, grasshopper. 

patala, n. a covering, membrane, thatch, heap. 

pataha, m. a kettledrum. 

pati, pref. towards, against, back, in return. 

patikarikhati, v. (Jkarikh) to expect, await. 

patikamma, n. cure, repairs, atonement. 

patikaroti, v. (Jkar) to make amends, repair; kara, n. 

patikassana, n. drawing back. 

patika, /. white woollen cloth. 

patikujjeti, v. to cover (as a bowl.) 

patikutati, v. (Jkut) to bow, bend. 

patikkamati, v. (Jkam)to retreat, depart, step back;kanta, 
ppp ; "a, m. reverse order. 

patikkula, adj. contrary, disagreeable. 

patikkosati, v. (Jkus) to blame, revile, scorn; ana, n. 

patikkhanam, adv. every moment. 

patikkhipati, v. (Jkhip) to refuse, oppose; khepa, m. 

patikhamapita, ppp. (Jkham) forgiven in return. 

patiganhati, v. (Jgah) to take, receive, welcome, assent ; 
"ggahana, n; ggaha, m; "ggahita, Ppp- 

patigha, mn. anger, hatred. 

patighata, m. concussion, repulsion. 

P a t'gfc s a, m. (Jghus) echo. 

paticikkhati, v. ( Jcikkh) to resolve. 

paticodeti, cans. (Jcud) to blame, reprove. 

paticca, ger. (Ji) on account of, by reason of. 

paticcasamuppada, m. chain of causation, causal genesis. 

paticchati, v. ( Jis) to take, receive. 

paticchada, m._ (Jehad) a covering, shelter. 

132 paticchadeti 

paticchadeti, v. (Jehad) to cover, conceal, deny, clothe one- 
self ; "clianna, ppp ; "daka, adj ; dana, n; "daniya, n. 
soup, the flavour of meat. 

paticchaya, /. an image, photograph. 

patijaggati, v. to watch over, look after, tend; ana, v. 

patijanati, v. (Jna) to acknowledge, confess, approve, re- 
cognize; patinnata, ppp. 

patinna, /. (lna) agreement, promise, vow ; ara moceti, 
to redeem one's promise. 

patidanda, m. retribution. 

patidadati, patideti, v. (Jda) to give in return, restore. 

patideseti, cans. (Jdis) to confess. 

patinandati, v. ( Jnand) to welcome, express gratification. 

patinidhi, m. image, likeness. 

patinivedeti, cans. (Jvid) to announce, bring back news. 

patinissagga, in. forsaking. 

patinissajjeti, cans. (Jsajj) to forsake, renounce ; "attha, ppp. 

patipakkha, m. an opponent, enemy, hostility. 

patipajjati, v. (Jpad) to enter upon, follow, pratise ; "panna, 

patipanameti, v. (Jnam) to bend down again. 

patipatti, /. ( Jpad) performance, practice, conduct. 

patipatha, m. a confronting road. 

patipadarh, adv. step by step, in due order. 

patipada, /. access, path, progress, conduct, the first day of 
the waxing moon. 

patipati, /. succession, order. 

patipada, m. a support, foundation; *na, n. (Jpad) im- 

patipuggala, m. a rival. 

patipucchati, .v. (Jpucch) to inquire, counter-question ;cha, 
/; ana, n. 

patipljana, n. (Jpil) pressing, punching. 

patippassambhati, v. (Jsambh) to be calmed, to subside; 
saddha, ppp ; ana, n. 

patibaddha, ppp. (Jbadh) bound, obstructed. 

patibala, adj. competent, adequate. 

patibimba, n. a reflection, image. 

patibahati, heti, -y. (Jvah) to reject, put away, avert; "hana, 

patibujjhati, v. (Jbudh) to awake; "bodha, m, 

patibhaya, adj. terrible, fearful. 

patisnnkhati 133 

palibhagn, m. an enemy, one who is of the opposite party; 
adj. equal, similar. 

patibhati, v. '( Jbha) to appear, occur. 

patibhana, >a. ready wit, repartee, prompt speech. 

patibhii, m. a surety. 

patima, /. counterpart, image, picture. Appaiima, adj. 

patimaseti, v. (Jmas) to explore, search. 

patimukha, adj. opposite, at hand, present. 

patimuncati, v. (Jmuc) to put on, fasten, bind, accoutre; 
"ukka, ppp. 

patiyadeti, v. (Jyat) to prepare, provide; "yatta, ppp. 

patirava, m. (Jru) echo. 

patilabhati, v. (Jlabh) to receive, regain; "labha, m. acqui- 

patilekhana, n. (Jlikb) a reply letter. 

patiloma, adj. contrary, reverse. 

pativacana, n. (Jvac) answer, rejoinder. 

pativatteti, v. (Jyatt) to roll someting against, knock, 

patvadati, v. (Jvad) to answer, retort; "vatta, m. one who 

pativasati, v. (Jvas) to dwell, live. 

pativakya, n. (Jvac) reply. 

pativana, n. opposition, resistance. 

pativatarii, adv. against the wind. 

pativirhsa, m. portion. 

pativijjhati, v. (*/vidh) to penetrate, split,acquire, mas- 
ter; "ana, n; "iddha, ppp. 

pativibhatta, ppp. (Jbhnj) divided, distributed. 

pativineti, v. ( Jni) to subdue, repress. 

pativinodeti, v. (Jnud>to remove, dismiss; dana, n. 

pativirati, /. ( Jram) abstinence. 

pativiruddha, ppp. (Jruclh) hostile, opposed. 

pativissaka, adj. neighbouring. 

pativedeti, v. (Jvid) to announce, assist. 

pativedha, m. (Jvidh) penetration, comprehension. 

patisarhyutta, "sannutta, ppp. (Jyuj) connected with. 

patisariiharati, v. (Jhar) to draw back, fold, change. 

patisankharoti, v. ( Jkar) to repair, mend, restore; khara, 
m; rana, n. 

patisarikhati, v. (Jkha) to reflect, meditate; ana, n. 


patisancikkhati, v. (Jcikkh) to consider, revolve a matter 

in the mind, 
patisattu, m. an enemy, 
patisantharati, v. (Jthar) to greet, be favourably disposed 

to ; thara, m. 

patisandahati, v. (Jdha) to be reborn, conceive; dhi, w. 
patisama, adj. equal to. 

patisambhida, /. (Jbhid) discrimination, analysis, 
patisammajjati, v. ( Jmaj) to sweep over again, 
patisammodana, n. (Jmud) friendly greeting in return, 
patisamvedeti, "diyati, v. (Jvid) to feel, experience, enjoy, 

perceive ; "vidita, ppp ; dl, adj. 
patisarana, n. refuge, help, defence. 

patisameti, v. (Jsam) to put away, set in order; mana, n. 
patisarl, adj. trusting in, leaning on. 
patisiddha, />/>/>. (Jsidh) forbidden, 
patisunati, v. (Jsu) to assent, promise, reply, 
patisedheti, v. (Jsidh) to prohibit, ward off, restrain; 

dhana, n. 

patisevati, v. (N/SCV) to receive, practise; "ana, n. 
patisotarh, adv. against the stream. 

patissava, m. ( Jsu) assent, promise, reply ; savl, adj. will- 
ing, ready. 

pati, /. coarse cloth, canvas, 
patu, adj. sharp, skilful, sensible, healthy; *bhava, m. 


patola, m. a species of cucumber, 
patta, m. a strip, slip, riband, tablet, slab, cloth, bandage, 


pattaka, m. a cloth, 
pattana, n. a port, seaport, 
pattika, /. a slip, tablet, bandage, ribbon, 
patthapeti, v. (Jtha)to establish, furnish, provide, set going, 
patthana, n. (Jtha) departure, origin, causal relation, 
patthaya, ger. beginning from, since, from, 
pathati, v. (Jpath) to read, 
pathama, adj. first, earliest, best, 
pathavi, /. the earth. 

pana, m. a bet, wager, hire, wealth, trade, shop, 
panaka, m. a water-plant, moss, 
panakha, m. the tip of a finger, 
panaganthi, m. house-bazaar, 
panamati, v. (ynam) to bend; panata, ppp. 

pntimamiita 135 

panaya, tn. aifection, confidence. 

panava, m. a small drum or tabor. 

panama, m. bending, salutation. 

panali, /. a runnel, water-pipe. 

panidahati, dheti, v. (Jdha) to wish for, pray, aspire to, 

direct; panihita, ppp ; dhana, n; dhi, m. 
panipatati, v. to prostrate oneself ; "pata, m. 
paniya, adj. saleable. 

panita, (ppp- paneti} accomplished, exalted, excellent, 
paneti, v. to bring, accomplish, perform, 
pandaka, m. a eunuch, 
pandara, adj. white, pale, yellowish. 

pandava, m. a descendant of Pandu, name of a mountain, 
panda, /. knowledge, wisdom, 
pandicca, n. scholarship, learning, 
pandita, adj. wise, learned; *ka, m. a pedant, 
pandu, adj. light yellow; *kambala, m. Sakka's throne; 

*roga, m. jaundice. 
panna, m. a leaf, epistle, 
pannatti, see pannatti. 
pannasala, /. a leaf-hut, hermitage, 
pannakara, m. a present, 
pannasaka, n. a collection of fifty, 
pannuvlsati, num. twenty -five, 
panha, n. morning, 
panhi, mf. the heel ; adj. variegated, 
patariga, patanta, m. a bird, 
patati, v. (Jpat) to fail, alight, 
patatta, n. a wing, 
pataka, /. a flag, banner, 
patapa, m. (Jtap) heat, majesty, 
patapana, m. one of the eight hells, 
patarana, n. elevation, aggrandisement, 
patareti, caus. (Jtar) to mislead, deceive, 
pati, m. master, lord, husband, 
patikittha, ppp- contemptible, vile, inferior, 
patikula, n. husband's family, 
patikriya, /. giving medicine, remedying, 
patiginati, v. (Jgi) to approve, permit, 
patitthati, patitthahati, D, (Jtha), to stand firmly, fix, s-Jt 

up; "tha, /. fixity, slay, asylum ; "ana, n; thita, ppp. 
patibbata, /. a devoted wife, 
patiman^ita, ppp>_ (Jmand) adorned, decorated. 

136 patimanteti 

patimanteti, v. ( Jmant) to discuss, refute. 

patimaneti, caus. to revere- 

patirupa, adj. suitable, proper; *ka, adj^ resembling. 

patisallana, n. (Jli) solitude, seclusion; llna, ppp. 

patisibbati, v. (Jsiv) to sew, embroider. 

patisunna, /. a widow. 

patissata, ppp. thoughtful, recollecting. 

patissaya, m. (7si) a house, dwelling. 

patissa, /. assent, obedience. 

patici, /. the west. 

patfra, n. a shore, bank. 

patoda, m. ( Jtud) a goad. 

patta, m. a monk's bowl; n. a wing, leaf ; *pani, m. a 

pattakalla, n. timeliness, seasonableness. 

pattaiiga, n. red sandal. 

pattapindikariga, n. the ascetic practice of eating out of one 
dish only. 

pattaputa, n. a small basket made of leaves. 

pattapuppha, m. a croton plant. 

pattayana, m. a bird. 

pattanika, n. infantry. 

patti, tn. a foot soldier; /. (Jap) attainment, gain. 

pattidana, n. sharing of one's merit, transfeu-nce of merit. 

patti, m. an arrow. 

pattunna, n. woven silk cloth. 

pattha, m. a measure of capacity, table-land on a mountain- 
top ; adj. secluded, solitary. 

patthaddha, adj. stiff, stark. 

patthana, /. desire, wish, prayer, aspiration. 

pattharati, 0.(*/thar) to spread, strew, overspread; patthata, 
PPP; a, m. a flat surface. 

patthavana, /. a prologue. 

patthiva, m. a king. 

pattheti, patthayati, -u. (Jatth) to wish for, pray. 

patha, m. a path, road, course, way. 

pathaddhi, /. a street, thoroughfare. 

pathavt, pathika, m. a traveller. 

pada, n. step, stride, footprint, trace, track, mark, site, office, 
rank, abode, business, part, foot of a stanza; -w. word, 
sentence, the foot. 

padaka, m. an etymologist, 

papada 137 

padakkhina, m/n. walking round a person or thing on one's 

right in salutation, 
padaga, m. a foot-soldier, 
padacetiya, n. a holy foot-print, 
padatthana, n. a proximate cause, 
padara, m. a plank, crevice, chasm, 
padavi, /. a road. 

padahati, v. (Jdha) to strive, exert, 
padati, m. a pedestrian, peon, foot-soldier, 
padana, ?&. (Jda) giving, imparting, 
padanuga, m. a follower, attendant, 
padaleti, cans. ( Jdal) to break, burst, tear, 
padika, m. a pedestrian, foot-soldier. 

padlpa, m. (Jdlp)a lamp; *ka, adj. illustrating, explaining, 
padlpeti, v. (Jdlp) to kindie. 
paduttha, ppp- (*/dus) corrupt, wicked, 
paduma, ran. a lotus, name of a hell, a high numeral; *ka, 

n. a lotus ornament in architecture, 
padumaraga, m. red ruby, 
padumini, /. the lotus plant, 
padumuttara, m. one of the Buddhas. 
padussati, v. (Jdus) to be corrupt, wicked; "ana, n. 
padesa, m. a place, spot, region, country, 
padodaka, n. water for the feet, 
padosa, m. (Jdus) fault, sin, twilight, 
paddhaf, /. a road, line- 

padhiina, adj. principal, pre-eminent; n. exertion, striving, 
pana, adv. now, but, however, 
panatta, m. a grandson, 
panasa, m. the jack tree, 
panali, /. water course, gutter, pipe. 

panudati, v. < Jnud) to remove, dispel ; "unna, ppp; ana, n. 
panta, m. border, verge, end. 
panti, /. a row, range, series- 
pantha, m. a road; *dusaka, m. a highway robber; "thika, 

m. a traveller, 
panna, ppp. fallen, gone, 
pannaha, m. a snake, 
pannarasa, num. fifteen, 
papaficeti, v. to linger, tarry, delay; ca, m. 
papatati, t>, (s/pat) to fall down, fall from; "ana, n. 
papada, tn. the tip of the foot, toe 

138 papa 

papa, /. a shed on the roadside where travellers are supplied, 
with water. 

papata, m. a precipice, declivity. 

papitamaha, m. a paternal great-grandfather. 

paputta, m. a grandson, descendant. 

papupphaka, n. a flower-tipped arrow. 

pappotheti, cans, to shake, strike, knock. 

papphasa, n. the lungs. 

paphulla, adj. blossoming, budding, joyful. 

pabandha, m. (Jbandh) a series, narrative, literary com- 

pabala, adj. strong, powerful. 

pabujjhati, V. (Jbudh) to wake up, be awake, enlightened; 
pabodheti, cans; pabuddha, ppp. 

pabba, n. a knot, joint; *ja, adj. made of reeds or rushes. 

pabbajati, v. (n/vaj) to go forth, exile oneself, take the 
robe; ana, n; jja, /. ordination. 

pabbata, m. a mountain ; "teyya, adj. belonging to moun- 

pabbu, m. a cat, mongoose. 

pabbhara, m- a cave, cavern. 

pabharikara, adj. light-giving. 

pabhariguna, n. dissolution, break-up. 

pabhavati, -y. (Jbhu) to arise, originate; a, m. birth, origin. 

pabhassara, adj. bright, radiant. 

pabha, /. (Jbha) light, radiance. 

pabhati, v. (Jbha) to become light, dawn; ta, Ppp. 

pabhava, m. power, might, dignity. 

pabhasati, v. (tjbhas) to talk, prate; seti, cans, to enlighten, 
illuminate; a. m. illumination. 

pabhijjati, v. (Jbhid) to be split, to burst, open, perish; 
inna, ppp. 

pabhuti, /. commencement; adv. since, subsequently to. 

pabhutta, n. lordship. 

pabhu, adj. able, powerful. 

pabheda, m. (Jbhid) difference, sort, kind; *na, n. the juice 
from a must elephant's temples. 

pamaijati, v. (Jmad) to be negligent, remiss, heedless,- 
ana, n. 

pamatta, ppp. (N/mad) negligent, heedless. 

panmthita, ppp. (Jmath) agitated. 

pamada, m* pleasure. 

pamada, /. a woman, 

parammimmittavasavattideva 139 

pamaddana, adj. crushing, destroying. 

pama, /. true knowledge. 

pamana, n. measure, scale, size, authority, motive; *ka, adj. 

of the size of; nika, adj. comparable, 
pamata, m. an authority; /. a mother's mother; *maha, m. 

mother's grandfather. 

pamacla, m. (Jmad) negligence, heedlessness ; dl, *va, adj. 
pamiti, /. correct knowledge, certainty, comparison, 
pamukha, adj. in front of, facing, first, principal, 
pamuncati, v. (Jmuc) to emit, utter, loosen, release; "ukka, 

utta, ppp. 

pamuda, m. (Jmud) joy; dita, ppp. joyful, pleased, 
pamuyhati, v. (is/muli) to swoon, be bewildered, 
pamussati, v. (Jmus) to forget, leave behind; "uttha, ppp. 
pampaka, pampataka, m. a loris. 
pamha, n. see pakhuma- 
pamhita, adj. smiling, laughing, 
paya, mn. water, milk, 
payata, adj. pure. 

payatana, n. putting forth effort, striving, 
payaga, m. a river bathing-place, 
payati, v. (Jya) to proceed, advance; ta, ppp. 
payama, m. length, 
payirupasati, v. (pari + y + upaJas) to sit beside, attend, 

associate with, serve, 
payunjati, v. (Jyuj) to yoke, harness, employ, behave ; "utta, 

PPP > VJ etl caus; "yojana, n. appointment, command, 

object, aim. 
payoga, m. (Jyuj) motive, means, use, instrumentality. 

ge sati, when occason requires, 
payoghana, m. hail, ice. 
payoda, m. a cloud. 

payodhara, m. a cloud, woman's breast, 
payodhi, m. the ocean, 
pararh, adv. beyond, more than, 
para, adj. distant, other, opposite, highest ; *to, adv. further, 


parakiya, adj. belonging to others, 
parakula, n. the family of another. 

parakkamati, v. (Jkam) to strive, exert, oneself; "a, m. 
parattha, adv. elsewhere; m. the public good, 
paranimmittavasavattideva, m. pi. inhabitants of the highest 

of the deva worlds. 

'I4G parnntapa 

parantapa, adj. tormenting others. 

paraputtha, parabhata, m. the Indian cuckoo. 

parabhaga, w. superiority, pre-eminence- 

parama, adj. highest, first, best, principal, exceeding. 

paramatta, m. the heresy of the soul-theory. 

paramattha, m. tjie highest sense, the ultimate truth- 

paramanna, n. rice boiled in milk. 

paramanu, m. a particle, atom. 

paramayu, n. the longest period of life. 

parampara, adj. successive, repeated ; /. series, lineage. 

parammukha, adj. averse from, avoiding. 

paraloka, w. the next world. 

paravada, m. rumour, gossip. 

parasuve, adv. the day after tomorrow. 

parassapada, n. the active voice or transitive verb. 

parahita, n. the good of others. 

para, prep, back, away, aside. 

paraga, m. the pollen of a flower. 

parajayati, jeti, r. (Jji) to succumb, be conquered; jaya, 
m ; jita, ppp. 

paranha, n. afternoon, evening. 

paradhlna, adj. subject to another. 

parabhava, m. decay, loss, humiliation. 

paramasati, v. (rjmas) to touch, rub, stroke, handle; "mal- 
tha, ppp ; ana, n. 

parayatta, adj. dependent on another. 

parayana, n. final aim, destiny, support ; adj. dependent on, 
supported by. 

pari, prep, around, about. 

parikatha, /. exposition. 

parikappa, m. inclination, determination. 

parikamma, n. preparation, preparatory work, dressing. 

parikara, m. a girdle. 

parikitteti, v. to declare, publish. 

parikirana, n. ( Jkir) strewing about. 

parikkamana, n. ( Jkam) a path to or round a house. 

parikkhata, ppp. (Jkar) adorned, prepared. 

parikkhati, v. (Jikkh) to inspect, investigate; aka, adj. 

parikkhaya, m. (Jkhi) loss, decay, ruin. 

parikkhipati, v. (rjkhip) to throw around, surround, encircle. 

parikkhlna, ppp. < Jkhi) decayed, wasted, extinct. 

parikkhepa, m. (Jkhip) enclosure, surrounding, fence. 

paridahati 141 

parikkha, /. (*/khan) a trench, moat. 

pariganhati, v. (Jgah) to i^rasp, take hold of, embrace, 

possess, treat kindly, occupy, comprehend, ascertain, 

include; "ggahaka, adj ; hana, n; "ggahita, ppp; 

"ggaha, m. favour, occupation, 
pariganeti, v. (Jgan) to calculate, 
parigalati, v. (Jgal) to sink down, slip off. 
pariguhati, v. (Jguh) to conceal, 
paricaya, in. (Jci) acquaintance, accumulation, 
paricarati, v. (Jcar) to attend, serve, minister to; "cinna, 

ppp ; ana, n ; "cara, m. 
paricaraka, m. an attendant, servant, 
paricumbati, i'. (iJcumb) to cover with kisses, 
paricca, ger. (Ji) having grasped, understood, 
pariccajati, v. (caj) to surrender, sacrifice, expend; "catta, 

ppp; "caga, m. 

paricchada, m. (Jehad) a cover, 
paricchindati, v. (Jchid) to limit, define, discriminate; 

nna, ppp. 
pariccheda, m. (Jchid) division, separation, definition, 

limit, chapter of a book, 
parijana, m. attendants, suite, 
parijapati, v. (Jjap) to whisper, mutter spells, 
parijanati, v. (na) to perceive, know exactly; parifinata, 

ppp ; nana, m. 

parijinna, ppp. (Jjir) decayed, decrepit, 
parinna, /. (Jna) ascertainment, exact knowledge, 
pariclayhati, v. (dah) to be scorched. 

parinamati, v. to stoop, bend down ; nata, ppp. ripe, mature, 
parinama, m. change, event, digestion, 
parinaha, m. breadth, extent, compass, 
paritassati, v. (*/tas)to tremble; "ana, /; "si, adj ; paritasita, 

PPp. fearful. 

paritapa, m. (Jtap) heat, inflammation, anguish, 
parito, adv. around, on every side, 
paritoseti, cans. (Jtus) to satisfy, please, gratify; sana, n; 

sika, adj. 

paritta, fn. protection, defence; ppp. small, limited, 
parittaka, adj. lesser, small, limited, 
parittana, n. protection, defence, 
parittasa, m. (Jtas) fear, dread, anxiety, 
paridahati, heti, dheti, 3 dadhati, v. (Jdha, dah) to put on;; 

"dahana, n. 

142 pnridaha 

paridaha, m. burning, pain. 

paridlpeti, v. ( Jdip) to explain, describe ; paka, adj; "pana, n. 

paridevati, "veti, v. (Jdiv) to wail, lament ; va, m; vana, /. 

pariddava, m. (*!dav) lamentation. 

paridhavati, v. (Jdhav) to run about. 

paridhi, m. (Jdha) circumference, circle, halo. 

paripakka, ppp. (Jpac) fully ripe. 

paripanhati, v. to weigh, compare, consider. 

paripatati, V. (Jpat) to fall down. 

paripantha, m. an obstacle, misfortune; thi, m. an enemy. 

paripaceti, cans. (Jpac) to bring to maturity, complete, 

achieve; cana, n; aka, m. maturity, perfection, 
paripaleti, cans. (Jpal) to protect, guard, 
paripucchati, v. (Jpucch) to question, inquire; cha, /; 

"chita, m. questioner. 

paripunna, PPp- (Jpfir) full, complete, perfect, 
paripurati, v. (Jpur) to be full, perfect; aka, adj; "punna, 

ppp; rl, /. fulfilment, perfection, 
paribaddha, ppp- (Jbadh) bound together, 
paribahira, adj. external, 
paribbajati, v. (Jvaj) to wander about, to be a wandering 

mendicant; "bajaka, m. a wandering monk, 
paribbaya, m. expense, expenditure, 
paribbulha, ppp- surrounded, attended, furnished with, 
paribbhamati, T>. (Jbham) to walk round, revolve, make a 

circle ; ana, n. 

paribhancja, m. a girdle, belt, ring, zone, 
paribhata, ppp. (Jbhar) nourished, 
paribhava, m. disrespect, contempt, humiliation, 
paribhasati, v. (Jbhas) to censure, revile; ana, n;sa, /. 
paribhasana, n. light, lustre, 
paribhindati, v. (bhid) to split, create divisions, 
paribhunjati, v. (Jbhuj)to enjoy, use, possess, eat; ana, n; 

utta, ppp. 

paribhuta, ppp. (^bhu) despised, disregarded, 
paribhoga, m. (Jbhuj) enjoyment, use, possession, 
parimajjati v. ( Jmaj) to handle, stroke, polish, cleanse, 
parimandala, adj. circular, round, spreading around, 
parimaddati, v. to excel. 

parimadda, m; *na, n. crushing, kneading, shampooing, 
parimala, m. fragrance, 
parimasati, v. (Jmas) to touch, stroke, 
parimana, n. measure, extent, duration. 


parimukham, adv. in front, before. 

parimuccati, v- (Jmuc) to escape; "utta, />/>/> 

parimutti, /. (Jmuc) release. 

parimeyya, //>/>. (Jina) measurable. 

parimoceti, cans- (Jmuc) to release; cana, n. 

pariyanka, sec pallanka. 

pariyattam, adv. voluntarily, willingly. 

pariyatta, ppp. (Jap) able, sufficient, learnt by heart. 

pariyatti, /. (Jap) adequacy, sufficiency, learning by heart, 

the text of Buddha's word, the three pitakas. 
pariyanta, m. boundary, border, limit, term, end; *va, adj. 

accurate, definite, discriminating, 
pariyati, v. (Jya) to attend on, serve, 
pariyadati, v. (Jda) to seize, lay hold of; ana, n. taking up, 

finishing, gasping; dinna, ppp. grasped at. 
pariyapanna, ppp. (Jpad) included, contained, 
pariyapunati, v. (Jap) to learn thoroughly, learn by heart; 

"yatta, ppp. 
pariyaya, m. succession, turn, synonym, way, teaching, 


pariyutthita, ppp. (pari-y-ud Jtha) arisen, possessed, 
pariyetthi, /. (Jis) search. 

pariyesati, v. (Jis) to search, seek; aka, sl, adj ; ana, /. 
pariyoga, m. a curry dish, plate, 
pariyogalha, ppp. (Jgah) dived into, 
pariyodapeti, caus. (Jdai) to cleanse, purify; "pana, dana, 

n; data, ppp. 
pariyonandhati, -y. to cover, envelop; pariyonaddha, ppp; 

ana, n. 

pariyosana, n. termination, end; "sita, ppp. concluded, 
parirakkhati, v. (Jrakkh) to preserve, retain, maintain, 
parirundhati, v. (Jrudh) to beset, plot against, 
parivaccha, n. preparation. 

purivajjeti, cans., to avoid, shun, forsake, put away ; jana, n. 
parivatta, m. circle, succession, revolution ; it. embrace, 
parivanneti, v. (Jvann) to praise, describe, 
parivattati, v. (Jvatt) to turn, revolve, change; ana, n. 

exchange, barter; a, m. change, return, 
parivasati, t 1 . (Jvas) to dwell. 
|)arivada, nt. (Jvad) censure, accusation, 
parivadinl, /. a lute of seven strings, 
parivara, m. (Jvar) covering, scabbard, retinue, pomp. 

144 parivareti 

parivareti, cans. (Jvar) to accompany, attend, surround; 

"raka, adj. 

parivasa, m. (Jvas) living apart, being put under restraint, 
parivasita, Ppp- {Jvas) perfumed, 
parivaseti, caws, to put on a robe, 
parivitakketi, v. (Jtakk) to reflect; ka, w. 
pa<rivisati, v. (Jvis)to present, wait upon, 
parivimamsati, v. to examine, search, 
parivetheti, v. (Jveth) to envelop, 
parivena, n. a hermit's cell, 
parivesa, m. a halo round the sun or moon, 
pariveeana, fn. distribution of food, attendance, 
parisakkati, v. (Jsakk) to go about; "ana, n 
parisarikati, v. (Jsarik) to suspect; ka, /. 
parisandeti, caws, to drench; nna, ppp. 
parisappati, v. to run to and fro, creep about, 
parisamatta, ppp. (*/ap) finished, 
parisambahati, v. to stroke, rub. 
parisarhvuta, ppp. (Jvar) restrained, guarded, 
parisara, w. neighbourhood, precinct, 
ftarisa, /. assembly, company, 
parisincati, y.(Jsic) to sprinkle all over, bathe, 
parisuddha, ppp. (Jsudh) pure, innocent, intact; dhi, /. 
parisussati, v. (Jsus) to dry up, waste away, 
parisodheti, caws. (Jsudh) to purify, 
parissanga, m. embrace, 
parissajati, v. (Jsaj) to embrace, 
parissama, m. (Jsam) fatigue, exertion, 
parissaya, n. danger, risk. 

parissaveti, caws. (Jsu) to strain or filter; vana, n. a filter, 
pariharati, v. (Jhar) to move, advance, practise,use, tend, 

embrace, take care of, surround; "ana, n; "harika, adj ; 

hara, in. attention, ceremony, avoidance, 
parihani, /. decrease, decay, diminution, 
parihayati, v. (Jha) to waste, deteriorate; hma, ppp. 
parupaghata, m. (para 4- up ) injuring others, cruelty, 
parupavada, m. (para. f up ) reproaching others, 
parulha, ppp. grown up, increased, 
pareta, ppp. (Ji) dead, destroyed, 
paro, adv. beyond, more than, 
parokkha, adj. invisible, perfect tense, 
parodati, v. (*/rud) to burst into tears, 
m. a 

pavjn 145 

|)aiandu, m. onion. 

pulambheti, v. to cheat, trick, deceive- 

palaya, m. dissolution, death, 'destruction of the world- 

palavanga, m. a monkey. 

palavali, i 1 . (*/plu) to float, swim. 

palapa, m. prattle, nonsense, chaff of corn. 

palayati, paleti, v. to run away, flee, retreat, escape; "ana, 

n; apeti, caiis ; palata, palayita, ppp. 
palala, tnn. straw. 

palasa, m. the butea tree, green colour; n. a leaf, 
palasada, m. a rhinoceros, 
paligunthita, ppp. (^gunth) entangled, 
paligha, m. an iron beam for fastening up a door-, obstacle, 
palita, mfn. grey hair. 

palipalha, H. a miry road, quagmire, slough, 
palibuddhati, L\ (Jbandh) to hinder; "ana, n. 
palibodha, ??. obstacle, impediment. 

palivetheti, v.^N/veth)to wrap up, cover, encumber ;-thana, . 
palujjati, v. (Jruj) to crumble, fall down- 
palepana, n. (Jlip) ointment, unguent. 

palobheti, caus. (Jlubh) to allure, tempt, seduce ; bhana, -n. 
pallanka, tn. a couch, sofa, throne, litter. *m abujati, or 

bandhati, to sit cross-legged, 
pallatthika, /. sitting on the hams, 
pallala, n. a pond, pool, 
pal lava, mn. a sprout, shoot, 
pal lika, /. a hamlet, lizard, 
pava, m. winnowing grain, purification, 
pavakkhali. jut. (Jvac) will tell, 
pavajjati, v. to sound (music), 
paxatiati, v. to revolve, whirl round, 
pavaddhati, -J. (Jvadtlh) to grow, incroaM-. 
pavattati, v. (s/vatt) to arise, start, set out, become, exist; 

"ana, n. 

pavatta, /. (Jvac) informant, 
pavatti, /. occurrence, procedure, establishment, 
pavana, n. declivity, height, hill-side; m. air, wind. 
p;i\ara, adj. chief, best, excellent. . 
pavassati, i 1 . ( Jvas) to rain, 
pavahana, n. a ship s boat, 
pavaka, /. whirl-wind, 
pa vat a, n. a draught .of air, 
paviiti, v. (va) to waft, diffuse. 

146 jsavada 

pavada, m. (Jvad) disputation ; di, w. a disputant. 

pavara, m. woollen cloth. 

pavarana, /. invitation, prohibition, ceremony at end of lent. 

pavareti, cans. (*/var) to give a choice, invite, offer. 

pavala, mn. a sprout, germ. 

pavasa, w. absence from home, foreign residence; sT, adj. 

pavaha, m- current, stream, occupation. 

pavaheti, cans. (Jvah) to float in a stream. 

pavala, mn. coral. 

pavicaya, tn. (*/ci) investigation. 

pavijjhati, v. (ijvidh) to throw down. 

pavisati, v. (Jvis) to enter; ana, n. entrance; pavittha, ppp- 

pavissilesa, m. separation, opposition. 

pavina, adj. clever, skilful. 

pavlra, adj. heroic. 

pavuccati, pass, (is/vac) to be spoken of, said. 

pavecchati, v. to give. 

paveni, /. a long braid of hair, series, lineage, tradition, 


pavedhati, v. (Jvidh) to tremble, 
pavesa, m; *na, n. (Jvis) entrance, 
pasarhsati, v. (N/sams) to praise; sita, pasattha, ppp; "ana, 

n; rt sa, /; si, adj. 
pasakha, /. a branch, twig, 
pasanga, m. attachment, 
pasata, m. the palm hollowed out. 
pasada, m. a barking deer, 
pasamati, v. ( Jsam) to allay, 
pasanna, ppp. (rjsad) clear, tranquil, serene, 
pastiyha, m. (*Jsah) force, violence, 
pasara, m; *ana, n. (^sar) stretching out, extension- 
pusavati, v. (Jsu) to beget, produce; pasuta, ppp; "anil, /. 

a woman in childbirth. 

pasahati, t 1 . (Jsah) to conquer, overcome, dare, 
pasakha. m. the abdomen and thighs, 
pasada, -m. (/sad) clearness, favour, conviction, faith; *na, 

n. clearing, (propitiating, gratifying. 

pasadheti, Cdl*x.((s/sadh)'to put on, wear ornaments ;idhana, n t 
pasiti> /. a fetter. 

pasiddhi, /. (Jsidh) fame, celebration, accoriiplishment. 
pasibbaka, inn. a bag, sack, 
pasidati, i'. (n/sad) to be clear, pleased, gracious, to believe} 

pasanna, />/>/> 

patipada 147 

pasu, m. cattie, beast, goat. 

pasuta, adj. (Jsii, si) intent upon, devoted to. 

pasu, /. a mother, plantain tree. 

n-isiiti, /. (Jsu) birth, bringing forth; *ka, /. a woman in 

passa, mn. side, tlank 

passati. v. (Jpas) to see, look, know, find; "ana, n. 

passaddhi, /. (Jsambh) serenily, repose. 

passambhati, ?'. (Jsambh) to calm down, be serene; pass- 
addha, ppp. 

passaya, m. a hermit's cell, nunnery. 

passava, m. urine. 

passasa, m. (Jsas) breath, exhalation. 

paharhsati, v. ro strike, rub. 

pahaitha, ppp- (Jhas) delighted, glad. 

paharati, v. (Jhar) to strike, hurt; pahara, m. a stroke; 
"ana, n. a weapon: pahata, />/>/> 

pahana, n. (Jha) rejection, abandonment. 

pahasa, in. loud laughter. 

pahinati, v. (Jhi) to send; direct; ita, ppp. 

pahina, ppp. (^ha) abandoned, forsaken. 

pahuta, (ppp. pahoti) much, abundant. 

pahenaka, n. an offering of food, present. 

pahoti, -I'. (Jbhu) to suffice, be competent; onaka, ad]. 

palaccara, n. old clothes, rags. 

paka, m. (Jpac) ripeness, maturity, result; *tthana. n. 
a kitchen. 

pakata, adj. evident, manifest, public. 

pakara, m. (Jkar) enclosure, wall, fence. 

pagunna, n. familiarity, experience. 

pacaka, m. ( Jpac) a cook. 

pacana, n. (s/aj) a goad. 

pacariya, in. a pupil. 

pacittiya, adj. expiatory, requiring expiation. 

paci, /. the east: *naka, adj. eastern. 

patala, adj. pink, light red. 

patali, n. the trumpet flower. 

patava, n.. skill. 

patikankha, fpp. (N/ka.iikh) to be expected; khi, adj. 

patika, /. a stone step. 

patipada, adj. belonging to the first day of the lunar fort- 

148 patibhoga 

patibhoga, m. a surety, sponsor. 

patiyekka, adj. individual, separate. 

patihariya, "hera, "hlra, n. a miracle. 

patha, tn. reading, recitation, text. 

pathina, w. the fresh-water herring. 

patheti, v. (Jpath) to leach. 

pana, m. (Jan) breath, life, vitality, living being; *ka, m. 

a small creature, worm, insect; :: ghata, w, life-taking; 

*bhiita, m. a living being, 
panasama, adj. a wife, ' dear-as-Jifc.'' 
panatipata, m. life-taking, 
pani, m. the hand; *ggaha, m. marriage; *matta, adj. 


panimutta, n. a missile weapon, 
panissara, n. sound of hand-clapping, 
panihita, adj. kind to living beings, 
pani, m. a living being. 

panupeta, adj. (pana + upeta) living, possessed of life, 
panyariga, n. the navel, 
patabba, fpp. (o/pa) drinkable, 
palarasa, m. morning meal, breakfast, 
patavyata, /. injuring, destroying. 

patala, n. the lower world, infernal regions, naga world, 
pad, v. (is/pa) to protect, 
patimokkha, n. Vinaya precepts, 
pati, /. a cup, bowl. 

patu, patur, adv. manifestly, clearly, evidently, 
patukarana, n. production, manifestation; karoti, r. to 


patubhavati, v. to be nanifest, to appear, arise; "bhava, m. 
pato, patar, adv. early, at dawn, 
patheyya, m. provisions for a journey, 
pada, m. a foot, ray of light, quarter, base, 
padakataka, m. an anklet, 
padaganthi, m. the ankle, 
padaiiguttha, m. the great toe. 
padachidda, n. a stride, 
padapa, m. a tree, 
padaparicarika, /. a wife, 
padapitha, n. a footstool, 
padaphota, m. a tumour on the foot, 
paduka, padii, /. a shoe, slipper, 
padudara, m. a snake, 


pana, n. (Jpa) drink, beverage; kupa, w. a drinking well; 
mandala, n. a tavern; sakha, . a drinking com- 

pan".gara, u. a tavern. 

pamya, adj. (Jpa) drinkable; n. beverage, water. 

papa, adj. evil, wicked, sinful ; m. a sinner; n. evil, sin. 

papanika, ?. shop-refuse. 

papana, n. (Jap) attainment. 

papiccha, adj. having sinful desires- 

papima, adj. sinful. 

papunati, noti, pappoti, v. (Jap) to attain, arrive, reach; 
patta, ppp; pattabba, //>/>; '""nana, n. attainment. 

pabhata, n. a present, price. 

pama, 72. scab. 

pamokkha, adj. principal, eminent. 

pamojja, pamujja, n. joy, delight. 

paya, m. abundance ; adj. drinking; payo, adv. abundantly. 

payasa, ?n. milk-rice, rice porridge. 

payti, m. the anus. 

para, n. the further bank, nibbana ; *gu, adj. (gam) arrived 
at the further bank, accomlpished, versed in. 

parangato, adj. accomplished, versed in. 

parada, ?n. quicksilver. 

paradarika, m. an adulterer. 

paradesika, adj. foreign. 

parapata. m. a dove, pigeon. 

parami, /. perfection. 

pararnj^ariya, n. tradition. 

parajika, adj. meriting expulsion. 

paricariya, /. service, ministration. 

paricchattaka, parijataka, in. the coral tree. 

parijunna, n. decay, loss. 

paripuri, /. fulfilment, accomplishment. 

parisajja, adj. belonging to an assembly. 

}>arupati, papurati, r. to dress, put on garment ; parula, ppp ; 
^ana, ^ana, n. dressing, a cloak. 

pala, palaka, m. (Jpa) a guardian, keeper. 

pali, pa!i, /. a line, row, ridge, causeway, sacred texi. 

paleti, cans, to guard, keep, maintain. 

pavaka, m. fire. 

pavacana, n. the holy scriptures. 

pavadati, v. ( Jvad) to speak out, express. 

pava, /. a city near Rajagaha in Magadhn. 

15 pavara 

pavara, w. a cloak or mantle. 

pnvusa, m. the rainy season, a sort of fish ; "ssaka, adj. 
belonging to the rainy season. 

pasa, m. a noose, string, snare, fetter. 

pasaka, m. a die. \ 

pasanda, dika, adj. heretical. 

pasana, ro. a stone, rock; ; phalaka, m. a stone-slab. 

pasada, m. a terrace, tower, palace, mansion. 

pasika, adj. connected with snares, caught in a snare. 

pahuna, m. a guest; "neyya, adj. worthy of being guests or 
of hospitality. 

pahuna, adj. sufficient. 

nika, m. the Indian cuckoy. 

piriga, *la, adj. brown, tawny. 

picu, tn. cotton. 

picula, m. the tamarisk tree, dressed cotton. 

picchi, n. a peacock tail, tuft of hair; m. tail ; /. cotton. 

picchila, /. the silk-cotton tree. 

pifija, n. a feather of a peacock's tail, wing. 

pinjara, adj. yellow, tawny. 

pinjula, n. the wick of a lamp. 

pitaka, m. a basket, Buddhist scriptures. 

pittha, n; pitthi, /. the back, surface. 

pitthaka, tn. a cake made of flour, meal. 

pitthika, /. porridge. 

pitthimamsika, m/n. back-biting. 

pitthara, m. a pot, rice-pot. 

p'mda, m. a lump, ball, mass, morsel, food. 

pindaka, m. incense. 

pindapata, in. alms-food, lumps of food received in the alms- 
bowl of a monk. 

pindika, /. the nave of a wheel. 

pindiyalopa, m. morsels of food. 

pindeti, v. to roll into a lump; dana, n. 

pitamaha, m. grandfather. 

pituccha, /. father's sister, aunt. 

pitta, n. bile. 

pithlyati, v. to be shut, covered. 

pidahati, v. (Jdha, dah) to cover, shut, close, guard; "pihita, 
ppp ; ana, n. covering, a lid. 

pidhana, n. (Jdha) covering, sheath, lid. 

pinfisa, m. cold in the nose, catarrh. 

pipasa, /. (Jpa) thirst; sita, ppp. thirsty. 

pipphaia, tn. the sacred fig tree; n. scissors- 

pipphalT, /. the wave-leavccl fig- tree, long pepper. 

piya, adj. clear, beloved, kind, loving; in. an oar. 

piyaka, m. spotted deer, a species of coffee-wort. 

piyarigu, /. panick seed. 

piyala, the piyal tree. 

piyayad, v. to be fond of, to honour. 

pilakkha, in. the wave-leaved fig tree. 

ptlandhati, v. to put on, wear, deck oneself; ana, n. 

pilava, m. a kind of duck. 

pilotika, /. a cloth, bandage. 

piluvati, r c'. (Jplu) to float. 

pillaka, w. a child, young of an animal. 

pisaiiga, adj. brown, tawny. 

pisaca, m. a goblin, sprite. 

pisita, n. flesh. 

pisuna, adj. calumnious, slanderous. 

pihaka, n. the spleen. 

piha, /. desire, envy. 

pihita, ppp. (ft/dha) shut, closed. 

piheti, V. to desire, envy. 

pilaka, /. a boil, pimple. 

pitha, *ka, n. a chair, stool, bench. 

pithasappi, m. a cripple. 

pita, adj. yellow ; adj. delighted. 

pitaka, adj. yellow. 

pitana, n. yellow orpiment. 

pitanaka, m. the hog plum. 

piti, /. joy, delight. 

pined, cans, to gratify, cheer, please; "nita, 

pina, adj. fat, bulky. 

piyusa, m. ambrosia, the guava tree. 

pilu, m. an elephant, arrow. 

pivara, adj. fat, bulky. 

piled, r. (Jpi|) to crush, vex, hurt; *|a, /. 

[)Ui1ilinga, m. masculine gender. 

()ukkusa, m, a man of the lowest caste. 

pukkhara, n. tlie sky, water; m. a pond, sun, 

pukkhala, adj. noble, abundant. 

puggala, m. a person, individual. 

puiikha, m. the feathered part of an arrow. 

pungava, m. a bull ; adj t best, pre-eminenl, 

puccha, mi a tail* 

i-^j puciimmda 

pucimanda, wi. the ninib tree. 

pufichati, v. to wipe; "ana, >> 

punja, w. heap, mass, multitude. 

purina, adj. good, just, virtuous: n. viitue, merit. 

puta, mn. a cup, vessel, basket. 

putaka, n-. a small basket. 

putabhedana, n. emporium of trade, trading town. 

put!, /. a vessel, cup. 

putoli, /. a basket. 

pundarika, m. a fragant kind of mango, tiger; ti. a white 

lotus, high numeral, 
pundarikinl, /. a pond of white lotuses, 
punna, ppp. (Jpur) full, fulfilled, complete, 
putta, m. a son, child, 
puthu, puthag, adv. separately, without, 
puthu, adj. big, numerous, extensive, 
puthuka, m. a child, rice in the ear. 
puthu kkarana, n. separation, segregation, 
puthugattata, /. discrimination, 
puthu jjana, m. an average person, 
piithubhuta, adj. separated, 
puthula, adj. broad, large, 
puthuloma, m. a fish. 

puna, punad, punar, puno, adv. again, afresh, further, 
punappuna, adv. repeatedly, again and again, 
punabbhava, m. renewed existence, 
punarutti, /. repetition, tautology, 
punati, v. (<Jpii) to purify; puta, ppp. 
punnanava, /. hogweed. 
puppha, n. a flower, 
pupphati, v. to blossom ; "ana, >/. 
pupphavati, /. a menstruous- woman, 
pupphasava, /?. flower-juice, honey, 
pupphi, adj. bearing flowers, 
pubba, adj. fore, first, earlier, eastern, ancient; m: -pus; 

*n'i, adv. formerly, before. 

pubbangama, adj. going before, prior, preceding, 
pubbanna, n. grain, rice, 
pubbanha, m. fore-noon, 
pubbaddha, m. upper part, 
pubbanta, m. beginning, the east, 
pubbapara, adj. first and last, mutual, successive, 
pubbutthayl, /. a wife who rises earlier than her husband. 

petti ka i j 

pubbuttara, adj. north-eastern. 

puma, m. a male, man. 

pumbhava, m. masculine sex, masculinity. 

pura, n. a town, fortress, house. 

purakkharoti, v. to put in front, make a person the leader, 

revere, honour; ata, ppp ; khara, m. 
purato, adv. before, in front of, in the presence of. 
puratthato, adv. estwards ; tha, adv. in front, formerly; 

thima, adj. eastern. 

purassara, adj. going in advance, preceded by. 
pura, adv. formerly, previously, 
purana, puratana, adj. ancient, old. 
purindaka, m. Sakka. 

purima, *ka, adj. previous, former, eastern, 
purisa, m. a man, individual, male; *tta, n. manhood, 
purisamedha, m. human sacrifice, 
purisajafina, m. a man of noble birth, 
purl, /. a town, 
purisa, *na, n. excrement, 
pure, adv. formerly, previously, first, in front, before ; *bhat- 

tarh, adv. before meal ; *kkhara, m. precedence, pre- 

purohita, m. a chaplain, 
pulina, n. a sand-bank, 
pulinda, m. a savage, hill-man, 
pullihga, n. masculine gender, 
pulava, m. a worm, maggot, 
puga, m. a multitude, areca nut tree, 
pujeti, v. (Jpuj) to honour, offer, worship; ja, jana, /; 

jaka, adj. 

puta, ppp. (Jpu) purified, clean, 
puti, *ka, adj. stinking, putrid, foul ; *mutta, n. urine of 


puya, m. pus. 
purati, v. (Jpur) to get full, be fulfilled; "ana, n. and adj ; 

rita, ppp. 

puva, *ka, m. a cake, sweetmeat; vika, m. a confectioner/ 
pekkhati, v. (Jikkh) to look, observe, watch, expect; kha, /. 
pekhuna, n. a wing, 
pecca, ger. after death, hereafter, 
petaka, m. a small basket, 
peta, ppp. (,J[) dead, departed, 
pettika, pettiya, petteya, adj. paternal. 

154 t>ema 

pema, n. affection, love; *nlya, adj. affectionate. 

peyya, .adj. beloved, dear. 

peyyala, n. et cetera, words omitted. 

pelaka, m. a hare. 

pelava, adj. delicate, tender. 

pesakara, m. a weaver. 

pesala, ad;, beautiful, amiable, skilful. 

pesika, /. rind, shell. 

pesi, /. meatspit, piece of flesh. 

pesunfia, pesuneyya, n. slander. 

peseti, V. to send ; sana, n. 

pessa, pessika, m. a servant, messenger, menial. 

pokkhara, n. a lotus, tip of an elephant' s trunk, water, 

body, head of a drum ; *ni, /. a lotus- pond, 
pokkharata, /. beauty, 
pokkharasataka, n. a sort of water bird, 
poiikhanupohkham, adv. shot after shot, successively, 
potheti, v. to crack, snap, knock, 
pona, adj. sloping. 

pota, m. the young of an animal, boat, 
pottha, n. plastering, working in clay ; *kara, in. modeller 

in clay, 
potthaka, inn . a manuscript, book, working in clay, cloth 

made of fibre, 
potthanl, /. a knife, 
potthalika, /. a doll, puppet. 

pothujjanika, adj. belonging to an average person, 
potheti, cans, to strike, beat; "thana, n; v. to speak many 


ponobhavika, adj. connected with rebirth, 
pora, adj. urbane, polite, 
porana, *ka, adj. ancient, former, 
porisa, posa, m. a human being, man. 
porohicca, n. the office of a chaplain, 
posati, v. (is/pus) to feed, nourish, bring up; akaj adj ; 

ana, "savana, n; puttha, ppp. 
plava, m. a raft, float, 
plavaka, m. an acrobat, gymnast, 
plavariga, *ma, m. a monkey, 
plavati, (Jplu) to float, hover, 
phaggava, m. a sort of pot-herb, 
phaggu, /, the acacia tree, falsehood, 
phana, m._ the hood of a snake ; *ka, "ni, m. a snake. 


phanilekha, m. a quail. 

phanipiya, m. wind. 

phanda, m. the belly, stomach. 

phandati, i). (Jphand) to throb, palpitate, tremble; ana, adj. 

pharati, v. to flash, thrill, pervade, diffuse, emit; ana, n. 

pharasu, m. u hatchet, axe. 

pharuvaka, /. a betel box. 

pharusa, adj. harsh, rough, severe, cruel. 

phala, n. a fruit, result, profit, testicle, a measure. 

phalaka, win. a board, slab, shield. 

phalakesara, m. the cocoanut tree. 

phalati, v. to split, break, burst, bear fruit ; phulla, ppp. 

phalapura, m. the common citron. 

phalasatava, m. the pomegranate. 

phaladana, asana, m. a parrot. 

phalaphalarh, n. wild fruits. 

phalika, mf. crystal, quartz. 

phalita, adj. fruitful, grey-haired. 

phalina, li, adj. bearing fruit. 

phalu, m. a knot in a reed. 

phaloppati,w. the mango tree. 

phallati, v. to bear fruit. 

phassa, m. touch, contact. 

phanita, n. molasses. 

phati, /. increase, growth. 

pharusaka, n. name of one of Indra's groves. 

phala, m. a ploughshare. 

phasu, *ka, adj. agreeable, pleasant, comfortable; *vihara, 

m. comfort. 

phasuka, "ulika, /. a rib. 
phiya t m. an oar. 
phlta, adj. prosperous, 
phuka, m. a bird. 

phuta, adj. thrilled, pervaded ; m. the hood of a snake, 
phutana, n. tearing, bursting, 
phulinga, n. a spark. 

phulla (ppp. phalati) expanded, blossoming, split, 
phullita, adj. blossoming. 

phusati, v. (Jphus) to touch, reach ; ana, /; phuttha, ppp. 
phusitaka, n. a water-drop. * 

phussita, adj. blossoming. 

pheggu, adj* empty, vain ; /. the opposite-leaved fig tree, 
phena, m. foam, froth. 

156 phcnila 

phenila, adj. frothy; m. the soap plant, 
phera, "ru, m. a jackal, 
phevara, adj. cunning, harmful, 
pho^a, m. a boil, tumour, 
photthabba, n. a tangible object. 


baka, m. a crane, 
bana, m. a sound. 

badara, m ; rl, /. the jujube fruit; ra, /. cotton, 
baddha, PPp- (Jbadh) bound, continuous ; n. a leather strap, 
badhira, adj. deaf. 

bandha, m. binding, bond, union, bandage, 
bandhakl, /. an unchaste woman, 
bandhati, v. (Jbadh) to bind, fasten, fix, embank, get; 

baddha, ppp ; "ana, n. binding, fetter, snare, stalk of 

a leaf. 

bandhanagara, n. a prison, 
bandhava, m. a kinsman, 
bandhu, m. a relative, kinsman, 
bandhuki, /. a species of mistletoe, 
bandhujlvaka, m. a kind of plant, 
bandhura, adj. uneven, undulating, 
bappa, m. a tear. 

babbaja, m. a sort of coarse grass, 
babbu, m. a cat, mongoose, 
bariha, n. a peacock's tail, 
barihisa, n. sacrificial grass. 
barihi, m. a peacock, 
bala, m. a crow; n. strength, power, force, army, troops; 

*kaya, m. an army, 
balakkara, m. violence, 
balakkha, m. the white colour, 
balagga, n. troops in array, battle-front, 
balaja, n. a field, gate, fruit, warfare; /. a beautiful woman, 


balajjhakkha, m. the generalissimo, 
balati, v. ( Jbal) to live. 

balattha, m. a royal messenger, palace servant, 
balaha, m, phlegm, 
balaka, /. a crane, 
ball, m. religious offering, oblation, revenue, tax; *puttha^ 

*bhuja, w. a crow ; *ma, adj. receiving offerings. 

bindu 157 

balimukha, m. a monkey. 

balivadcla, m. an ox. 

balisa, w. a fish-hook. 

ball, adj. strong. 

balina, m. a scorpion. 

bahala, adj. thick. 

bahi, bahirh, bnhiddha, adv. outside, out. 

bahu, adj. many, large, ample. 

bahuka, m. a prawn, crab, water-fowl. 

bahujjana, m. the world, multitude. 

bahuppada, adj. liberal, munificent. 

bahubblhi, m. an adjectival compound. 

bahubhani, adj. garrulous. 

bahubheda, adj. variousi multiform. 

bahumata, adj. esteemed, venerated. 

bahumala, m. lead. 

bahuvacana, n. the plural number. 

bahula, adj. much, abundant. 

bahullkaroti, v. to increase, extend. 

bahuso, adv. abundantly. 

bahussuta, adj. having wide knowledge, erudite. 

bakuci, /. a kind of plant. 

bana, m. an arrow; *dhi, m. a quiver. 

badhati, v. to obstruct, annoy, oppress; badha, /. 

barasa, num. twelve. 

baranasl, 7. Benares. 

bala, adj. young, foolish; m. a child, fool; *ka, m. a boy. 

young of an animal, 
balakimi, m. a louse, 
balakka, m. the rising sUn. 
balatapa, m. rays of the rising sun. 
balisa, adj. young, ignorant, 
balisika, m. a fisherman, 
balya, n. childhood, folly, 
bahati, baheti, r. to remove, put away, 
bahira, *ka, adj. external, foreign, heretical ; ra, re, rato, 

adv. from outside, 
bahu, m. the arm; *ja, m. a prince, 
bahuka, m. a servant, dependant, 
bahumula, n. the armpit, 
bahulla, n. abundance, 
bindu, m. a drop, spoi, dot, high numeral. 

158 bimba 

bimba, ran. the disc of the sun or moon, figure, image; /, 


bimbu, ra. the betel tree, 
bimbohana, n. a pillow, 
bila, n. a hole, chasm, 
bilaiiga, ra. sour gruel, vinegar, 
bilaso, adv. bit by bit. 
bilala, n. a sort of salt, 
bijara, bilala, m. a cat. 
blja, n. a germ, seed, origin ; *gama, m. the vegetable 


bijaka, ra. the common citron, 
bijakosa, m. a seed-pod, 
bijani, /. a fan. 

bijapura, m. the citron, pomegranate, 
bijodaka, n. hail. 

blbhaccha, adj. loathesome, horrible, 
bujjhati, 7. (Jbudh) to know, understand ; "ana, n ; bodheti, 


buddha, ppp. (Jbuddh) old, aged, 
buddha, m. the omniscient Buddha, 
buddhi, /. (Jbudh) understanding, intelligence, 
budha, adj. wise, 
budhavara, m. Wednesday, 
bunda, m. the root of a tree, 
bundi, m. the body, 
bundikabaddha, m. a sort of bed-stead, 
bubbuja, *ka, n. a bubble, blister, 
bubhukkhati, 'v. (Jbhuj) to wish to eat, be hungry; "khita, 

adj ; kha, /. 

beluva, m. the vilva tree, bael tree, 
bella, n. the citron, pine-apple fruit. 

bojjhariga, m. constituent of wisdom, factor of knowledge, 
bodha, m. knowledge, wisdom; *ka, m. a spy. 
bodhakara, m. one who wakes a prince with music, 
bodhati, v. (budh) to know ; "ana, n. 

bodhi, ra/. supreme wisdom, omniscience, Buddha's know- 
ledge, the Wisdom Tree, 
bodhipakkhiya, adj. accessory to wisdom, 
bodhimandala, n. the region surrounding the Wisdom Tree, 
bodhisatta, ra. future Buddha. 
bondi,n. trhe body, 
by, fo words beginning with by see under vy. 

bhati 159 

braha, adj. large, big; hati, /. the pierardia fruit, 
brahma, n. the Vedas; adj. exalted, noble; *cariya, n. the 

noble life of a monk, chastity ; *bandhu, m. a brahmin ; 

*vihara, m. divine state, exalted state; *ssara, m. 

Brahma's voice, 
brahma, m. Brahma, 
brahman nata, /. brahminhood. 
brahmana, m. a brahmin. 


bha, n. a star; /. a ray of light. 

bhakkheti, -u. (Jbhakkb) to devour; *khaka, adj. voracious; 

"khana, n. 

bhaga, n. power, fortune, glory, virtue, love. 
bhagandala, /. fistula, 
bhagava, adj. worshipful, blessed, 
bhaginl, /. a sister, 
bhagga, ppp. ( Jbhaj) broken, 
bhariga, adj. hempen, 
bharigaii, /. a bat. 
bhaiigura, adj. crooked, dishonest, 
bhacca, m. (Jbhar) a servant, attendant, 
bhajati, v. (Jbhaj) to follow, serve, honour, associate with, 
bhajjati, v. to fry, roast; bhattha, ppp. 
bhanjati, v. (Jbhaj) to break, crush; bhagga, ppp ;ana, n. 
bhata, m. a soldier, 
bhattha, (/>/>/> bhassati) fallen, 
bhanati, v. (Jbhan) to speak, tell, recite; bhannati, pass; 

"ana, n. 

bhane, voc. I say 1 
bhantaki, /. the brinjal plant, 
bhanda, m. a clown ; n. *ka, n. utensil, goods, wares, 


bhandaka. m. the wagtail, robin, 
bhandati, 1). to quarrel, abuse, ; ana, n, 
bhartdagara, n. treasury. 

bhandika, m. a kind of plant ; /. an article, utensil, bundle, 
bhandila, m. a kind of tree, 
bhattdu, adj. bald. 

bhataka, m. ( Jbhar) a servant, hireling, 
bhati, /, support, maintenance, wages, hire; *ka, m. a 


160 bhatUi 

bhatta, n. food, meal; *kara, m. a cook; *kicca, n. eating 


bhattagga, ?i. a refectory, 
bhatta, m. a husband, 
bhatti, /. division, service, devotion, 
bhadda, bhadra, adj. good, fortunate, auspicious, blest, 
bhaddaka, adj. good, happy, 
bhaddanama, m. a woodpecker. 

bhaddanta, m. lord, master, reverend person; tei voc. 'lord.' 
bhaddamutta, n. a kind of grass, 
bhadde, voc. madam ! dear lady 1 
bhanta, ppp. (.N/bham) whirled, rolling, 
bhante, voc. lord ! reverend sir ! 
bhabba, adj. right, proper, future, 
bhama, m. (Jbham) whirling, a lathe, drain; *kara, m. a 

bhamati, v. (Jbham) to whirl about, revolve, roam; bhanta, 


bhamara, m. a bee. 
bhamu, *ka, m. an eyebrow, 
bhambha, m. smoke, 
bhaya, n. fear, fright, danger, calamity, 
bhayankara, adj. fearful, dreadful, 
bhayattha, adj. terrified, 
bhayanaka, adj. frightful, horrible. 
bhara, adj. (Jbhar) supporting; m. a load, 
bharati, v. (Jbhar) to bear, support, maintain; "ana, n. 
bharanda, m. lorcj, master, husband, bull, 
bhanta, adj. filled with, green (colour), bearing, 
bhariya, /. a wife, 
bharutaka, n. roasted meat, 
bhalla, m. a bear. 

bhallataka, m; ki, li, /. the marking nut plant, 
bhavarh, n. lord, sir. 

bhava, m. being, existence, becoming, birth, increase, 
bhnvanga, . life-continuum, 
bhavati, v> (Jbhu) to be, exist, become, befall; bhuta, ppp; 

"ana, n. 
bhavaditthi, /. heresy of believing matter and being to be 


bhavanetti, /, craving, lust, 
bhavissantl, /. the future tense, 
bhasira, /. a kind of beet. 

bhavitta 161 

bhasucaka, tn. an astronomer. 

bhasta, /. a bellows. 

bhasma, n. a shes; *kara, m. a washerman; *vedhaka, m. 


bhasmibhavati, v. to be reduced to ashes, 
bhassa, n. talk. 

bhassati, v. (Jbhass) to fall; bhattha, ppp. 
bhassa ra, adj. shining, brilliant, 
bha, /. light, ray, splendour; *kara, m. the sun. 
bhakuti, /. frowning, knitting the eye-brows, 
bhaga, m. a portion, share, region, time, lot ; gi, adj. partak 

ing in, undergoing; giya, adj. conducive to, connected 


bhagadheyya, m. an heir, revenue; n. destiny, 
bhagineyya, m. a sister's son, nephew, 
bhagirathl, f. the Ganges, 
bhagya, n. fortune, lot, destiny, 
bhajana, n. a vessel, bowl, jar, distribution, 
bhajeti, v. to divide, distribute, 
bhanaka, m. a jar; adj. reciting, saying, 
bhani, adj. speaking, talking, 
bhata, adj. shining, bright. 
bhatabya, m. a brother's son, nephew, 
bhata, m. a brother, 
bhati, -y. ( Jbha) to shine, appear, 
bhatika, tuka, tn. a brother, 
bhanavara, n. recitation, recital. 
bhanu, m. a ray of light, sun; *ma, m. fire, light, 
bhanuvara, m, Sunday. 

bhama, m. anger, light, sun, brother-in-law, 
bhara, m. a weight, burden, charge, duty; *ka, m. a load, 


bharati, /. speech. 

bharapadata, /. elephantiases of the leg. 
bharayatthi, /. a carrying pole or bamboo, 
bhara va, n. bow-string. 

bharika, adj. grievous, serious, heavy; m. a porter, 
bhariya, adj. grievous, serious, 
bhava, m. property, state, intention, gesture, substance, 


bhavana, /. culture, development, meditation, 
bhavita, (ppp. bhdveti) developed, increased, perfected, 


1 62 bhavl 

bhavl, adj. future. 

bhasa, m. a vulture. 

bhasati, v. (Jbhas) to speak, address; sa, /. speech. 

bhasati, v. to shine; "ana, n; sa, /. light, radiance. 

bhasura, adj. shining. 

bhikkhati, v. (Jbhikkh) to ask for, beg. 

bbikkha, /. begging, alms; *cariya, /. going the rounds for 


bhikkhu, m. a beggar, mendicant, Buddhist monk, 
bhihka, m. a young elephant, 
bhirikara, m. a golden vase. 

bhitti, /. a wall of earth or masonry ; *ka, /. a house lizard, 
bhidakn, m. a knife, 
bhida, /. difference, kind, 
bhindati, i'. (Jbhid) to break, injure, separate; bhinna, ppp ; 

"ana, n. 

bhindivala, m. a fork, 
bhinnaka, adj. schismatic, 
bhiyyo, bhiyo, adv. again, further, besides; *somattaya, 

adv. more and more, 
bhirhsapeii, (cans, bhdyati) to frighten, terrify ; "pana, n; 

sana, adj ; "sika, /. an alarm, 
bhisa, n. the film or fibres of a lotus-stalk; *puppha, n. a 

lotus flower. 

bhisakka, m. a physician, 
bhisi, /. a mat, mattrass. 
bhTta, ppp. (^bha) frgihtened, afraid. 
bhiti, /. fear. 

bhima, adj. dreadful, cruel, 
bhimanada, m. a lion, 
bhimara, m. a battle, warfare, 
bhiru, *ka, adj. timid, 
bhlruhadaya, m. a deer, 
balsila, adj. timid. 

bhuja, mf. the arm; *kotara, m. ihe arm-pit, 
bhujaga, bhujaiiga, m. a snake, 
bhujasira, m. the shoulder, 
bhujissa, )n. a freed man. 
bhunjati, v. (Jbhuj)to eat, enjoy, possess; bhottum, m/ 

bhutta, ppp < n*, n ; ji, adj. 
bhuttava, eavl, part. adj. having eaten * 
bhutti, /. eating, enjoying. 

I) lie ran da 163 

bhubhu, onom. the bark of a dog. 

bhumma, adj. terrestrial; *ttharana, n. a carpet. 

bhuvana, n. the world. 

bhusarh, adv. much, exceedingly. 

bhusa, n. chaff of corn. 

bhu, / the earth, eyebrow. 

bhukuti, /. frowning, knitting the eyebrows. 

bhujantu, m. an earth-worm. 

bhiijapatta, m. a kind ot birch. 

bhuta, ppp. (Jbhu) past, real, true; ran. a living being, 

spirit, vegetation, aggregates of being, 
bhutagama, m. the animal kingdom, 
bhutaclhara, /. the the earth, 
bhutanasana, m. marking nut plant, mustard, 
bhutapubba, adj. that has existed before; adv. formerly, 
bhutavadi, adj. speaking the truth. 

bhutavijja, /. knowledge of spirits; "vejja, adv. an exorcist, 
bhutari, m. asaf tida. 
bhuti, /. welfare, birth, 
bhutina, *ka, n. a fragrant grass, 
bhudara, m. a pig. 
bhudhara, m. a mountain, 
bhunatha, m. a king, 
bhupa, *ti, "pala, m. a king, 
bhubhuja, m. <~> king, 
bhumaka, adj. having stages or stories, 
bhiimajjha, m. space between the eyebrows, 
bhiimi, /. the earth, stage, ground, story of a house, plane, 
bhiimika, /. a stage, story, 
bhumicala, m. earth-quake, 
bhuminda, bhumipa, bhiimipala, m. a king, 
bhumipisaca, in. the palmyra tree, 
bhumilabha, m. death, 
bhiiri, adj. much, abundant, 
bhurl, /. wisdom, earth. 

bhusapeti, "seti, v. ( Jbhus) to adorn ; *sa, /; "sana, n. orna- 
ment; "sata, ppp. 
bheka, m. a frog. 

lihetta, m. (Jbhid) one who breaks, 
bheda, m. division, breach, destruction, kind, sort, 
bhedeti, cans. (Jbhid) to break, divide; "dana, m; "daka, m. 

one who breaks; "danaka, adj. breakable, 
bheranda, m. a jackal. 

164 bherava 

hherava, adj. tearful, terrible; n. terror. 

bheri, /. a kettle-drum; *-rii carapeti, to proclaim by best of 


bhesaja, jja, n. a medicine, drug, 
bhesama, adj. terrible, 
bho, interj. oh ! say ! sir ! 
hhoga, ra. a snake's expanded hood, fold, food, wealth, 


bhogavasa, m. women's apartment, 
bhogin, /". a royal concubine, 
bhogivlallabha, n. the sandal-wood, 
bhogl, a snake, village headman, 
bhogga, n. wealth, property, 
bhojaka, m. a village headman, 
bhojana, nlya, n. food, 
bhojja, adj. edible, 
bhatta, m. one eats or enjoys, 
bhovada, m. one who says bho, brahmin, non-Buddhist. 


mamsa, n. flesh, meat; *cakkhu, n. the fleshy eye, naked 

makara, m. a mythical fish, sea monster. 

makaranda, m. the nectar of a flower. 

makarakara, m. the sea. 

makasa, m. a mosquito; *kuti, /. a mosquito curtain. 

makuta, win. a crest, diadem, top-knot; *m moceti, to dis- 
hevel the hair. 

makura, ula, m. a flower bud. 

makkata, m. a monkey. 

makkataka, m. a spider. 

makkola, m. white chalk. 

makkha, m. hypocrisy. 

makkhika, /. a fly. 

rnakkhi, adj. concealing one's vices, hypocritical. 

makkheti, v. to swear, anoint, rub-out; "khana, n. 

maga, m. a deer, antelope. 

magga, m. track, path, course. 

maggati, geti, v. (Jmagg) to seek, trace out; ana, /n. 

maggamagga, m. the right and the wrong 

maggika, m. a traveller. 

maggura, m, the torpedo-fish. 

mnnibija 165 

maghava, m. Sakka. 

marikila, w. a jungle-fire. 

mariku, adj. troubled, put out, discontented, ashamed. 

manga, m. the prow of a boat. 

marigala, adj. auspicious, festive; n. blessing, festivity. 

manginl, /. a boat. 

macca, //>/>. m. (K/mar)a mortal ; adj. maternal. 

maccu, m. death. 

maccha, *ka, m. a fish. 

macchandi, /. treacle, sugar-cane juice. 

macchanasaka, w. an eagle. 

macchabandha, m. a fisherman. 

macchara, n. avarice, stinginess. 

maccharanga, m. a king-fisher. 

maochavedhani, /. a fish-hook. 

macchika, m. a fisherman. 

majja, m. strong drink, liquor, spirits; *pa, m. a winebibber. 

majjati, r. (Jmad) to be intoxicated; matta, ppp ; "ana, n. 

majjati, v. (Jraaj) to rub, polish; mattha, /)/5/>;ana, n. 

majjara, m. a cat. 

majjha, wn. middle, centre, interior, waist. 

majjhanha, m. noon, midday. 

majjhatta, adj. neutral, impartial ; *tii, /. 

majjhantika, m. midday, noon. 

ma jj hi ma, adj. central, middle, medium. 

mafica, *ka, m. a bed. 

mancadhara, m. a bedstead. 

manjan, /. a sprout. 

mafijika, /. a harlot. 

maiijittha, m. F^engal madder. 

mafijfra, m. a bangle, foot-ring. 

manju, adj. beautiful, lovely; *gamana, m/n. a goose, duck, 

manjusa, /. a box, casket. 

manjettha, adj. light red. 

mannati, i'. (Jman) to think, suppose, imagine, consider; 

mata, ppp; mantum, maniturii, inf ; *ne, methinks ! 
mattha, matta, ppp. (Jmaj) 
mani, m/. a gem, jewel, 
manika, n. a waterpot. 
manikantha, m. a jay. 
manidhanu, m. a rainbow, 
manibandha, m. the wrist, 
manibija, n. the pomegranate. 

i66 madhukantha 

manivedha, m. adamant, diamond, 

manisappa, m. green snake. 

manda, m. scum. 

mandana, n. an ornament, adornment. 

mandapa, n. a pavilion. 

mandala, n. a disc, circle, circuit, circumference, region, 

mandalagga, tn. a sabre. 

mandali, /. a disc, circle. 

manduka, tn. a frog. 

mandiira, mn. iron rust. 

mandeti, v. (Jmancl) to adorn; "dita, />/>/>. 

mata, ppp. n. (Jinan) opinion, wish, doctrine. 

mataka, adj. dead. 

mataiigaja, m. an elephant. 

mati, /. (Jman) mind, understanding, thought, wish, opi- 
nion ; *ma, adj. wise, intelligent. 

matta, /. measure, atom, quantity, moderation ; n. measure, 
extent, only, mere; adj. intoxicated, joyful. 

mattakasini, /. a charming woman. 

mattafinu, adj. moderate, temperate, ' extent knowing' ; 
"fiuta, /. 

mattasita, /. moderation in eating. 

mtatika, adj. maternal ; /. earth, clay, mud. 

mattiya, "teyya, adj. maternal. 

matthaka, mn. the head, top, end, eminence. 

matthalunga, n. the brain. 

matthu, n. whey. 

mathati, v. (Jmath) to churn, stir up, crush, destroy; ana, 
n;thita, ppp. n. buttermilk. 

mada, tn. intoxication, pride, enjoyment, juice from the 
temples of a must elephant. 

madana, m. the god of love. 

madanalekha, /. a love letter. 

madam, /. scent water. 

madara, m. an elephant in rut. 

madira, /. spirituous liquor. 

madiya, adj. mine. 

maddati, v. (Jmad) to rub, crush, tread, trample ; ana, n, 

maddala, m. a sort of drum. 

maddava, n. suavity, softness. 

madhu, n. honey, nectar of flowers; *ka, adj. sweet, 

madhukantha, m. a cuckoo. 


madhukantila, m. the wild jasmine. 

madhukara, m. a bee; adj. sweet. 

madhukosa, m. a honey-comb. 

madhukkhira, rn. the date tree- 

madhucchittha, n. bee's wax. 

madhupa, rn. a bee. 

madhubbata, rn. a honey bee. 

madhumakkhika, /. a bee. 

madhumeha, rn. diabetes. 

madhura, adj. sweet, agreeable. 

madhuraka, m. the jivaka plant. 

madhurasa, /. a grape. 

madhulatthika, /. liquorice. 

madhullha, m. a bee. 

madhvaluka, n. the sweet-potato root. 

manam, adv. a little. 

mana, mn. the mind, intellect, heart. 

manakkara, m. sensitiveness. 

manasa, tn. lust. 

manasicchati, v. (manasi Jis) to wish, desire. 

manasikaroti, v. to mind, attend, bear in mind, ponder, 

take to heart ; kara, rn ; "ata, ppp. 
manaso, adj. mental. 

manassT, adj. sensible, prudent. 

manapa, adj. pleasing, charming, pretty. 

manuja, m. a man; jadhipa, m. a king. 

manunna, adj. beautiful, pleasing, delightful. 

manussa, rn. a human being, man; *ka, adj. human. 

manesika, /. guessing the thoughts of others. 

manokamma, n. an act of mind. 

manotapa, m. heart-burning. 

manodvara, n. the door of mind. 

manopubbahgama, adj. preceded by mind 4 

manobhu, m. the god of love. 

manomaya, adj. sprung from or caused by mind* 

manoratha, m. desire of mind, craving. 

manorama, adj. pleasent, delightful. 

manosila, /. realgar, red arsenic. 

manohara, adj. captivating, fascinating, charming. 

nlanta, m. deliberation, design, plan, artifice, charm, Vedic 
hymn) incantation. 

mantanna, m. a spy. 

mantana, n. (Jmant) deliberation, consultation, resolution. 

1 68 mantayoga 

mantayoga, m. incantation, recitation of charms. 

manta, /. wisdom. 

manti, m. a counsellor, minister. 

manteti, v. (Jmant) to consult, discuss, deliberate. 

mantha, ra. a churning-stick, rice cake. 

manthani, /. a churn. 

manthara, adj. slow, stupid. 

manda, adj. slow, stupid, small, slight. 

mandakini, /. name of a celestial river, or a great Himalayan 

mandarava, m. a celestial flower. 

mandira, n. a house, edifice, town. 

mandibhava, m. slackness, dulness. 

mandhata, m. the first king of the world. 

mamaka, ad . mine. 

mamayati, v. to be devoted to, conceited, egoistic; *y' ta > ppp. 

mammacchedaka, adj. breaking the joints. 

maya, ad;, made of, consisting of. 

mayu, m. a harpy, deer. 

mayukha, m. a ray of light. 

may iira, m. a peacock, 
mayuraka, n. vitriol, 
mayurari, m. a chameleon. 

marana, n. (Jmar) death. 

marati, v. (Jmar) to die; malta, ppp. 

maramma, adj. Burmese. 

marara, tn. granary. 

marica, n. pepper. 

mariyada, /. a boundary, limit, rectitude. 

marici, /. a ray of light, mirage. 

maricika, /. mirage. 

maricimali, m. the sun. 

maru, m. a sandy desert, mountain, spirit. 

mala, n. dirt, filth, stain, fault, defect, impurity, sin, rust. 

malakassi, m. a sweeper. 

malakka, m. a small cup. 

malaya, m. name of a mountain, garden, jungle. 

malayaja, m. sandal-wood. 

malina, adj. dirty, black; n. fault. 

malinambu, ?n. ink. 

malimasa, adf> dirty, polluted; m. iron. 

malla, m. a wrestler ; *yuddha, n. mrestling, 

mallaka, m. a cup. 

mahika 109 

mallika, m. a sort ot goose, weaver's shuttle; /. Arabian 


malligandhi, m. aloes wood, 
rriallipatta, mushroom, 
masakkasara, m. Sakka's city, 
masahari, /. a mosquito curtain, 
masara, *ka, m. sapphire, emerald, 
masatagalla, n. a cat's eye. 

masi, m. soot, ink ; *kupi, /. ink-pot ; *patha, m. pen-holder, 
masika, m. a snake hole, 
masura, m. a sort of lentil, 
masuri, /. the small-pox, 
massu, n. beard, 
maha, mn. a festival. 

mahaggha, "ghiya, adj. of great value, costly, valuable, 
mahati, r. (Jinan) to revere, worship, 
mahatta, /. greatness of soul, magnanimity, 
mahanta, maha, adj. great, big, much, 
mahapphala, adj. very fruitful, 
mahallaka, adj. old, aged, big. 
mahakaccha, m. the sea, mountain, 
mahakathana, n. a high numeral, 
mahakanda, m. garlic, 
mahagada, m. a plague, 
mahagiva, m. a camel, 
mahajana, m. the people, public, mankind, 
mahaiimi, . a mythical fish monster, 
mahana, *sa, n. a kitchen, 
mahanisa, /. midnight, 
niahabodi, inf. the great Wisdom Tree. 
mahabhfua, mn. a primary or essential element, 
mahamatui, m. a great minister, 
maharatfha, n. Siam. 
maharaha, adj. superb, splendid, 
maharoruva, m. one of the eight hells, 
mahavireka, m. iho cholera, 
mahavega, m. a monkey. 
mahasatta, m. future Buddha. 

mahasammata, m. the Great Elect, the first king of the world, 
mahasaha. /. globe amaranth. 
mahasala, m. a man of great wealth and 
mahika, /. tendon, 
mahika, /. frost. . . 


170 mahiccha 

raahiccha, adj. of great desire, lustful. 

mahinda, w. Sakka. 

mahindhara, m. a mountain. 

mahira, m. the sun. 

mahira, /. a woman. 

mahisa, m. a buffalo. 

mahlssara, m. a king, Vishnu. 

mahi, /. the earth, land. 

mahldhara, m. a mountain. 

mahlpa, *ti, p aa m - a king. 

mahiruha, m. a tree. 

mahilata, /. an earth-worm. 

mahesakkha, adj. powerful, eminent 

mahesi, m. great sage, Buddha. 

mahesi, /. chief queen. 

mahogha, m. a torrent. 

mahodadhi, m. the ocean. 

mahosadha, n. dry ginger. 

ma, m. the moon; particle of prohibition. 

magavika, m. a deer-stalker, huntsman. 

maghata, m. interdiction of slaughter. 

maghya, n. blossom of the many-flowered jasmine. 

macala, m. a robber, crocodile, disease. 

macika, /. a fly. 

manava, *ka, m. a lad, novice. 

mnika, /. a weight, measure. 

matanga, m. an elephant, out-caste. 

m^tali, m. Sakka's charioteer. 

mata, /. a mother; *maha, w. maternal grandfather. 

matSpettika, adj. belonging to father and mother. 

rnatika, /. a conduit, water-course, canal, table of contents, 


rhatiya, adj. maternal, 
matugama, m. womankind, female, 
matuccha, /. mother's sister, 
matula, m. a mother's brother, 
matulam, /. a mother*s brother's wife, 
matulunga, m. the citron tree, 
mada, m.- pride, 
m^daka, m. water-fowl, 
madana, n. delighting, cloves, 
madisa, marisa, adj. like me. 
madhaviiat*, /. the soap acacia creepcr fl 

maduri, ;. spirituous, drink. 

mana, m. pride, conceit; n. a measure. 

manakuta, n. a false measure. 

mSnana, /n. honouring, revering. 

minanlya, adj. venerable, honourable. 

manava, m. mankind, man. 

manasa, n. the mind, intention, purpose; *sika, adj. mental. 

manita. ( ^pp. maneti) revered, honoured. 

manusa, *ka, adj. human. 

maneti, (cans, mailhati) to honour revere. 

mapeti, (cans, minati) to make, create; paka, adj ; pana, n. 

maya /. illusion, jugglery, magic, deceit ; *kara,m. a juggter. 

rhayavl, adj. deceitful. 

mayu, m. bile, gall. 

mara, m. death, the evil one; *ka, m. a slayer. 

maraji, m. a conqueror of Mara, Buddha. 

mSrisa, m. a venerable person. 

maruta, a wind. 

mala, m. a pavillion, one-peaked building; /. garland neck- 
lace, row, line; *ka, m. enclosure, yard, terrace, nimo 

malati, /. the great flowered jasmine. 

malatltlraja, n. borax. 

malakara, m. a gardener. 

malaguna, ula, m. a garland of flowers. 

malika, m. a gardener, florist; /. a garland, double jasmine. 

mali, m. a gardener. 

maluta, m. wind, air. 
. malutana, m. the armadillo. 

maluva, /. a creeper. 

malura, m. the bael tree. 

malya, n. a garland of flowers. 

masa, inn. a month, kidney-bean. 

masaka, m. a bean or vetch, weight, measure, coin. 

masara, m.\he scum of boiled rice. 

m5surl, /. the beard. 

miga, m. a deer, wild beast. 

migakkhi, /. a woman with lovely eyes like those of the 

migaka, m. the moon. 

rnigacetaka, a wild cat. 

mlgatanhika, /. mirage. 

migadaya, m. a deer park. 


mi^nnabhi, m. musk. 

miyapti, m , a lion. 

migamada, m. musk. 

migamatuka, /. a bison. 

migava, m. hunting, chase. 

migadana, m. a hyena. 

migari, m, a lion, tiger, blood-hound. 

micchatta, n. falsity, misconduct, wrongness. 

miccha, adv. falsely, wrongly; *cara, m. wrong conduct or 


micchadhthi, /. wrong views. 
micchasankappa, m. wrong thought or intention, 
mita, (ppp.mind.ti) measured, moderate; *bhani, adj. speak- 
ing in moderation, 
mitta, m. a friend; *ddu, *du, dubhl *dCibhiku, adj. 

treacherous, perfidious. 

mithu, mitho, adv. mutually, privately, reciprocally, 
mithuna, n. a couple, 
middha, n. torpor, drowsiness. 

minati, v. (Jma) to measure, gauge, survey; matabba, 
metabba. meyya, ipp; mita, />/>/> ; mapeti, cans; min. 
ana, n. 

milakka, *ka, m. a barbarian, foreigner, hillman. 

milana, m. mixture, association. 

milayati, r. (Jmla) to languish, fade, wither; milata, ppp.. 

mi\\ta,'-adj. mixed, associated. 

missa, *ka, adj. mixed; *ti, seti, v. to be mixed; "sita, ppp. 

mihita, n. a smile. 

mihira, m. the sun, moon, cloud, wind. 

mina, m. a fish. 

milati, v. (Jmil) to wink; "ana, n; lita, ppp. 

mil ha, n. excrement. 

mukandaka. m. red onion. 

mukura, m. a mirror. 

mukula, ran. a bird. 

mukha, n. the mouth, face, front, entrance, brim, means, 

mukhadharia, n. the bit of a bridle. 

mukhapata, m. a veil. 

mukhapatha, m. oral recitation. 

mukhappiya, n. an orange. 

mukhara, adj. garrulous, noisy, scurrilous. 

mukkhavaiii, /. l)rini. fringe, edge. 

mukhavittha, /, a cockroach. 

mukhya, adj. chief, true. 

mugga, w. a sort of kidney bean. 

muggara, m. a hammer, mallet, club. 

mucchati, v. to become faint ; Vhita, />/>/> ; ana, n ; ch 

mucchana, /. a musical tone. 

nuincati. r. (Jrhuc) to loose, release* dismiss, omil, 3 

forth; mutta, ppp; moceti, cans. 
mufija, m. a sort of grass, the banded snake-head, 
munjaka, in. testicle. 

mutthasacca, "ssati, n. forgetfulness, lapse of memory, 
mujthi, w/. the fist, handful, smith's hammer; *ka, w. n 

munda, adj. bald, bare, shaved; *ka, m. a shaveling; n. 


muta, (ppp. mundti) thought, considered, 
mvti, /. understanding, intelligence, 
mutiiiga, m. a small drum, tabour. 
mutta, n. urine; /. a pearl. 

muttakancuka, w. a snake that has east off its skin, 
muttaguna, "anara, m. a string of pearls, 
muttapasu, /. mother-of-pearl, 
muttaphala, n. the custard-apple, camphor, 
mutti, /. release, deiiverance, nibbana. 
muttika, n. a pearl, 
muda, /. joy. 
mudita, /. sympathy, 
mudu, adf. soft, slow. 

mudda, /. a seal, signet, seal-ring, conveyancing, 
muddayanta, n. a printing press, 
muddika, /. the vine, grape, seal-ring, signet, 
muddeti, v. to stamp, print ; "dita, ppp. 
muddha, adj. stupid, foolish ; *ta, /. 
muddhaja, m. a celebral letter. 

muddha, m. the head, top; *bhisitta, m. an anointed king, 
mudha, adv. in vain, gratis, 
muni, m. a sage, saint, 
muniputtara, m. a wagtail, robin, 
mubba, /. a kind of creeper, 
muraja, m. a tambourine, 
musaka, m. a rat. 
musati, v. (^mns) to steal, plunder. 


musala, mn. a club, pestle. 

musaluttara, m. a pig. 

musa, adv. falsely; *vada, m. falsehood. 

muhu, muhurii, adv. momently, repeatedly. 

muhutta, m. a moment. 

mujala, mn. a lotus-stalk. 

muga, adj. dumb. 

mula, n. a root, origin, base, cause, amount, price, capital. 

mulaka, mn. a radish. 

mulya, n. price, wages. 

musa, /. a crucible. 

musika, m. mouse. 

mulha, ppp. (Jmuh) misguided, deluded, ignorant, foolish. 

mekhala, /. a girdle zone. 

megha, m. a cloud, rain. 

meghajala, meghanala, m. talc, mica. 

meghajjoti, /. lightning. 

meghapasana, n. hail. 

meghavanna, /. the indigo plant. 

mecaka, adj. black, dark-blue; w. root of an animal's tail. 

mejjha, adj. pure. 

menola, m. a sheep, ram. 

mettS, /. love, good-will. 

metya, n. friendship. 

methuna, n. sexual intercourse. 

meda, m. fat. 

medini, /. the earth. 

medha, m. sacrifice; /. intelligence. 

medhaga, m. strife, quarrel. 

medhsvi, adj, intelligent, wise. 

menika, m. a fisherman. 

meraya, n. intoxicating drink, liquor. 

melaka, m. assemblage. 

mela, /. ink. 

mesa, m. a ram. 

meha, m. urine. 

moka, n. hide, skin peeled off from an animal. 

mokkha, adj. principal, pre-eminent; m. release, deliverence 

mokkhacika, n. acrobatic feats. 

mogha, adj, useless, vain. 

moca, m. the drum-stick tree; n. banana fruit. 

moceti, cans. (Jmuc) to release, detach; cana, n. 

mocata, m. banana or plantain, sandal-wood,. 


mona, m. a dried fruit, snake-chamer's basket. 

modaka, m. a sort of sweet-ment, ferment. 

modati, v. (Jmud) to rejoice; ana, n;mudita, 

modayantl, /. a species of coffee-wort- 

mona, n. silence. 

momuka, adj. silly, mad. 

mora, m. a peacock. 

moli, mf. a top-knot, chignon, crest, diadem. 

mosa, m. ( Jmus) theft, robbery *ka, m. a thief. 

moha, m. ( */muh) delusion, folly. 

mohita, ppp. (s/muh) deluded, infatuatad. 


pa, pron. who, which, what, he, who, whoever, 
yakana, n. the liver, 
yakkha, n. an ogre, 
yakkhadhupa, m. resin, 
yagghe, indecl. indeed, 
yajati, v. (*/yaj) to sacrifice, offer; ana, n; ylt{ha, PPp n. 


yance, adv. than if, rather than, 
yafina, m. (Jyaj) a sacrifice, 
yanfiariga, m. the glomerous fig-tree, 
yafthi, /. a staff, stick, pole, stem, measure of length, 
yatthimadhuka, /. liquorice, 
yati, m. a monk, ascetic; / caesura, 
yato, adv. since, inasmach as, because, 
yaltaka, adj. however much, of whatever size, 
yatra, yattha, adv. where, whither, since, as. 
yatha, adv. as, how, like; yathattam, adv. rightly, exactly, 
yathatatha, adj. real, true, 
yathabutfdharh, adv. according to seniority, 
yathabuhuccarh, "bhutam, adv. according to the reality, 
yatharaharh, adv. according to worth, property, 
yatharucim, adv. according to one's pleasure, at will, 
yathasaka, adj. each his own, respective, 
yathasattirh, adv. according to one's ability, 
yathasukharh, adv. as one likes, at pleasure, 
yathicchitam, adv.'-to one's liking, to one's heart's content, 
yadi, indecl. if. 
y&diccha, /. self-will, independence ; achaka, n. whatever one 

yadidam, adv. namely, that is to say. 


yanta, n. machine, engine, appliance. 

yama, m. restraint, temperance, pair, couple, king of the 

infernal region. 

yamaka, adj, double, twin, pair, couple, 
yamala, n. a pair, 
yamavahana, m. a buffalo, 
yameruka, /. a gang, 
yava, m. barley, 
yavalasa, m. saltpetre, 
yavasa, m. pasture, fodder, 
yasa, m. fame, renown, pomp; yasassT, adj. 
yahirh, adv. where, wherever, 
yaga, m. (is/yaj) a sacrifice, 
yagu, /. rice gruel. 

yiicati, -y.*(.Jyac) toask, beg, entreat ;aka, rn/begger; ana, /. 
yatana, /. torment. 

yati, v. (Jya) to go, undergo; yata, ppp. 
yadikkha, isa, adj. of what sort? 
yana, n. a conveyance, carriage, proceeding; *patta, n. a 

yapeti, cans. (Jya) to maintain oneself; p ana n ' mainten- 

ance, living. 

yapayayana, n. a palanquin, 
yama, m. restraint, watch of three hours, name of a class of 


itnaghosa, m. a cock; /. clock, 
yamavati, /. night, 
yayi, adj. going, temporary, 
yava, *m, adv. until, as long as. 
yavaka, m. lac. 

yavajlvatii, adv. as long as life lasts, 
yavatas adv. as far as, inasmuch as, because; *yukarh, adv. 

as long as life lasts. 

yavadattham. dicchakam, ddv. as much as desired, 
yittha, ppp. (Jyaj) n. a sacrifice, 
yuga, n. a pair, couple, a generation, age of the world;' ma. 


yugakkhaya, m. destruction of the worlb. 
yugapatta, m. mountain ebony, 
.yugala, n. a pair, couple. 

yujjhati, v. (Jyudh) to fight, make war; yuddha, ppp. n. 

r.niku 177 

yuiij;ili, v. (Jyuj) to devote, apply oneself to, be zealous; 

yutta, ppp. 

yutta, pjp. (Jyuj) devoted to, yoked, engaged, 
yuttaka, adj. worthy, proper, right, 
yutti, /. use, application, fitness, propriety. 

yuvati, /. a girl, maiden. 

yuvaraja, m. a crown prince. 

yuva, adj. young. 

yiika, mf. a louse. 

yuti, /. mixture, association. 

yutha, inn. a herd of animals. 

yuthika, /. a sort of jasmine. 

yiina, adj. young. 

yupa, m. a pillar, column. 

yusa, mn. juice. 

yenakamam, yenicchakarh, adv. wherever one likes, at will. 

yebhuyya, adj. abundant, numerous; "vena, adv. instr. 
generally, mostly. 

yoga, m. junction, union, method, application, devotion; 
gi, m. an ascetic. 

yogakkhema, in. security, nibbiina. 

yogavahi, m. mercury. 

yogavacara, m. a religious applicant or aspirant. 

yogga, adj. worthy, proper; /. training, practice; n. a car- 
riage, conveyance. 

yojana, n. junction, union, measure of length ; *gandha, /. 

yotta, n. the tie of a yoke, rope. 

yodha, yodhi, m. (Jyudh) a warrior. 

yona, yonaka, yavana, adj. Ionian, Greek. 

yoni, /. the womb, origin, knowledge ; *so adv. causally, 

yobbana, yobbanfia, n. youth. 

yobbanakandaka, m. a pimple. 

yosa, /. a woman. 


rarhsi, /. a ray of light; *ma, adj. radiant; m. the sun. 
rakkhati, v. to protect, ward off, guard; kha, /; aka, adj ; 

ana, n. 

rakkhasa, m. a demon, ogre, 
rahku, wt. a species of deer. 


178 ianga 

rahga, m. colour, paint ; *sala, /. theatre. 

rangajlva, m. a painter, actor. 

racati, v. (Jrac) to compose, prepare ; "ana, /. /. literary 


racayita, m. composer, author, 
raccha, /. a carriage road or street, 
raja, ran. dirt, dust, pollen of flowers, impurity, sin. 
rajaka, m. a washerman, 
rajakkha, adj. having impurity or passion, 
rajata, n. silver, 
rajati, v. (Jraj) to colour, dye; ratta, ppp ; ranjeti, cans; 

ana, n. 
rajani, /. night; rajanicara, m. a ghost, thief; rajanijala, n. 


rajaniya, adj. lustful. 

rajavalti, /. minute particles of dust or vapour, 
rajassala, m. a buffalo; /. a menstruous woman, 
rajovajalla, n. dust and dirt, 
rajosarathi, m. wind, 
rajohara, m. a washerman, 
rajja, n. sovereignty, royalty, monarchy, kingdom ; "ariga, 

n. requisite of royalty, 
rajju, /. a rope, string. 

ranjeti, cans (is/raj) to dye, illuminate, gratify; jana, n. 
rattha, mn. kingdom, realm, country ; thika, thiya, m. 

an inhabitant, 
rana, m. sin, battle, 
randaka, m. a fruitless tree, 
rataldla, m. a dog. 
rataguru, m. a husband, 
ratatall, mf. a lustful person, 
ratana, n. a jewel; *kandala, m. coral; *mukhya, n. 


ratayani, /. a harlot. 

rati, /. pleasure, delight, sexual intercourse, 
ratta, ppp. (Jraj) coloured, dyed, impassioned; n. night, 
rattatunda, m. a parrot, 
rattannu, adj. experienced, 
rattapa, /. a leech, 
rattapupplia, mf. the cotton tree, 
rattalocana, m. a pigeon. 
rattavaddhana, m. the brinjal. 
ratti, mfn. night; "indiva, m. a day and a night, 

rnhit.-i 170 

ratha, m. a car, carriage, chariot. 

ratharenu, w. a mite, a minute measure of weight, 

rathanika, n. an array of chariots. 

rathika, m. one who rides a chariot; /. a carriage road 

rat hesabha r tn . 'lord of charioteers,' a king. 

rada, *na, m. a tooth. 

radl, m. an elephant. 

randha, n. a hole, cavity, fault. 

randheti, v. to hurt, make subject to. 

ramattha, n. asafaetida. 

ramati, v. (J ram) to enjoy, delight in;rata, />/>/>; ana, 

adj. pleasing; "arnya, />/>/>. delightful; anl, /. a 


rampanna, mn. a cucumber, 
rambha, / a plantain tree, 
ramma, adj. delightful, beautiful, 
ray a, m. speed. 

rallaka, m. a woollen blanket, eyelash, 
ravati, v. (Jru) to cry, shout; rava, tnf. 
ravi, m. the sun, Sunday; *natha, n. a lily; *sannaka, n. 


rasa, m. sap, juice, essence, taste; *ka, m. a cook- 
rasakesara, n. camphor. 
rasagabbhaj n. vermilion, 
rasaggasa, /. a nerve of sensatio. 
rasana, n. taste; /. tongue, woman's zone, 
rasnnatha, in. mercury, 
rasaphala, m. a cocoanut tree, 
rasavatl, /. a kitchen, 
rasasadhana, m. borax, 
rasatala, n. the infernal region. 
rasala, m. sugar-cane, 
rasika, adj. spirited, witty, tasteful, 
rasita, n. thunder; adj. gilt, 
rasopala, n. a pearl, 
rasmi, m. a rope, bridle, ray of light, 
rassa, adj. short. 

raha, m. solitude, secrecy, privacy; raho, adv. privately, 
rahada, m. a lake, 
rahasa, m. the sea, sky. 
rahassa.Tad/. secret, private; n. a secret; sena, adv. 

rahita, ppp- deprived of, without. 

i8o raka 

raka, / the full moon, itch. 

raga, m. dyeing, colour, passion, lust. 

rajaku, m. a king. 

rajakara, n. royal revenue. 

rajakkhaya, m. royal house, palace. 

rajangana, n. a palace yard. 

rajanna, m. a prince. 

rajatala, m. the betel tree. 

rajadhani, /. a royal city. 

rajaranga, n. silver. 

raja, m. a king. 

raji, /. a streak, line, row. 

rajinl, /. a queen. 

rajila, adj. stupid; m. a water-snake. 

radhita, ppp. accomplished, performed. 

rama, m. joy, delight. 

ramaneyyaka, adj. delightful. 

rasi, tn. a heap, quantity, sign of the zodiac. 

rittha, n. sin, misfortune. 

rite, adv. except, without. 

ritta, *ka, adj. empty. 

ripu, m. an enemy. 

rin, /. brass. 

riti, /. custom, habit. 

rukkha, m. a tree; adj. rough, cruel. 

rukkhacara, m. a monkey. 

rukkhadhupa, m. varnish. 

rukkhamakkatika, /. a squirrel. 

rukkharuha, /. the orchid plant. 

rukkhasa, m. a chameleon. 

ruci, /. light, splendour, pleasure, inclination; *ma, adj. 


rucira, adj. brilliant, beautiful, agreeable, 
ruccati, i). (Jiuc) to appear good, be pleasing ;ana, n. choice, 
rujati, v. to suffer, ache; ja, /; "jjana, n. pain, 
ruttha, ppp. (^yrus) enraged, 
runclika, /. the battle ground, 
runna, n. (s/iud) weeping, lamentation, 
rudda, ad/, furious, 
ruddha, ppp. (Jrudh) obstructed, 
rudhira, n. blood. 

rundhati, v. (Jrudh) to restrain, obstruct; ruddha, ppp, 
ruta, n. cry, noise. 

Ink Am 181 

ruru, m. a sambhur. 

ruvathu, w. sound, noise. 

ruha, adj. growing. 

ru|hi, /. growth, metaphor. 

riipa, n. form, matter, shape, body, visible object, objective; 

*kkhapdha, m. aggregate of matter, 
rupaka, n. an image, representation, 
ruparammana, n. a visible object, 
riipi, *ya, m. silver, 
rupika, /. an image, statue, 
riipl, adj. beautiful, 
rupupajivini, /. a harlot, 
re, inter j. heigh ! halloa ! 
rekha, /. a line, streak, 
recana, /n. diarrhoea. 

renu, mf. dust, pollen; *vasa, m. a bee; *sara, m. camphor, 
retaja, /. sand, 
roka, n. a hole, 
roga, m. (Jruj) disease; gi, adj. ill, sick; *santaka, m. a 

doctor, physician, 
rocati, v. (Jruc) to be pleasing, appear good; roceti, cans. 

to choose. 

rocana, adj. shining; m. a sort of cotton, 
rodati, v. (Jrud) to weep, wail; "ana, n. 
rodha, n. a bank, dam; m. stopping; *na, obstruction, 
ropa, m. an arrow, planting. 

ropeti, cans, to plant, set up; pana, 77; ''pita, ppp. 
roma, n. the hair on the body; anca, m. horripilation, 
romantha, n. chewing the cud. 
roruda, /. violent crying, 
roruva, m. one of the eight hells, 
rosarhsa, /. desire, wish, 
rosa, m. anger. 

rosaka, rosana, adj. (Jrus) angry, 
rosaneyya, adj. irritable, 
roseti, cans. ( jrus) to annoy, irritate, 
roha, m ; *na, n. mounting, ascending, a bud. 
rohinl, /. a red cow. 
rohita, adj. red. 
rohisa, m. a kind of deer. 

Jakara, m. a mast. 

1 82 laktintaka 

lakuntaka, m. a dwarf. 

lakkha, n. a mark, target; *na, n. mark, sign, characteristic, 

property, fortune-telling, 
lakkha Tina, adj. auspicious, beautiful, 
lakkhl, /. prosperity, splendour, beauty, 
lakkheti, v. to mark, characterize, dicern. 
lagula, m. a club, mallet, 
laggati, lagati, v. (Jlag) to adhere, stick fast; lagga, 

lagita, ppp, geti, .caus. 

laghu, adj. light, quick, small; *kaya, m. a goat, 
lanka, /. Ceylon, 
lankhanl, /. the bit of a bridle, 
larigati, v. to deteriorate, fall off. 
larigi, /. a bolt or bar. 
langhati, v. to jump, step over, disregard; "gheti, v. to 

jump over, lift up. 
laiighl, /. a rain-cloud. 

lajjati, i'. (Jlajj) to be ashamed; ana, n; ja, /. shame, 
lajjita, lajjT, adj. ashamed, modest, 
lafica, m. a present, bribe. 

lafichati, cheti v. to seal ; cha, m ; "chana, . a mark, seal, 
lafija, m. a foot, tail, bribe, 
lanjika, /. a harlot, 
lata, m. a vile or mean person, 
latukika, /. the Indian quail, 
latthi, *ka, /. a staff, stick, offshoot, plant, 
landa, n. the dung of animals, 
lata,/. a creeper, branch, 
latajivha, m. a snake, 
latataru, m. the palm tree, cocoanut tree, 
latamani, m. fossilized branch, 
lattaka, n. lac. 
lattika, /. a lizard, 
laddhaka, adj. delightful, pleasing, 
lacldhi, /. religious belief, heresy, 
lapaka, m. one who fawns or intrigues, 
lapati, v. (Jlap) to talk, prattle, whine; "ana, n. talking, 

the mouth, 
lapanaja, m. a tooth, 
lapayati, v. to talk, prattle, whine, 
lapita, n. talk, voice, 
labuja, m. the mountain jack, 
labbha, indecl. allowable, permissible, possible. 


labhati, v. (Jlabb) to obtain, acquire, get a chance ; laddha, 
ppp ; lacchati, tut. 

lamba, adj. pendulous, long, large ; *kanna, ra. 'long cars,' 
a goal, hare. 

lambati, v. to droop, fall, hang down ; ana, n. 

lambika, adj. hanging, suspended. 

lambhana, n. abuse, bad language. 

laya, m. a brief measure of time, time in music and dancing. 

lalati, v. (N/lal)) to sport, dally; lalita, ppp ; ana, /. a 
woman . 

lalata, n. the forehead. 

lalama, adj. delightful ; n. a sign, flag, horn, ornament. 

lalaml, /. an ear-ornament. 

lalita, ppp. (is/lal) beautiful, sporting. 

lava, m. reaping, a chip, drop, piece. 

lavariga, n. cloves. 

lavana, n. salt; nuttama, n. saltpetre. 

lavitta, 11. a sickle. 

lasati, V. to shine, sport. 

lasika, /. the fluid that lubricates the joints. 

lasuna, n. garlic. 

lahu, adj. light, quick, vain, flighty; * rh, adv. lightly. 

lahutthana, n. bodily vigour. 

lakha, /. lac. 

lakharukkha, m. the butea tree. 

laja, ra/. parched grain. 

Japa, m. a sort of quail. 

labu, ra. a pumpkin. 

labha, ra. gain. 

lamaka, adj. low, inferior, vile. 

layati, v. to reap ; ana, n. 

lalana, n. dalliance, sport. 

lalappati, lalapati, v. (Jlap) to lament. 

lalasa, /. ardent desire. 

lala, /. saliva. 

lasana, H. dancing. 

likuca, m. a sort of bread fruit, 

likocaka, ra. the oleaster plum. 

likkha, /. a measure of weight, louse-egg. 

likhati, v. (s/likh) to write, inscribe, scratch; "ana, n. 

ligu, n. the heart; m. an animal, bad man. 

liriga, n. a mark, sign, characteristic, sex, gender, puden- 


lirigi, adj. having gender; m. an elephant. 

litta, ppP' (/lip) smeared, plastered. 

lipi, /. writing, letter of the alphabet. 

liha, m. licking. 

Una, (ppp- Uyati) attached, adhering, inherent, hidden; 
*cara, m. a thief, hunter. 

liha, /. sport, play, dalliance. 

lilha, /. grace, facility, ease. 

lujjana, n. break-up. 

luficati, v. to pull up or out. 

lunthana, n. rolling on the ground. 

ludda, *ka, m. a hunter. 

luddha, ppp. (Jlubh) greedy, covetous. 

lunati, v. (Jlu) to cut, reap; IQna, ppp. luyati, pass. 

lupyati, pass, (^lup) to be elided; lutla, ppp; "paria, n. 

luiaya, m. a buffalo. 

liikha, adj. rough, harsh. 

luta, lutika, /. a spider. 

luma, mfn. a tail ; *visa, m, a scorpion. 

lekha, m. a letter, epistle, inscription, writing, drawing; /. 
a line, scratch; *ka, m. a scribe, secretary. 

lekhana, n. writing, a letter ; nika, m. amanuensis, post- 

lekheti, cans. (Jlikh) to write, delineate. 

lekhyapatta, mfn. letter-paper. 

leddu, m. a clod of earth. 

lena, n. a cave, cavern, refuge. 

lepa, m. mortar, plaster; *na, n. plastering. 

lepya, n. modelling in clay, plastering. 

leyya, (///> lehati) n. a foodstuff that is licked, lapped or 

lesa, m. a bit, atom, trick, stratagem. 

lehati, v. (Jlih) to lick; lilha, ppp ; leyya, fpp. 

lehina, m. borax. 

loka, m. the world, universe, mankind. 

lokagaru, m. the Buddha. 

lokadhamma, m. worldly condition. 

lokadhatu, /. a world element or system. 

lokantarika, adj. belonging to the space between three 

lokayata, n. casuistry. 

lokuttara, adj. transcendental, spiritual. 

lokesa, m. Brahman. 

Vauka 185 

locaka, m. a piece of tlesh, pupil of the eye, skin cast of! 

by a snake, 
locana, n. the eye. 
lona, n. salt. 

lopa, m. cutting off, apocope, 
lobha, m. greed, cupidity ; aniya, adj.- connected with 

loma, n. the hair of the body; *kupa ( m. a pore of the 


lomabhumi, /. the skin. 

lomasa, adj. hairy; *panaka, m. a caterpillar, 
lomasara, m. emerald, 
lomaharhsa, m. horripilation ; hattha, adj. 
lola, adj. tremulous, agitated, desirous; *ta, /. eagerness, 
lolupa, adj. desirous, covetous, greedy, 
loha, mn. iron, any metal, agallochum. 

lohakanta, n. a magnet. 

lohaja, . brass, bronze. 

lohajita, mfn. diamond. 

lohaddavT, m. borax. 

lohapittha, m. a heron. 

lohavamma, n. a coat of mail. 

lohavara, n. gold. 

lohita, adj. red. 

lohitaiika, nt. a ruby. 

lohitatunda, m. a parrot. 

lohitaya, n. copper. 

vamsa, m. a bamboo, race, lineage, dynasty, history, 
varhsakkama, m. lineage, pedigree, 
vamsavanna, m. the vejuriya gem. 
variisika, m. a flute player, piper, 
vaka, m. a wolf. 

vakka, n. the kidney; adj. crooked; *giva, m. a camel, 
vakkariga, m. the ruddy goose, 
vakkala, mn. bark of tree, bark garment of ascetics, 
vakkha, m. a tree; n. the chest, 
vakkhoja, n. a woman's breast, 
vagga, m. a class, company, multitude, 
vaggu, adj. pleasant, beautiful. 

vanka, adj. crooked, cunning; m. a fish-hook, river -bend. 


186 vahkativahgam 

vaiikativarigdrii, adv. crookedly. 

variga, m. Bengal, cotton, cutaneous complaint. 

vaca, m. speech, saying. 

vacana, n. speaking sword. 

vaci, /. speech; *kamma, n. act of speech; *bheda, m. 

uttering words. 

vacca. mn. lustre, excrement; *kuti, /. a privy. 

vaccha, m. a calf; *ka, m. a calf; *tara, m. bullock, steer. 

vacchara, m. year. 

vacchala, adj. affectionate; m. affection; /. a cow fond of 

her calf. 

vaja, m. a cow pen. 
vajati, i). (Jvaj) to go, walk, 
vajira, mn. the thunderbolt^, diamond, adamant; *tunda, a 

garula, vulture, mosquito; *danta, m. a pig, rat. 
vajja, n. a fault, sin, musical instrument; "ana, -v. avoiding, 
vajjeti, cans, to avoid, abstain, shun, remove. 
vajjha, /. (Jvadh) execution. 

vaficeti, v. to deceive, delude; caka, adj ; cana, n. 
vanjula, m. the ratan.. 
vanjha, adj. barren, sterile, 
vatamsaka, n. a kind of flower, 
vata, m . the banyan tree, 
vatakara, tn. a cord, garland of flowers- 
vatuma, n. a road 
vatta, m. expenditure; adj. round; n. circle of existence, 


vatlaka, /. a quail, 
vattati, v. to behove, be right, 
vatti, /. fringe, rim, wick, lump ; *ka, /. a thong, wick, 


vattula, adj. circular, 
vathara, adj. fat, stout, 
vac^^hati, v. to grow, increase, multiply, prosper; dhi, /; 

vaddha, vuddha, vuddha, buddha, ppp, old, wise; 

ana, 3 aka, adj', "ana, n. 
vad(jhaki, m. an artisan, carpenter, mason, 
vana, mn. a sore, wound, boil, 
vanijja, /. trade, 
vanita, adj. wounded, 
vanippatha, m. trading town, mart. 
Vanta, n. a stalk, 
yanthara, m> a palmyra bud, bosom, dog, cloud. 

vanatlin TR; 

vanna, . appearance, colour, complexion, beauty, vowel, 

syllable, quality; *m kathetl, to praise, 
vannaka, n. paint, rouge, 
vannakiipika, /. an ink-pot, 
vannadasi, /, a prostitute. 

vannana, /. description, explanation, commentary. 
vannapatha,jm.*a desert, 
vannamata, /. a nib. 
vanni, n. gold. 

vanni, ad/.; having the colour of ; m. a painter; /. a beauti- 
ful woman. 

vanned, u. to descricb, depict, praise, explain, comment, 
vata, indecl. O! alas! indeed; mn. duty, observance, 

habit, rite, 
vati, /. a fence. 

vatta, n. the mouth, face; /. one who says, 
vnttati, v. to begin, proceed, go on, take place, say, be, 

exist, practise, tend; vatta, ppp; n. duty, 
vattana, n. livelihood, subsistence, wages, 
vatfanl, /. a road, 
vattamana, adj. the present, 
vattarama, in. a plantation, 
vatti, v, (Jvac) to speak, address; vatva, gcr ,-avoca, aor ; 

vakkhati, jut : vatturh, inf ; vuccati, pass; vutta, ppp. 
valtha, n. clothes; m. a goat. 

vatthaguyha, n. the pudendum, 'tn be hidden by clothes.' 
vatthi, inf. the abdomen, bladder, 
varthu, n. substance, thing, matter, cause, subject, story, 

narrative ; m. a site, floor, 
vatrabhu, m. Sakha, 
vadannu, adj. bountiful, affable, 
vadati. v. (>Jvad) to speak, declare; vada. m. speaking; 

ud ppp; vadeti, caus. to sound (musically), 
vadana, n. speech, mouth, face, 
vaddalika, /. rainy weather, 
vaddhamaya, adj. leathern, 
vadhati, v. to strike, kill; aka, ad/; a, m. slaughter, 


adhuka, /. a daughter-in-law, 
vadhu, /. a bride, girl, daugther-in-la\v. 
vana, n. a wood, forest, water; *gahana n. dense forest, 
vanacaraka, m. a forester, 
vanatha, m. undergrowth in a forest, brushwood, lust, 

iKS van n da 

vanada, ra. a rain-cloud. 

vanappati, vanaspati, m. 'lord of the forest,' tree towering 

above others. 

vanappiya, m. the cuckoo, 
vanaraji, /. a forest glade, 
vanabhu, m. a rabbit, 
vanita, /. a woman, 
vanussaha, m. a rhinoceros. 

vanta, ppp. (Jvam) vomited, ejected, deprived of. 
vantasika, adj. eating what has been vomited, 
vandati, v. ro salute, revere, venerate; "ana, fn. 
vandaka, /. a species of mistletoe, 
vandi, m. a bard, panegyrist; /. prisoner, 
vapati, v. to sow, shave; vatta, vutta, ppp; "ana, n. 
vapa, /. at spreading among the muscles, 
vapu, n. the body, 
vapna, m. sowing, river-bank. 

vamati, v. to vomit, eject ; vanta ; />/>/> ; a, m ; ana c n n. emetic, 
vamathti, m. vomiting, 
vambhana, n. ridicule, 
vamma, n. armour, 
vammika, mn. an ant-hill, 
vammita, adj. wearing armour, 
vaya, mn. youth, age; *ttha, adj. young; *ppatta, adj. come 

of age. 

vayassa, m. friend. 

vara, m. a boon, favour; adj. excellent, best, noble, 
varaka, n. the Indian corn, 
varanga, m. the head, 
varaiigana, /. a noble or beautiful woman, 
varafifiu, adj. knowing the best, the Buddha, 
varana, m. a wall, rampart, 
varata, m. a foreigner, wild man, swan, 
varanda, m. a pimple, refuse, 
varatta, /. a strap, thong, 
varapbala, m. the cocoanut tree, 
varala, m. a wasp, 
varavacchala, /. mother-in-law, 
varaniiini, /. lac. 

varaka, adj. wretched, miserable, 
varata, m. a rope. 

vararoha, m. a mahout; /. a woman of excellent form, 
varaha, m. a boar, 

vasibhftY.'i i.So 

varisa, n. a year; /. rainy season. 

variha, m. a peacock. 

varihisa. it. the kusa grass. 

\ r aruna, m. the ocean. 

varutha, m. a wooden fender round a chariot. 

valaja, m. a sort of fish. 

valanjeti, v. (Jlanj) to use, spend, resort to ;-''ja, m; jana, 

rt; jaka, adj. 

valaya, mn. a bracelet, ring, circle, 
valayita, adj. encircled, 
valahaka, rn. rain-cloud, mountain. 

vali, /. a fold of the skin, wrinkle, streak ; *ta, adj. wrinkled, 
valittaca, adj. wrinkled, 
valira, adj. squinting, 
vallmukha, m. a monkey, 
vallaki, /. an Indian lute. 

valiabha, adj. beloved; rn. a favourite, overseer, 
vallari, /. a compound pedicle, 
vallava, m. a cook, cow-herd, 
vallibha, m. the pumpkin, 
valll, /. a creeper, 
valliira, mfn. dried flesh. 

vavakattha, ppp- (Jkas) withdrawn, secluded, 
vavatthiipeti, caus. to place, fix, settle, establish; "ana, 

"apana, n; "thita, ppp. 
vasa, mn. wish, desire, authority, power, control. Vase 

vattati, to be under control ; vasena, adv. by means of, 

for the sake of- *ga, adj. subject, obedient, 
vasati, v. to dwell, live, spend time; vacchati, fut ; vatthurii, 

in; vuttha, vusita, ppp ; "ana, n. dwelling, 
vasati, /. dwelling, abode, 
vasana, n. cloth, clothes, 
vasanta, m. spring (season), 
vasantaghosl, m. the cuckoo, 
vasabha, m. a bull, 
vasala, m. an out-cast, reprobate. 
vasavattT, adj. bringing into subjection, Mara, 
vasa, /< a barren cow, obedient wife, serum, fat. 
vasada, m. a lion, 
vasika, adj. subject to; *ta, /. 
vasikaroti, T. to brin^ into subjection. 
vasTbhava, m. subjection, self-control, subjugation; bhuta' 


JQO vnsti 

vasu, adj. sweet; m. a ray of light, tree: n. wealth, a gem. 

vasudha, vasumati, vasundhara, /. the earth. 

vassa, m. a goat; mn. a year, rain; *m vasati, to keep lent. 

vassakara, m. a rain cloud. 

vassaggarh, adv. in order of seniority of monks. 

vassati, v. to utter a cry; vassita, ppp. n>. a cry; i'. to rain ; 

"ana, n; vatta, ppp. Devo vassati, it rains, 
vassavara, vassadhara. m. a eunuch, 
vassaghosa, m. a frog, 
vassana, m. the rainy season, 
vassanara, m. fire, 
vassapabhanjana, m. a storm, 
vassamada, m. a peacock, 
vassavasa, in. rainy residence, lent, 
vassikasatika, /. a waterproof, 
vassikl, /. great-flowered jasmine, 
vassupanayika, /. entrance upon lent, 
vassokasara, /. Sakka's city, 
vaha, adj. carrying; m. shoulder of an ox. 
vahati, v. (Jvah) to carry, bear, possess; vuyhati,vu!hari, 

pass ; "ana, n. 
vahitta, n. a raft, boat. 

valabanala, m. a submarine fire at the South Pole, 
vajabhamukha. n. a whirlpool on the way to Mount Meru. 
vajabhi, /. a roof, 
vajava, /. a mare, 
va, conj. or. 

vaka, n. bark of a tree , *clra, n. bark-garment, 
vakara, /. a net or snare, 
vakkarana, n. talk, assertion. 

vakya, n. speech, sentence; "yarambha, m. prefatory words, 
vagura, /. a net or snare ; rika, m. a sportsman using nets, 
vacaka, adj. speaking, 
vacana, fn. recitation, reading, teaching, 
vacasika, adj. verbal. 

vaca, /. word, speech. Vacam nicchdreti, to utter speech, 
vacadana, n. repartee, 
vacapeyya, n. lovely speech, 
vacala, adj. talkative, 
vacika, n. news. 

vacikaharaka, m. a love-letter, messenger, postman, 
vacuggata, adj< learnt by rote, verbally acquired. 

vayuapala 191 

vaja, m. the feather of an arrow ; n. butter. 

vana, ra. an arrow, pipe; *dhi, ra. a quiver of arrows; 

"nasana, n. a bow. 
vanijja, n. trade; ija, m. a trader, 
vani, /. speech, voice, 
vata, m. the wind, 
vatakeli, /. whistling, 
vatanda, n. elephantiasis of the scrotum, 
vatadhaja, ra. a rain-cloud, 
vatapana, n- a window, 
vatamiga, m. a swift antelope, 
vatabadha, m. rheumatism, 
vatamoda, /. musk, 
vataya, n. a leaf, 
vatayana, n. a window, 
vatika, adj. rheumatic, 
vatingana, m. the brinjal. 
vatuli, /. 3 bat. 
vatta, /. rumour, news, 
vattakl, /. the egg-plant, 
vada, m. speech, controversy, dispute doctrine, creed; vadl, 

adj. disputing, asserting, 
vadaka, adj. playing (music), 
vadana, n. music. 

viiditta, n. a musical instrument, instrumental music, 
vana, n. desire, lust, sewing, 
vanapattha, w. a brahmin, anchorite, 
vanara, m. a monkey, 
vapa, m. sewing, 
vapi, /. a reservoir, lake, 
vapita, ppp. shorn. 

vama, adj. left (hand), reverse, beautiful, 
vamana, adj. dwarfish, 
vaya, m. the wind, air. 
vayati, vati, v. to blow, breathe forth, emit, 
vayana, n. weaving. 

vayamati, V. to strive, endeavour; vayama, . endeavour, 
vayasari, m, an owl. 
vayasa, m. a crow, 
vayu, m. air, wind, 
vayuketu, m. dust, 
vayukotla, m. north-west corner, 
vayuphala, n. the rainbow, hail. 



vayusakha, m. tire. 

vayosariivatra, m. destruction of the world by fire. 
vayha, n. a conveyance. 

vara, m. time, occasion, turn, day of the week. 
varata, n. cultivated field. 
varana, m. an elephant; m. resistance. 
varanavallabha, /. the plantain tree. 
varavana, mn. armour, shield. 
varavilasini, /. a harlot. 
vari, n. water. 
varikimi, m. a water-leech. 
varija, m. a fish ; n. a lotus. 
vtirittaslla, n. abstinence from what is forbidden. 
varida, m. a cloud. 
varidhi, m. the sea. 
varipavaha, m. a fountain, spray. 
varimagga, m. a sluice, water-course. 
varuni, /. spirituous liquor. 
vala, m. hair, hairy tail; n. water. 
valagga, n. the tip of a hair. 
valadhi, m. a horse's or cow's tail. 
valavijani, /. a yak's tail fan. 
valavedhi, m. a hair-spitter, acute arguer. 
valika, valuka, /. sand. 

vasa, m. clothing, dwelling, abode, perfume; *cunna, n. 
toilet perfume. 

vasana, /. impression remaining on the mind from past 
deeds; n. perfuming the person. 

vasayoga, w toilet powder. 

vasara, mn. day, quill of a shuttle. 

vasava, m. Sakka. 

vasagara, n. a bed-room. 

vasada, m, a lion's den. 

vasi, /. a razor, 

vasita, ppp. scented, perfumed. 

vasi, /. an axe, hatchet. 

vasuki, m. king of snakes. 

vasudeva, m. Vishnu. 

vasura, /. night, woman. 

vaha, m. a bearer, horse, vehicle, measure of capacity. 

vahaka, t. a horseman. 

vahana, n. carrying, vehicle, 'monture.' 

vigacchmi 103 

vuhusa, m. a boa constrictor, or python. 

vahini, /. a river, army. 

vaja, m. a snake, beast of prey ; *gahl, m. snake charmer. 

vikarikata, w. name of a plant. 

vikaca, adj. blossoming. 

vikata, adj. changed, reversed; n. filth. 

vikati, /. change, emotion, kind, product. 

vikatika, /. an embroidered woollen coverlet. 

vikappa, m. option, uncertainty, thinking over. 

vikappeti, cans, to apportion, assign; pana, n. option, 

alternative; "pana, /. assignment, 
yikampana, n. tremulation, shaking, 
vikara, m. disease, 
vikaroti, v. to alter; vikata, />/>/>. 
vikala, adj. defective, deprived of. 
vikasati v. to blossom, expand; vikasa, m. 
vikasa, /. Bengal madder, 
vikiira, m. change, alteration, perturbation, 
vikala, m. wrong time, afternoon, 
vikirati, v. to scatter, sprinkle, overwhelm ; vikinna, ppp. 

mixed, assorted, scattered, 
vikirana, adj. dispersing, squandering; m. the gigantic 

swallow, work. 

vikubbana, n. magical transformation, 
vikujati, v. to chirp, warble. 

vikopeti, caus. (Jkup) to inflict pain, annoy; pana, n. 
vikkanta, ppp. (Jkam) stepping out, heroic, 
vikkanti, /. galloping of a horse, heroism, 
vikkama, m. advancing, heroism, prowess, 
vikkaya, m. sale; yik a > m- a vendor, 
vikkinati, v. (is/ki) to sell ; vikketa, m. a vendor; eyya, //>/>. 

for sale. 

vikkosa, m. (Jkus) proclamation, 
vikkhanam, adv. for a moment, 
vikkhambha, m. diameter; "ana, n. discarding; bhita, ppp. 


vikkhayitaka, n. a corpse gnawed by animals, 
vikkhaleti, v. to wash ; lana, n. 
vikkhipati, v. to scatter; vikkhitta, ppp. distracted, 
vikkhepa, m. distraction, scattering, disorder, 
vikkhobheti, v. to agitate, 
vikhyata, adj. famed, renowned, 
vigacchati, i). to depart; viggata, ppp} vigama, m. 


t94 vigarahati 

vigarahati, v. to rebuke, reproach. 

vigiti, /. a song out of tune or time. 

vigahati, heti, v. to plunge into, wade, enter; vigayha, ger. 

vigunthita, ppp. arrested, foiled. 

viggaha, m. the body, strife, analysis; *va, adj. handsome. 

viggahaka, adj. quarrelsome. 

viggha, m. an obstacle. 

vighateti, v. to remove, overthrow; j.ana, n. 

vighata, m. destruction, vexation. 

vighasa, m. remains of food, scraps ; sada, m. one who eats 


vicakkhana, adj. knowing, wise, skilful, 
vicakkhukamma, n. magic, deception of the eyes, 
vicaya, m. investigation, search, 
vicarati, o. to walk about; ana, n; vicareti, cans, to carry 

on, investigate; "rana, fn. investigation, doubt, 
vicaraka, m. investigator, judge, 
vicikicchati, i>. to hesitate, doubt ; cha, /. 
viciti, / examination. 

vicitta, vicitra, adj. variegated, ornamented, painted, 
vicinati, v. to seek, search, gather, collect; ana, n. 
vicinteti,, i>. to think, devise; vicintaka, adj. 
viceyya, adj. discriminate, 
viccuta, ppp- fallen down, 
vicchacldeti, V. to throw away, 
vicchika, m. a scorpion, 
vicchiddaka, n. a fissured corpse, 
vicchindati, v. to break off, interrupt; vicchinna, ppp; 

viccheda, m. 

vijateti, v. to comb out, disentangle, unravel, explain ;'tana,rc. 
vijana, adj. lonely, 
vijanana, n. birth, production. 
vijambhati, V. to rouse oneself, besport oneself, 
vijaya, m. victory, triumph, 
vijala, n. vinegar, 
vijana, n. understanding, 
vijanati, v. to discern, distinguish, understand, ascertain; 

viniiaya, ger ; virtnaturii, inf ; vinnata, ppp. 
vijayati, v. to give birth to ; vijata, ppp. /. a woman who 

has had a child, 
vijigucchati, . to loathe, 
vijitavi, adj. victorious, 
vijiti, f. victory; vijeta, fn a conqueror. 

vitthntn 195 

vijivitn, adj. dead. 

vijjamana, adj. existing, real, evident. 

vijja, /. knowledge, learning, wisdom. 

vijju, *ta, /. lightning; *llata, /. forked lightning. 

vijjotati, v. (s/jut) to shine. 

vijjhati, v. to pierce, 'perforate, strike; ana, n; viddha, ppp. 

vijjhayati, v. to burn out, be extinguished. 

vinjoli, /. a row, series. 

vinjha, m. the Yindhya mountain. 

vinnatti, /. intimation, information. 

vinnana, n. consciousness, mind, thought, perception. 

vinnanancayatan.'i, n. sphere of infinite consciousness or 


viiinanatthiti, /. abode of consciousness, 
vinfianadhatu, /. the element of consciousness or percep- 

viiinapana, adj. informing, instructing, 
vinfiu, adj. intelligent, wise, discreet; * ta, /. intelligence, 
vitarika, inn. a dove-cote. 

vitapa, m. the fork of a tree, "thicket ; *pi,lw. altree. 
vitabhT, /. the fork a tree, 
vidoja, m. -Sakka. 
vitarhsa, m. a cage for animal, 
vitnkketi, v. to -reflect, -reason, argue; ka, m; kann, n. 


vitacchika, /. scabies, 
vitacchita, ppp. planed, smoothed, 
vitanda, /. frivolous discussion, captious argument; m. an 

vitata, ppp. (Jtan) extended,;diffused ; n. "a drum covered 

with leather on both sides, 
vitatha, adj. false, unreal. 

vitarati, v. (Jtar) to continue, go through, perform, ac- 
complish; vitinna, ppp. escaped from, crossed over, 
free from ; "ana, n. donation, escaping, 
vitana, win. expansion, canopy, multitude, 
vitunnaka, n. vitriol, 
vitudati, v. to strike, sting; vitunna, ppp. n. a sort of 


vitta, n. property, wealth, possession, 
vitti, /. joy, feeling, 
vitthata, ppp. (^thar) extended, wide. 

jf)6 vitthnmbhann 

vitthambhana, n, instability. 

vitthareti, v. to expand, detail ; ra, m. amplification, de- 
tail ; rika, adj. extended, diffused ; vitthinna, ppp. 

vidaddhata, /. gallantry, wit. 

vidati, v. to know, ascertain; vidita, ppp. 

vidatthi, /. a span. 

vidahati, v. (Jdah, dha) to allot, assign, appoint, fix, 
provide; vihita, ppp. 

vidara, ra; ana, n. tearing; rita, ppp. (Jdar) rent, split. 

vidaleti, cans. (Jdal) to break open, split, rip up; Ina 

vidisa, /. an intermediate point of the compass. 

vidura, adj. wise. 

vidu, adj. knowing, wise. 

vidura, adj. very far. 

viduraja, n. a precious stone. 

vidusita, ppp. (s/dus) corrupted. 

videsa, m. a foreign land. 

viddasu, adj. skilled, wise. 

vidduma, ra. coral. 

viddesa, m. enmity, hatred; si, m. an enemy. 

viddha, ppp. (Jvidh) piecred, penetrated, thrust into. 

viddharhseti. v. cans, to crush, destroy, overthrow, scatter, 
disperse; sa. tn : sana, n; sita, ppp. 

viddhasta., ppp. broken, fallen to pieces. 

vidha, m form, sort, part, fold; /. pride. 

vidhamati, v. to. scatter, dispel ; ana, n. 

vidhava, /. a widow. 

vidhana, n. arrangement, disposal, precept, ceremony* 

vidhavati, v. to run about. 

vidhi, m. rule, precept, ceremony, luck, destiny. 

vidhu, m. the moon. 

vidhura, n. absence, seclusion. 

vidhunati, v. (Jdhu) to shake. 

vidhupana. n. a fan. 

vinattha, ppp. (Jnas)lost, perished, destroyed. 

vinata, ppp. (Jnam) bent, inclined;/, mother of the 

vinandhati. v. (Jnah) to cover, encircle; vinaddha, ppp- 
vinaya, m. discipline, training, rules and regulations for 

vinassati, v. (iVnas) to be lost, to perish; vinatt/ia, ppp. 

vfpubbaka 197 

vina, adv. without, except; *bhava, m separation. 

vinameti, i'. to bend, twist. 

vinayaka, m. leader, chief, Buddha. 

vinasa, m. loss, ruin; sT, adj. destructive. 

vinikkhepa, m. throwing down. 

viniggama, m. departure. 

vinicchinati, a. (Jci) to investigate, try, judge, decide; 

chaya, m. 

vinipata, m. state of punishment or suffering, 
vinipateti, v. to do away with, destroy, 
vinibandha, m. bondage, 
vinimutta, ppp. (Jmuc) released, discharged, 
vinivattati, i. to roll back. 

vinivijjhati, v. (Jvidh) to pierce through and through, 
vinivethana, n. unwrapping, explaining, refuting, 
vinilaka, adj. purple, 
vineti, v. to remove, put away, conquer, train, convert; 

vinlta, ppp- 

vinodeti, v. ( Jnud) to dispel, put away ; daka, adj. dana, n. 
vindati, see. vidati. 

vipakkha, adj. opposite, hostile ; m. an enemy, 
vipaccati, pass. ( Jpac) to be cooked, tormented, suffer, 
vipaccanika, adj. hostile. 

vipajjati, v. (Jpad); vipanna, ppp. to fall, perish, 
vipana, m. sale; ni, m. a trader; /. shop, market, 
vipatti, /. misfortune, failure, 
vipatha, m. wrong road, bye-path, bad road, 
vipada, f. danger. 

vipanna, ppp. (Jpad) failed to attain, without; m. a snake, 
viparamosa, m. highway robbery, 
viparavatta, ppp. reversed, changed, 
vipnrinameti, cans. (N/nam) to reverse, transform ; "ma, m. 

nata, ppp. 

vipariyaya, m. reversal, change. 

viparita, ppp. reversed, changed, contrary, wrong; *ta, /. 
vipallasa, vipariyasa, m. reversal, change. 
vipassati, v. to see clearly, have insight; ana, /. insight; 

aka, si ; adj. 

vipaka, tn. result, ripening, fruit; ki, adj. resultant, 
vipateti, t'. to crush, 
vipadika, /. swelling of ithe legs, 
vipina, n. a grove, wood, 
vipuhbnka, n, a festering corpse. 


vipula, adj. broad, extensive. 

vippa, m. a brahmin. 

vippakatthaka, adj. distant. 

vippakata, ppp. imperfected, done, left unfinished. 

vippakara, m. change of state, impropriety. 

vippakirati, v. to scatter; inna, ppp. 

vippakkhitta, ppp. (Jkhip) thrown about, scattered. 

vippajahati, v. (Jha) to abandon; vippahma, ppp. 

vippatipanna, ppp. (J pad) behaved wrongly. 

vippatisara, m. remorse, regret ; rl, adj. 

vippanattha, ppp. (Jnas) smile, lost, ruined. 

vippamuncati, v. to cast off, free oneself; utta, ppp. 

vippayoga, m. separation : yutta, adj. 

vippaladdha, ppp. (Jlabh) disappointed, deceived. 

vippalapati, v. (Jlap) to chatter, lament; lapa, m. wrangl- 
ing, grumbling. 

vippalambheti, v. to mock, delude. 

vippavasati, v. to leave home, go abroad; vuttha, ppp; 
vasa, m. absense. 

vippaviddha, ppp. (Jvidh) pierced through and through. 

vipphandati, v. to struggle, writhe. Ditth'rcipphandita, n. 
sceptical agitation. 

vippharana, n. thrilling, pervading; vippharika, adj. 

vipphurati, v. to vibrate, flash; ana, ??. 

vipphulinga, n. a spark of fire. 

viplava, m. (Jplu) floating, fault; vipluta, adj. 

viphala, adj. fruitless. 

vibadha, /. sickness, disease. 

vibuddhi, /. enlightenment. 

vibudha, m. a wise or learned man, deva. 

vibodhana, n. awakening. 

vibbhamati, v. (Jbham) to roam, wander; ana, n. roam- 
ing; a, m. whirling, agitation, hurry ; vibbhanta, ppp. 

vibhariga, m. division, analysis, distinction, one of the 
Abhidhamma books. 

vibhajati, v. (Jbhaj) to divide, distinguish, analyse; 
vibhatta, ppp ; ana, n. sharing with others. 

vibhatti, /. grammatical inflexion. 

vibhava, m. prosperity, property, wealth, non-existence. 

vibha, /.light, lustre; *kara, m. fire, sun. 

vibhaga, m. division, part. 

vibhati, n. (Jbha) to glitter, glow; ta, n. day-break. 

viravali 199 

vibhava, w. condition or sentiment, friendship. 

vibhavari, /. night. 

vibhavasu, m. wind, tire, moon. 

vibhaveti, n. to understand clearly, ascertain; vana, n\ vi, 

adj. wise; "vita, PPp. 
vibhasa, /. an alternative, light, 
vibhinna, />/>/> scattered, divided, 
vibhltaka, ma; ki, /. beleric rhyrobalon. 
vibhisana, adj. terrific, fearful, 
vibhu, ra. a lord, ruler, 
vibhuti, m. splendour, dignity, 
vibhusana, n. adornment; sita, adj. 
vibhedana, n. (Jbhid) division, 
vibhedika, /. the palmyra tree, 
vimattha, ppp. (Jmas) soft, burnished, 
vimati, /. perplexity, 
vimana, adj. distressed, 
vimala, adj. pure, spotless, 
vimata, /. a step-mother, 
vimana, inn. a mansion, pagoda, abode, 
vimanana, /. showing, disrespect, 
vimukha, adj. averted, neglectful. 

vimuncati, v. to release, give up, spend; vimutta, ppp. 
vimutti, /. release deliverance, 
vimuyhati, v. (Jmuh) to be bewildered, deluded. 
vimoka, m. the slough cast off by a snake, 
vimokha, m. release, escape, devilerance, emancipation, 
vimocana, n. emancipating, releasing, 
vimohaka, adj. deluding, 
vimba, inn. an image, figure, 
vimhaya, -m. astonishment. 

vimhapeti, cans, to astonish; vimhita, ppp. astonished. 
vivojeti, cans, (^yuj) to separate; viyutta. ppp ; viyoga, rrt. 
vajcita, ppp' (Jrac) composed, made, 
vraja, adj. untainted, passionless, 
virajjati, v. to be displeased, loathe; viratta, ppp. detached, 

turning from. 

virajjhati, v. (Jradh) to fail, go wrong, miss, 
virati, /. abstinence. 

viramati, v. to abstain, desist; refrain; ana, n. 
virala, adj. delicate, fine; an-jana, adj. thinly peopled, 
viravati, v. (Jru) to shout, cry out jungle; a, m. clamour. 

20O virahita 

viraliita, ppp> bereft of, exempt from. 

viraga, m. absence of lust, saintship. 

virajati, v. to shine; jita, ppp. 

viradheti. cans. ( Jradh) to fail, miss. 

viriya, n. energy, vigour; *va, adj. energetic. 

virujjati, pass. (Jruj) to decay, fall to pieces. 

virujjhati, pass. (Jrudh) to be obstructed, annoyed, dis- 
turbed; viruddha, ppp. annoyed, hostile, opposite; 
ana, n. 

virudhanaka, adj. growing. 

virQpa, adj. deformed, ugly. 

virupakkha, m. the Regent of the West. 

virulha, ppp- (^ruh) grown, blossoming; hi, /. growth; 
him apajjali. to be full grown. 

vireka, m. purging, diarrhoea. 

yirecana, n. ( Jric) purging, a purgative. 

virocati, v. (Jruc) to shine, be conspicuous; ana, adj. 

virodha, ra;*na, h. opposition, contradiction, inconsis- 
tency; dhi. adj. adverse. 

virodhotti, /. contradiction, quarrel. 

vilagga, ppp. (N/lag) fastened; m. the waist. 

vilapati, v. (Jlap) to lament, wail; vilapa, m. 

vilambati, v. (Jlamb) to tarry, loiter, hang on; "bita, ppp. 
n, delay. 

vilaya, m. destruction; *rh, ncil to kill. 

vilata, n. a hearse. 

vilasa, m. sport, pastime, dalliance, charm ; sini, /. a 
charming woman. 

vilimpati, v. (Jlip) to smear, anoint; vilitta, ppp. 

villna, ppp. ( Jll) clinging, adhering. 

viliva, n. split bamboo; *kara, m. a basket-maker. 

vilumpati, v. (Jlup) to plunder; vilutta, ppp. 

viluna, ppp. (Jlu) cut off. 

vilekha, m. perplexity. 

vilekhana, n. writing, scratching. 

vilepana, n. (Jlip) toilet perfume. 

viloketi, v. (Jlok) to look at, examine; kana, n;kita, 
ppp. n, a look. 

vilocana, n. the eye. 

vilopa, m. plunder, pillage; *ka, adj. 

viloma, adj. against the grain, reversed, contrary ; metij 
demon, v. to oppose, invert, thwart. 

viloleti, v. to stir, move about. 


villa, n. a hole, pit, asafoetida. 

vivaccha, /. meaning, implication. 

vivajjeti, v. to avoid, forsake; jana, n. 

vivata, ppp. (Jvar) opened; *cchada, n. one who hits 

opened the veil (of passion), ; Buddha. 

vivatta, m. renovation, beginning again ; m. rolling back, 
part of a monk's dress, absence of the round of births, 
vivattati, v. to roll on, revolve. 

vivanna, adj. discoloured, wan ; *ka, n. dispraise, cpntempU 
vivadati, v. to dispute, quarrel ; ana, n. 
vivara, n. a hollow, gap, vacuum, flaw, defect, 
vivarana, n. explanation, comment, 
vivarati, v. (Jvar) to open, 
vivasa, adj. unrestrained, independent, 
vivada, m. dispute, contention, litigation, 
vivaha, m; *na, n. marriage, 
viviccati, v. (vie) to separate or seclude oneself, retire;; 

vivitta, ppp. solitary; vivicca, ger. 
vividha, adj. various, manifold, 
viveka, m. (Jvic) separation, seclusion, 
viveceti, cans. (.N/vic) to separate, seclude; cana, n. investi- 
visariiyoga, visaririoga, m. (Jyuj) separation, disjunction; 

yutta, "nutta, ppp. 
visamvadeti, caus. to break one's word, deceive, disappoint; 

da, m; daka, adj. 

visa, n. poison, venom : Visena hanti, to poison a person, 
visakanthaka, n. molasses. 

visankhara, m. absence of complexes or of dispositions, 
visahkhita, ppp. (iJkar) taken asunder, disintegrated, 
visanna, adj. unconscious; Yiita, /. 
visata, ppp. spread, diffused, 
visattha, /. emission, 
visattika, /. desire, lust, 
visada, adj. pure, clear, manifest; *tta, n. 
visadhara, m. snake, 
visappana, n. a spreading, 
visabhaga, adj. dissimilar, different, 
visama, adj. uneven, unequal, unjust; n. uneven ground, 

inaccessible place. 

visaya, m. region, realm, domain, sphere, object of sense, 
visayi, n. an organ ot sense, 
visayha, adj. competent, capable. 

2O2 visara 

visara, m. a multitude. 

visalla, adj. free from grief or misery. 

visaci, /. casting a side glance. 

visana, n. a horn, tusk. 

vi'sada, m. dejection. 

visarada, adj. confident, bold, self-possessed. 

visarl, adj. spreading. 

visala, adj. wide, extensive, great; /. the bitter apple; *ta, 
/. breadth. 

vtsikha, /. a spade, street, road; m. an arrow. 

visittha, ppp. (Jsis) excellent, superior, distinguished. 

visibbati, v. to unsew. 

visldati, v. to be afflicted. 

vislla, adj. immoral. 

visiveti. v. to warm oneself; vana, n. 

visurh, adv. separately, individually. 

visuka, n. a thorn, bolt. 

visujjhati, v. (Jsudh) to be pure, clean; visuddha, ppp. 

visuddhi, /. purity, nibbana. 

visuka, w. a shew, spectacle, theatre. 

visucika, /. cholera. 

visesa, m. destruction, speciality, sort, kind, merit, excel- 
lence. Visesena, adv. specially. 

visesaka, m. a sectarial mark on the forehead. 

viseseti, cans, to distinguish, specify; sana, n. 

visessa, adj. chief, principal. 

visoka, adj. free from sorrow. 

visodheti, cans. (Jsudh) to purify, cleanse; dhana, n. 

visoseti, cans. (Jsus) to dry. 

vissa, adj. whole, entire; n. a smell like raw-meat. 

vissakamma, m. the celestial architect. 

vissajjati, v. (Jsaj) to send forth, throw, dismiss, answer, 
spend; ana, n. a gift; ana, /. a reply, answer; vissat- 
tha, ppp. 

vissandati, v. (Jsand) to flow, overflow. 

vissamati, v. (iJsam) to rest, repose; "ana, n. 

vissambha, m. trust, confidence, intimacy. 

vissarati, t. ( Jsar) to forget. 

vissavati, v. (Jsu)to ooze. 

vissasati, n. to trust, confide in; vissattha, ppp. confident; 
vissasa, m. 

vissatiana, n. gift, donation, 

Vissasika, iya, ad/, intimate, Confidential, trusty, 

vupakatthn ^03 

vissuta, ppp. renowned; 3 ti, /. fame, renown. 

visstissati, v. (*/sus) to be dried up. 

vihaga, vihariga, vihangama, m. a bird. 

vihafiriati, v. (Jhan) to be afflicted, vexed; vihata, ppp. 

vihattha, adj. perplexed. 

viharati, v. to live, dwell. 

vihuyasa, m. the air, sky. 

vihayita, n. a gift. 

vihara, m. dwelling, state of life, monastery, recreation , 
sojourn ; rl, riya, adj. dwelling. 

viliimsati, r. (Jhims) to hurt, injure; sa, /. 

vihetheti, v. (Jheth) to annoy, harass, hurt; thana, n; 

"thaka, adj. 

vihesaka, adj. annoying, troubling; sa, /. 
vici, m/. a wave, leisure; *mali. m. the ocean, 
vlccha, /. succession, 
vijati, v. (Jvij) to fan : ani, /. a fan. 
vina, /. a lute. 

vita, ppp- devoid of, free from, 
vitikkamati, v. (Jkam) to exceed, transgress; "a, m. 
vitinameti, v. to spend the time, wait; "manaka, adj. 
vitipatati, v. to fall away, transgress, 
vitivatta, ppp. past, exceeded, 
vitisareti, cans. (Jsar) to remind mutually, 
vithi, /. a row, line, road, bazaar. 
vira, adj. strong, mighty, heroic, 
vihi, m. rice, paddy, 
vutthi, /. rain; *bhii, m. a frog. 
vuddha, ppp. (Jvaddh) aged, old; vnddhapactiyj, adj. 

honouring the aged, 
vuddhi, /. growth, increase, 
vunaii, to restrain, prevent; vareti, caux; variyati, pass ; 

varita, ppp. 

vutapada, n. points of conduct, 
vutta, (ppp- vapat'i) shaven; (Jvac) said; spoken, 
vuttanta, m. tidings, 
vutti, /.conduct, behaviour, business, profession, rhythm, 


vuttha, ppp. (Jvas) lived, 
vuddhi, /. inn-ease, growth ; *jivika, /. usury, 
vusa, m. a bull- 
viipakattha, adj. distant, removed. 

204 vupasnmmati 

vupasammati, v. (Jsam) to be quieted, becalmed, cease; 
sama, m;samana, n. 

ve, indecl. indeed, truly. 

vekalla, n. deficiency. 

vega, m. speed, velocity, impetus, impulse; vegena, adv. 
speedily ; gl, m. a courier. 

vejjayanta, m. Sakka's palace. 

veja, m. a physician. 

vejjha, n. a target. 

vetheti, v. to surround, envelope, wrap; tha, m; "thana, n ; 
"thaka, adj. 

vena, m. a worker in bamboo or wicker work. 

venavika, m. a flute-player. 

veni, /. a woman's topknot. 

venivedhani, /. a water-leech. 

venu, m. a bamboo tree, flute; *hara, m. a worker in bam- 
boo ; *dhama, m. a flute-player. 

vetana, n. hire, wages; nika, m. a hired servant, labourer. 

vetaranl, /. the river of hell. 

vetasa, m. the ratan reed. 

vetalika, m. one who wakes a king with music and song, 

vetaja, n. a magic art. 

vetta, n. stick, staff. 

veda, m. knowledge, emotion, Veda ; *gu, adj. knowing the 
VedaS; *jata, adj. excited, joyous. 

vedana, fn. sensation, feeling, perception ; *ttha, adj. ago- 

vedalla, n. one of the nine divsions of the Buddhist scrip 

vedi, vedika, vedi, /. a bench, altar, cornice, eaves. 

vedha, vedhi, adj. piercing. 

vedhati, v. to tremble, quake ; vedhi, adj. 

vedhavera, m. a widow's son. 

vedhanl, /. a gimlet. 

venateyya, m. a garula. 

venayika, adj. versed in the Vinaya. 

veneyya, ppp. ( Jni) tractable, convertible. 

vepa, *thu, m; *na, n. trembling, tremor. 

vepulla, n. development. 

vebhassa, n. threatening language. 

vebhutiya, n. slander. 

vema, m. a loom. 

vemajjha, n. the middle centre. 

vossajjati 205 

vematika, adj. inconsistent, variable. 

veniatta, n. difference. 

vematika, adj. born of a different mother. 

veyyaggha, m. tiger's skin. 

veyyakarana, m. a grammrian ; n. exposition, answer. 

veyyavacca, "vatika, n. service, duty. 

vera, n. wrath, hatred. 

veraka, n. camphor. 

verajjaka, adj. belonging to various provinces. 

veramari!, /. abstinence. 

verl, adj. hostile, hating; m. an enemy. 

verocana, m. the sun. 

vela, n. a garden; /. time, shore, boundary, multitude. 

vellaja, m. the red-pepper plant. 

vellita, />/)/>. crooked, shaken. 

vevacana, n. a synonym. 

vevanna, adj. various, different, diverse; niya, n. change, 


vesa, m. dress, appearance, equipment, disguise, 
vesana, n. a house, entrance, 
vesama, n. inequality, 
vesarajja, n. confidence, 
vesiya, vesi, /. a harlot, 
vesma, n. a house; *nakula, m. a mouse, 
vessa, m. one of the merchant class; *kriya, /. trade, 
vessanara, m. fire, 
vehapphala, m. name of the inhabitants of the tenth brahma- 


vehasa, *ya, m. the sky, air. 
velu, venu, tn. a bamboo, reed, flute, 
vejuriya, m. a precious stone, cat's eye. 
vokara, m. the aggregates of life, worthlessness, difference, 
vokinna, ppp- (Jklr) mixed, 
vochijjati, v. (Jchid) to be cut off. 
vodapeti, v. to purify; vodana, n. purification, 
vomissaka, adj. miscellaneous, 
voropeti, cans, to deprive of; "pana, 7? ; "pita, ppp. 
vosana, n. end, consummation, 
vosasati, r. to give orders, assume authority, 
vosita, ppp. (N/OS) ended, consummated, 
vossakamma, n. castration, makfng a man a eunuch. 
vosagga, m. relinquishment, gift, 
vossajjati, v. (Jsaj) to relinguish; "ana, n. 

2o6 voharati 

voharati, v. to give currency to, express, use. 

vohara, m. usage, custom, business, currency, vernacular, 

voharika, m. a magistrate. 

sa, pref. meaning 'with,' 'common to', 'same', 'own.' 
sa-uttaracchada, 11. a carpet with awnings above it. 
sa-udariya, adj. born of the same womb, uterine, 
sa-upadisesa, adj. having the elements of life remaining, 
sarii, prcf. implying, 'conjunction' 'completeness', 
sarhyata, sannata, ppp- ( jyam) restrained, fastened, 
sarhyattika, m. a sea-trader, 
sarhyamanl, /. a kind of ornament, 
samyuga, n. union, harness, strife, 
samyutta, ppp. (Jyuj) joined, connected, tied, 
samyuiha, saniiulha, ppp- uttered, recited, 
sarhyoga, m. (Jyuj) union, association, conjunction, bond, 

fetter, intercouse. 
saihyojar.a, n. bond, fetter; "aniya, adj. favourable to the 


sarhyojeti, v. to put together, prepare, 
sariirakkhana, n. preservation, 
sariirambha, m. impetuosity, rage, 
sarhrahita, adj. devoid of. 
sarhraga, m. passion, 
sarhrava, m. uproar. 

sarhruhati, v. to grow, prosper; ujha, ppp. 
sarhvacana, n. sentence, 
samvacchara, mn. a year; m. an astrologer, 
samvattati, r. to pass away, be dissolved; a, m. rolling up 

or destruction ; a-vivatta, n. rolling up and rolling out, 

a period within which dissolution and evolution of the 

world takes place ; "amka, adj. turning to, being reborn, 
sarhvaddhati, v. (Jvaddh) to grow up; dheti, cons, to 

nourish, rear. 

sarhvanneti, v. to discribe, explain, praise; 'nana, n. 
samvattati, v. to lead, conduce, be subject to; "anika, adj. 

conducive to. 
sarhvadati, v. [to^agree : "ana, n. a magic act to produce 

s aihvaddhana, n. increasing. 

>ams;ih,i Jo; 

satin ara, m. restraint; *na, n. covering. 

saiman, /. night. 

sariivasati, i 1 . to live, associate. 

samvasatha, m. a village. 

samvati, v. (Jva) to blow, be fragrani. 

sarhvasa, m. co-residence, co-habitation; *ka, adj. living 

together with. 

sarhvigga, ppp. excited, agitated, grieved, 
sarhvijjati, r. to be agitated, excited, to exist, find, 
samvidahati, r. (Jdha) to dispose, arrange, appoint; 

samvihila, ppp. 

sarhvidhana, n. (jdha, dah) arrangement, 
sarhvidhavahara, m. concerted theft, 
samvibhajati, v. to divide, share, communicate; bhatta, 

ppp ; "bhaga, m ; "bhagi, adj. generous. 
Samviruhati, v. to grow up, sprout; ujha, ppp. 
Sarhvilapa, m. noisy talk, thundering. 
Sarhvissandati, v. (Jsand) to overflow. 

saiiivunati, noti, v. to cover; saiiivuta, ppp. closed, res- 

sarhvega, m. agitation, anxiety, anguish, emotion, grief. 

sarhvejeti, cans, to agitate; "jana, n. 

sariivetheti, caus. to wrap. 

sarhvedita, adj. admonished. 

sarhvedhita, adj. trembling. 

sarhvelli, /. a kind of dress, ordinary undress. 

sarhvesana, /. sleeping, lying down. 

sarhvohara, m. business, traffic. 

samsagga, m. contact, connexion, association. 

sarhsati, :-. to proclaim, point out. 

samsattha, ppp. mixed, associated, contiguous. 

samsatta, adj. adhering, clinging. 

sarhsada, inf. assembly, session. 

sarhsanclati, v. to run together, associate; deti, cans, to put 
together; ana, tj. comparison. 

samsanna, ppp. depressed. 

sarhsappati, v. to creep along, move; *a, pl, adj. 

sarhsaya, m; a }ha, n. doubt. 

samsarati, u. to come continually, transmigrate; semsita, 

saiiisarana, u. a curtain or blind that can be drawn aside. 

samsava, tn. flowing. 

samsaha, adj. able. 

2O& samsadiya 

samsadiya, /. a kind of rice. 

samsameti, v. to tidy up, set right. 

samsara, m. transmigration, round of births. 

sarhsita, adj. dependent; ppp. of samsarati. 

sarhsijjhati, v. to be fulfilled. 

sarhsibbati, v. (Jsiv) to entwine; ana, n. 

samsldati, v. (*/sad) to sink down, lose heart. 

sarhsma, ppp. withered. 

sarhsuddha, ppp- pure; *gahanika, adj. of pure descent ; 

dhl, /. 

saiiisumbhati, v. to beat, 
sariisucaka, adj. indicating; ceti, r. 
sarhseda, m. sweat, moisture; *ja. adj. born of moisture, 
samseva, m. associating; /. attending, worshipping, 
sarhhata, adj. from compact, 
samhati, /. assemblage, mass, 
sarhhacca, ger. ( Jhan) joining together, 
sarhhanana, n. joining together, closing, 
sambarati, v. (Jhar) to collect, fold up ; hirati, pass, is 

curbed, attached, ana, . removing, 
samhani, /. shrinking, subsidence, 
sarhhara, m. abridgment, compilation; *ka, m. drawing 

together, mixing. 

samhira, adj. conquerable, refutable, 
saka, adj. own. 

sakata, inn. a cart, cartload ; *mukha, adj. cart-front, 
sakatavyuha, m. the waggon array, 
sakannajappaka, adj. whispering in the ear. 
sakattha, m. own advantage- 
sakadagami, m. one who will not return to earth more than 


sakaraniya, adj. having still something to do. 
sakala, adj. all, whole; m. a portion, potsherd, 
sakalika, /. a splinter, bit. 
sakasata, adj. wrong. 

sakasa, adj. near; *rh, adv. to, towards; se, adv. before, 
saki, sakirh, adv. once, once more, once for all; Sakid eva 

once only. 

sakiccaya, -n. own duty. 
Sakincana, adj. wealthy, ' with something*; *kan, adj 

Sakiya, adj. own. 

sail kappa 

sakuna, m; "nika, /. a bird; *gghf, /.a kind of hawk; 

*vatta, m. freedom of a bird? *vijja, /. knowledge of 


sakunita, ppp. distorted, 
sakunta, m. a bird, 
sakumara, m. a playmate, 
sakka, m. lord of the devas, Buddha's race, 
sakkacca, adv. respectfully, carefully, thoroughly, 
sakkata, sakkata, m. the Sanskrit language, 
sakkati, v. (Jsak) to go; to be able or competent (also, 

sakkunati, sakkoti). 
sakkatta, n. the position as Sakka. 
sakkaroti, i>. to honour, receive hospitably, 
sakka, indecl. to be able, possible, 
sakkaya, m. theory of the self, 
sakkata, m. honour, hospitality, worship, 
sakkhara, /. gravel, sugar, 
sakkharika, /. a lancet, 
sakkharilla, adj. stony. 

sakkhali, *ka, /. the orifice of the ear, a sort of cake, 
sakkhi, tn. an eyewitness; *m karoti, to see with one's own 


sakhi, n; "i, /. friendship, 
sakhi, m. a companion, friend, 
sakhila, adj. congenial, friendly in speech, 
sakhya, n. friendship, 
sagabbha, m. a brother ; adj. pregnant, 
sagameyya, adj. hailing from the same village, 
sagunam karoti, v. to put together, upon each other, 
sagula, n. a cake with sugar, 
sagocara, m. companion, mate, 
sagotta, n. a kinsman, 
sagga, m. heaven, 
sagguna, m. good quality, virtue, 
saghacca, /. an impartial, sentence. 

saiikati, -y. to doubt, hesitate, mistrust; saiiklyati, pass. 
saiikacchika, n. a kind of cloth, bodice, vest, 
sankata, adj. narrow, 
saiikatira, n' dust heap, 
sankadtfhali, v. to collect, think out. 
sarikatha, /. conversation, 
sarikanti, /. transition, passage. 

sankappa, m. thought, fancy, intention, aspiration, hope. 


2 to sarikappeti 

sarikappeti, v. to imagine, wish, strive after, think about, 
sarikamati, v. to go, pass over, join, transmigrate ; a, m. 

passage, bridge; "ana, a path, avenue, 
sarikampati, v. to tremble, shake, 
sankara, m. confusion, 
sankalana, n. addition, 
sankalaha, m. inciting words. 

sarikasayati, v. to accommodate oneself to circumstances, 
sankassara, adj. doubtful, wicked, 
sanka, /. doubt, uncertainty, fear, 
sankapayati, v. to live in seclusion. 

sankara, m. rubbish; *kuta, n. a rubbish heap, dust heap; 
*cola, n. a rag from a dung-hill ; *dhana, n. a dust 

sahkasa, adj. like, similar. 

sankasana, /. explanation, illustration. 

Sankinna, ppp. mixed, impure; *parikha, adj. having the 
trenches rilled, said of one who is free from sarhsara. 

saiikita, ki, adj. anxious. 

sankitti, /. hodge-podge. 

sankiya, adj. anxious. 

sankirana, n. act of calling in of debts. 

sankilissati, v. (*/klis) to become impure, foul, corrupt ; "ana, 
n. corrupting. 

sarikilesa, m. corruption, sinfulness, impurity; sika, adj. 
sinful, baneful. 

sankijati, v. to sport or joke together. 

sanku, *ka, m. a stake, spike. 

sankucati, v. to shrink, be contracted. 

sanku tika, adj. doubled up. 

sahkutila, adj. curved, winding. 

sankundita, ppp. contorted , distorted. 

sanku ddha, adv. angry. 

sanku pita, ppp. ( Jkup) enraged. 

saftkuppa, adv. moveable, shakeable. 

safikula, adv. crowded, full. 

sahkulya, n. a kind of cake. 

sankusumita, adj. in blossom. 

sanketa, m. intimation, perception, engagement, rendezvous. 

saiikoca, m. *na, n. contraction. 

sarikha, tnn. a shell, chank, conch; *kutthf, m. a leper 
whose body turns white as mother-of-pearl. 

sangama 211 

sarikhata, (ppp. sain kharoti) put together, compound, 
created, conditioned. 

sarikhati, /. cookery. 

sarikhadhama, *ka, m. a trumpeter. 

sankhanakha, m. a kind of small shell. 

sarikhapat t a, n. mother-of-pearl. 

sarikhaya, in. destruction, loss, consumption, end. 

saiikharoti , v. to prepare. 

sarikhala, Jika, /. a chain. 

sarikhalikhita, adj. bright, perfect. 

sarikha, sankhya, /. enumeration, calculation ; sankham 
gacchati, is styled, called; sankham nopeti, does not, 

sarikhati, v. to appear, calculate; aya, ger. deliberately, 

sarikhadati, v. to masticate. 

sankhana, n. calculation, strong leash. 

sarikhayaka, m. a calculator. 

sarikhara, m. complex, compound, aggregate, synthesis. 

sankharilla, adj. connected with the sankharas. 

sahkhipati, v. to collect, heap together, shorten, with- 
draw; sankhuta, ppp. concsie, brief; "ittena, in short. 

saiikhiyadhamma, m. the trend of talk. 

sarikhubhati, n. to be agitated, stirred up. 

saiikhepa, m. abridgment, abstract, quintessence. 

sankheyya, adj. calculable; n. a hermitage; *kara, m. one 
who acts with a set purpose. 

sankhobha, m. (Jkhubh) commotion, disturbance. 

sanga, m. clearing, clinging, attachment, bond. 

sangana, adj. sinful. 

sahganika, /. communication, association, society. 

saiiganhati, v. (Jgah) to seize, collect, abridge, restrain, 
favour, help. 

sarigati, /. meeting, intercourse, union, combination, an ac- 
cidental occurrence. 

sangama, m. meeting, intercourse, association. 

saiigara, m. a promise, agreement. 

saiigaha, m. collecting, accumulation, recension, com- 
pendium, summary, protection, help, kindness, favour, 
conjunction ; n. hinderance, bond. 

saiigahana, adj. firm, well grasped. 

sangatiga, adj. free from attachment. 

sangama, m. fight, battle. 

212 sangamaji 

sangamaji, adj. victorious in battle. 

sarigamavacara, adj. quite at home on the battle field. 

sarigayati, v. to chant, rehearse. 

sarigaha, m. collecting, restraining, self-restraint ; *ka, 
adj. compiling, compassionate; m. a charioteer. 

sangahika, adj. including, comprising, comprehensive. 

sangiti, /. chanting together, choir, rehearsal. 

sangujika /. a cake. 

sangha, m. multitude, assemblage, community; *kamma, 
n. an act performed by a chapter of monks. 

sarighamsati, v. lo rub, together or against. 

sarighatita. adj. sounding, resonant, pieced together, con- 

sarighuttati, v. to knock against, sound, ring, provoke; 
ana, n. impact. 

sarighathera, m. the eldest thera. 

sanghabhatta, n. food given to the community of monks. 

sarighabhinna, m. a schismatic. 

saiighabheda, m. division among the priesthood. 

sangharati, v. (Jhar) to bring together, collect, accumu- 
late, crush. 

sarigharaji, /. a row, contention in the community. 

sanghata, m. a raft, union, aggregate, multitude. 

sarighati, /. one of the three robes of a monk, waist-cloth. 

saiighani, /. a loin-cloth. 

sanghata, m. striking, killing, knocking, snapping the 
fingres, aggregate, multitude, one of the eight hells ; 
*nika, *niya, adj. binding together, decisive. 

sanghadisesa, adj. requiring suspension from the brother- 

sarighanussati, /. meditation on the Order. 

sangharama, m. a residence for the community. 

Sarighi, adj. having a multitude of disciples. 

sarighuttha, PPp. (Jghus) resounding. 

sacaca, adv. ii indeed. 

saciva, m. a minister. 

sace, adv. if. 

sacetana. adj. animate, conscious, rational. 

sacca, adj. real, true; n. truth, solemn vow; *m, adv. truly; 
*kiriya, /. a solemn asseveration; *sammata, /. maxim. 

saccakara, m. ratification, pledge. 

saccanikkama,;ad/. truthful. 

saccavacana, "vajja, n, veracity. 

sanropati 213 

saccavadi, adj. truthful, 
saccasandha, adj. truthful, reliable, 
saccapeti, v. to make true, verify, fulfil, 
saccabhinivesa, m. inclination, to dogmatize, 
saccabhisamaya, m. comprehension, realization of truth, 
sacchanda, adj. self-willed ; di, adj. headstrong, 
saccika, mfn. real, true; *ttha, m. truth, 
sacchikaroti, v. to realize, see with one's own eyes, ex- 
perience; rana, n; "sacchikiriya, /. 
sajati, v. to embrace. 

sajjati, i). (Jsaj) to be attached; satta, ppp, 
sajjana, m. a kinsman, 
sajati, adj. of the same caste, 
sajatibhiita, ddf. flaming, ablaze, aglow, 
sajja, m. the sal tree, 
sajju, *rii, adv. instantly, suddenly, 
sajjulasa, m. resin. 

sajjeti, v. (Jsajj) to equip, prepare, fit up; sajja, adj. pre- 
pared, ready; "jiana, n 
sajjha, n. silver; *kara, m. a silversmith, 
sajjhayati, v. to rehearse, study, read aloud; "a, m. re- 
petition, rehearsal, 
sajjhu, n. silver. 

sancaya, in. accumulation, quantity. 

sancarati, v. to go about, wander, unite, spring together, 
move; a, m. passage, medium; "ana, n. meeting 

sancaritta, n. going backwards and forwards, acting as go- 

sancara, m. movement, passage, entrance, 
sancaleti, v. to shake. 

sancayati, v. (Jci) to accumulate; cita, ppp. 
sancicca, ger. discriminately, purposely, 
sancinteti, v. nimb. 

sancunnayati, v. to crush; "a, adj ; nita, ppp. 
sancumbita, ppp. kissed. 

sancetana, /. thought, intention, cogitation; nika, adj. in- 
saiicetayati, v to find out means, devise means; "yitatta, n. 


sancodita, ppp. instigated, 
saficopati, v, to move, start. 

214 sancopana 

sancopana, /. touching, handling, striking. 

sanchadeti, v. to cover, hide. 

sanchindati, v. to cut. 

sanjagghati, v. to joke, jest. 

sanjambharirh karoti, v. to tease, abuse. 

sanjati, /. birth, origin, produce. 

sanjadiya, a grove, wood. 

sanjanati, v. to know, perceive, recognize; nana, fn. 
nanto, pres. part, knowingly. 

sanjayati, v. to be born, to arise : "janana, n .; "jananT, /. 

sanjinna, ppp. decayed- 

sanjlva, adj. alive; m. one of the eight hells. 

sanjivana, adj. remaining. 

safijha, /. evening, *ghana, m. an evening cloud; *tapa, m. 
evening sun. 

sannatta, n. perceptibility; ti, /. informing, convincing, 

sanna, /. sense, perception, discernment; *gata, adj. per- 

saniiana, n. perception, knowledge, token, monument. 

saiinapana, remonstrating. 

saniiigabbha, m. animate production. 

sannl, m; sanninl. /. adj. conscious, thinking. 

sata, mn. a heap of things fallen, removed, or left. 

satthi, num. sixty; *hayana, adj. sixty years old. 

satha, ad], crafty, fraudulent; *la, /. 

sathila, adj. loose, inattentive. 

sathesana, /. foolish wishes. 

sana, n. a kind of hemp. 

sanati, v. to sound. 

sanikarh, sanirii, adv. softly, gradually. 

santha, a reed. 

santhapana, /. fixing, settling. 

santhati, samthahati, samtitthati, v. to stand, remain, con- 
tinue; "thita, Ppp. 

santhana, n. position, figure, shape, form. 

santhapana, n. arranging, fixing. 

santhiti, /. stability, firmness. 

sanda, m. a heap, multitude, grove; *sandacan, adj. 

saridasa, m. a long pincers, 

sattandha 1 15 

sanha, *ka, adj. smooth, soft, gentle, mild, delicate, subtle; 
*karinl, /. a wooden instrument for smoothing the 

sat, being, existing, good, 
sata, num. hundred; adj. mindful, conscious, 
satakkaku, adj. having a hundred corners, 
satata, adj. continual; *m. adv. continually, 
satapatta, m. the Indian crane, 
satapadl, /. a centipede. 

sataporisa, adj. of the height of hundred men. 
satararhsi, m. the sun. 
satavarhka, m. a kind of fish, 
satavallia, /. an under garment arranged . like a row of 


satadhipateyya, n. mastering recollection, 
satavan, /. asparagus racemosus. 
sati, /. memory, mindfulness, recognition ; *ma, adj. 


satindriya, n. the controlling faculy of mindfulness. 
satipatthana, n. application of mindfulness. 
sativepullappatta. adj. having attained a clear conscience, 
satisammosa, m. loss of self-control, 
sati, /. being, chaste woman, 
satullapakayika, a class of devas. 

satekicha, adj. curable, pardonable. 

saterata, /. lightning. 

satta, m. a living entity, person, rational being; num. 
seven; *ka, n. a collection-! of seven. 

sattakkhattum, adv. seven times. 

sattaguna. adj. sevenfold. 

sattanga. m. a conch with seven parts. 

sattati, num. seventy. 

satladina, n. a week. 

sattadha, adv. in seven pieces. 

sattapada, nt. way, manner of being attached to the objects 
of sense. 

sattama. adj. best, excellent, seventh. 

sattaml. /. the locative case, optative mood. 

sattaratta, n. a week. 

sattarasa, num. seventeen. 

sattala, /. a kind of jasmine. 

sattandha, adj. sevenfold, 

2t6 sattagarika 

sattagarika, m. one who turns back from his round as soon 

as he has received alms at seven houses, 
sattalopika, m. one who does not eat more than seven 

sattaha, n. a week, 
satti, /. ability, power, spear, javelion ; *panjara, ran,, a 

lattice-work of spears, a knife, dagger, 
sattu, ra. an enemy, flour, harley-meal ; *ka, m- an enemy, 
sattussada, adj. teeming with life, 
sattha, n. a weapon, sword, treatise, book, lore, science; 

m. a caravan ; adj. able, 
satthaka, n. scissors, 
satthakavata, m. cutting pain, 
satthakaraka, m. an assassin. 

satthavasa. m. encampment : "sika, sl, m. caravan people, 
satthavaha, m. a caravan leader, merchant, 
satthaharaka, m. an assassin, 
saitha, m. a teacher, master, 
satthi, fn. the thigh. 

satthu-d-anvaya, ra. the master's successor, 
satthuna, m. a friend, 
satthuvanna, m. gold, 
sathera, adj. including the theras. 
sadattha, m. one's own welfare, 
sadatthuta, adj. always praised, 
sadara, adj. unhappy, fearful, 
sadasa, n. a seat. 

sadassa, m. a horse of good breed, 
sada, adv. always, 
sadacara, m. good behaviour, 
sadatana, adj. eternal, perpetual, 
sadadara, adv. always reverential, 
sadisa, adj. similar, like, equal ; *ta, /. 
saduma, n. house. 
Sadevaka, adj. with the deva world. 
sadeha, m. own body. 

sadosa, adj. sinful. 

sadda, m. sound, noise, voice, word. 

saddaggaha, m. ear. 

saddana, n. making a noise. 

saddala, adj, grassy. 

saddahati, v. (s/dha) to believe, have faith; anai /. 

Saddayati, v. to make a sound, call, summon; saddtta, adj. 

sounded, called, 
saddula, ra. a loepard. 
saddha, adj. believing, faithful, credulous; n. a funeral 

rite or offering in honour of departed relatives, 
saddhamma, ra. the good religion, 
saddha, /. faith; indecl. in faith; *ta, ra. a believer, 
saddhadeyya, n. a gift of faith, 
saddhayika, adj. trustworthy, 
saddhalu, adj. believing, 
saddhavimutti, /. emancipation through faith, 
saddhirh, adv. with, together with; *cara, ra. a companion, 
saddhiviharika, ri, ra. co-resident, fellow-priest, p.upil. 
sadhana, adj. rich, wealthy, 
sadhammika, ra. co-religionist, 
san, ra. a dog; sa, nora. 
sanariikumara, m. Brahma, 'eternal youth.' 
sanacca, n. dancing, 
sanantana, adj. eternal, primeval, 
sanita, adj. sounding, 
sanidassana, adj. visible, 
santa, adj. tranquillizing, peaceful, tired, wearied; n. peace. 

santaka, adj. belonging to, limited; n. property. 

santaca, /. bark. 

santajjeti, v. to frighten, menace. 

santatarh, adv. continually. 

santatakari, adj. consistent. 

santata, /. goodness. 

santati, /. continuity, series, duration. 

santappati, pass. ( Jtap) to be heated, grieved. 

santappeti, v. to satisfy. 

santarati, v. to hasten, be in haste. 

santarabahira, adv. within and without. 

santaruttara, adj. inner and outer. 

santavutti, adj. living a peaceful life. 

santasati, v. to fear; "sita. santatta, ppp. 

santana, ra. (is/tan) continuity, succession, lineage; *ka, ra. 
offspring; n. a cobweb. 

santapeti, caus. (Jtap) to burn, torment; pa, ra. heat, tor- 

santarana, adj. conveying to the other shore. 

santasa, ra. trembling, fear; si, adj. 
santi, /. tranquillity, peace, 


218 santika 

santika, n. vicinity, presence; kena, instr. along with. 

santikattha, adj. adjoining. 

santikamma, n. a vow to the gods to obtain something. 

santika, /. a kind of play, spellicaus. 

santindriya, adj. having senses calmed. 

santlrana, n. decision. 

santutthi, /. (Jtus) satisfaction, contentment; *ta, /. 

santuleyya, adj. commeasurable, comparable. 

santussati, v. (Jtus) to be pleased, happy, content; sant- 

uttha, ppp ; aka, adj. 
santosa, m. contentment. 
santhatika, adj. sleeping on a rug. 
santhana, n. appeasing, satisfaction. 
santhambhati, v. to restrain oneself, take heart; "bheti, cans. 

to make stiff, numb ; "ana. /. intentness. 
santhara, m. a couch. 

santharati, r. to spread, strew; "santhata, ppp ; n. a rug. 
santhava, m; *na, n. acquaintance, intimacy. 
santhagara, m. a council hall, mote hall. 
santhana, n. nature, configuration, market-place. 
santhara, m. covering, flooring, spreading. 
santhuta, adj. acquainted, familiar. 
sanda, adj. thick, coarse; n. wood, forest. 
sandattha, ppp. bitten, compressed. 
sandati, v. to flow; sanna, ppp* 
sandana, n. trappings. 
sandamanika, /. chariot. 
sandassaka, ana, adj. showing. 
sandahati, n. to apply, put together, fit; ana, n; sanhita, 

sandana, n. a cord, tether, fetter. 

sandaled, -y. to break. 

sanditthi, /. the visible world, worldy gain ; *ka, adj. visible, 

actual, of this world. 
sandita, adj. tied, bound. 
sandiddha, ppp- smeared, husky, indistinct. 
sandissati, pass- (s/dis) to be seen together with, to tally, 

agree; sandittha, ppp. m. a friend ; sandasseti , caus. 

to teach. 

sandipeti, V. to kindle. 
sandesa, m. news, message. 
sandeha, m. accumulation, the body, doubt. 
sandosa, m. pollution, defilement. 

sannivareti 219 

sandhana, n. property, belongings. 

sandhamati, v. to blow, fan. 

sandhana, . friendship, combination. 

sandhareti, v. to hold, bear, carry, support, curb, check, 
resist ; rana, n. 

sandhavati, v. to run through, transmigrate. 

sandhi, mf. union, junction, agreement, joint, hole, chasm, 
euphony; sandhirh chindati, to break irr.o a house. 

sandhiccheda, m. house breaking, one who has cut off con- 
nection with rebirth. 

sandhibhedaka, adj. causing discord or discussion. 

sandhisamala, m. a dust bin. 

sandhunati, v. (Jdhu) to shake. 

sandhupayati, denom. from dhilpa, to smoke. 

sannata, ppp. (is/nam) bent, prepared. 

sannayhati, v. (is/nah) to tie, bind, fasten, arm oneself; 
sannaddha, ppp. armed, accoutred. 

sannameti, cans. (Jnarn) to bend. 

sannaha, m. armour, mail. 

sannikasa, adj. resembling. 

sannigganhati, v. (Jgah) to restrain. 

sannighata, /n. concussion, knocking against each other. 

sannicaya, m. accumalation, hoarding ; "cita, ppp. 

sannitthana, n. conclusion, consummation, resolve, con- 

sannitajeti, v, to strike. 

sannitodaka, n. (Jtud) instigating, jeering. 

sannidhana, n. proximity. 

sannidhi, m. putting together, storing up. 

sanninna, adj. bent, inclined. 

sannipatati, v. (Jpat) to assemble, come together. 

sannipata, m. union, coincidence, assemblage, collocation. 

sannipatika, adj. resulting from the union of the humours 
of the body. 

sannibha, adj. resembling. 

sanniyojeti, v. to appoint, command. 

sanniyyatana, n. resignation, handing over. 

sannirumbhati, hati, v. to restrain, block ; hana, n. 

sannivatta, m. returning. 

sannivasati, u. to live together, associate; "vuttha, p p; 
"vasa, m. association. 

sannivareti, v. to restrain, check, keep together, 

220 sannivesa 

sannivesa, m. preparation, station ; *na, n. position, settle 


sannisajja, /. meeting-place. 

sannisldati, v. (Jsad) to subside, to calm; "sinna, ppp. 
sannissayata, /. connexion, dependency, 
sannissita, ppp. based on, connected with, attached to. 
sannihita, ppp. (Jdha) put down, placed, stored up, ready, 
sapati, v. to swear, curse, 
sanneti, v. (Jni) to mix, knead, 
sapanfia, adj. wise. 

sapati, /. having same husband, a rival wife, 
sapatta, adj. hostile, rival ; m. a rival, foe; *ka, ad], hostile, 
sapattl, /. a co-wife, 
sapatha, m. an oath, 
sapadana, n. taking alms straight on from house to house ; 

*can, adj. begging from house to house, 
sapadi, adv. instantly, 
sapallavita, adj. sprouting, 
sapaka, m. an outcast, 
sappa, m. a snake. 

sappaccaya, adj. correlated, having a cause, 
sappatiga, adj. reacting, 
sappatipuggala, m. having an equal, comparable, friend. 

sappatibhaga, adj. resembling, like. 

sappatisarana, adj. safe-guarded, restorable. 

sappatissa, *va, adj. reverential, deferential ; *vata, /. 

sappana, n. gliding on. 

sappabha, adj. brilliant. 

sappabhasa, adj. shining, brilliant. 

sappaya, adj. likely, beneficial, suitable. 

sappi, n. clarified butter, ghee; *manda, m. the scum of 
clarified butter. 

sappurisa, m. a good man. 

sapha, n. a horse's hoof. 

saphala, adj. fruitful. 

sabala, adj. spotted ; *kari, adj. acting inconsistently. 

sabana, adv. with arrows. 

sabba, *ka, adj. whole, entire, all; *to, adv. from all sides 

sabbarigapaccarigi, adj. complete in all parts. 

sabbannu, adj. omnicient; *ta, "nuta, /. 

sabbatthaka, m. a general*minister. 

sabbattha, adv. everywhere, under all circumstances. 

sabbatthika, adj. always useful. 

samanuddesa 221 

sabhatha, sabbathatta, adv. in every way. 

sabbada, adv. always; *cana, adv. at any time. 

sabbadhi, adv. everywhere, in every respect. 

sabbabhumma, ra. a universal monarch. 

sabbavidu, adj. all-wise. 

sabbaso, adv. altogether, throughout. 

sabbassa, n. the whole of one's property. 

sabbotuka, adj. corresponding to all the seasons. 

sabbyohara, m. business, intercourse. 

sabbha, adj. polite, honourable. 

sabrahmacan, m. a fellow student. 

sab ha, /. a hall, assembly-room. 

sabhaga, adj. common, equal, similar. 

sabhajana, n. salutation, honouring. 

sabhavo, m. own state, nature, reality; *m. adv, sincerely, 


sabhoga, adj. wealthy, 
sammati, v. (Jsam) to be appeased, calmed, to cease; santa, 

ppp ; sameti, cans, to appease, stop, 
sama, m. tranquillity, calmness, toil, fatigue; adj. level, 

even ; samena, justly, 
samaka, adj. equal, like, same; *m. adv. 
samakkhata, ppp. counted, known, 
samagga, adj. harmonious, 
samarigi, adj, endowed with, possessing; "gibhdta, adj. 

provided with. 

samacariya, /. living in spiritual calm, 
samacaga, adj. equally liberal, 
samacitta, adj. possessed of equanimity, 
samacchati, v. to sit down, 
samacchidagatta, adj. with mangled limbs, 
samacchinna, ppp. cut off. 

samajana, m. an ordinary man, common people, 
samajivita, /. regular life- 
samajja, tn. a festival, fair; tthana, n. the arena; ja, /. 


samancati, -v. to bend together, 
samancara, adj. pacified, calm. 

samanna, /. designation, name; *ta, ppp. designated, 
samana, m. wanderer, recluse ; *ka, w.a contemptible ascetic; 

*kuttaka, m. one who wears the dress of a samana. 
samanaguttaka, m. a thief, 
samanuddesa, m. a novice. 

222 samatala 

samatala, adj. level, 
samata, /. equality, evenness. 

samatikkamati, v. to cross over, transcend; mma, ger; 
"kanta, ppp ; a, mfn. 

samatigganhati, v. (Jgah) to reach beyond, stretch over. 

samatittika, adj. brimful, overflowicg. 

samatimannati, v. (s/man) to despise. 

samativijjhati, v. to penetrate. 

samatta, n. equality, justice; Ppp. accomplished, entire. 

samattha, adj. able, strong. 

samatthita, adj. unravelling. 

samatthiya, adj. able. 

samatha, m. calm. 

samadhigacchati, v. to attain. 

samadhigganhati, i). to reach, obtain; ayha, ger. 

samadhura, adj. bearing an equal yoke, equal. 

samana, n. suppression. 

samanantara, adv. immediately. 

samanugahati, v. to ask for reasons, question closely. 

samanujanati, v. to approve; "unnata, ppp ; "unfia, adj. 

samanupassati, v. to perceive, regard ; "ana, /. 

samanubandhati, v. to pursue- 

samanubhasati, v. to remonstrate with, admonish; "ana, /. 

samanumannati, v. approve. 

samanumodati, v. to rejoice at, approve. 

samanuyunjati, v. to question, admonish. 

samanussarati, v. to recollect. 

samanta, adj. all, entire; ta, 'tena* on all sides. 

samantacakkhu, adj. all-seeing. 

samandhakara, m. the dark of night. 

samannagata, adj. endowed with. 

samannaneti, samattvaneti, v. (sam-anu-a Jni) to lead, 
conduct properly. 

samannahata, ppp. played upon. 

samannaharati, v. to concentrate, reflect, honour; hara, m. 

samannesati, samanvesati, v. (sam-anu Jis) to seek, ex- 
amine ; "ana, /. 

samapekkhati, v. (Jikkh) to consider; ana, n. 

samappeti, v. to hand over, give, put ; pita, ppp. 

snmabhivaddheti, v. to encourage. 

samabhisata, adj. joyful, 

samabhisincati, v. to anoint king. 

samlniya 223 

samaya, m. gathering, multitude, time, occasion, cause, 

samara, m. battle, 
samala, adj. impure- 
samalahkaroti, v. to decorate, adorn, 
samavatthita, ppp. ready, 
samavattasamvasa, m- living on equal terms or with equal 


samavadhana, n. concurrence, co-existence, 
samavaya, m. annihilation, termination, 
samavapaka, n. a store-room, 
samavaya, m. combination; yena, in common, 
samavibhatta, ppp. in equal shares, 
samavekkhati, v. to consider, examine, 
samavepakl. adj. promoting a good digestion, 
samavossajjati, v. (sam-ava-ud Jsajj) to transfer, entrust, 
samavhaya, m. a name, 
samasama, adj. exactly the same, 
samassasati, v. to be refreshed; samsassattha, ppp ; "samas- 

sasa, m. relief. 

samassita, adj. leaning towards, 
sama, /. a year. 

samakaddhati, v. to pull along, entice, 
samakinna, ppp. covered, filled, 
samakula, adj. filled, crowded, 
samagacchati, r. to meet together, assemble, 
samagama, m. meeting, intercourse, assembly, 
samacarati, v. to behave, act, practise; cinna, ppp* cara, m. 
samatapa, w. ardour, zeal. 

samadapaka, ddj ; pana, n. instructing, arousing, 
samadapeta, m. adviser, instigator, 
samadahati, v. (Jdha) to put together; dhiyati, pass; 

^ahita, ppp- 

samadana, n. taking, bringing, undertaking, 
samadiyati, v. (i^da) to undertake; "inna, ppp ; "dapeti, 

cans, to incite, rouse, 
samadhi, m. concentration, 
samadhika, adj. excessive, abundant, 
samana, adj. similar, equal, same, a kind of devas. 
samanatta, adj. equanimous, of pacified mind; *ta, /. 


samanavassika. adj. having spent the rainy season together, 
samaniyaj adv. all equally. 

224 samaneti 

samaneti, v. to bring together, put together, compare, enu- 


samapeti, v. to complete, conclude. 
samapajjati, v. (Jpad) to come into, attain ; ana, n; "panna, 

samapatti, /. attainment; *la, adj. that has acquired. 

samayoga, m. combination, conjunction. 

samarabhati, v. to begin, undertake; "raddha, ppp. 

samarambha, m. undertaking, injuring. 

samaruhati, v. to ascend, enter; "rujha, ppp. 

samalapati, v. to speak to, address. 

samasa, m. a compound, abridgment. 

samasajja, ger. (Jsad) having got. 

samasati, v. to sit together, associate; ana, n. company. 

samasanna, adj. near. 

samasama, adj. exactly the same. 

samasisi, adj. one who has simultaneously attained an end 

of human passion and of life. 
samahata, ppp. hit, struck. 
samaharati, v. to collect; hara, m. 

samijjhati, v. ( Jidh) to succeed, prosper, lake effect ; "ana, . 
sarnita, adj. like, equal, quiet, appeased. 
samitam, indecl. continually. 
samiti, /. assembly. 
samiddha, adj. rich, magnificent. 
samiddhi, /. success, prosperity. 
samiddhika, adj. rich in, abounding in. 
samihita. ppp- composed. 

samipa, adj. near, recent; *ga, adj. approaching. 
samirati, -y. to be moved. 
samira, *na, m. air, wind. 
samihati, w. to move along. 
samukkamsati, v. to extol; kattha, ppp. exalted. 
samugga, m. a box, casket. 
samuggata, ppp. (*/gam) arisen. 

samugganhati, v. (*/gah) to grasp, embrace; ahita,ppp. 
samugghata, m. uprooting, removal. 
samucita, adj. suitable. 
samuccaya, m> collection, accumulation, 
samucchita, ppp. infatuated. 
satnucchindati, v. to extirpate, abolish; nna, ppp, 1 cheda, 

samujjala, adj. resplendent. 

samubbhuta 225 

samujj'j, adj. straightforward, peifect. 

samunchaka, n. gleaning. 

samutthati, v. to rise up, original* : 'ana, n ; anika, ad/. 

samutthapaka, adj. causing, occasioning. 

samuttarati, v. to pass o\er. 

samuttejeti, v. to excite, gladden ; jaka, adj. 

samutthata, ppp. struck. 

samudayati, v. to arise, come together; samudaya, m. 

origin, produce, revenue: "dita, ppp. 
samudagacchati, v. to come out, result, rise; gama, in. 
samudacarati, v. to turn up, originate, occur, befall, behave, 

address, vindicate; "cara, ni; "cinna, ppp. 
samudaneti, v. to bring out. 
samudaya, w. multitude, quantity, 
samudavata, ppp. restrained, 
samudahata, ppp. brought forward, 
samudahara, . talk, conversation, 
samudirana, n. moving. 
samudda,t?j. quantity of water, ocean, sea. 
samuddittha, ppp. pointed out. 
samuddesa, tn. summary, statement, 
samuddhata, ppp. pulled out, eradicated, 
samuddhata, ppp. filled with, abounding in. 
samuddharati, r. to take out, lift up, carry away, save; 

alia, n. 

samunna, ppp. moistened, wet. 
samunnadati, v. (^nad) to utter loud cries. 
.samupagacchati, r. to approach, 
samupatthati, i. to serve, help, 
samupadhavati, r. to run towards, 
samupabbujha, ppp. joined, 
saniupama, adj. resembling, 
samupayal.i, v. to approach, atlain. 
samuparulha, ppp. (Jruh) asceiuicd. 
samupasobhita, ppp. adorned. 
samupagacchati, r. to come to. 
samupadika, adj. level with the water, 
s.muipeta, ppp. endowed with. 

snmuppajjati, v. (Jpad) to arise; e palti, /; pada, w. 
saitiupphosita, ppp. sprinkled. 

lubbuhali, r, to carry, 
snmubbhava, w. production, 
samubbhuta, ppp. Imrne from- 


i26 samuyyuta 

saimiv yula, adj. energetic, 

samuilapati, -y. to talk, converse; 'ana, n ; "lapa, m. 

samussaya, -m . accumulation, complex. 

samussaliita, ppp. instigated. 

samusseti, v. (Jsi) to raise, lift up; sita, ppp- 

samuhanati, v. to remove, abolish; hata, ppp ; "ana, . 

samuheti, v. to gather, collect; ha, m. multitude, rhass. 

saniekkhati, -a. (Jikkh) to consider. 

sameta, adj. connected with, associating with. 

sameti,. i?._.(Vi) to come together, meet, assemble, associate, 

correspond to; samila-rii, continually, 
samokirati, v. to sprinkle; "inna, ppp. 
samotata, ppp. strewn all over, 
samotarati, v. to descend, 
samodakarh, adv. at the water's edge, 
samodahati, v. (Jdha) to draw back, put together; samo- 

hita, ppp. 

samodita, ppp. united. 
Samodhana, n. combination, collocation ; neti, dcnom. to 


samoruyha, ger. ( Jruh) having descended, 
samorodha, m. barricading, torpor, 
samosaniti, i*. to flow down together, gather; "ana, . 
samoha, ppp. infatuated. 
Sampakampati, v. to tremble, shake, 
sampakasita. ppp. displayed, 
sampakopa, m. indignation. 

sampakkhandati, s. to aspire to, enter into; "ana, tt. 
sampagganhati, v. to grasp, seize; "aha, m. support, 
sampaggaha, m. assumption, 
sampaghosa, m. sound, noise, 
sampacura, adj: very many. 
sampajana, adj. thoughtful, mindful, conscious ; "jafina, 

n ; nati <v. to know, 
sampajjalila, adj. blazing, burning. 
sampatike adv. now. 

sampaticchati, v. to receive, accept; "ana, n, 
sompativijjhati, v. to penetrate; "vedha, m. 
Sampatisankha, adv. deliberately, 
sampatati, v. to go away, fly along. 
Sampati, adv. now. 
sampatinipajja, /, sitting down, 
gampatta, ppp. reached, present, 

sampitii, '. success, attainment, magnified- 

sampatthana, /. eir.reating, imploring. 

sampajjati, v. to come to, succeed, prosper, happen ; panna, 
ppp. successful, complete, perfect, endowed with; 
'p-uleti, cans, to procure, obtain, strive. 

sainpada, f. success, attainment, possession, perfection. 

sampadana, n. the dative relation. 

sampadalati, n. to burst; "leti. cans, to tear, cut. 

sampaditta, ppp- kindled. 

sampadussati. v. to be corrupted, trespass; "uttha. ppp. 

sampadosa, m. hate, abhorrence. 

sampaddavati, v. (Jdu) to run away; "duta, ppp. 

sampadhupayati, v. to send forth smoke. 

.sampaphulla, adj. blooming, blossoming. 

sampahhasa, m. frivolous talk. 

sampabhasati, r. to shine. 

sampamilapeti, v. (s/mla) to starve, emaciate. 

sampamul.ha, ppp. confounded. 

sampamodati, v. to rejoice. 

sampayati,^'. to go a way, proceed; ta, ppp. 

sampayojeti, 7 1 . to associate, keep company; '"'yutla, ppp; 
oga, m . 

samparaya, m. future state, the next world; Yika, <uli. 

sampari-kaddhati, r. to pull, drag along. 

samparikantati, v. to cut all around. 

samparikinna, ppp. surrounded. 

samparivajjati, v. to avoid, shun. 

samparivattatii v. to turn, roll about; aka. adj. 

samparivareti, r. to wait upon, surround, attend on. 

sampareta, ppp. surrounded, beset with. 

sampalibodha, m. awakening, continuation. 

sompaltbhanjati, v. to break, crack; "fohagga, ppp. 

sampalimattha, ppp. ( Jmas) touched, handled. 

sampalivetheti, v. to wrap up, envelop; thita, ppp. 

sampavahUa, adj. intimate; *ta, /, intimacy, connexion. 

sampavatleti, i 1 . to produce, set going; tla, m. an instiga- 

sampavati, V. to blow, be fragrant ; ayati, to make fra- 
grant ; "ayana, n. 

sampavareti, r. to cause to accept, to offer, regale. 

sampavedhati, \. to be shaken violentlv. 

samjvissaii, T. to see, behold, consider. 
ni . serenity ; *na, . 

?.>.S sampaSateti 

sampasareli, v. to distract. 

sampnsldati, v. to be tranquillized; "ana, n. 

sampahamsati, r.-tobe glad ; "hattha, ppp,, seti, cans; 
a aka, ad/. ana, n. 

sampahattha, />/>/>. joined, made, gladdened. 

sampahara, TO. striking, strife. 

sarnpaka, m. barley -food. 

sampata, m. falling together, collision, descent. 

sampapunati, v. to reach, attain; sampalta, />/>/>. 

sarnpayati, v. to be able to explain. 

sampaleti, v. to protect. 

sampiruleti, \. to combine, knead together ; dana, . 

sampiya, ad/, friendly; "yena, in mutual love. 

sampiyayati, denom. to receive with love; "yana, . 

sampljeti, v. to press, pinch, worry; "ja, lita, ti . troubling. 

sampucchati, v. to ask a, ^rr. 

samputa, m. a casket, cavity. 

samputita, ppp. shrunk, shrivelled. 

sampunna, adj. full, filled. 

sampurakkharoti, v. to honour. 

sampujeti, v. to venerate. 

sampurira, ppp. filled, full. 

samposita, ppp, nourished. 

sampha, nonsense; *ppalapa, m. frivolous talk. 

samphala, adj. abounding in fruits. 

samphassa, m. contact. 

samphuila, adj. full-blown. 

samphusati, v. to touch ; "uttha, ppp ; "ana, /. 

sambandhati, v to bind together, unite; sambaddha, //>/>; 
sambajjhati, pass; a, m; "ana, n. 

sambarimaya, /. jugglery. 

sambala, n. provision. 

sambahula, adj. many; ' !: rii karoti, to take a pluralitv vote. 

sambadha, m. crowding, pressure, difficulty; "dhayati, v. to 
be crowded. 

sambahati, v. to rub, shampoo; "ana, >?. 

sambuka, m. a shell. 

sambujjhati, v. to understand, know perfectly; "uddha, ppp. 

sambuddha, ppp. well understood, Buddha; "dhi, /. under- 

sambojjhariga, m. constituent or factor of enlightenment. 

sambodhi, /. highest enlightenment. 

sambodhiyaiiga, m, same ns sainbnjjhanga. 

sambhajati. insOrt with. love, be df 

sambhanjati, ;. to split ; sambhagga, ppp. 

sambhata, />/>/>. brought together, stored up. 

sambhatta, adj. devoted, a mend. 

sambhatti, /. joining, consorting with. 

sambhamati, v. to revolve; "a, w. contusion. 

sambhavati, r. to arise, meet with, be adequate 

origin, birth, production, semen \irile; ana. n. .-(. ru- 
ing into existence; 'Vesi. iidj. seeking birth. 

sambhara, m. materials, constituent, preparation: 
bringing on sweating by artificial means. 

sambhavana, n. supposition, assumption; f. honour, rever- 

sambhasa. I. conversation; talk. 

sambhinna, />/>/>. (Jbhid) broken, exhausted; a. ndi. clear, 

sambhlta, adj. terrified. 

sambhunjati, v. to eat together with, associate. 

sambhunati, Vui, v. (s/bhu) to be able to. capable of. 

sambhusi'a, ppp. adorned, embellished. 

sambheda, m. breaking, splitting, confusion. 

sarnbhoga, m. eating, living together with. 

sambhoti, r. same us sambhavati. 

samma, a term of familiar address; m. a cvmbal. 

sammaggata, m. perfect, one who has wandered rightlv, 

sammajjati, v. to sweep; sammattha, /)/>/> , '"ana, n; "am /'. 
a broom. 

sammatal.a, m. a kind of cymbal. 

sammatta, />/>/>. intoxicated, maddened; ;; . correctness 

sammada, m. drowsiness after a meal. 

sammadakkhata, />/>/>. well preached. 

sammadanna, /. perfect knowledge. 

sammaddaii, v. to trample. 

sammaddasa, adj. having a right view. 

sammaunati, v. to -nsent, authorise, esteem: 

sammata, //>/>. 

sammanteti, v. to consult together. 

sammappanna, /. right knowledge, true wisdom ; \.jana, ///.. 

sarnmasati, v. 10 touch, master, contemplai. 
"sifa, //. one \\ ho touches, etc. 

230 samrrm 

samma, a pin of the yoke; <7</r. thoroughly, properly; sam- 
mad before eva. 

sammadhara, /. a heavy shower. 

samma na, n. honour; *na, ;/. 

sammapasa, m. a kind of sacrifice. 

samminjeti, v. to bend back, double up; "jana, n. 

sammita, ppp. (Jma) measured, just so much, no more nor- 

samrniya, m. a false friend. 

sammillabhasini, /. gently smiling. 

sammissa. adj. mixed; *fa, /. 

sammukha, adj. face to face with; 'klia, ahl. before; 'khlb- 
ha\ a, m. coming into one's place. 

sammujjani, /. a broom. 

samniuttha, ppp- confused. 

sammuti, /. consent, permission, choice, delegation, deter- 
mination (of boundary), opnion, doctrine, traditional 
lore, popular expression. 

sammussanata, /. obli\'iousness. 

sammuyhati, v. to be bevvilderd, muddle-headed; "sammuf- 
ha, ppp- "ana, n. 

sarnmegha, m. rainy or cloudy weather. 

sammoda, m. odour, fragrance. 

sammodati, r. to rejoice, delight, greet; aka, adj. polite. 

sammosa, m. corruption, confusion. 

sammoha, m. bewilderment, despair, infatuation. 

saya, adj. one's own; *rii. self. 

sayamvasT, adj. self-controlled, independent. 

sayariijata, adj. sprung up spontaneously. 

sayanivara, ??. self-choice. 

sayatatta, n. (Jyam) being well restrained. 

sayana, n. lying, sleeping, bed. 

sayanighara, n. a sleeping-room. 

sayambhu, adj. self-dependent. 

sara, m. an arrow, sound, voice, mn. a lake. 

saraka, n. a drinking vessel. 

sarakutti, /. intonation, resonance. 

saraja, adj. dusky. 

sarana, n. shelter, remembrance, refuge; adj. harmful. 

sarati, v. (Jsar) to go, to remcMiilxM', 1<> crush. 

sarada, m. autumn. 

sarabu, /. a lizard. 

m. a sort of 

; :. iiM'Miing. 

sarabhasan'i, adv. eagerh , |uickly- 

sarava, adj. 1101- 

sai'asa, adj. with its essential quali ! 

sarasara, onntn. imitation word. 

sarasi, /. a large pond. 

saraga, adj. passionate. 

surava, m. a cup, saucer. 

sarasana. n. a how. 

sarikkha, n. resembling. 

saritaka, n. powdered Mone. 

sari la, /, a river. 

sarisa, adj. resembling. 

sarira. n. the body, relics, corpse; *kiiva, ;;. funeral rites; 
*tthaka, n. the skeleton; *dhatu, corporeal ivlir; maiii- 
sa, n. the fiesh of the body. 

sariri, adj. having a body, animal, man. 

sari van n a, adj. resembling. 

sarupa, adj. of the same form, with a body, own torm. 

saroja, ;/. a lotus. 

sarojayoni, m. a l^rahma 

saroruha. n. a lotus. 

saiayati, v. to cause to shake; "ana, n. 

salabha, m. a moth. 

salaja, m. a kind of sweet-scented tree. 

salaka, n. an arrow, dart ; /. a peg, blade of a grass, ribs 
of an umbrella, pencil, a stick of caustic, ticket for 
voting; ''~rii gaiieti, to issue tickets, take a vote; salaka- 
gga, n. room for distributing food by tickets; salaka 
vatapana, n. a window made with slips of wood ; salaka- 
bhatta, food distributed by tickets ; salaka-hattha, > . 
brush-hand, a kind of play, where the hand is di| 
in lac or dye and used as a brush. 

x.ivutta, adj. subsisting by means of peg- .lot 

famine when scraps i -I food are scraped together with 
pegs and cooked. 

salakodhaniya n . a case for the ointment-stick. 

salatuka, adj. unri] 

sal i la. n. water. 

salla, n. an arrow, pain. 

atallaka, m. a porcupine. 

sullakatta, m. a surgeon, 

2^2 sallakkheti 

sallakkheti, v. to observe, consider, exam in- 
asallakkhetva, inadvertrnth ; 'khana. /. 
sallapati, i-. to talk with, 
sallalikata, adj. pierced, perforated. 
sallavejja, in. a surgeon, 
sallahuka, adj. light ; 4 vutti, adj. whose wants are easily 

met; *kcna nakkhattcna, on lucky nights, 
sallapa, nt. conversation, 
sal Una, />/>/>. bent together, cowering, 
salliyana, /. cohering, stolidity. 
sallekha, ni. austere penance, 
savarikd, ui. a son of fish. 

savacanlya, n. a command issued by a bhikkhu to a junior, 
ppp. ]>rohibiting him from going beyond the bounds, 
"r summoning him to come before the elders. 
sa\ati. r. (Jsu) ro flow, 
savana, . flowing, ear; : ttlninc. within liearing ; nlya, ppp. 

pleasant to hear, 
savant i, /. a river, 
saxara, ni. a savage. 
s,i\ali, adj. wrinkled, 
savidha, n. neighbourhood, 
savhaya, tidj. called, named. 

sasa, w. a hare; ; "visann. 'hare's horn', impossibility, ima- 
sasakkam, adv. certainly. 

nka, m. moon. 
sasali, r. lo slay; sattha. ppp; 3 ana, n. slaughter- 

, -m. the moon. 
-ura, m. father-in-law, 
i, ft, corn, crop. 

adj. eternal, perpetual ; " ; ditthi, /. elernalism ; *rnfda, 
^vadi, in. eternalist. 
aisaniatii, adi\ for ever and ever. 
nira, imitative of the sound sarasai 
'iruka- adi. glorious, resplendent, 
sassti, su, f. mother-in-law, 

saha, prep, with, together with ; adi. enduring ; n. pov. 
iiakfira, m. a sort of fragrant mango, 
tiagata, adj. accompanying, concomitant, 
sahaggana, adj. with his companions, 
sahaja, adj, inborn, natural* 

ta, adj. connote, born at the same time-. 

sitakalakkhana 233 

sahati, u. to conquer, defeat, overcome, endure, be ah: 

ana, n. 

sahadhammiya, m> co-religionist, 
sahaparhbukijita, m. a play-fellow, 
sahabhavf, adj. at one's service, 
sahavatthu, n. living together with, 
sahavyata, /. companionship, 
sahavyupaga, adj. coming into union with, 
saliasa, adv. forcibly, suddenly, inconsiderately: *kaTa, m. 


sahassa, num. thousand, 
sahassakkha, m. thousand-eyed, Sakka. 
sahassararhsi, tn. the sun. 
sahassara, adj. having a thousand spokes, 
sahanukkama, adj. with what follows, 
sahaya, m- companion, friend, 
sahita, adj. accompanied with, united, consistent, 
sahindaka. adj. together with Incla. 
sahudaka, adj. together with water, 
sahodha, adj. together with the stolen goods. 
' sahorodha, adj. with his harem, 
saka, n. vegetable, potherb. 

sakaccha, /. conversation ; cheti, dcnom. to converse with, 
sakntika, m. a carter, 
sakalya, n. totality. 

sakara, adj. with its characteristics. 

sakiya, sakya, sakka, m. the Buddha's clan. 

sakunika, sakuntika, m. a fowler. 

sakkharappabheda, adj. togrther with the distinction of 

sakhalya, sakhalla, n. friendship. 

sakha, /. a branch; *nagaraka, n. a suburb. 

sakhamiga, m. a monkey. 

sagatarh, indecl. welcome. 

sagara, m. the ocean. 

sagara, adj. living in a house. 

sahgana, adj. full of lust. 

sacakka, n. interpretation of omens to be drawn from dogs- 

saciyoga, m. crooked ways, insincerity. 

sajiva, n. rule of life. 

sSta, m. a garment, cloth ; *ka, m. a cloak. 

satakalakkhana, n. prognostication drawn from pieces of 


234 sateta 

sateta, m. one who dispels. 

satheyya, n. craft, treachery. 

sana, n. hemp, hempen cloth; also sanavaka; adj. ^sa-ina) 
indebted, subjected to the corruptions ; *dhovana, n. a 
kind of play. 

sanika, /. a curtain. 

sani, /. hemp-cloth, a screen, curtain, tent. 

sata, adj. pleasant, agreeable ; n. pleasure, joy ; *ta, /. hap- 
piness; *tta, n. tastiness, sweetness. 

satakumbha, n. gold. 

satacca, n. perseverance ; *kan ad;, persevering. 

satatarh, adv. continually. 

satatika, adj. persevering. 

satava, n. sweet result (of good words). 

satiya, adj. pleasant. 

satireka, adj. having something in excess. 

satisara, adj. trespassing. 

sattha, adj. with the meaning, in spirit. 

satthaka, adj. useful. 

sathalika, adj. lax, lethargic. 

sadana, n. place, house. 

sadara, adj. reverential; "riya, n; riyata, /. showing consi- 

sadana, adj. attached to the world, passionate. 

sadikkha, adj. like, similar. 

sadiyati, v. to accept, acquiesce; ana, /. 

sadisa, adj. like, similar. 

sadu, adj. sweet, nice; n. sweet tilings. 

sadhaka, adj. accomplishing, effecting. 

sadhana, n. enforcing, proving, settling up. 

sadharana, adj. common, general, joint. 

sadhika, adj. having something beyond. 

sadhu, adj. good, virtuous, meritorious; adv. well, thorough- 
ly. *karh, adv. well, thoroughly. 

sadhukara, m. approval. 

sadhukllana, n. a festive play, sacred festivity. 

sadhu rupa, adj. good, respectable- 

sadhusammata, adj. highly honoured- 

sadhusillya, n. good character. 

sadheti, v. to arrange, prepare, recover, settle up a debt, 

sanu, ran. a ridge. 

adj. together with followers- 

sarajjati 335 

s^nuvajja, adj. blameable. 

s5pa, m. a curse. 

sapateyya, n. property, wealth. 

sapathika, adj. one who has committed a sin. 

sapada, n. a beast of prey. 

sapadesa, adj. illustrated by figures of speech. 

;apekha, adj. longing for. 

sama, adj. black, dark, yellow, beautiful ; n. conciliation. 

samarh, self, of oneself. 

samaggiya, n. completeness. 

samaggl, f. completeness, a quorum, meeting, communion, 

unanimity, concord, 
samafina, adj. general, universal; n. unity, company, state 

of a monk. 

samanera, m ; "ri, /. a novice, 
samatlha, adj. able, competent; thiya, n. 
samanta, adj. neighbouring, bordering, 
samayika, adj. temporary, 
samaka, m. a kind of millet, 
samajika, m. a member of an assembly, 
samayika, adj. in agreement, timely, temporary, 
samika, m. lord, owner, husband, 
samiya, m, husband, 
samivocana, n. the genitive case, 
samisa, adj. carnal. 

saml, m. lord, master, husband; saminl, /. wife, 
samlci, /. right or proper course ; *kamma, n. komage. 
samukkamsika, adj. principal, best, 
samudda, n. sea salt. 
samuddika, adj. seafaring. 

sayati, v. to taste, eat ; sayaniya, adj. savoury, tasty ; ina, n. 
saya, m. evening,; *rh, adv. at night; *patam, evening and 

morning, late and early; *masa, m. supper, 
sayanha, m. evening, 
sara, adj. essential, strong, 
saraka, m. a messenger, 
s^ragandha, m. the odour of the heart of n i 
saragabbha, m. a treasury, 
earajja, n. timidity ; "jfiyati, dcnom. to he embn; 


sarajjati, -u. to be pleased with, attached to: 8 ana. f. Mit.-itua- 

236 s&ratta 

saratta, adj. impassioned, enamoured. 

sarattha, m. quintessence. 

sarathi, m. charioteer, coachman. 

sarada, adj. autumnal ; m the autumn ; 9 deka, #dj. autumnal. 

saraddha, adj. violent, angry. 

sarameya, m. a dog. 

sarambha, m. impetuosity, anger, quarrel, bhi ; adj. 

sarasa, m. a crane. 

saraga, m. affection, infatuation; gi, adj. 

saraniya, adj. courteous, polite, friendly. 

sari, m. chessman. 

sSiikkha, adj. similar. 

saruppa, adj. fit, proper, suitable. 

saropi adj. healing, curative. 

sala, m. a s;il tree. 

salaka, m. a brother-in-law, used as a term of abuse. 

saia, /. a hall, hospice, room. 

salakiya, n. ophthalmology. 

sali, m. rice. 

siilika, /. a kind of bird. 

saliuaka, n. slinging stones, throwing potsherds, etc. 

saii, adj. having, possessing. 

sali\ y ti,ya, the mama bird. 

saluka, n. the edible root of the water-lily. 

sal urn, m. a dog. 

sale ka, m. light. 

salohita, m. a kinsman, blood relation. 

sava, 7)i. juice. 

savaka, m. a hearer, disciple. 

sav;s jja, adj. blameable, faulty ; *ta, /. 

savnta, n. n?me of a certain throw at dice. 

savasesn, adj. with a remainder, incomplete. 

savi, m. a porcupine. 

sasati, IH to teach, instruct; sattha, ppp. 

sasa, m. asthma. 

sasaiika, adj. dangerous. 

sasa --a, n. order, message, doctrine, teaching. 

sasapa, m. a mustard seed; *kutta, n. mustard powder. 

saha, m. six days. 

sahasa, adj. violent, hasty; n. violence ;*rh. adv;sika, adj. 


Sahara, adj. together with the suburbs, 
sahu, adj. good, well. 

sidclha 137 

s&hujaclvara, n, a coarse cloth. 

sahuneyyaka, ppp. worshipped. 

sahunna, n. a strip of ragged cloth- 

sajava, m. sweets, taste. 

3Sjika, m. a bird; /. the maina bird. 

sita, ppp. (Jsi) declining, resting, clinging. 

sirhsaka, m. red sandal -wood. 

sirfisapa, /. the dalbergia tree. 

sikata, /. sand. 

sikyasa-maya. adj. made of tempered steel. 

sikka, /. string, string of a balance. 

sikkhati, v. to learn, train oneself; ana, n. 

sikkha, /. study, discipline. 

sikkhiipada, n. a precept. 

sikkhita, m. a master, professor, adept. 

sikhanda, m. a lock of hair, peacock's tail. 

sikh.irKji, m. a peacock; adj. tufted, crested, with tonsured 


sikhara, m. the top, summit, crest, tuft, 
sikha, /. point, edge; *bandha, m. top-knot, 
sikhl, m. fire; n. peacock; adj. crested, tufted, 
sigala, m. a jackal. 

siriga. n. a horn; m. the young of an animal, 
siiigara, m. love, finery -ad/, elegent, graceful, 
siiigmada, m. gold, 
sn'igila, m. a kind of horned bird, 
sihgilonakappa, m. the horn-salt license, 
singivera, n. ginger. 

singl, adj. having a horn, clver, sharp-witted, flax; /. gold, 
sihgu, /. a kind of fish, 
sirighataka, m. a plant; mn. a square, place where four 

reads meet, 
singhanika, /. snot, 
sijjati, v. (Jsid) to boil. 

sincati, v. (Jsic) to sprinkle, bale out a ship; sitta. ppp. 
sita, adj. sharp, bound, white; n. a smile, 
sitakara, m. smiling, smile, 
sittha, n. a lump o. boiled rice, beeswax, 
sithila, adj. loose, lax, yielding, 
sithilahanu, m. a kind 01 bird, 
sidati, -y. to sink, subside, 
siddha, ppp. (Jsidh) accomplished, succeeded; dhi, /. 

238 siddhattha 

siddhattha, adj. one who has completed his task ; tn. must- 
ard seed. 

sinati, v. to bathe ; ta, ppp ; "ana, n; anl, /. bath-powder, 
siniyhati, -u. to love, be attached ; siniddha, PPp. oily, 

greasy, smooth, resplendent, charming, affectionate, 
sineru, n. Mount Meru. 
sineha, ra. viscidity, sap, affection, desire; *ka, ro. a friend ; 

*na, n. oiling, softening; hita, adj. lustful, covetous, 
sindura, n. red-lead. 

sindhava, m. a sindh-horse; n. rock-salt, 
sinoti, i' (Jsi) to bind; sita, ppp. 
sinna, adj. wet with peispiration, boiled, 
sipatina, /. pericarp, receptacle, 
sippa, n. art, craft; *tthana, "payatana, n. art, craft; pika, 

m. artisan. 

sippi, /. a pearl oyster, 
sibba, n; sibbini, /. a suture of the skull, 
sibbati, v. to sew, 

sibbani, /. ' seamstress,' greed, lust, 
simbali, /. the silk-cotton tree- 
sira, wn. head ; *m muncati, to loosen the hair, 
sira, /. a blood vessal, nerve, tendon, gut. 
sirirhsapa, m. a serpent, reptile, 
sirigabbha, m. bedroom, 
siripavesana, adj. lucky, bringing luck, 
sirivivada, m. a bed chamber quarrel, 
siri, /. splendour, beauty, glory, majesty, goddess of luck; 

*dhara, adj. glorious, 
sirlsappupha, n. a kind of gem. 
siroruha, m. hair, 
sila, /. a stone, rock, quartz, 
silaghate, v. to praise, 
silabhu, n. a whip snake, 
silittha, adj. adhering, connected, 
siluccaya, m. a mountain, 
silutta, m. a rat snake, 
siksa, m. attachment, embracing, 
siloka, TM. fame, a verse; *ra, adj. famous, 
siva, adj. auspicious, happy, fortunate ; n. blees; /. a jackal : 

*vijja, /. knowledge of auspicious signs ; sivika. /. a 

palanquin, litter. 
siveyyaka, adj. hailing from the siva country, kind of cloth. 



sisira, adj. cool, cold; m. the cold season. 

sissa, m. a pupil. 

sikara, w. drizzling rain. 

sigha, adj. quick, rapid, swift; arh, adv, 

sita, adj. cool, cold; n. coldness. 

sitala, adj, cool, cold, tranquil; n. coldness. 

siia, /. a furrow. 

sitaluka, adj. susceptible of cold. 

sitalu, adj. chilled. 

sitaloli, /. mud or loam from the furrow adhering to the 


sltibhava, m. iranquillization. 
sltunha, n, cold and heat, 
sina, adj. cold, frosty, 
sipada, n. morbid enlargement of the legs, 
slmanta, m. a boundary, sin; *rika, /. interval between, 
simantini, /. a woman, 
sima, /. boundary, limit, parish, 
sira, m. a plough. 

slla, u. character, nature, morality, precept; *va, adj. 
silabbata, n. good works and ceremonial observances, 

rite and ritual; *paramasa, m. infatuation of rite and 

ritual, the delusion that they suffice, 
silamattaka, n. a matter of mere morality, 
silavatta, n. morality, vitue. 
siliya, n. wrong conduct, 
sili, adj. having a disposition or character, 
sivathika, /. a cemetery. 

slsa, n. lead, head, point, ear (of crops); *ka, n. head, 
sisakataha, a skull, 
sisacola, m. a head-cloth, turban, 
sisavirecana, n. purging to relieve the head, 
sisavethana, n. head-cloth, I urban, 
slsavedana, /. headache, 
siha, m. a lion ; *nada, m. lion's roar, song of ecstasy. 

shout of exultation, 
sihapanjara, n. a window, 
sihala, m. Ceylon. 

srhavikkijita, n. the lion's'play, attitude of the Buddh-- 
sihaseyya, /. lying -like ajion, on the right side- 
sihasana, n. a throne, 
su, iuterj. shoo! adv. well, properly, 
sunati, v. (Jsu) to hear; sossati, jut. 

240 sumsumara 

Surhsumara, m. a crocodile. 

suka, m. a parrot.. 

sukata, adj. good, virtuous, done well; n. a good deed. 

sukati, adj. fortunate. 

sukara, adj. easy, feasible. 

sukiccha, n. pain, great trouble. 

sukumara, adj. delicate, lovely. 

sukka, m. planet, star; n. semen; adj. white, pure, bright. 

sukkamsa ; m. bright lot, fortune. 

sukkapakkha, m the bright fortnight of a month. 

sukkavara, m. Friday. 

sukkha, adj. dry ; *na, n. drying up; sukkhapana, n. 
making dry. 

sukkhati, v. to be dried up, waste away. 

sukha, adj. agreeable, pleasant, happy ; M. ease, happines; 
*rh, adv. in happiness; sukhl, adj. 

sukhatthi, adj. longing for happiness. 

sukhadhamma, m. a good state. 

sukhabhagiya, adj. participating in happiness. 

sukhabhumi, /. soil of biiss, source of ease. 

sukhayati, sukheti, v. to make happy. 

sukha'likanuyoga, m. luxurious living. 

sukhavihara, m. dwelling at ease, happy life. 

sukhayati, v. to be pleased. 

sukhita, adj. happy, blest, glad; *tta, adj. happy, easy. 

sukhudraya, adj. having H happy result. 

sukhuma, adj. subtle, minute, fine, exquisite; *tta, n. 

sukhumacchika, adj. fine-meshed. 

sukhumadhara, adj. with fine edge. 

sukhumala, adj. tender, delicate, refined, graceful. 

sukhedhita, adj. grown up in comfort, delicate. 

sugata, adj. faring well, happy, blessed. 

sugatalaya, m. imitation of the Buddha. 

sugati, /. happiness, bliss; tl, adj. righteous. 

suggava, adj. virtuous. 

sunka, mn. toll, tax, customs, profit, purchase-price of a 
wife; *ghata, n. customs' frontier ; kika, m. a receiver 
of customs; kiya, n. price paid for a wife. 

suci, adj. pure, clean, white; n. merit, 
sucitta, adj. much, variegated. 

suja, ;. a sacrificial ladle. 

sujjhati, u, (Jsudh) to become pure; suddha, ppp sodheti. 
caus- to purify, correct, search. 

supphassita 941 

sufffia, *ta, adj. void, empty; "IS, /. 

sunnagara, n. solitude. 

sutihu, adv. well. 

suna, m. a clay. 

sunisa, sun ha, /. a daughter-in-law. 

suta, n. learning, lore; m. son, /. daughter. 

sutappaya, adj. easily contented. 

suti, /. hearing, tradition; *vasena, by rumour; *hlna, ad}. 

sutta, n. a thread, string, discourse, sermon ; *ka, n, a 

string; "iika, adj, bound with a thread, 
suttakara, m. a cotton-spinner, 
suttajala, n, a spider's web, web of thread, 
suttanta, m. a discourse, dialogue; iika, adj. versed in the 


sutti. /. a good saying. 
suda;-sana, adj. well-looking, 
sudujjaya, adj. very difficult to win. 
sudutiara, adj. very dfficult to escape from, 
sudda, m. one of the poor class, 
suddhaka, n. a nrnor offence. 

suddhanta, m. women's apanment , adj. well blown, 
suddhantapnriv'isa, m. a probation of complete purification, 
suddhi, /. purity. 

sudhamma, /. the council In II of the devas. 
sudha, /. the beverage of the gods, neciar, whitewash, 


sudhi, adj. wisr. 
suna, adj. swollen ; m. a dog. 
sunakha, m. a dog. 
sunaya, adj. easily understood 
sundara, adj. beautiful, good. 

supati, suppati, soppati, . to sleep; sotturh. m/; sutta, ppp t 
supatittha, adj. easy to get down to. 
supana, m. a dog. 
supana, adj. foregoing, 
supina, Tim. a dream; *ka, m. 
suposatS, /. good nature. 

suppa, nt- a winnowing basket; *ka, m. a toy basket, 
suppata, /. pea-soup talk, sugared words, 
suppavatil, adj. thoroughly mastered, 
supliassa, rn. a kind of musical instrument, 
suphassita, adj. agreeable to touch, very soft* 


24? subbata 

subbata, adj. virtuous, devout. 

subbutthi, /. abundant rainfall. 

subbhu, adj. having beautiful, eye-brows, lovely. 

subha, adj, shining, bright, auspicious, lucky ; n. welfare, 


subhaga, adj. happy, beloved, charming, 
subhagati, /. going to bliss, 
subhara, adj. easily supported, frugal; *ta, /. 
subhanupassl, adj. looking for pleasure, 
subhikkha, n. plenty; *vaca, adj. called plenty, renowned 

for great liberality, 
surna, m. the moon, 
sumana, adj, glad, happy, 
sumana, /. the great flowered jasmine* 
sumedha, *sa, adj. wise, 
sumbhati, v. to strike, hurt, 
sura, m. god. 

surata, n. sexual intercourse, 
surabhi, adj. fragrant. 

sura, /. spiritous liquor; *dhutta, m. a drunkard- 
surapana* n. a liquor shop, drinking strong liquor, 
suramada, .m. tipsiness. 

suriya,' m. the sun; *m utthapctum, to go on till sunrise, 
suriyakanta, m. the sun-gem, 
suriyaggaha, m. eclipse of the sun- 
suriyamandala, d. the orb of the sun. 
suruci, adj. resplendent, 
surunga, /. a subterranean passage, 
surupa, adj. handsome, 
suladdha, n. a good gain, bliss, 
sulasl, /. a medicinal plant, 
sulopi, /. a kind of small deer. 
Suva, m, a parrot. 

suvaca, adj. of soft speech, compliant, 
suvanna, adj. beautiful; n. gold, 
suvannahariisa, m. the golden mallard, 
suvatthi, m. well-being, 
suvana, m.'a dog; also supana, suvana* 
suvanaya, adj. easy to catch, 
buv-ami, m. a master, 
suvutthika, /. abundance of raiii. 
suve, see sve. 
sussati, 7;. (Jsus)<o he dried, to wither. 

susanu, n. a cemetery. 

susira, adj. hollow, full of holes; ti. a hole; wind insuuiuenf. 

susllai adi. moral, virtuous; also suslll; lya, >?. 

susu, wt. a boy, lad, a sort of water animal. 

susuka, m. an alligator, infant, porpoise; /. alligator. 

susumayati, r. to make the sound su~su. 

sussarata, /. melodiousness of voice. 

sussusati, des. v. to wish to hear, listen. 

sussusa, adj. obedient ; /. obedience ; si, adj. 

suhajja, rn. a friend. 

suhatii, /. happiness. 

suhada, adj. friendly; m. a friend; /. a woman with child. 

suhadaya, adj. friendly. 

suhita, adj. satiated. 

su-hu-ju, adj. very upright, conscientious, 

suka, m. the awn of barley, etc. 

sukara, m. a hog, pig. 

sukarantaka, n. kind of girdle. 

siikaramaddava, n. a plant or tuber called ' pig-tender,' 

perhaps truffles, 
sukarasali, /. a kind of rice, 
sukarika, rn. a boar-hunter, 
sucayati, v. (Jsuc) to point out, show, indicate; sucaka, w, 

an informer, slanderer; sucana, n. 

siici, /. a needle, hairpin, pin to secure the bolt, railing, 
sucikattha, adj. with needle like bones, 
sucika, /. a needle, hunger, small bolt to a door, 
sucighdtika, /. a small bolt to a door. 
sucina|ika, /. a bamboo needle-case, 
sucimukha, ' needle-faced,' mosquito. 
sOcivijjhana, n. an owl. 
suju, adj. upright, conscientious, 
suna, /. a slaughter-house, 
suta, m. a charioteer, bard, panegyrist, 
sutighara, n. a lying-in-chamber, 
suda, m. a cook, 
sudana, n. destruction, 
suna, adj. swollen. 
suna, /. a slaughter-house. 
*unu, m. a son, child. 

supa, m. broth, soup, curry; *vyanjana, n. curry. 
sQpatittha, adj. easy of access. 
sQpika, rn. a cook. 

sfipeyya, a. curry; *panHa, n. curry leaf, curry stuff; *s3,ka, 

m. potherb for curry, 
sura, adj. valiant, courageous ; m. a hero, the sun ; . 


suragajjita, n. a shout of defiance, heroic utterance, 
surata, adj. kindle disposed, 
sun, adj. wise, 
suriya, n. valour. 

sula, mn. a sharp-pointed instrument, stake- 
sulara, adj. magnificent, 
seka, m. sprinkling, 
sekata, n. a sandbank. 

sekha, adj. probationary, imperfect, under training, 
sekhara, tn. a crest, chaplet. 
sekhiya, adj. connected with training, 
segalaka, n. a jackal's cry. 
sccanaka, n. sprinkling, 
seuha, adj. best, excellent, 
seuhi, tn. treasurer, wealthy merchant ;/. ashes; *tta, n. 

sOJ / a guild, a division of an army; *mokkhe, m. the 

chief of an army. 

seta, adj. white; *ka, adj. white, transparent, 
setaccha, m. a tree. 

setatthika, adj. suffering from famine; /. mildew, 
setpanni, /. a tree, 
setamba, tn. a sort of mango, 
setu, tn. a casueway, bridge. 
seda, tn. sweat, perspiration; *ka, n. sweating, 
sedaja, adj. springing from moisture, insect, worm, 
sedavakkhitta, adj. earned with the sweat of the brew, 
sedeti, v. (Jsed) to heat, steam, 
sena, m. a hawk, 
senaka, tn. a carter, monkey, 
senagulta. tn. a minister of war. 
sena, /. an army ; *nayaka, tn. a general, 
senanl, n. a general. 
senaniku{ilata, /. strategy, 
senapacca, n. generalship, 
senapati, *ka, m. a general, 
senabyuha, m. a ieview. 
senasana, n. sleeping nnd sitting, dwelling fgaha, m. allot- 

ment of lodging 

seniya, m. a soldier. 

senupiya, /. a bed fellow. 

senesika, ad], greasy. 

semSnaka, adj. lying. 

semha, n. phlegm; "hiki, n. a man of phlegmatic humour. 

semha'ra, m. a monkey. 

seyya, adj. better. 

seyyaka, adj. lying. 

seyyarhsa, >i. the better part. 

seyyatha, adj. as, just as; "ihldarh, namely, as follows. 

seyyaso, indecl. still better. 

seyyS, /. a bed, couch. 

serf, adj. self-willed, independent, self-possessed; m. a god; 

serita, /. independence, emancipation of will, 
serivihara, m. lodging privately, 
sela, adj. rocky; m. rock, stone, crystal, gem. 
selissaka, n. noise, mad pranks, 
seleti, I 1 . (*/sel) to shout. 

Sevati, v. to serve, r_>sort to, practise, embrace, make use 
of; "aka, adj. serving, m. a servant, dependent; .ana, 
seva, /. service. 

sevala, m. moss- 

seveti, v. to throw down. 

sesa, *ka, adj. remaining, left. 

seseti, v. (Jsis) to leave; sissati, pass, to be left, remain. 

Sokn, m. sorrow, grief. 

sokajjhdyika, /. a woman comedian. 

sokara-marhsa, m. pork. 

sokika, sokl, cdj. sorrowful. 

sokhya, n. happiness. 

sokhumma, n. fineness, minuteness. 

sogata, adj. Buddhist. 

sogandhika, m. purgatory; n. the white water-lily. 

socati, v. (N'SUC) to be grieved, sorrowful, to mourn ; "ana, n. 

socitatla, n. sorrowfulness. 

sociya, adj. deplorable. 

soccyya, n. purity. 

sojacca, n. nobility, high birth. 

sona, ad], red, crimson ; m. a dog, a kind of tree, 

sonita, n. blooJ. 

soni, /. the buttock, bitch. 

sonuttara, m. a hunter. 

sontfa, adj. addicted to drink, drunkard ; *ka, m. a drunkard. 

, tn/. an elephant's trunk. 
sontfika, m. a distiller and seller of liquor, a drunkard, 
soudikata. ad/, with expanded neck (of a serpent), 
sontfika, /. tendril of a creeper, peppered meat, 
sondi, /. a natural pond in a rock. 
song 1 !, /. the neck of a tortoise, 
sonna, n. gold, 
sola, n. ear, nostril ; mn. a stream, flood, torrent, stream of 


sotanjana, n. ointment made with antimony, 
sotatta, ppp. scorched, 
sotanugata, adj. acquired by hearing, 
sotapatti, /. entering upon the stream of salvation ; "anna, m. 

a convert, stream-winner* 
sotavadhana, n. giving ear, attention. 
sotti, /. a shell filled with chunam and iac for scratching 

the back. 

sottiya, m. a learned man. 
sotthana, n. blessing, well-fare, 
sotthi, /. well-being, blessing; *hotu hail ! *ra gacchati, to 

go in safety; *na, safely; suvatthi, the same. 
sotthika, m. a brahmin. 

sotthikara, m. an utterer of blessings, herald, 
sotthigamana, n. a prosperous journey, 
sotthibhava, m. safety, well-being, 
sotthiya, m. a learned man, brahmin, 
sotthivacaka, m. utterer of blessings, herald, 
sotthisala, /. a hospital, 
sotha, m. swelling, 
sodaka, adj. containing water, 
sodara, "riya, m. a uterine brother, 
sodhana, n. cleansing, examining, payment, 
sodhani, /. a broom, 
sona, m. a dog. 
sopacararh. adv, deferentially, 
sopadhlka, adj. together with the upadhi's or elements of 


sopaka, m. an outcast, 
sopana, mn.- stairs, staircase; *kaliiigara, m. a flight of 

steps; *phalaka, m. a step of a staircase, 
soppa, *na, n. sleep, 
sopha, m. swelling. 

harti *47 

sobbha, n, a hole, pit, water-pool. 

sobhagga, n. prosperity, beauty. 

sobhana, n. beauty, ornament, edging on a girdle; adj. 


sobhati. v, (Jsubh) to shine- 
sobhanagaraka, n. fairy scenes, 
sobha, /. splendour, radiance, beauty. 

somanassa. n. joy, mental ease; "sita, adj. joyful, satisfied, 
sombha, /. a puppet, doll, 
somma, adj. pleasing, agreeable, gentle, 
soracca, ciya, n. gentleness, restraint, 
sorata, adj. gentle, kind, self-restrained, 
sovaggika, adj. heavenly, 
savacassa, n. gentleness, suavity; *ta, /; saya, 'siya, n 

the same. 

sovanna, *ya, adj. golden, 
sovatthi, /. hail ! safety j *ka, adj. safe, 
sovidalla, m. an attendant on the harem, 
sovlraka, n. sour gruel. 

spsa, m. drying up, consumption; *na, n. causing to dry, 
sosanika, adj. bier-like; m. one who lives near a cemetery, 
sosika, adj. consumptive, 
soslta, adj. frozen. 

sohada, n. a friend; sohajja, n. friendship, 
sohicca, n. satiety, 
solasa, mini, sixteen, 
sneha, m. oil, unctuous moisture, affection, lust, friend; 

"virecana, n. oil as purgative, 
syamrattha, n. Siam. 
svanna, n. gold. 
svappa,'fldy. very little, a few. 
svakara, adj. of good disposition, 
svakkhata, />/>/). well-preached, 
svagata, n. welcome, learnt by heart, 
svatana, adj. belonging to the morrow. 
svStivatta, adj. easily overcome, 
svana, m. a dog. 
sve, adv. tomorrow, 
salayatana, n. the six organs of sense. 


ha, an emphatic particle, 
ham, an exclamation. 


hartisati, v. to bristle, stand on end; hattha, ppf . bristled* 

joyful ; a, m. 

harhsa, w. a swan ; sheldrake, a kind of building. 
hacca, adj. killing, 
hajja, adj. beloved, 
hafici, adv. if, 

hata, 777. a kind of water-plant- 
hatahatakcsa, adj. with dishevelled hair, 
hatthalwna, adj. with the hair of the body erect with joy or 

astonished, horripilated. 
hatha, m. violence, 
hati, /. destruction, 
hattha, m. hand, forearm, elephant's trunk, handful, cubit; 

*gata, fallen into the hand of. 
hatthaka, m. a handful, 
hatthakamma, n. manual work, craft, 
hatthatthara, m. an elephant rug. 
hatihapajjotika, n. hand-illumination, scorching the hand 

by a torch. 

hatthapatapaka, n. heating the hand over a coal-pan, 
hatthapasa, m. the side of the hand, vicinity, 
hatthabandha, m. a bracelet, 
hatthasara, m. ' hand wealth,' movable property, 
hatthacariya, m. elephant-trainer, 
hatthapalekhana, n. licking the hands after eating to clean 

hatthabhijappana, it. incantations to make a man throw up 

his hands. 

hatlheiroha, wi. mounted on an" elephant, elephant-driver, 
hatthinakha, m. a sort of turret projecting over the ap- 
proach to a gate; *ka, adj. provided with such turrets 
or supported on pillars with capitals of elephant's heads* 
hatthippabhinna, m. an elephant in rut. 
hatthibhancja, m. an elephant-keeper. 
hatthimencla, m. an elephant's groom, 
haithiyana, n. elephant vehicle, riding elephant, 
hatthilinga, m. a vulture with a bill like an elephant's 


hatthisutta, n. an elephant-trainer's manual, 
hatthisop^aka, n. an under- garment arranged with append- 
ages like elephant trunks, 
hatthi, m. an elephant. 
hadaya, n. heart, the physical organ, thought, mind- 

has i 

hadayangata, adj. gone to ttie heart, learnt by heart. 

hadayangatna, adj. heart-stirring, agreeable. 

hadayabheda, m. cheating in measure. 

hadayavatthu, n. the heart-basis, substance of the heart. 

hadayalu, adj. good-hearted. 

hadayi, adj.- benevolent, kind. 

hanti, v. to strike, kill; hafichati, jut; hauriati, pass; hata, 

Ppp; ghateti, cans; hanana, n. 
hanu, *ka, /'. the jaw. 
hanusariihanana, n. jaw-binding, incantation to bring on 


handa, a particle implying resolution, grief, alas ! 
hanna, n. modesty. 

hambho. a particle expressitig surprise or haughtiness, 
hammiya, n. a long, storied mansion, 
haya, m. a horse, 
harati, v. to carry, bring, take, fetch, rerno\e, abolish, 

steal, cure, kill; hata, />/>/>.' "a, m. siva; "ana. M-. 
haranaku, n. goDds in transit, 
harani, /. a passage, 
liari, adj. green, tawny; m. Vishnu ; n. gold; *candana, n. 

harina, m. a deer. 

harinakalahka, harinanka, m. the moon, 
harita, adj. green, fresh j n. green grass, 
haritaka, n. a potherb, 
haritala, n. yellow orpiment. 
haritupatta, adj. covered with green, 
harittaca, adj. gold-coloured. 
Haripada, m. yellow-leg, a deer. 

haritaka, m. yellow myrobalan ;\M, /. the myrobalan tree, 
harenukii, /, />ea. 
hala, n L a plough, 
halarii, adv. enough of. 

halahala, m. a kind of deadly poison; n. tumult, uproar, 
haliddii, di, /, turmeric, 
hava, m. calling, challenge. 
Havana, n. sacrifice. 
ha\ i indeed, certainly, 

havya, oblation, offering. 
hnsaii. r. to laugh, be merry; "ana, n. 
hasita, >i laughter, mirth. 


2$o liaSSa 

hassa, adj. ridiculous ; n. laughter, mirth', joke, jest; *vase- 
na, in jest. 

ha, alas ! 
hataka, n. gold. 

hana, n. falling off, relinquishing; *bhagiya, adj. con- 
ducive to relinquishing. 

hani, /. decrease, loss, waste. 

hayati, pass, (^ha) to decrease, decay; ana, n. 

hayi, adj. forsaking. 

hara, m. a pearl necklace. 

haraka, /. carrying. 

harahari, /. adj. rapid, tearing. 

hari, adj. attracting, charming. 

harika, adj. carrying. 

harinika, m. a deer-hunter. 

harita, m. Mahabrahma. 

hari, m; "inl, /. adj. carrying, robbing. 

hariya, adj. carrying. 

halidda, adj. yellow. 

hava, m. coquetry, dalliance. 

havaka, m. one who performs a sacrifice. 

hasa, m. laughter, mirth, joy; *dhamma, m. merriment. 

hasupanna, adj. of bright knowledge, wise. 

hi, for, indeed, surely. 

himsati, u. to hurt, injure; ana, n; sa, /; sita, n t one who 

hikka, /. hiccough. 

hinkara, tti. uttering the sound him. 

hiiigu, n. the asafcetida plant. 

hirigulaka, 6 li, m. vermilion ; "lika, /. 

hita> adj. useful,. beneficial, friendly ; m. a friend; n. benefit ; 
*kara, in. a benefactor. 

hitiipacara, m t beneficial conduct. 

hitesT, adj. desiring another's welfare, 

hintala, m. a kind of palm. 

hirna, adj. cold, frosty; n. ice, snow, 

hifnaglri, himava, himacala, m. the Himalayas. 

hiyyo, adv. yesterday, 

hiranna, n> gold ; "nolokanakamma, n. valuation of the gold. 

hiriya, mn. shame, conscientiousness; *ti, v. to blush. 

hirikoplna, ft, a cloth to cover the pudenda. 

hiri, /, shame, bashfulness, conscience; *ma, adj* bashful* 

hilada t m. pleasure. 

hor&pajaka 351 

hlna, />/>/>, (n/ha) wanting, deprived, base, vile. 
liinajacca> adj. low-born, 
hlnavada, m. who has lost his disputes. 
hlnSdhiinutta, "tika, adj. having low inclinations, 
hiyattana, adj. belonging to yesterday; ni, /. the imper- 
fect tense. 

hiyo, adi\ yesterday, 
hfra, m. a necklace, spainter, small piece; *hirarii karoti, to 

cut into small pieces, chop up. 

hfteji, -t 1 . to be vexed, to grieve, scorn, disdain; hijana, n. 
hurh, onom. 

hukku, sound uttered by a jackal. 

hurtkara, m. uttering the sound hum, barking, roaring, 
hutavaha, asana, m. fire, 
hutta, n. sacrifice, 
hurarii, adj. in the other world; Jnirahuraih t from existence 

to existence. 

husa, /. a daughter-in-law. 

huhuiikajatika, m. a brahmin uttering the saund hum. 
huti, /. calling, challenging, 
he, a vocative particle. 

hetthato, abl. from below; hettha, adj. down, below, 
hetthabhaga, m. the lower part, 
hetthamafica, m. a platform outside a house under the eaves, 


hetthasisaka, adj. head downwards. 
heUhima, adj. lower, lowest; *ntena, at least, 
hetheti, r. to harass, worry, injure; hethaka, m. a robber; 

hethana, /. 
heti, /. a weapon. 

hetu, m. cause, reason ; *ppabhava, adj. rising from a cause, 
hema, n. gold. 

hemanta, m. the winter; tika, adj. wintry, 
hemavantaka, m. belonging to the Himalayas, 
heyya, jpp. (Jha) to be abandoned, 
herannika, m. a treasurer, 
hela, /. sport, dalliance, 
heva; hi-eva, quite, exactly, just, 
hesati, r. to neigh; hesa, /; hesita, n. 

hessati, jut. from Jbhu, or Jhu, to be, and from Jha, to leave. 
hehita, fut. from Jbhu. 
hotabba, ppp. from Jbhu. 
hOma, mn. oblation, 
horapafaka, m. an astrologer. 


aggasavaka (two) chief disciples : i. Sariputta, 2. Mog- 

akusalakammapatha, (ten) courses of immoral act : i . pa- 
natipata, life-taking. 2. adinnadana, theft. 3. ka- 
mesu micchacara, sensual misbehaviour. 4. mu.sava- 
da, lying. 5, pisuna vaca, slander. 6. pharusa vaca, 
harsh language. 7. samphappalapa, ' fivolous talk. 
8. abhijjha, covetousness. 9. vyapiida, ill-will. 10. 
micchaditthi, wrong views. 

akusaladhatu (three) elements of immorality: i. kama, 
htsf. 2. vyapada, 'ill-will. 3- vihiriisa, cruelty. 

nkusalamula- (three) roots of immorality : i. lobha) greed. 
2. dosa, hate. 3. moha, delusion. 

abhidhamma (seven books of) abhldhamma : Dhamma- 
sariganT, vibhanga, Kathavatthu, Puggalapannatti, 
Dhfitukatha, Yamaka, Patthana. 

appamanna (four) immeasurables or beatitudes : i. metta, 
love. 2. karuna, pi/y- 3 mudita, sympathy. 4. 
upekkha, equanimity. 

abhithana, see pancanantariyakamma. 

ariyadhanam (seven) noble treasures": T. saddha, jaith. 
2. sTla, virtue. 3. hirl, sense of shame. 4. ottappa, 
fear of blame. 5. suta, learning. 6. caga, self-denial. 
7. pa#fia, wisdom. 

ariyasacca (four) nohle truths: i. dukkha, suffering. 
2. dukkhasamudaya, origin of suffering. 3. dukkha- 
nirodha, cessation of suffering. 4. dukkhanirodha- 
gamini patipada, the path leading to the cessation of 

ariya atthaiigika magga the noble eight-fold path: i. 
sammaditthi, right views. 2. sammasaiikappa, right 
intention. 3. sammavaca, right speech. 4. samma- 
kammanta, right action. 5. samma ajiva, right living. 
6. sammavayama, right exertion. 7. sammasati, right 
mindfulness. 8. sarnmasamadhi, right concentration. 


arfipabrahmaloka (four) immaterial I > rah ma worlds: i. 
akasanancayatana, sphere of infinite spac, . 2. \inna- 
nancayatana, \phere of infinite consciousness. 3. 
akincamiayatana, spliere of nothingness. 4. ne\as- 
arinanasanriayatana, spliere i neither perception nor 

asekha dhamma (ten) attributes of a saint : i 8. same as 
the noble eight fold path. 9. sammanana, right under* 
standing. 10. sammavimutti, right emancipation. 

arammana (six) objects of sense : i. rupa, visible object. 
2. sadda, sound. 3. gandha, odour. 4. rasa, taste. 
5. phassa, contact. 6. dhamma, idea. 

iddhipada (four) base, of magical potency : r. chanda, 
will, 2. viriya, energy. 3. citta, thought. 4. vim- 
amsa, investigation. 

indriyam (five) controlling faculties: i. saddha, faith. 

2. viriya, energy. 3. sati, mindfnlness. 4. samfi- 
dhi, concentration. 5. paiina, wisdom. 

ogha (four) floods : i. kama, lust. 2. bhava, becoming. 

3. ditlhi, wrong news. 4. avijja, ignorance. 

kamma (three) acts : i, kayakamma, deed. 2. vaclkam- 

ma, speech. 3. manokamma, thought. 
kavi (four kinds of) 'poets : cintakavi, suta*, *attha *patib- 

hana*, the pod of imagination, of tradition, of real 

life, of wit. 

kasina (ten) devices for meditation: i. pathavl, earth- 
2. apo, wa(er. 3. tejo, fire. 4. vayo, wind. 5. nlla, 
blue. 6. pita, yellow. 7. lohita, red. 8. odata, 
while. 9. aloka, light. 10. paricchinnakasa, the sky 

n through a narrow aperture. 

kamaloka (eleven) sensuous worlds: the six develokas- 
~. maussaloka, I he world of men. 8. asuraloka, the. 
\\-orld of asuras. 9. petaloka, the world of departed 
spirits. 10. tiracchanayoni, the animal kingdom, u. 
niraya, hell. 

kolahala (four) warnings : f . cakkavattikolahala, a hun- 
dred years before the birth of aunirer.^al monarch. 2. 
buddha, a thousand years before the birth of a Buddha. 
3. marigala; twelve years before the lluddha preaches 
the mangala^utta. 4. moneyya ; seven years b 
the Buddha explains the ordinances of sa : 


kosalla (three) kinds of proficiency: i. ayakosalla, apa- 
ya* s upaya,* konwledge of what is advantageous, of 
what is injurious, af what is expeditious. 

khandha (five) aggregates : i. rupa, matter, i. vedana, 
feeling. 3. sanna, perception. 41 sankhara, com- 
plexes. 5. vinnana, consciousness. 

gaha (nine) planets : Sura, Canda, Angara, Budha, 
JIva, Sukka, Asita, Rahu, Ketu. 

cakka (four) wheels or blessings : i. patirupadesavasa, 
living in a suitable place. 2. suppurisupanissaya, asso- 
ciation with good men. 3. attasamma* panidhi, right 
resolutions. 4. pubbekatapunnata, good works done, 
in a former existence. 

cakkhu (five sort of) vision : marhsacakkhu, dibb* ; paftna , 
samanta* ; Buddha*; the human eye, divine eye, eye of 
wisdom, universal eye, Buddha's rye. 

chalabhinna (six) supernatural powers : i. iddhividha 
magical powers. 2. dibbasota, divine ear. 3. para- 
cittavijanana, knowledge of other's thoughts. 4. 
pubbenivasanussatinana, reminiscent knowledge of 
former existences. 5. dibbacakkhu, divine eye. 6. 
asavakkhayakaranana, knowledge which causes* the 
destruction of human passions. 

tipitaka three baskets or scriptures: i. vinaya, disci- 
pline. 2. sutta, discourses. 3. abhidhamma, m eta- 
physic, [see also under each division]. 

devaloka (six) worlds of devas : C5tummaharajika, Tava- 
tirhsa/Yama, Tuslta, Nimmanarati, Paranimmitava- 

dhatu (four) elements : pathavi, extension. 2. apo, cohe- 
sion. 3. tejo, heat. 4. vayo, mobility. 

dhutaiiga (thirteen) ascetic, practices: i. pamsukulikan- 
ga, refuse-rag-practice. 2. teclvarikanga, three-robe, 
practice. 3. pindapatikanga, alms-practice. 4. supa- 
danacarikaiiga, house-to-house practice. 5. ekasani- 
kanga, cne-sitting practice. 6. pattapinclikariga, one- 
bowl practice. 7. khalupacchabhattikariga, no-more 
practice. 8. arailnikariga, forest-practice. 9. rukkha- 
mulikangTa, tree-root-practice. 10. abbhokasikaiiga, 
open-sky-practice, n. sosanikaiiga, burning-ground- 
practice. 12. yathasanthatikanga, lodge-nowhere-prac- 
13- nesajjikaiiga, never.} je*doion.practice. 



navahgasasana ninefold religion: i. sutta, discourses. 
2. geyya, mixed prose and verse. 3. veyyakarana, 
exegesis. 4. gatha, verses. 5. udana, ecstatic utter- 
ances. 6. itivuttaka, traditional sayings. 7. jataka, 
birth stories. 8. abbhutadhamma, marvels and won* 
ders. 9. vedalla, miscellany. 

nikaya (five) nikayas : i. dighanikaya, majjhima*, .sarhy- 
utta*, anguttara*, khuddaka*. 

paficavaggiya the group of five : Anfiakondann'a, Bhad- 
diya, Vappa, Assaji, Mahanama. 

pancanantariyakamma five sins witn immediate retribu- 
tion : i. matughatsfr matricide. 2. pitughata, parri- 
cide. 3. arahantaghata, killing a saint. 4. lohitup- 
pada, shedding the Buddha's blood. 5. sanghabheda, 
causing dissension among the order. Abhithana the 
six deedly sins are the same with the addition of 
annasatthu-uddesa, following other teachers. 

patisambhida (four) analyses: i. atthapatisambhida, 
dhamma*, nirutti*, patibhana*, analytical knowledge 
of the meaning, of the text, of etymology, of the first 

parikkhara '(eight) requisites of a monk ; i. patta, the 
bowl. 2 4. ticlvara, the three robes. 5. kayaband- 
hana, the girdle. 6. vasi, arazor. 7. suci, a needle. 
8. parissavana, a water-strainer. 

mi (ten) perfections: i. danu, alms-giving. 2. 
sfla, virtue. 3. nekkhamma, retirement. 4. pafina, 
uisdom. 5. viriya, energy. 6. khanti, pa ticnce. . 7. 
sacca, truth. 8. adhitthana, resolution. 9. metta, 
love. 10. upekha, indifference. 

bala (five) pavvers, same as the five indriyas> 

bodhipakkhiya (thirty-seven) constituents of wisdom are 
the four satipatthana, four sammappadhanas, four 
iddhipadasj five indriyas, five balas, seven bojjhangas, 
and the ariya atthangika magga. 

bojjhanga (seven) factors of wisdom : i. sati, mindful* 
ness, 2, dhamraavicaya, investigation of the dham* 
ma. .v viriya, energy, 4. piti, rapture. 5. passa- 
ddhi, tranquillity. 6. sarnadhi, concentration, 7. 
upekha, indifference. 


Buddha (twenty four) Buddhas : Diparikara, Kondafina, 
Marigala, Sumana, Revata, Sobhita, Anomadassi, 
Paduma, Narada, Padumuttara, Sumedha, Sujata, 
Piyadassi, Atthadassi, Dhammadassi, Siddhattha, 
Tissa, Phussa, VipassI, Sikhl, Vessabhu, Kakusand- 
dha, Konagamana, Kassapa. 

buddhakappa (five) buddha cycles : i. sarakappa, man- 
da*, vara*, saramanda*, bhadda*, in which one, two. 
three, four, five Buddhas appear. 

brahmaloka inhabitants of the sixteen brahma worlds are : 
brahmaparisajja, brahmapurohita, mahabrahma, parit* 
tabha, appamanabha ahhassara, parittasubha, appa. 
manasubha, subhakinna, vehapphala, asannasattap avi- 
ha, atappa, sudassa, sudassl, akinit t tha. 

brahniavihara (four) divine states : name as the four appa- 

niagga '(four) paths: i. sotapaiti, stream-winning. 2* 
sakadagami, once reluming. 3. anagami, never -re- 
luming. 4. arahatta, saintship. 

maharaja -(four) Regents.- i. DhataraUha, regent of the 
twrllu 2. Virulha, regent of the south. 3. YinV 
pakkha, regent of the west. 4. Vessavana, regent of 
the east. 

rajakakudahbhanda (five) symbols of royalty ; i , khagga, 

the sword. 2. chatta, the umbrella. 3. unhisa, the 

diadem. 4. paduka, the slippers. 5. valavijanl, 
the fan. 

rajjaWga, (seven) requisites of regal administrationT i. 
samT, the monarch. 2. amacca, the prime minister. 
3. sakha, the friend. 4. kosa, treasure. 5. dugga, 
a stronghold. 6. vijita, a territory. 7. bala, an 

ratana,* (seven) precious stones: i. su \-att i.ia, gold. 2> 
rajata, silver. 3, mutta, pearl, 4, mani, genm. 5 
vejuriya, cat's-eye. 6. vajira, diamond. 7. pavaja, 

(six) tastes? t. kasava, astfhlgent* 2. titta, bitter. 
3. madhura, .v^c^L 4. laVaila, nail . 5, aJnbila, 
6. ka^uka^ acid. 


rasi (twelve) signs i. mesa, // 

usabha, bull. 3. methunu, twins. 4. t kakkata, . 
5. Slha, lion. 6. knnna, virgin, 7. tula, hal.i 
8. vicchika, scorpion, 9. dlianu, bow. .. 10. "ma! 
Capricorn, n. kumbha, -water-put. 12. mlna. fish. 

vinayapitaka the basket of Discipline consisls of v Para- 
jika, Pacittj, Mahavagga, Ciijavagga, Parivara. 

lakkhana (three) characteristics : anicca, dukkha, anatla, 
impermanence, suffering , selflessness. 

loka (three) worlds : kanialoka, rupa*, arupa*, the world 
of sense, of form, and of absence of jorni. 

lokadhamma (eight) worldy conditions : i. labha, gain. 
2. alabha, loss. 3. yasa, fame. 4. ayasa, dishonour. 
5. pasathsa, praise. 6. ninda, blame. 7. sukha, 
happiness. 7. dukkha, suffering. 

satipatlhana (four) applications of mindfuiness : kayfmu- 
passana, vedananupassana, cittaiiupassana, dhamma- 
nupassana, meditation on the impurity of the body, 
on the evils of the sensations, on the evanescence of 
thought, on the conditions of existence. 

samyojana (ten) fetters : i. sakkayaditthi, heresy about 
one's-self. 2- vicikiccha, doubt. 3. silabbatapara- 
masa, observance of rite and ritual. 4. kamar. 

:ualpassion. 5. patigha, hatred. 6. ruparaga, 
passion of form. 7. aruparaga, passion of the form, 
less. 8. mana, conceit. 9. uddhacca, flurry. 10. 
avijja, ignorai' 

salayatana -six organ.-, ui sense: i. cakkhu, the eye. 2, 
sota, car. 3. ghana, nose. 4. jivha, tongue, 5. 
kaya, boy. 6. mana, mind. 

ariyapuggala the eight holy personages are one in" each" of 
the four Paths (sec magga) and their re 
Fruitions (phala). 

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